Trump's EPA pick is causing green heads to explode

From E&E Legal:


“We are delighted with President-elect Trump’s selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Mr. Pruitt has led the charge in recent years to confront head on the enormous federal regulatory overreach proposed by the EPA as epitomized by the Clean Power Plan and Waters of the U.S. rule.  As a litigator, he also understands how environmental fringe groups like the Sierra Club and the NRDC – who are bankrolled by renewable energy tycoons like Tom Steyer and George Soros – use the state and federal court systems to essentially create new laws through such schemes as ‘sue & settle.’

It is also reassuring that President-Elect Trump has chosen someone from the state ranks, particularly a state so important to energy production, since it’s the states and their citizens who are suffering the most by this Administration’s out-of-control EPA.

We encourage Mr. Pruitt to gear up for battle since draining the EPA swamp will be met with the utmost resistance from an entrenched and well-funded green industrial complex. Finally, we strongly encourage him to add a deputy administrator to his team who has significant EPA experience, who shares the President’s vision, and can protect that vision from a hostile agency staff.”

Craig Richardson

E&E Legal President

UPDATE: as I was writing this, I got this press release:

CLCV Statement on Pruitt’s Nomination for EPA Administrator

Oakland, CA – In response to news reports that Trump will nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator, California League of Conservation Voters CEO Sarah Rose issued the following statement:

“The naming of a climate denier like Scott Pruitt to head the EPA is nothing less than an effort to undermine the agency’s core mission to safeguard our environment. On the campaign trail President-elect Trump vowed to break America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, to open our public lands to drilling, and to dismantle the EPA. By nominating Scott Pruitt he’s making it clear he intends to follow through on those promises.

“Pruitt has sued the EPA, has fought environmental protections enacted by President Obama, and has denied the science of climate change itself. He represents the very threats the EPA should protect against, not be headed by. The California League of Conservation Voters calls on our Senators to reject this wrong-headed nomination which puts our families and communities at risk.

“California has a unique role to play. We are the sixth largest economy in the world. The decisions we make here, the policies we create, and how we respond to Trump’s attacks on our environmental protections will determine the pace of progress these next four years. We must organize to defend our hard-fought victories because every Californian deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.”


It’s like Pearl Harbor Day for them, like somebody made a sneak attack.. Some reactions on Twitter:

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506 thoughts on “Trump's EPA pick is causing green heads to explode

  1. Obama’s EPA thinks we should sacrifice ourselves for climate change.
    But ‘climate change’ is leftist manufactured bs. NASA with NOAA has engaged in data manipulation of the highest order, whose sole intention is to produce a narrative opposed by the evidence.
    And in fact there is ZERO evidence that CO2 affect climate temperatures at all.
    CO2 does not lead but *follows* changes in temperatures. This outstanding 4 minute video makes that point about CO2 clear as day:

    • Very nice start to this thread, Mr. Simpson. On WUWT, what’s featured front-and-center regarding the Pruitt nomination? Science.

    • Ah, Climate science myth #1.
      You are seeing in the ice-core data a NATURAL process.
      AGW is NOT natural.
      CO” is being put into the atmosphere by Man not by nature
      CO2 is not always the driver in the climate mix.
      How did Earth ever get out of it’s “Ice-ball” stages FI?
      Answer: Major volcanic out-gassing of CO2/CH4
      It is a FEED-BACK as well.
      The driver of glacial/IA/interglacial changes is the Earth’s orbital path and whether the insolation on the NH land masses is either too weak or too strong to allow snow-field to persist there into/through the summer.
      Co2 lags that effect due to SST’s which either absorbs more when cooling or out-gasses more when warming.
      What we see in ice-cores is the NATURAL process the Earth goes through if left to it’s own devices.
      If CO2 is added outside of that it will become the DRIVER.

      • It cannot be both an inconsequential result and a primary driver. If carbon dioxide is a driver of global climate, than when the carbon dioxide was emitted by oceans, it would have done the same thing you claim here: warmed the earth enough to create a huge water feedback loop, creating run-away warming.
        It is physically impossible for it to do two different things based on where the carbon dioxide came from.

      • Arsivo, what you claim would indeed be true for any normal physical compound but you must try to remember that CO2 is not one of those normal physical compounds. It is a magical compound imbued with all manner of spooky secret supernatural properties which allow it to do anything at all !

      • I love the way alarmists actually believe that their opinions are facts.
        Nobody knows how earth got into it’s snowball phase, nobody knows how it got out.
        Some scientists theorize that CO2/CH4 caused it, but it’s just a theory.
        Also I love the way you warmists do science. If 99% of the temperature and CO2 do not move together, the 1% of the time that it does proves that CO2 controls climate.
        Getting desperate toneb, I feast on your fears.

      • Physical processes do not hinge on the source of the CO2. If you put some CO2 in a flask, you will not be able to tell the difference between molecules that were from man-made sources and natural sources. The amount of man-made CO2 is a small fraction of the total carbon cycle of the planet. Your premise is incorrect.

      • “It cannot be both an inconsequential result and a primary driver. If carbon dioxide is a driver of global climate, than when the carbon dioxide was emitted by oceans, it would have done the same thing you claim here: warmed the earth enough to create a huge water feedback loop, creating run-away warming.
        It is physically impossible for it to do two different things based on where the carbon dioxide came from.”..
        It’s really simple if you concentrate.
        There are NOT doing different things.
        CO2 is a GHG and restricts LWIR from leaving the planet.
        Leading to warming.
        What is different is WHEN CO2 comes into the mix.
        Temperature drives CO2 release from the oceans.
        Warmer oceans don’t absorb as much.
        So the Earth gets warmer due to a more favourable NH summer TSI.
        CO2 rises as a consequence.
        Feed-back – more warming (amplified by H2O)
        That is the natural glacial/interglacial/ice-age process.
        Now we have increased the CO2 concentration by another 40%.
        Nature didn’t do that WE did.
        Do you see the distinction?
        CO2 is a GHG whether it comes first or second and the consequences are the same either further warming/cooling (natural) or driven warming (us).
        “I love the way alarmists actually believe that their opinions are facts”.
        Atcually not – I go with the IPCC range of an ECS of between 1.5 and 4.5C per x2CO2.
        1.5 is not alarming.
        4.5 certainly is.
        I advocate the science my friend.
        And as such it is NOT “my opinion”.
        That CO2 does what it does is empirical science.
        In fact it has, stretching back to 1859….
        “Some scientists theorize that CO2/CH4 caused it, but it’s just a theory”.
        Nope – nothing else could have.
        And it’s in the ice-cores.
        As I said CO2 *warms* the planet.
        How do you suppose Earth exited a “Snowball” state.
        A passing Star perhaps?
        “Getting desperate toneb, I feast on your fears.”
        Not fears my friend.
        And climate science is not “desperate”.
        No more so than the science that has brought us the means we *talk* to each other now.
        It advances.
        If wrong someone gets great kudos in finding it so.
        A Nobel even?
        That is why the science is empirical my friend.
        No one has.
        Not Willis, Ball, Tisdale …. and most certainly not our impolite Lord.
        Were are they pray?
        With their Nobel-winning papers?
        That HAVE TO overturn those ~150 years of empirical science.
        Models not needed my friends.
        What I have is scientific knowledge and common-sense.
        Actually the latter is the most important.
        Demonstrated multiple times on every thread here.

      • Toneb, as usual, you contradict yourself.If CO2 is all powerful, then it must always be all powerful.
        If CO2 is so weak that it’s effects are easily over ridden by natural forces, then it is always so weak that it’s effects are easily over ridden by natural forces.
        You are trying to argue that when temperature and CO2 are in sync, it’s because CO2 is all powerful.
        When CO2 and temperature are not in sync it’s because CO2 is being over ridden by natural forces.

      • CO2 in ice cores has been shown as an effect of temperatures rises not the cause of them. The alarmist idea that this has been the wrong way round has failed to be shown in any timeline no matter how long or small. The chicken and egg has been well established here, but we are seeing some that are deceiving the public for personal gain.
        CO2 is not a magic compound and behaves no different to where the source comes from. El Nino’s and the AMO dominate the global climate and there is no evidence CO2 has changed global temperatures different from these natural changes in any form.
        There is no positive feedback found in CO2 at all. The idea there is a feedback is only on exaggerating claims of future global warming with no scientific evidence. There is no evidence that if CO2 is added outside of the natural cycle it will become the driver.
        The ice core records show every time CO2 reached high levels there was an major ice age soon after. It had no affect on preventing major cooling on the planet because it is the effect of warming temperatures, not the cause of them. The effect of something never automatically means it work both ways and must be the cause too. This myth has been the FALSE assumption in the theory.

      • There was no massive volcanic outgassing driving us out of the last Ice Age.
        The polar isolation of Antarctica is why we are oscillating back and forth between very short relatively comfortable interglacials and long, near-extinction Ice Ages.
        The last Ice Age killed off the Neanderthals. The next one might kill off homo sapiens.

  2. Trump just keeps on giving! I did not expect much from him, but I am happy to say he has already exceeded my hopes! And it is still 6 weeks until he is president!

      • I was lucky enough to cast my first vote for Reagan when I was old enough (and my second), and I voted for Trump. So, with respect, I have to say second best election ever. Hopefully in hindsight, it will be the best election ever.

    • he’s making it clear he [Donald Trump] intends to follow through on those promises“. Now that’s good news. It’s what the American public voted for. For a while it looked like Donald Trump was pulling back from some of his stated policies.

      • Sorry, I could not suppress a smile when I saw that sentence. Ok, where is the problem? Mr. Trump made many promises, and a month and a half before he is sworn in, he has already begun trying to keep them. Is this not the best result the country could have expected?

      • It really is cool — their reactions are strong evidence that Donald Trump is now seen as the de facto president even by his enemies. That’s the effect of a true leader. Finally!

      • Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt the right man at the right time at the right place!
        EPA crowd do you know the words to cry me a river!!!!

    • The ubiquitous Green Blob will not give up without a fight. Speaking personally I will rejoice as I watch the Great Green Gravy train derail.
      On a more serious note, the dismantling of all the unnecessary and expensive green rules, regulations and edicts could push the US economy into a period of unprecedented growth and prosperity.
      Any hope of the European Union following America’s lead? Not a chance with its entrenched, unelected bureaucracy only interested in feathering its own nests, as opposed to looking after the interests of those they are supposed to represent.

      • Years ago I would have defended the EPA but they have become so politically corrupt the only solution is to disband the US EPA entirely.
        There comes a point when just sacking a few top name will not be enough to fix the rot.

      • I suspect that the EUrocrats will double down and enforce even more regulations, while making disparaging noises about the USA ‘failure’ to implement the ‘Paris accord’. However, the “it’s the economy stupid” will rapidly cause them problems. Regulatory control only works if everyone is doing it – and that was the real reason behind TTP and TTIP, hegemony of pan-national/supra-national companies and banks enforcing regulations to suit themselves not countries or small companies. Now with Brexit and Trump, there are already breaches in the dyke before all the concrete is poured.

      • I agree, Steve, there’s way too much method to this madness for it to be some sort of “organic” critter . . and thanks for your insistence.

      • Greg,
        The EPA is now infested with former NRDC and other green NGO staff throughout its GS ranks. The swamp has filled with lots of moles under Obama.

        • The Department of State under Hillary was just the tip of the iceberg. People going back and forth between State and the Clinton Foundation slush fund was part of it.
          We have had similar activities by people going between other government agencies and NGOs, but on a vaster scale. Once inside government, watermelons can aid their old partners, with the idea that they can go back if things get tough or the money is better.

      • That’s a very good point Peter. I certainly hope the follow up of defunding all the many layers of propaganda and operatives in NASA and NOAA to name just two agencies as well as almost all “educational” related steep in dogma as a start.
        I see lots of over confidence on the board. This more like the Punic Wars. The globalist left is married to junk science authority. It might morf to another topic just as “clean air”, “over population” were topics of the past and rolled into “warming” then “climate change”. They are shape shifters and it really isn’t about climate at the core at all. It’s about central planning authority and climate was just another method to that end.
        So even complete defunding and eradication of the climate change movement, which is so deserved, it will take a great deal of time and may reemerge in a new form such as “sustainability” or any other excuse to rationalize global authority by the very same characters behind the current show.
        These are the longer game points, in the short term you can expect at least two full “Borkings” from the minority party. EPA might be one of the nominations. We might also need those North Dakota water cannons for the inauguration. The greens are quick army right now on short notice, you can see the fanaticism regardless of AstroTurfing in the pipeline in North Dakota. I’m also concerned while Trump is in the right place intellectually this fight wasn’t on the first 100 day agenda. Creating exactly the short of side show distraction the left thrives on.
        There is another issue with Pruitt himself, he’s a strong states rights advocate. Normally a positive but at the same time he isn’t going to engage the sort of green cults growing in California or the North East. Hence the greens and climate trolls have natural incubation habitats even if the central planning dollars are reduced or eliminated. Keep in mind defunding the broader climate propaganda enclaves is far from assured.
        A good start but as you can see final victory is a massive hard fight away all the same.

        • Yes the propaganda emanates “from the top down and from the bottom up” to capture the middle class. Already city, county, and state governments are on board with the AGW and Agenda 21 plans and actions to take control. California being the most egregious perpetrator. It will take another Trump like uprising to unseat the faithful in those huge population centers that voted HRC and that won’t happen soon.

      • @Peter Miller December 7, 2016 at 3:22 pm
        The EU is already shaky and thankfully we in the UK have chosen to leave the corrupt, incompetent edifice. When America starts to grow and the EU continues to falter the rats will start leaving the sinking ship.
        Hopefully, Theresa May and her government now see the writing on the wall and push for a ‘hard’ Brexit and join with America to shake off the green, liberal left elite and value their own hard working citizens instead of babysitting the rest of the world and wasting vast amounts of money on green policies.
        The green blobs rabid fanaticism and ultimate corruption has turned around and bitten them on the backside.

    • Trump could have been, and may well be, pretty bad. But he has succeeded perfectly in one thing: #neverclinton.

      • That was half of my “hopes”. The other half was giving the establishment (both sides) a severe case of Hemorrhoids. And he has far surpassed that one!

    • THIS is our moment! We need every radio station in the country, every right-leaning newspaper, to TRUMPET TO THE SKIES the historical facts of natural climate change IN CONTEXT and let people come to their own, eminently logical, conclusion that for 30 years we’ve been “had.” We need to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE that energy and environment are necessarily opposed! Go TRUMP, doing what we elected him for!!!

  3. I just felt a Great Disturbance in my pants, as though thousands of EPA employees were suddenly unemployed.

  4. Sierra Club, Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey and especially Sheldon Whitehouse… to me, that bunch just provided Sterling endorsement for Scott Pruitt.
    They oppose him? Then, I’m for him.

    • Global Cooling
      Global WARMING
      Climate Change!!!
      Global Climate Disruption

      “I call it weather.” -Donald Trump

      • Works over 90% of the time. If the MSM is for it then I’m against it. If the MSM is against it then I’m for it. In most cases the louder they scream the more I like it.
        We are going to see the left and their press get ever more shrill and outrageous with their claims and it will not serve them well in the long run. Their credibility, already seriously damaged, will continue to decline as they get ever more hyperbolic.
        The thing is that the democrats and their press are always in a political campaign mode most of us are just plain sick of it. Most of us were happy when the elections were over, thinking that the endless BS would end for awhile once it was over but that is not the case.
        It’s like a kid that throws tantrums. The people are tired of it. They just got a hard spanking during the election and are still crying about that and will not learn their lesson. They will scream until they’re spanked again and I bet they still won’t learn.

  5. The 10th Amendment still has a heartbeat. If we can keep it alive, we may learn to appreciate why it was included in the Bill of Rights.

  6. I’m sick and tired of being insulted by these loons, actors, musicians, news reporters, EU, France, drug addicts…you name it.
    Who the hell do they think they are?
    Half the people in this country should be furious!

    • I have to throw Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit into that group as well. His slow and thorough audit (i.e., destruction) of Michael Mann’s hockey stick paper initiated the total downfall of the ‘Hockey Team’ and probably led to the release of the ‘Climategate’ emails.

      • Yes, an essential contributor. But there is no one most important element. McIntyre, Curry, WUWT, JoNova, Homewood, Gosselin, and many other have been soldiering on for years. We owe them all a great thanks.
        IMO, the election turning point was Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables talk in NYC to radical progressives, and then how Trump turned that into a rousing ‘Les Miserables’ theme at the opening of his immediately following Miami rally. At that moment, I became a graduate Harvard educated Deplorable whose ex-wife went to school with and overlapped Hillary ar Wellesey College. Ex wife shows some judgement on my or her part (story perspective depends), the Deplorables Miami intro shows much better later judgement concerning more important things. BTW, Trump also won Florida, my legal voting residence!

      • Correct. Eye-watering attention to detail derailed Mann’s Hockey Stick gravy train. Great work by M&M.

      • “Yes, an essential contributor. But there is no one most important element. McIntyre, Curry, WUWT, JoNova, Homewood, Gosselin, and many other have been soldiering on for years. We owe them all a great thanks.”
        We really do. Every now and then, the right people come along at the right time.

      • And WHAT a wonderful announcement on ***Pearl Harbor Day*** — a trouncingly great blow for science realist VICTORY!
        Those on the side of science truth and liberty have taken some devastatingly hard, cowardly, blows (some have even sacrificed careers), but, in the end, TRUTH AND LIBERTY WON.
        Go, Allies for Truth!

        Sometimes stunned, sometimes weary beyond trying, but, in the end, VICTORIOUS.
        As Paul Westhaver points out below, WAY TO GO, ANTHONY AND WUWT (and McIntyre and Monckton and Salby and Lindzen and Ball and Soon and Jo Nova and on and on……)
        Thank you.
        And, lest we forget: Thank you, every one of you, who fought for our freedom or put yourself in harm’s way to protect America and Great Britain and Australia and New Zealand and their allies in WWII.
        We will remember — always.

      • Janice
        Did you know that MacArthur made sure that the man he left in command of the US and Filipino forces and who ultimately surrendered them was present for the signing ceremony. Lt. General Jonathan Wainwright was found in alive after nearly 4 years in a prison camp in Manchuria. MacArthur had him taken care of and made sure he was present on the USS Missouri in full uniform that day. MacArthur had opposed Wainwright receiving the MOH as was proposed in 1942 but did not oppose it after the war.
        As a rule the Americans that survived being prisoners of the Japanese had about a 10% shorter life span after their release as compared to those Americans that had been prisoners of the Germans. I suspect that would hold true for all the allied prisoners of all nationalities with the exception of the Russians and Poles held by the Germans who were treated much worse.

      • So did propaganda sites like SkS, Climate Central, ClimateProgress, Tamino, Joe Romm….etc etc etc
        Their RABID alarmist exaggerations played a HUGE part in bringing down the AGW scam.
        We should thank them for their moronic efforts.

      • Andy, in my case it was ‘blips’ (i.e., irrational posts & comments) on RealClimate that forced me into downloading the Vostok data and plotting it for myself. I guess some strange confluence of Herbert Simon’s ‘bounded rationality’ and Thomas Kuhn’s ‘paradigm shifts’ had finally tripped my (engineering) B.S. detector and forced me into verification mode. It wasn’t long after that I found Steve Mcintyre’s Climate Audit and it was all down hill from there, buried in the depths of scepticism..

    • The cheering is premature. I’ll believe the nightmare is over when I can buy 60W tungsten lamp bulbs again in any European supermarket.

      • I won’t ever need to buy any more tungsten filament lamps as I have a loft full, even 75W and 100W – enough to see me out. I bought them as they were de-stocking and they cost 22 euro cents for two!
        They also provide sufficient background heating in the winter as it gets dark earlier and I rarely need extra heating on. Win-Win

  7. I did not really expect that much of Trump, other than the major fact he was not Hillary Rodham Clinton. He is thus far pleasantly suprising me. I did not much like Trump’s practice of talking down to his audiences (he did graduate from Wharton, and I know he has a better than 8th grade vocabulary), but he is apparently delivering on his promises.

    • Pruitt. But I agree, as a Wisconsin farm owner whose back in the woods, Wisconsin permitted since 1983, 1 acre dammed artificial stock pond miles from the Wisconsin River, (itself 40 miles from the navigable Missisippi) would have been swept under WOTUS and EPA. Hey, EPA, get the hell off my dairy farm I have owned. loved, and managed for crops, game (turkey, deer, trout, and much more), timber, and erosion comtrol for more than three decades. You screwed up Gold King Mine. You know nothing about contour rotation, invasive species control (multiflora rose, garlic mustard, Chinese honeysuckle in our part of the woods), or general land management. Just go away.

      • EPA, just go away.
        Maybe someone could print that on a tee-shirt. ( Unbleached, organic cotton , of course ).

      • Also from Wisconsin, You mentioned – “get the hell off my dairy farm”
        The “EPA DOES NOT THINK IT IS YOUR FARM”, they believe it is communal property owned by them and just occupied by you, i.e., a communist system. The EPA along with the DNR (less so now) are flooded with communist visionaries and tools of the party.
        It sounds like Pruitt gets the big picture which is good for us but not so good for the communist occupiers.

      • . . . it comes down to who will stay up all night with the sick cow — the cow’s owner or a government bureaucrat? . . . and why Russian farmers grew more produce on the plots they were allowed for personnel planting and harvest than the land where they were told plant what/when where acres and acres of tomatoes and other vegetables rotted annually because the bowels of a central bureaucracy couldn’t get trucks there in time to haul them.

  8. I think that environment community should reread Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural speech, where he addresses the South: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.”

  9. “… every Californian deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink …”.
    She’s actually agreeing with Trump, that’s exactly what the EPA is supposed to focus on, not the naturally occurring beneficial trace atmospheric gas CO2.

      • yep, like Trump said, we all want clean air and crystal clear water.
        EPA failed on Flint water supply and Gold King mine because they are too busy with politically motivated CO2 “pollution”.
        EPA: all your bases are belong to us !

  10. Pruitt Has Recently Questioned The Validity Of The Science Behind Global Warming
    This is a big deal. Because greater legitimacy will be given to the skeptic side by the very fact that we are now in power. And have done things like shut down NASA’s climate operations for being “politicized science.”
    “If you can’t beat ’em .. join ’em.” The fear mongering Chicken Littles, despite billions of dollars spent and virtually the entire leftist media and leftist educational establishment behind them, couldn’t beat us.

    • This statement is still very premature. For a start, there are still hundreds of countries out there that want to suck the money out of America, Australia, etc and the global warming fr4ud is their method of choice.

      • “For a start, there are still hundreds of countries out there that want to suck the money out of America, Australia, etc”
        This is a very good talking point to explain to the people. The reason most of the nations support the Paris Accord is because they stand to benefit financially from it, and the taxpayers of the western world stand to lose a lot of money over it.

      • Go where there is an easy and yet easier response. 1. Paris is a voluntary executive agreement under UNFCCC, with a subsequent three year opt out. 2. UNFCCC is actually a Pact, but with a 1 year opt out. uNFCCC admitting Palestine as a voting UNFCCC member last year is an explicit contravention of 1990 and 1994 US laws that Obumer just ignored. (WhynUS does not fund UNESCO). So exercise the one year UNFCCC opt out mandated bynUS law since 26 years. No Green Climate Fund obligations. No Paris Agreement as is only subsidiary to UNFCCC. UN problems solved.

      • Well, there’s old wet blanket Hive, again. (head shake)
        Take heart, Hive! They may “want to.” They will not GET to.

      • No that is not so. Here in New Zealand we have no option but to roll with the prevailing story, like it or not.
        The likelihood is that as the changes happen in the US the sheltering alternative thinkers will emerge.
        There is climate change but what portion if any can be pinned to man. If we are lucky we will have a period of cooler weather globally that will allow us to objectively define the apportioned AGW component.
        I believe that the dividend due to mankind from the massive technological developments of the last 25 years will come if we stop pouring money down the drains of the Musk’s etc.
        My big bug is the ludicrous hand ringing we hear about fresh water shortages. At the same time we cripple the energy sector. With technology and energy a limitless quantity of sea water can be converted into freshwater, its all about energy and technology lets get moving again and stop the apologetic stance we hold on everything.

      • “Bill Treuren December 7, 2016 at 7:35 pm”
        There could be a change given the fact John Key recently, and surprisingly, resigned as New Zealand’s prime minister.

      • True enough, Hivemind.
        However, our (Australia’s) latest “emissions intensity scheme” of two days ago lasted about 24 hours before being pulled.
        The Trump effect will help turn the tide and embolden political opposition to this silly CO2 obsession.

    • not by anyone outside the US (or outside the Republican Party/Trump govt).
      Pruitt’s appointment is playing vey badly in the UK media just now.
      To the Germans this looks like outright lunacy.

      • Griff, I think you’ll find it’s only the loons at the Grauniad and other lefty rags (the ones with desperately low circulations) who are really wetting their pants. As for the Germans, ask them about their screwed-up energy policy.
        Besides, why should people in the States care about what some green loons across the pond think?

      • I’m very happy with it and I live in England. I get the strong feeling that Trump is going to be a great President. MAGA
        The UK media being the Guardian in your case. So not representative at all then.
        Who cares what the Germans think? If they want to fill up Germany with pointless bird slicers, that’s their problem.

      • Playing bad in the UK MEDIA. Need I say more.
        Griffie actually believes that the BBC speaks for the average Briton.

      • Griff: “Pruitt’s appointment is playing vey badly in the UK media just now.”
        After all the abusive BS they’ve spouted about him, you think Trump gives a flying dog’s bollock what the UK media has to say about him?
        Get real.

      • Hey Griff, this would be the time to trot out your Arctic Sea Ice Extent graph and demand an explanation. Have you been drinking heavily or something?

      • And we should give a hoot what the EU nations think because…….? Even with the exit of most of the US military from Europe the US remain the backbone of NATO simply because the countries of the EU, with the exception of France, have failed to provide adequately for their own defense since WW II ended.
        Spain went bankrupt going whole hog into “renewables”. Britain has started the rot with Brexit and more almost certainly to follow. All of them are struggling with influx of “refugees” they have allowed to invade their nations and with their own populations that are getting ever more restless because of the hair brained edicts of the EU. The McDonalds chain has seen the writing on the wall as the EU starts making noises about shaking them down to move their HQ from Luxembourg to the UK. Expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing as the EU tries to tax international companies in an effort to stay afloat financially.

  11. Sierra Club ( ) “Pruitt is a climate science denier who, as AG for Oklahoma, regularly conspired with the fossil fuel industry to attack EPA safeguards”
    Pruitt was part of the AG backlash against the Gore-Oreskes-NY AG Schneiderman persecution of skeptics as ‘industry-funded crooks.” Not a good idea for our enviro-activist friends to keep on committing political suicide by accusing Pruitt of being paid oil money to lie, he could turn over what he knows about that whole accusation business to pending Attorney General Jeff Sessions …. whereupon enviro-activists might get that big ‘climate denier trial’ they’ve long been calling for, in which their dear leaders would need the best lawyers that Steyer/Soros money can buy.

    • To your average socialist, government is never wrong. That’s why they actually believe that telling the people that Pruitt opposed EPA regulations is going to sway the masses.
      They find it impossible to believe that most people are opposed to ever more EPA regulations.

      • And thus the idiocy of socialists. How else to explain their support of BLM, which is anti-government as they preach killing the officers in charge with enforcing their governments dictates!

        • Phil, there is a perverse anarchist element in Marxism in particular and socialism in general. The notion of the State “withering away” , while US constitutional tradition and the British Whig politics it dererives from is about the constraints on what legitimate government is, not that all government is nearly equally illegitimate. We do have a bit of history on where each tradition leads.

      • I read a report a few months back that made the claim that tracer rounds had different aerodynmics compared to normal rounds. If your tracers were hitting the target, that meant all your other rounds were missing.
        The best aces did not use tracers but relied on their planes gun sights.

      • Tracers do have slightly different ballistic properties than other rounds. The difference is small enough that it does not effect accuracy much except at longer ranges. Quite a few innovators during WW II ordered tracers eliminated from the loads of their squadrons aircraft guns. In many cases scores climbed simply because tracers warned the pilot of the targeted aircraft he was being fire at and which direction the threat was coming from so he would maneuver away before the attacker could adjust his fire on target.
        As for “tracers working in both directions” I believe that came out of Vietnam and had to do with ground warfare. Being the gunner and assistant on an M-60 machine gun was a more dangerous proposition than being a rifleman when the tracers your firing pinpoints your position to the enemy and your weapon with it’s heavier firepower is the one they most want to take out. Also the M-40 Recoilless rifle uses a .50 caliber spotter firing a tracer round to get the piece on target and that also gives away the position of the piece.

        • “Ahhh, I don’t know, Daavvvy?” Being an avid military history student and trained by US Army to utilize light/medium/heavy machine guns, I have never heard of aircraft not using tracers for aerial engagement. I was taught to vary the spacing of ball, tracer, armor piercing etc, depending upon your tactical needs. Example, you are the base piece which riflemen and grenadiers are using to engage targets at distance(200-400meters) you run more tracers so they have a solid line-to-target on which to aim for each target you designate. Engaging vehicles you want tracer-AP-AP-AP-tracer-AP-AP-AP-tracer. Aircraft you want tracer-ball-ball-tracer-ball-ball-tracer. Firing straight tracer belts to ignite flammables(POL,structures) is not unheard of, just hard on barrels, and spacing tracers out to 1 in 5 or 1 in 7 is really only for firing consistently long bursts from fixed weapon/vehicle mount positions. It is all a bit more complicated than most people grasp. Please don’t try to simplify it for them, that just leads to comprehension issues.

    • That would amazing of course.
      He would then have to impose that conclusion on California etc., that’s where I see trouble. “States rights” is good on defense but the leftist states can use it to their ends as well.
      CAGW goes to local incubators until they get back to national power.

      • If CA wants to go above and beyond the EPA minimums, that is their right. It is also a matter that only concerns CA citizens.

  12. Dear President Elect Trump, if you can keep stoking the media and liberal ‘intelligentsia’ for the next four years i can die a happy man. For too many years i had to listen to the garbage spewed out by the PC crowd
    as to how i might be affecting the world. I am now to the point where i can not listen or even read that crap
    any more. I’M done. Please make them fester in a boil of snot and shiit. Thank you.

  13. Be still my beating heart 🙂 We have at least 4 years with a voice and I hope that’s enough. My concern is the money and politics involved in the AGW scam can wait us out. Hopefully we can go beyond executive orders and make lasting changes that prevent the scam from reappearing. Conservative have (or will have) majority power in the Senate, House, Executive office, and the Supreme Court. I hope we don’t waste it.

    • Do not forget enough state houses and legislatures to possibly amend the constitution in some key areas!
      If not at the moment than in 2 years when we win a super majority in the senate.
      I have heard no one mention this…I just want to get the idea out there into the ether.

      • That movement is currently ongoing, Convention of States (COS). No it is NOT a constitutional convention, it is operating under Article V of the Constitution:
        “…or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several States or by convention in three fourths thereof …”
        One of the amendments I agree with is term limits on Senators and Congresspeople. They will never do it to themselves so it is up to the COS to do so. Hopefully, the COS will not get bogged down in a fight over which amendment to propose. Term limits will go a long way to ridding our government with life long inhabitants who lose touch with everyone but their PAC donors.

      • The biggest threat in the Senate to confirming Trump’s nominees will be an opinionated Republican or two. If the Repubicans stick together, they can pass all the nominations.
        Given the last eight years, my confidence in the Republicans in the Senate is greatly diminished, to put it mildly. I would expect to see a huge uproar from Trump supporters if some selfish/self-righteous Republican tries to hold up the show. Are you listening Rand Paul?

      • Expert a full Borking.
        This topic isn’t even on Trump’s top five list for the 100 days. Considering they could gather 7500 minions to a blizzard in North Dakota you could see an immediate transfer to the inauguration and pure spectacle with water cannons there.
        Despite our special interest as a topic a good chunk of the population aren’t interested in the detailed technical fraud of climate alarmism. They’ll just a climate riot and the sales job of the MSM about the GOP “raping the planet” as Chris Matthews instantly blurted out tonight.
        It’s old schtick but short-term it’s low hanging fruit for the democrats to fire up their deranged base.

  14. Californians “think” like they do because they are high on narcotics most of the time. Once Trump has built the Mexico border wall, give them a couple of years and Californians will cold-turkey back to being more like the rest of the US.

  15. CLC(not)V Press Release
    Edited for Accuracy Version —
    “The naming of a climate d e n i e r science realist like Scott Pruitt to head the EPA is nothing less than an effort to undermine restore the agency’s core mission to safeguard our environment.
    On the campaign trail President-elect Trump vowed to break America’s Obama’s unilateral commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement,
    to open our public lands to drilling (Ed. Yay!),
    and to dismantle the EPA (Ed. Let’s hope he does! — Any engineer will tell you: when something is that messed up, it’s better to just wipe it out and start over).
    By nominating Scott Pruitt he’s making it clear he intends to follow through on those promises.
    “Pruitt has sued the EPA, has fought pseudo-environmental protections enacted by President Obama, and has denied the science of climate change advocated for observation-based, bona fide, science { }.
    He represents the very threats goals { }only an anti-science, corruptEPA {w}ould {oppose and should} not be headed {Ed. Note to self: reassign that writer to Classifieds} guided by.
    The California League of Conservation Shills for Enviroprofiteers Voters calls on our Senators to reject loudly whine about this wrong-headed Ivanpah solar “farm” and windmill-threatening nomination which puts our families and communities at risk in a great position to become wealthier.
    “California has a unique almost no role to play. We are fast becoming the sixth largest the lowest growth economy in the world. The decisions we make here, the policies we create, and how we respond to Trump’s attacks on our environmental protections will determine the pace of progress these next four years.
    We must organize to defend our hard-fought victories for Big Solar and Big Wind because every Californian should have to keep those industries afloat with their taxes and power rate surcharges deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.”

  16. An “Extreme Unprecedented” disturbance in the farce. Millions of green heads crying out in terror as they realized they may have to work for a living, instead of pontificate to the unwashed masses.
    When those green heads explode there is no grey matter. Just red pulp, and black or white seeds.

      • He was doubtless try to propose himself for the job !
        That’s when Trump realised : “it’s worse than we thought”.

    • J. Philip Peterson December 7, 2016 at 3:20 pm says,
      “It must have been that meeting with Al Gore that put him over the top. I think he must have seen right through Al Gore.”
      That was one HECK of a Gore Effect (: Usually it just snows.

  17. Re: “hostile agency staff”**
    Mr. Pruitt should replace the entire staff attorney department with science realists.
    They can then use the “not a team” player method (and also a science facts achievement test, e.g., “Q: What evidence is there that human CO2 emissions cause climate on earth to shift significantly? Answer: D. None.”) to get rid of all those non-cooperating staff.
    — Verbal
    — Written 1
    — Written 2/interview
    You’re fired.
    Reason: 1) Not a team player. and/or 2) failed Basic Science Certification written test — twice.
    **There is no re-training such blindly-devoted-to-AGW (or, worse, corrupted by bribes from the likes of Soros and Ivanpah make-a-buck hu$tler$) people. It would take far too long and cost the taxpayer far too much (with a fairly low probability of success, also).

    • Janice,
      You should assemble EVERYONE’s CVs from this site and forward them to Pruitt. Let us take over the EPA or shut it down!

      • Mr. Westhaver: The brain power and science and engineering ability and knowledge of the WUWT Science Giants, not to mention their superb integrity, intellectual honesty, and moral courage, would be TERRIFIC at running anything and especially anything that has to do with science.
        And I KNOW that most of our fine scientists would work for their costs alone (i.e., enough to simply live on while employed there). For the love of science (and, for many, the love of the United States of America). The best quality for the lowest cost. GREAT IDEA!
        Heh. Now, if I can just find Pruitt’s number…… I just know he gave it to me …. (lol).

      • If Pruitt needs a list of well qualified climate scientists, there’s a pretty good one at

      • Great idea Paul! I want to be the token representative from Canada and be assigned to the Phoenix office for the Nov-April period (-30C here this week). I would be happy to be the liaison for Canada, or just to make the coffee in the morning.

  18. Trump on climate change:
    “This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop.” -Donald Trump
    “Surprise? 1970’s global cooling alarmists were pushing the same no-growth liberal agenda as today’s global warming.” -Donald Trump
    “I call it weather. You know, the weather changes.” -Donald Trump
    “Obama’s speech on climate change was scary. It will lower our standard of living and raise costs of fuel & food for everyone.” -Donald Trump
    “Gore wants us to [take extreme actions because of ‘global warming’], when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally non-competitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.” -Donald Trump
    “With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore.” -Donald Trump
    “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” -Donald Trump
    “Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax! [I prefer ‘scam’]” -Donald Trump
    “Remember Cap-and-Trade? Obama outright admitted that his plan to tax businesses on carbon emissions that exceeded his arbitrary cap would drive energy prices sky high. ” -Donald Trump
    Trump at NH rally utilizes the conservative crowd to dismiss a leftist questioner:

    • LOVE it! Thanks for such a fine compilation, Mr. Simpson!
      Finally. We have a truth-teller headed for the Whitehouse.
      YAY!!! Oh, I am SO HAPPY!!!

      • Janice you should watch Carlson Tucker on FOX at 4 pm (ET, later I believe at 10 or 11 pm PST) He had a californian “lady” on whining about this appointment. I hurt myself laughing. But in a way truly sad that all that money these people wasted on going to “school” left them with NOTHING. She was asked by Tucker what her degree was that is when the fun really started.It is worth seeing it again for me!

      • Tucker is on at 7:00 Eastern time, 4 in the West.
        Best show on TV…he merrily deconstructs liberal BS.

      • Oh what the heck…here is the full interview.
        But, important to note…he does this to these people for a full hour, one after the other, five nights a week.
        By last week I was wondering when they would stop coming on his show, but it appears that they never will, because they never learn!
        How can this be?
        It is because they actually think they are right!

      • Tucker tears them up. His lefty guests have that “deer in the headlights” look after Tucker finishes with them.

      • Her last sentence re hate speech was her unloading on Steve Bannon. … Talk about hate speech ( and thanks guys for finding it , I just rewatched it and I still am in disbelieve by her statements. She is a true “acolyte”

      • Lol that’s just beautiful. A Californian liberal talking about the evils of hate speech while calling anyone with different views to her own Hitler, white supremacist, anti-semite. And she won’t even hear a whisper from the irony alarm.

    • China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.
      You know…..this is something nuanced that Trump would not know if he were just a casual reader of global warming…China and India yes…..Japan has been very quiet about it

      • I don’t think some people give Trump enough credit for his general intellect and for his understanding of CAGW.

      • Latitude, I’m sure Hillary had that “nuanced” thing down pat. Additionally, Obama is always nuanced, and usually wrong.
        Nuance can keep you from making timely decisions. Untimely decisions are always wrong.

      • “China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.”
        He who raffs rast, raffs best!

    • Global warming is a total, and very expensive, hoax! [I prefer ‘scam’]
      Yes, a hoax is sort of whimsical, but a scam? – Well, we all know what that is.

  19. Thank you President elect Trump.
    Thank you Anthony for you effort to provide the facts and expose the CAGW false agenda

  20. A very eminent UK Construction and Engineering Contracts lawyer was once asked in one of his Seminars on Contract Law and Claims: “what was the most important thing to remember and apply in Court or Arbitration for a successful claim?”. His answer was quite simple, he said: “there are 3 things you must always have and present: the first is true factual detailed contemporaneous records, the second is more of such records, and the third is even more records!”
    With Trump in power, and assisted by such appointed leaders such as Pruitt, it is hoped that armed with such records and hard evidence from trusted independent experts on CAGW/Climate Change matters, the whole Western World’s electorates can be persuaded that they have been paying and wasting £billions of their taxpayer monies on policies based on the control of the supposed pollutant, CO2. They can demonstrate with such records and not theories and authority opinions that these policies were never required and in effect, have been environmentally ineffective, unnecessary and a massive waste of money which, for years, has been funding the West’s industrial and infrastructure inefficiencies and decline – driving down our competitiveness in an ever increasing and competitive global market against improving competitors and lowering working peoples wages and standards of living.
    The self interest of the electorates would then cause a democratic uprising, to destroy at the ballot box the self interest and power of elitist sections of our countries with their own agendas funded by our money.

      • (for non Charles Dickens readers, that is an allusion to his Mr. Macawber in the novel David Copperfield)

    • @ macawber, I just bloody hope it is not to late for many elderly in the EU with the coming cold snap as it did in 1963. The whole scenario is setting itself up for a repeat. Go the Weatherbell for Joe Bastardi’s last weekly” Saturday Summary” update (free, I think it was dec 3, link click on weekly update )

  21. Wheeee. Fasten your seat belts, this is the 1,000 horse power carnival ride we have been waiting for!

  22. Allow me to correct a couple of Sarah Rose’s typos:
    “Pruitt has sued the EPA, has fought environmental [restrictions to economic growth] enacted by President Obama, and has denied the [politics] of climate change itself.
    There now it is a true statement.

  23. Anyone who thinks this appointment is a bad idea, I ask them; “don’t you want energy independence from middle eastern countries?”

    • They will say we should just stop using all that energy. Luddites with smartphones and wifi connected computers.

    • I thought DOE was created in the early 70’s to do just that, free the USA from foreign energy??? Maybe we’ll finally get it right.

  24. Edited for Accuracy Version —
    “The naming of a climate d ee n 1 e r science realist like Scott Pruitt to head the EPA is nothing less than an effort to undermine restore the agency’s core mission to safeguard our environment.
    On the campaign trail President-elect Trump vowed to break America’s Obama’s unilateral commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement,
    to open our public lands to drilling (Ed. Yay!),
    and to dismantle the EPA (Ed. Let’s hope he does! — Any engineer will tell you: when something is that messed up, it’s better to just wipe it out and start over).
    By nominating Scott Pruitt he’s making it clear he intends to follow through on those promises.
    “Pruitt has sued the EPA, has fought pseudo-environmental protections enacted by President Obama, and has denied the science of climate change advocated for observation-based, bona fide, science { }.
    He represents the very threats goals { }only an anti-science, corruptEPA {w}ould {oppose and should} not be headed {Ed. Note to self: reassign that writer to Classifieds} guided by.
    The California League of Conservation Shills for Enviroprofiteers Voters calls on our Senators to reject loudly whine about this wrong-headed Ivanpah solar “farm” and windmill-threatening nomination which puts our families and communities at risk in a great position to become wealthier.
    “California has a unique almost no role to play. We are fast becoming the sixth largest the lowest growth economy in the world. The decisions we make here, the policies we create, and how we respond to Trump’s attacks on our environmental protections will determine the pace of progress these next four years.
    We must organize to defend our hard-fought victories for Big Solar and Big Wind because every Californian should have to keep those industries afloat with their taxes and power rate surcharges deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.”

  25. Congratulations to Scott Pruitt. He has an enormous job ahead of him. But if Trump supports him, then he will get it done.
    The confirmation hearings ought to be fun. 🙂

    • Not for Dems. Remember Harry Reid when Senate Leader pushed through the Senate ‘the nuclear option’ (voiding cloture on filibuster of appointments [previously 60 votes] except for Supremes] in 2013. Now that comes back to haunt Dems big time. And, best part is they know it is coming. And so does Trump. They lived by their rule change after 200 years . Now they will die by it. Constitution Article 1 section 5.2. Rather explicit and clear.

      • ristvan, it may be that Dems hope for “Bork-ing” and “Thomas-ing” of President The Donald’s appointees.
        I would hope that Senator Cruz trots out all the EPA climate shenanigans.

      • The Democrats spoke openly of going full nuclear option in the new senate term.
        I think it is only right that the Republicans should do exactly that, and get rid of the filibuster rule altogether.
        They were going to do it, why should not we?
        If they do, it will mean that a simple majority is all that is needed for anything in the senate.
        I say go full nuclear, and ram through everything!

      • Yes, the Democrats changed the rules and now they have to live with them. Republican Senators will be the threat to Trump’s nominees, if there is a threat.

  26. In many ways, the Green Movement is still living in the Middle Ages and OK AG Pruitt does not conform to the Holy Faith. Hence, as the nominee to head the EPA, he needs to burn at the stake:

    I love Monty Python.

  27. Awesome. If all Trump can do is stop the epa, he will be a huge improvement and America will Prosper.

    • Did the people who made this video really think it was going to promote their cause? And why didn’t the reverse happen; this video promoted as evidence of the the insane ideological zeolotry and intolerance of the AGW movement?

    • No. Warmists are the ones who want their enemies and their children to explode. Skeptics merely want their enemies exposed, shamed and removed from power.

    • The difference is in the 10:10, they are blowing up kids, while now, they are blowing their own heads.
      Come to think of it, there is not much difference. They just like to blow people up.

  28. The NYTimes accuses republican ag’s…. Is there a finer example of the saying, “if you want to know what lowdown sh*t progs are up to, listen to what they accuse the other side of doing”?

    • The NY Times did one thing right: they called Pruit a “climate dissenter.” That’s better than the AP’s “doubter.” It’s even better than “contrarian.”

    • JPP, nope. You may have have missed it, but in 2013 Harry Reid got his then Senate Dem majority to invoke by rule change the ‘nuclear option’ (simple majority rather than 60 cloture invocation) except for Supreme appointments. He lived by the sword, now he and his will die by that same sword. No regrets. Dems deserve what is surely coming. They invited it.

      • “Dems deserve what is surely coming.”
        Senator Harry Reid’s dishonesty and machinations will now be the enabler for the Trump Admin to dismantle the climate hustle.
        They will not be able to stop a single one of Trumps cabinet appts nor any new federal judge, except the Supreme Court nominees.

      • In my opinion we should give the Dems a bigger dose of their own medicine and eliminate the filibuster for all legislation.
        The main argument against ending the filibuster is that when the Dems retake control then we’ll pay a price then. But the Dems would have to control both chambers of congress and the presidency at the same time to really “pay us back.” But that’s not going to happen for a long long time. Especially in the House which is structurally in the GOP column perhaps for decades. So there’s no worries: repeal the filibuster now!

      • You are assuming Trump’s picks won’t face opposition from some Republicans. I’ve found they talk one way when they know there is no chance they will have to back up their words, but sometimes are not to be found when it’s time to actually walk the walk.
        Interesting times indeed.

      • I agree with Eric. And besides for the reasons you mention Eric, the Democrats will take the next step if and when they have a majority.
        Why should the Rs not be the side to double down for once?

      • Alan,
        2 Republican senators (from Illinois and NH) will not be returning in 2017 for the 115th Congress.
        Both trash talked Trump during their campaigns in hopes they could appeal to a few more Lefties for votes. That tactic merely meant more Republican Trump supporters left the box unchecked. The GOP senators who reluctantly (or enthusiastically) supported candidate Trump re-won their seats.
        The rest of the GOP Senate delegation now understands they have no friends on the Left, only Democrat foxes disguised as sheep offering a poisoned olive branch.

  29. Does this mean all of the political prisoners of climate change reach are free to go about their lives now?

  30. California, last year,
    passed the,
    Assisted Suicide Law.
    You can’t knock the green head lefties for good timing.

  31. On the campaign trail President-elect Trump vowed to …
    …he’s making it clear he intends to follow through on those promises.

  32. Was out and about today and heard a pop pop pop noise! Thought there was something wrong with my vehicle, stopped, left the radio on and Mr Limbow ‘splained it to me! Pruitt to give EPA an enema, hopefully complete with criminal prosecutions.

  33. Jim Inhofe has been a voice in the darkness for a long time. Almost no other congress critter (or any other North American politician) has had the guts to stand up to the alarmists. IMHO, he deserves a big reward. How about it Mr. President?

  34. I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the Green Blob. Be prepared for them to fight like a cornered, wounded animal.

    • Thats easy. The German Jäger (hunter) is by law required to carry a sidearm ‘kill shot’. My Jaeger Prüfung preference was always a 0.44 mag revolver (you would know it as Dirty Harry’s Make my day handgun). Always worked great. Never missed. By analogy to other less lethal but more telling written weapons (my three published ebooks), bring them on. Lesser ballistic calibers also suffice.

  35. It’s well past time for a total house cleaning @ EPA. Their fascist regulatory over-reach is about to end; CAGW, AGW and climate change as defined by the leftist warmists is nonexistent. ROLL BACK the idiocy!!

  36. Talking about exploding heads … There is a movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service in which prominent liberal elites have implants in their heads which protect them but which can also be made to explode. The villain is a megalomaniac who wants to wipe out the human race to save the environment.
    My inner twelve year old really enjoyed watching the mayhem. link

  37. Wouldn’t have happened without Anthony Watts. Let’s hope that my hometown guy fixes the EPA!

  38. 1. Pull out of Paris
    2. Bury the Clean Plan
    3. Unleash fossil wealth … maybe mining .. maybe nex gen nuke
    The progressive virus is being beat back by secure borders and renewed growth.
    It was the dissenting minority that never gave up … the protectors of freedom. How appropo that it took nearly 300M views on WUWT.

    • What kills me is America has 2 companies building nuclear power plants that run at a high rate of efficiency and have an incredible safety record. Yet we can’t build nuclear power plants because they are so hideously in-efficient and dangerous.

      • Unwinding sone of the stupid will take longer than other. It the new administration seizes on obvious low hanging fruit they’ll build momentum .. increase middle class wealth .. build momentum towards meaningful innovation

    • Have Congress amend the CAA (with Trump signing it of course) to restrict and rollback the EPA authority to make “Endangerment Findings.” That will make future administrations have a very difficult path to restarting the Hustle.
      CO2 is not a pollutant. The biosphere depends on it. It causes no adverse health effects in the atmosphere, There is no distinction between a natural CO2 molecule and one from mankind’s burning of coal, oil, or nat gas.

      • The CO2 deferral to the EPA was an okie doke. Was an end run around normal congressional legislating. I like your idea. It’s forward thinking. The Marxist control freaks will come at it again as soon as they get another opportunity.
        Politics is downstream of culture. The real trick is to make progressivism unpopular. Make it synonymous with failure poverty unhappiness. Deprogram the illusion. Replace it with creativity wealth procreation increased standards of living … FREEDOM

      • Markl,
        There is also C13. But no matter which istope forms the CO2 molecule, chemically and spectroscopically, their properties are identical. You cannot tell any apart without a sophisticated mass spec analyzer.

        • Understand, but the ‘claim’ is that C14….derived from burning fossil fuel…is predominant in the atmosphere and growing over C12 and therefore the driver of that GHG. The ‘claim’ is there wouldn’t be as much C in the air if we didn’t use fossil fuels. C12 is naturally produced. I don’t believe that so I’m asking for clarification. It’s a talking point I need to understand the truth behind. Did I make sense?

      • markl: Either you are not the same “markl” who has been commenting here for years, or, amazingly, you missed the many discussions of the C12 v. C14 non-issue.
        This thread is NOT the place to get that discussion going again. You appear to be a troll using markl’s name to toss out a “look at this” diversion (vis a vis the thread topic). In case you are genuinely seeking answers (or for any others who might be), here is a sample of one of the MANY Bart/Bartemis refutations of Ferdinand Engelbeen’s “mass balance” argument which relies on the C12/C14 conjecture:
        Bart: “Ferdinand Engelbeen says, August 13, 2011 at 2:24 am: … even if 100% of all human CO2 is absorbed within minutes by the nearby trees or oceans, that is at the cost of the sink capacity of natural CO2, which should have been absorbed instead.
        — This is gibberish. The sink capacity is quite elastic. It does not penalize the natural CO2 sequestration in order to sequester the human CO2, it expands to accommodate it. This is how natural systems work pretty much universally. You are hypothesizing a system response which A) would never have attained an equilibrium in the first place; and B) is unlike any natural system ever observed in time and space.
        The increase in the atmosphere then is not from an extra natural input, but from the reduced sink capacity by the human imput.
        — This is mere assertion. The world does not operate by Fernandian fiat. Sorry. I am tired of arguing this. You are not even attempting to gain understanding, Ferdinand, just repeating the same mantra over and over again. You have been shown to be wrong both mathematically by me, and verbally by Stephen here and Pekka on the other thread at JC’s {Judith Curry’s}. I’m not going to respond any further. Any additional arguments you have to make should be understood to have the following response from Bart: ‘No, Ferdinand… you just do not understand feedback systems.’”
        ( )”
        Please, do some research on your own.
        You can easily use the above-quoted thread’s comments and also many articles with their accompanying comments listed in my WUWT 10th anniversary anthology — that one was on page 1,221 (free download — see WUWT articles for Nov. 17, 2016 for article “WUWT Milestone…” for link) to find out the answer for yourself. Dr. Murry Salby’s April, 2013 Hamburg, Germany lecture video (youtube) also addresses this issue.
        Hoping you are a sincere-but-forgetful, genuine, truth-seeker and not a troll,
        and with best wishes for an enlightening bit of reading,

        • markl: Either you are not the same “markl” who has been commenting here for years, or, amazingly, you missed the many discussions of the C12 v. C14 non-issue.
          Nope, same person. Yes I missed it. Don’t break a leg getting off of your high horse 🙂

      • Markl,
        You have Carbon isotopes confused.
        C12 C13 are the stable isotopes. C12 is much much more prevalent than C13 (or than the even rarer C14).
        C14 is radioactive with a decay half-life of 5730 yrs. it is produced in the upper atmosphere by cosmic rays generating high-speed neutrons which hit C13 to make C14.
        Plants take up all 3 isotopes as CO2 in the Calvin-Benson cycle (using the RuBisCO enzyme) to make sugars, which makes cellulose and lignin, which makes wood and nucleic acids.
        But the Rubisco enzyme very slightly prefers the lighter, faster (more kinetic) C12 CO2 which biases the uptake of Carbon in plants (and animals since we eat plants for carbon) toward the lighter C12 isotope But there is still C13 and C14 also in plants, thus radiocarbon dating of C14 out to about 10 half-lives of 60k yrs works for archaeologists.
        Fossils fuels, by definition, have been buried for millions of years, and thus are devoid of C14 CO2. Biogenic origin fossil fuels are enhanced in C12 over C13 from what is measured in the armosphere and disolved in ocean water.
        Thus the more fossil fuels we burn, the theory is that C12:C13 ratio increases with increasing pCO2 (C13 decreases as a fraction). This is what is observed in measurements of ice core samples and other proxies. This is strong evidence that the CO2 increase in the atmosphere is not simply ocean release (Henry’s Law) but is mostly due to burning long-buried fossil fuels. This theory though may be incorrect due to volcanic releases of CO2 and merhane hydrate releases from ocean floors.

        • “You have Carbon isotopes confused.”…. Apparently so, it was years ago that I read the study. Thanks for clarifying. I was weak in college chemistry. Your explanation basically verified the study conclusion that there is an AGW “fingerprint” on atmospheric CO2 but we just don’t know how much. This is a warmist talking point that keeps popping up.

      • Thanks for the C13 correction, Joel. I originally typed “13” and then, neglecting to double-check (d’oh!), changed it to match markl’s.

  39. I suspect that the landfills around DC are about to become overwhelmed with trucks full of paper and broken hard drives.

  40. It will be interesting to see who Trump selects for WH science advisor. Lindzen would be great. The Left couldn’t criticize his credientials and their heads would explode again.

    • He’s too old and controversial. Judge Judy (Curry) would be much better. (She’s a Democrat, for one thing, and she is able to get along with all sorts of people.)

      • Best of all for Science Advisor: Ristvan! He has a much broader knowledge of science than Judy, and he’s a genius-level polymath. (And he went to Harvard, FWIW.)

    • I love one of Lindzen’s interviews where refers to guys like Gore who stand to make money on the climate scam. He said, “You can see their eyes bulge.”

  41. Dylon, “For the times they are a-changin’.”
    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen…
    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall…

  42. The hilarious thing when you think about what is about to happen to the Climate Hustle is the Dems-Libtards-Greens can only blame themselves.
    Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate took votes away from Hillary. Enough votes lost to the Green candidate in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to otherwise have handed the White House to Hillary.
    Senator Harry Reid, in his political maneuvers to enable Obama to have unchecked executive actions by packing the DC Court of Appeals and destroying the filibuster for cabinet and judges, has no provided Trump an uncheckable path to undo everything Obama and the Libtards have done for 24 years going back to WJ Clinton.

    • Harry Reids use of the “nuclear option” has got be the stupidest example of being short-sighted in the history of the world. Did he really think the democrats would control the Senate for eternity? Passing Obamacare by shoving it through a procedural backdoor with literally zero republican support was instant doom for Obamacare and shortsightedness equal to Reids.
      Beyond their zealous ideologies, they were grossly incompetent. And based on their reaction to losing all 4 branches of government and a large majority of governorship and statehouses, they have recommitted to their fanaticism but also to their gross incompetency in leading this country.

      • So, what if a good portion of the 68 Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi decide to flip side and caucus with The GOP?
        Think about what could be done then, and how many more states would shift right in the next elections? Can anyone say Convention of States👍

      • Did they think they would be in power forever?
        Just look at their reactions once they realized Hillary had lost.
        Yes, I think it’s obvious that they believed they had an unbreakable lock on power.

      • Brad, just remember. The same people who got us into this mess would be the ones running a constitutional convention.

    • Alx,
      The only thing I can say is that Hillary was supposed to win. Trump’s use of “rigged election” talked put them in a corner. They had to publicly come out forcefully against it, and likely short-circuited their plans to actually rig the elections in critical states.

  43. It’s obvious that Al Gore went a long way to change President-Elect Trump’s mind. Having an open mind is a must.

  44. Here’s a response to accusations the Pruit (and other climate-related Trump appointees) is a shill for fossil fuel interests. (it alludes to the British “regulars” who stopped the German advance in 1914. They were called the “contemptible” by some German bigshot before the battle.):

    Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries
    These, in the day when heaven was falling,
    The hour when earth’s foundations fled,
    Followed their mercenary calling,
    And took their wages, and are dead.
    Their shoulders held the sky suspended;
    They stood, and earth’s foundations stay;
    What God abandoned, these defended,
    And saved the sum of things for pay.
    —A.E. Housman

    • An apt quote, Mr. Knights.
      However, it contains one major flaw (not fatal to your point) in the face of which I cannot remain silent. God is why those brave “contemptibles” won WWI. Housman was gravely mistaken, there.
      Neither has God has not abandoned the United States of America (or the free world as a whole):
      Trump won.
      Hallelu Yah.
      Praise the Lord.

      • This is the god who sat idly by watching over 15 million die in WW1 and somewhere between 20 and 40 million die in the flu pandemic after WW1. This is the god who sat idly by whilst the Nazis butchered 6 million Jews. This is the god who watched as Mao killed over 50 million.
        You can keep your demonic, death worshipping god.
        God Is Dead (thank goodness). Halle-f*ckin-lu Yah

      • Yes, Mr. Green Genes. God allowed us our free will. And we do terrible things with it.
        This is also the God who let his Son be nailed to a cross and killed — to save your eternal soul.
        Only someone who loves you and loves you very much would do such a thing.
        You are loved the most by the One you hate the most.
        There’s an offer on the table.
        Take it or leave it.
        It is your choice.
        Just remember: it’s the only ticket Home.

  45. E&E Legal says

    “It is also reassuring that President-Elect Trump has chosen someone from the state ranks, particularly a state so important to energy production, since it’s the states and their citizens who are suffering the most by this Administration’s out-of-control EPA.
    We encourage Mr. Pruitt to gear up for battle since draining the EPA swamp will be met with the utmost resistance from an entrenched and well-funded green industrial complex.”

    Some people really like to flaunt their gift for understatements!
    This is just some of what Pruitt will be up against:
    1. “At the 2015 United Nations climate talks in Paris,[Bill] Gates announced the formation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of more than 20 billionaires who’ve agreed to invest in clean energy. Gates owns roughly 2.5% of Microsoft, accounting for just under 15% of his fortune.”
    2. Not to mention the contracted promise Donald J Trump made for a cancellation of “billions in global warming payments to the United Nations.”

    • Let the greens waste their money if they want–they can flush it down the toilet pretending that renewables are cost effective until their vast fortunes are all gone, for all I care.
      Sometimes it takes losing a fortune for a man to come to the realization that he’s been so wrong about so much. And if he doesn’t come to that conclusion, being a pauper has destroyed his ability to cause any additional damage.

    • Zeke,
      Completely agree.
      E&E also wrote:
      ” Finally, we strongly encourage him to add a deputy administrator to his team who has significant EPA experience, who shares the President’s vision, and can protect that vision from a hostile agency staff.”
      Hostile agency staff is a gross understatement of what OK AG Pruitt will face at the EPA as its Administrator.
      With any luck, many will simply quit or retire rather than face re-training and reassignment.

      • That agency just needs a haircut. Really.
        We can have all kinds of merriment about the understatements, but it is a good description of the problem. We have the green special interests engaging in sue n settle with the EPA, and we also have the former head of the EPA going to Rio and making agreements with foreign powers about our domestic energy production.
        That is outrageous.
        As much as I love the science angle and all of the work that WUWT and others do, the truth is that the EPA is legislating and that is Congress’ role. And the states also are responsible for their own legislatures and affairs — esp. the need to produce sufficient coal power for their economies and dropping temps. That is the important signal from the Pruitt nomination, who doesn’t think the EPA should “pinch hit for Congress.”

    • As long as they are investing their own money, I don’t care what Bill Gates (or any of the others) invest in.

  46. More on “Sue and Settle”. Between 2009 and 2012, EPA chose not to defend itself in over 60 lawsuits from special interest advocacy groups. These cases resulted in settlement agreements and EPA publishing more than 100 new regulations – including the recent Clean Power Plan.
    There is a lot of money being made on climate change, and so a lot of money backing it. It will be a tough job fighting the avalanche of lawsuits. Will be interesting if Pruitt can find a way to quickly short-circuit the ideological/demagogue/political lawsuits so that valid environmental concerns can be addressed.
    At the very least there will no longer be premeditated collusion between EPA and advocacy groups to use lawsuits as a means of creating regulations if not laws.

    • There should be a congressional investigation of those failures to defend sues by green groups.
      Come to think of it, new ad hoc congressional subcommittees should be established to investigate lots of alarmist misbehavior by government employees.

    • There is a way. The endangerment determination can be used by the POTUS for real public health/enviro threats. It’s a standing law requiring zero congressional approval to fund under certain conditions.
      The nonsense SC deferral of CO2 back to the EPA can simply be redirected back to the Science Advisory Board for a wide open soup to nuts daubert quality debate. That approach would tie up the discussion for years as the lack of action oriented funding withers the program on the vine.
      To be fair and non partisan we should be rigorous that neither industry nor NGO have undue influence on any government agency.
      This is a great opportunity to make the pendulum swing back to a more reasonable middle.

  47. Sarah Rose’s statements blasting Pruitt and his nomination as head of the EPA are factually true–AND THE REASON I SUPPORT TRUMP’S APPOINTMENT OF PRUITT 100%.
    Pardon me, make that 110%!

  48. I particularly enjoy the pee the pants comment from witch hunter Senator White Bread . Yes by all means Senator White Bread ” stay tuned” . That little election thingy you just lost is worth staying tuned in about .
    The Deplorables reclaimed the USA and that is a big concept to handle . They just didn’t buy your brand of BS and that must be sad , All that money and wasted media to lose .
    Your “scientists ” can expect to be brought out front and centre not hiding behind a cowardly and failed smear campaigh that has become just a little to predictable from the Demo rats .
    Now maybe you will shut your mouth and open your ears .

    • The U.S. government sends politicians, bureaucrats and scientists to climate conferences, IPCC and other. The global watermelons will sh!t blue bricks over President The Donald’s picks.
      Knowledgeable people from the various skeptic sites should send recommendations to the upcoming Administration.

  49. So it sounds like they think Pruitt is literally that Austrian corporal. Except they already said that about Trump, and it didn’t work.

    • Make no mistake… these are desparate times for zealots on the Left. Their religion is at stake.
      Desparate times usually result in desparate measures. Now is not the time to rejoice. January 20, 2017 when Trump is sworn in… then rejoice.
      Until then, keep an eye out for Roman soldiers.

      • Let them do their best, Joel. They have lost. And they know it.
        Steady on, old chap. Steady on.
        TRUMP WON!
        All is well.
        A bit of seasonal cheer (laughter is a very good antidote to worry, you know 🙂
        It’s the Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years IT IS!

        (youtube — Dana Kamide)

      • Well, Dana Kamide (or whoever yanked that video). Your “private” video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on youtube. What is your problem with the additional views via WUWT?? I even acknowledged you as the creator. The video itself contains all the relevant credits at the end. Thanks for spoiling my comment.
        For the record:
        The video was humorous, kitschy but tasteful, and made pro-Trump people smile.
        Last laugh is still ours — ha! Even though you changed your mind about making people happy,
        it is still THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME IN 8 YEARS! 🙂

      • That’s ok, Janice–people can simply go to YouTube and find it under “It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years”,
        Good stuff!

  50. Excellent announcement by President elect Trump.
    The extraordinary world of deceit, deception, distortions, lies, etc, etc. by climate alarmists is going to come crashing down upon them under the Trump Administration.
    The entire phony climate alarmist campaign is going to be exposed to well deserved ridicule by those that were once called “deniers” with “believers” who created the most flawed and idiotic political manipulation of science in history left to hide and scurry away from the ever brightening light.

    • It’s a great turning point and long overdue.
      After many years of abuse for focusing “obsessively” on the very political reality now realized all over this board. The many pointless and petty spaghetti chart disputes over the most trivial of “science” distractions the basic raw central planning nature of the climate change agenda is exposed and acknowledged.
      This is far from the end. I wouldn’t underestimate the agenda even today. My post below might be worth a review.
      Still, a very good day, I so worried the climate reform might have been traded off for something else. Having seen both Reagan and both Bush’s enable the entire evil process but this is indeed a great appointment.

  51. Bernie ..Bernie you have a right to be even madder than normal . Your own party stabbed you in the back .
    Certainly you can read their confession . So please rant on . We will tune you out too .
    In between rants take deep breaths and self analyze how you screwed up so bad .Enjoy the global warming . Old guys need a little heat . So self righteous and please do more talk shows you are good at comedy .

    • He particiapted in that stabbing.
      He voluntarily agreed to ignore the entire email-gate scandal.
      If he hadn’t voluntarily disarmed, he might have had a chance of winning.
      Instead he decided that not damaging Hillary was more important than his own integrity.

  52. It’s a momentous day for sure!
    I certainly hope the long game of climate propaganda funding flowing all through educational funding at every level is targeted as the very culture of “climate change” must be rooted out and destroyed. The greenshirt left will simply retreat back to academic incubation mode where it all started so many decades ago and where is should have been targeted for elimination at that time.
    It will take many years for the in pipe (pardon the pun) funding of climate demagoguery to exhaust even with swift current action. We already have lost generations of millennials having been completely green indoctrinated with even more to follow.
    Fortunately, there is focus on the central planning educational failure as well. I simply don’t under estimate globalist socialism that is in fact a primary driver of main stream “climate change” agenda.

  53. Having known Trump would win, and having said so, and also having known he would do exactly what he said he would do, and facing withering criticism from many on both sides of the political canyon for most of the past year, I can only say…it will only get ever sweeter as the Trump Presidency unfolds.
    I mean…we are not even halfway through the transition period.
    It is, I must say, nice to see many here who argued vociferously against Trump just a few short months ago, so quickly jumping aboard the Trump train.
    For those who say you expected little of him, fasten your seatbelts…I stand by my prediction of last Spring that he will be one of if not the single most successful Presidents in modern history.
    Maybe ever.
    And the best part…the very best part of a non-politicians winning the White House?
    Presidential elections will never ever be the same.
    His best legacy will be the end of an endless parade of career politicians being shoved down the peoples’ throats.
    And the icing on the cake?
    The amazing spectacle of watching tens of millions of people simultaneously jockeying for the title of the sorest loser of all time!

    • BTW, I know it is unseemly to gloat.
      But this has been so long in coming, and for some of us longer than others.
      When this blog was originated, I was not here, because I had by that time already grown sick and tired of years and years of arguing what seemed to be an unwinnable series of arguments, made all the more galling because…

  54. Trump should’ve waited till after the Electoral College votes were counted in Congress and his status sealed.
    I worry now the Left and Obama sees their cherished climate religion is about go up inflames that they are going to go crazy postal on President-Elect Trump and do something very unconstitutional.

    • Dear Joel,
      Fear not. There is NOTHING they can do. That is why they are running around screeching their heads off. The news media (such as Drudge) likes to report suppositionally, “In the case that scenario comes to pass …. this could happen,” citing off-the-ranch “scary” stories so we will “stay tuned.” The renegade Texas elector is a disgusting but negligible exception.
      Suggestion: ignore the news until December 20th and you will have a much happier two weeks. You won’t miss anything. Once, I took about a 3-month “news vacation.” Didn’t miss a thing. They were still talking about the same stuff. Anything you need to know, you will hear about from family or friends. The Electors are bound by the law and oath to vote the people’s will. Any recounts will only confirm that Trump did, indeed, win.
      All is well.
      And any unconstitutional acts will be handled quite nicely by those who have sworn to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.” They far outnumber any renegades who might try something.
      Your WUWT friend,

      • My point is (to be clear) Obama and his WH staff still hold the reins of power until Jan 20th.
        Desparate they will be to save their religion and Obummer’s (shameful) legacy. After Congress counts the Electoral College votes, then we can relax a little more heading to January 20th.
        Keep in mind, very powerful, rich, formidible globalist-Socialist forces have suffered stinging defeats in 2016.
        -Italy constitutional referendum.
        They will not lightly accept their seeming fate going into 2017.

    • Well, Mr. O’Bryan.
      You referred explicitly to the electoral college vote which will be final by midnight, 12/19/16. That was quite clear. Thus, I addressed that concern. It will be okay. Trump IS right to go full-ahead — now.
      Don’t worry. DO NOT WORRY. Whatever junk the Puppet in Chief does from now until Jan. 19th, it can ALL be undone. All of it. And with a Republican Congress and Executive, quite easily.
      I am truly sorry that you are feeling so much angst that you must pour it out onto the pages of WUWT. I really hoped to reassure you. I see that is an impossible task.
      Take care, dear Mr. O’Bryan. And remember, life is short. The more time you spend worrying about what might happen, the less you will enjoy TODAY.
      “Worry does not prevent tomorrow’s troubles: it empties today of its strength.”
      You — can — do — it!
      All is well.
      All will be well.

      • A question from the Great White North for my “Merkin” friends. If illegal entry to the USA is a crime, could Obama blanket pardon everyone?

        • Technically it’s against the law but illegal aliens aren’t charged with a crime…..they are just deported if they can’t meet the political asylum criteria. Or if they are in California they are paid to stay and protected against deportation. California thinks it’s above national law and treats it’s borders with Mexico like they control it

        • Just speculation, but I think the U.S. President can only make individual pardons. Maybe Mr. Istvan knows?
          Anyway, unless their individual immigration status changes, they would be involved in a crime going forward after a pardon.

      • No, dear neighbor to the north. They must first be convicted of a crime. They are guilty of illegal entry, but, have not been tried. They can be summarily sent back to their own countries without a trial, but, they are not “criminals” in a pardonable sense.
        Keep warm, up there! Oh, and, yes! You would be a terrific addition to The New EPA. 🙂 You’ll have to become a U.S. citizen, though…. . Hm. I didn’t think so. Most Canadians feel that way — they love Canada and good for them. Say! How about “Visiting Canadian Scholar Emeritus?”

      • Hey! Another fun British English issue came to mind (from your using a southern drawl to say, “‘merkin” for American (that for any non-English-as-first-language readers)). I was listening to a British college professor giving a lecture yesterday. She pronounced “American” — “Amereecan. I had never tuned into that difference until yesterday! The average American pronounces it “Amer ih can.”
        And — vive la difference (hat tip to the French! 🙂 ).

        • Janice Moore, for a bit of trivia you might be to high-minded to have picked up on–a “merkin” is a pubic wig, so the spelling is a rather low pun in print.

      • Janice, and all others–remember that the deep state/shadow government has used the assassins bullet far to often. Trump will constantly need to watch his back, and inauguration is NOT assured until that day in Jan.

      • Thanks for the correction, Charlie S.. I should have said “arraigned”/formally charged with the crime (as Nixon was indicted). I simply was wrong, though — not merely forgetful. And YOUR point (that the second the pardon has been uttered, that they are, once again, guilty (though not yet again formally charged), thus, requiring perpetual pardons was THE BEST one. Thanks for that good insight!

        • Janice, slow down; Nixon was not indicted. The House of Representatives was considering impeachment, but had taken no action.
          And, again, I was speculating about a continuing crime.

        • Janice, I apologize: Maybe I had better slow down. Not everybody is old enough to have witnessed Nixon’s downfall. Other than Watergate, a great President; extracating us from Vietnam, opening China, others.
          After winning the guerrilla climate wars, Charlie Skeptic went home and resumed his pastoral life.
          I was too lazy to change the WordPress account name and have, inadvertently, led to the impression that comments with the charlieskeptic header was somehow still from Charlie Skeptic.
          Please excuse me. I’ll make the change – sometime?
          Dave Fair

      • Dear Charlie,
        1. Nixon was charged by the House:
        “On this day {July 27th} in 1974, the House of Representatives charges President Richard M. Nixon with the first of three articles of impeachment for obstruction of justice after he refused to release White House tape recordings that contained crucial information regarding the Watergate scandal.”
        ( )
        2. Please re-read what I wrote. I acknowledged that you were correct. “Perpetual pardons” means that the crime would be ongoing. It would be pardoned only so long as the pardon never stopped being uttered.
        I was trying to compliment you on your insight.
        Thanks for the “slow down” insult. Always good to be reminded that in the eyes of many here I am viewed as a rather dull juvenile. Well, that is the only type of person with whom I would use such a condescending tone. It will help to keep my bad habit of over-bold rebuking in check (for a little bit, heh).
        You and I obviously were not meant to converse at length.
        Wishing you well and leaving this topic alone, now,

        • Janice, please, I have no intention of initiating any conflict with a personage of your sincerity and intellect! My comments have obviously been interpreted otherwise. Please accept my apologies. I meant no disrespect.
          I have probably been overly vague in my assertions relating to the process relating to President Nixon’s proposed impeachment. While the House Judiciary Committee recommended articles of impeachment to the full House of Representatives, the House never acted on that recommendation.
          You are correct, in precise terms articles of impeachment are analogous to an indictment that initiates criminal prosecutions of private persons. And, in cases of impeachment involving the president, vice president, or other federal officers, the House of Representatives prepares the articles of impeachment, since it is endowed with the “sole Power of Impeachment,” under Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution. Those articles of impeachment are then sent to the Senate for adjudication.
          Nixon resigned before the full House could vote to approve the articles of impeachment prepared by the Judiciary Committee. Therefore, no “indictment” occurred that the Senate could act upon.
          Ford pardoned Nixon without an “indictment” pending.
          Please excuse my ham handed attempts at clarity.
          Dave Fair

        • The charges were never voted on. To compare with the civil process:
          Charge brought = Charge given to grand jury
          Impeachment = Grand Jury votes to indict
          Senate Vote = Jury Trial verdict.
          Nixon was not indicted, and no vote on impeachment was ever made.

      • LOL — HAD to return, Mr. Fair. Fun irony (see my response at 7:33pm just below yours of 7:28pm).
        “Not everyone is old enough” (posted while I was typing my response just below at 7:33pm).
        I forgive you.
        Please forgive me — for misjudging you.
        P.S. I was about 9 years old. It ruined the whole summer of television that year. THE YEAR WE GOT OUR FIRST COLOR TV. I liked Nixon. I wrote him a letter when I was 8 years old, however, because I wanted to be sure to tell him about Jesus. I had no idea what was going on with his life at that time…. in 1972…. . I thought I had read in Charles Colson’s book Born Again that Nixon was indicted. I need to read that book again! 🙂

      • Janice, there is no correlation between the House’s action on impeachment, which were never voted on by the full House, and a criminal indictment. The two are not the same concept at all. The actions that are specified in the articles of impeachment, don’t even have to be criminal in nature.
        Articles of Impeachment also do not trigger the double indemnity clause.

      • MarkW: “No correlation” is not the point. The point discussed above was based on an analogous relationship. Just as a Civil “Complaint” against someone is analogous to a Criminal “Charge.”
        That the draft dodgers were “pardoned” is also analogous. Unlike you, I will not assert that your not-directly-on-point example had “no correlation.” It was a good analogy.

    • Yeah, I’ve been concerned about that as well.
      If Hillary can get 38 electors to change their vote, she wins.
      People are threatening the electors, and I haven’t seen Hillary condemn them for it.

    • I agree with you about timing. We could see a coup against the Electoral college to force enough Electors to change their votes to cause real chaos. I would have help d back on the high profile controversial nominations until after 19 December.

  55. Our Founding Fathers Made Damn Sure That The Likes Of A Gore Or A Hillary Would Fail And They Did!
    Ha ha

    • Explain Obama’s 2012 re-election then.
      By November 2012, Obama was clearly a serial liar and a dictator-wannabe, and still enough stupid people voted for him. Did they feel sorry for him enough to give him a 2nd chance do-over? White guilt for slavery still?

      • Unfortunately the number of people who rely on government for their daily bread has grown to a near majority.

  56. EPA was Obama’s attack dog. They were task with destroying as much U.S. Energy infrastructure as possible as a means of social change.

    • If the EPA was Obama’s attack dog, then the IRS was his stealth fighter. Flying fast and quiet, using tax privacy laws to Avoid Congress detection to suppress conservative action groups from participating in campaigns.
      If the EPA was Obama’s attack dog, then his Holder/Lynch DOJ was the corrupt cop allowing the Hillary Mafia to run its pay-to-play protection racket in plain sight.
      If the EPA was Obama’s attack dog, then his Tom Perez-run Dept of Labor was his dirty accountant who was cooking the BLS monthly statistics on the US economy.

    • That’s true but consider that Pruitt’s modus appirndi will prevent him from responding in kind.
      Tolitarianism has a tactical advantage shorter term. California will escape reform and the desease will go national again if the true swamp drain isn’t coordinated at many levels.

  57. “Finally, we strongly encourage him to add a deputy administrator to his team who has significant EPA experience”
    Craig Richardson and Chris Horner
    I knew it would come to me. Who better to acquaint the new Administration with Richard Windsor’s work.

    • Perhaps also the EPA employee who issued a dissenter’s report about 5 years ago. His name sounded like Carlin.

  58. I’m late here as usual. But I do feel as thrilled with the news as other commenters have clearly shown. And, to me, it certainly does feel that Christmas has come early.
    One small point/question – maybe it’s because I’m British and don’t fully understand the politics in the US – but I thought I read not so long ago that Myron Ebell was going to be the head of the EPA? What did I miss, or get wrong? And, which of the two would be better?

  59. The Trump transition team has a suggestion box. Please consider suggesting to them that President Trump needs to do Presedential sponsored policy debates on subjects like CAGW, and immigration.
    Even suggest the participants, say Richard Lindzen, Christopher Monckton, and Craig Idso vs. Gavin Schmitt and two other sacrificial alarmists.
    If they refuse to debate, just run an hour special. ( It would be very hard for them to refuse a national forum Presedential debate.)

  60. “The comments sound as if they had been prepared by a right-wing think tank,” said Molly Diggins, director of the Sierra Club’s North Carolina operations.
    Hilarious that is coming from a LEFT organisation … no sense of self awareness!

  61. Let’s take green and climate change right out of this discussion for a moment…
    Is it really a good idea to put somebody from an industry which stands to gain financially from a loosening on environmental regulations in charge of a regulating industry?
    Coal, oil and natural gas do cause good old fashioned pollution – both when burned and during extraction.
    Do you really want someone with an interest in fuel industry profits ruling on that?

    • “Coal, oil and natural gas do cause good old fashioned pollution ”
      No they don’t
      Modern coal gas, and oil cause very little pollution.
      FAR LESS than the manufacture of wind turbines and solar cells.
      We need someone with common sense… so that automatically rules out anyone support the renewable scam.

      • I don’t think manufacture of wind turbines or solar cells need do any damage to the environment.
        Certainly they build both in Germany, with no environmental impact whatever, in a country with very strict environmental law.
        what you are getting confused about is China making those items – but in China everything built is done with no regard to the environment.

      • This from the guy who has claimed that the air pollution problems in certain Chinese cities is proof that coal can’t be burned without polluting.
        If you couldn’t have double standards, you would have no standards at all.

    • This could be a fair point if it wasn’t for the years of green blob bias in the other direction. This, squire, is what payback looks like and watching the blob explode is going to be priceless.

    • Is it really a good idea to put somebody from an industry which stands to gain financially from a loosening on environmental regulations in charge of a regulating industry?

      I wasn’t aware that Pruit was or had been employed by that industry. His previous job was as a State legislator.

    • Yes, Griff! An “industry” that might object to wasting massive amounts of money (resources) conducting an EPA mandated dust-mote chase is actually exhibiting sanity and advocating for consumers. The EPA is regulating ozone down to 70 parts-per-billion and you are worried about “loosening” regulations? That is exactly what needs to happen. Oh yes, the “care” of the leftists…these are the people that borrowed and spent $10 trillion dollars over the last 8 years of Obama with absolutely nothing to show for it. “Oh, but watch out for ‘Big Oil’ and their 5% profit margins.” LOL, how out of touch can you be, Griff? The 2015 NAAQS: Ozone limit 0.070 parts per million (ppm) The new definition of insanity.

      • That may be so – but any relaxation of regulation benefits the fossil fuel industry and there are some regulations I am sure that both you and I would agree are necessary.
        If we put the head of a major drug company in charge of whatever agency regulates drug safety in the US, would that be OK?

        • “If we put the head of a major drug company in charge of whatever agency regulates drug safety in the US, would that be OK?”
          As opposed to putting politicians such as “Lord” Deben, Ed Davey and Cameron whose father-in-law makes massive fortune with his windfarms in charge of the energy industry?
          In any case, Trump has no connections to the energy industry, he is in construction.
          So you’re making stuff up again to slur your betters, aren’t you?

          • “If we put the head of a major drug company in charge of whatever agency regulates drug safety in the US, would that be OK?”
            Yes. They would know what the f**k they are talking about, unlike Democrat Party scumbags who know absolutely NOTHING about ANYTHING. Period. Full stop. America’s medical care system is in collapse because the Obarri Admin put stupid c**ts who know nothing about healthcare OR business in charge of both.

          • Sorry, catweazle, was trying to respond up thread, wordpress tends to make this difficult in long, convoluted comment threads.

      • Poor little Griffie, he actually believes he has skill at this analogy thingy.
        1) The EPA regulates way, way, more than just oil wells.
        2) Pruitt is was never the head of an oil company.
        3) I would have no problem with a former head of a drug company running the FDA. Unlike you, I judge people on their character, not their associations.

    • 1) Pruitt is a state DA, he never ran an oil company.
      2) He has no interest in fuel industry profits. This would be true, even if he were a former head of an oil company.
      3) The minor pollution from burning oil and coal was taken care of years ago.
      4) The minor problems with extracting oil and coal were taken care of years ago.
      5) Is there anything you know, that is actually true?

    • “Is it really a good idea to put somebody from an industry which stands to gain financially”
      Uh, Griff: Pruitt is not from any “industry”. He’s a public servant and the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the state of Oklahoma. His job is to protect his state and its residents, which includes protecting them from overreach by the federal government, and especially from a semi-autonomous unaccountable rogue agency like EPA. That his state and its residents’ interests may, to an extent, parallel the interests of the fossil fuel industry is what it is. What it ain’t is evil or even unethical.

      • Griff really does believe his lie that anyone who opposes his handlers schemes must be in the pay of big oil.

    • “Do you really want someone with an interest in fuel industry profits ruling on that?”
      Why not?
      He will be infinitely preferable to someone with an interest in “unreliables” industry – such as wind and solar – profits.
      Further, he doesn’t believe in your discredited “Green” scam either.
      So absolutely no contest.
      Further to that, Trump isn’t a politician, thus untainted with the utter putrescence and corruption that the whole egregious breed – especially the Clintons and Kennedys – is steeped in.

  62. As much as I support this nomination, and I support it a lot, I have to wonder how it is going to get through the Senate.

    • Harry Reid set up the way. “Nuclear option” cloture makes a simple majority vote sufficient. The Senate minority cannot ultimately prevent a President from assembling his appointments. Otherwise they could effectively prevent him from taking control of the Executive Branch. Unless they can expose some fatal flaw in his character, or prove some criminal malfeasance, there is no material basis for denying him on policy positions or his interpretation of the EPA’s jurisdiction or reach.

  63. Speaking of the Paris Climate Accords, notice that Paris has declared an air quality emergency, due to particles (aka Diesel exhaust).
    You really can’t make this stuff up.

      • Griff:
        From the article you linked:

        Diesel fuel use is a key cause of air pollution in cities, as the engines produce nitrogen dioxide, a harmful gas, and tiny particulates that can lodge in the lungs. These forms of pollution can also interact with other substances to create, in some conditions, a toxic soup.
        Yet diesel use has been rising in many countries, partly for economic reasons and partly as a consequence of measures to combat climate change – diesel vehicles burn fuel more efficiently than conventional petrol engines, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

        (emphasis added)
        So major European cities are suffering from real pollution emitted by a type of engine favored by government regulations to reduce CO2.
        The law of unintended consequences is a bitch.

      • In some cities diesel engines were *mandated* for taxi and bus fleets because [drum roll] … “global warming!” How’s that working out?

    • Bingo, and they are just in the early stages of a four year run of Dakota style protests and media fills. Fortunately the public has already tuned out of the bias outlets so a doubling won’t matter.

  64. Is there a possibility that some EPA employees(the honest ones) are now making copies of emails, drafts and other information that could be of use to Pruitt in the future?

  65. How about a real evaluation and investigation of bird kills by wind mills, plus Ivanpah and not just brief visits .

    • Bring it on!
      you’d find the wind turbine bird kill figures are deliberate misrepresentation – they are extrapolated from the few old style wind farms like Altamont to all wind farm sites… the Altamont Pass design and that siting of a wind farm is no longer used… it was an exception which should have been closed 2 decades past.
      also you’ll find Ivanpah solved the bird frying problem 6 months ago.

      • “you’d find the wind turbine bird kill figures are deliberate misrepresentation”
        Oh, we KNOW for a certain fact they are, Grifter – by the vile environment destroying “Green” vandals who pay the likes of you a few pence per post to make excuses while they make millions – billions in some cases.

    • Until Griff the Yet-to-Be-Served Tortfeasor (libel of, at least, Dr. Soon and Dr. Pielke, Sr.) provides proof to the contrary,
      assuming ad arguendo that the burning to death of birds has, indeed, been solved,
      no doubt the Ivanpah public tax/power rate payers sc@mmers solved it this way:
      they’re paying illegal immigrants $5/hour (well, why do you think so many money-worshipping libs are pro-illegal immigration?) to sit on the ridges surrounding the “farm” and blast all the birds with their shotguns. And who else better to do such a dastardly job than those who want very much to not be interviewed by anyone?
      No. Not burning to death. Just “euthanized.”
      How humane of them.
      No. I don’t have any proof of the above (except that there is proof on the pages of WUWT of Griff’s libel).
      That shouldn’t trouble Griff (at whom this comment is aimed).

      • Note for non-U.S. residents — $5/hour is substantially below the minimum wage of all 50 states (IIRC).

      • Ah, “Tortfeasor” — a wonderful if inelegant word. Somehow it lacks the direct impact of “felon”: “Halt Tortfeasor! Or I shall be forced to yell ‘Halt!’ again!”. Or “We can’t hire him: he’s a convicted tortfeasor”.
        And it doesn’t work in song:

        When a tortfeasor’s not engaged in his employment, (his employment)
        Or maturing his tortious little plans (little plans)
        His capacity for innocent enjoyment (cent ejnoyment)
        Is just as great as any honest man’s

        No wonder it’s not commonly used.

  66. much as I like this nomination, I fear that it will only motivate the Senate Democrats to filibuster his confirmation.

  67. Pruitt had better gird his loins for battle and immediately take the the fight ot the enemy. If he does not, the enemy will most assuredly take the fight to him.

    • Paul – One of the beautiful things about the Pruitt nomination is that he is already suing the EPA. He has already taken the fight to the EPA.

      • And, the suit carried forward by his successor will now be against him. All he will have to do is settle, voila!

  68. What a great piece of news to start the day. Thank you Trump. That loud crashing noise we hear is the collapse of long standing back channels used by extremist organizations to hold the EPA in thrall. Unlikely that this Administrator will use a seceret email account to communicate with the fringe elements.
    Of course a serious stable cleaning will need to take place. Budget restrictions resulting in mass lay offs of feckless beaureucrats would seem to be the surest device. No messy vetting process. Everything goes. American taxpayers will be amazed at how little they miss the paper shuffling.

    • You might need a hearing check. The crashing noise I hear is laptop hard drives all spontaneously failing …

  69. Anthony
    I’ve been a mainly passive supporter (just occasional posts) of your site and even a minor financial supporter because I applaud your stand for science over belief. However my last post hasn’t appeared for several hours and I can only think that it’s either because my post was negative towards god (however he/she/it is portrayed) or against Ms. Moore, who appears to hold favoured status on this site.
    I totally accept your right to allow and deny whatever posts you wish. It’s your site. However, I always thought that you allowed posts even if you don’t agree with the content as long as they were reasonable.
    I’m sorry that I failed your tough test. I thought that we were approaching (Brexit, Trump etc.) a slightly more open approach to news life etc. I’m sorry that, on this site at least, I’m sadly mistaken. I guess that that god person got to you too,

    • So much paranoia.
      If you have read this site as much as you claim to, you will know that we have always had issues with the automatic moderation software here. Everyone gets got up by it. Ms. Moore has complained in the past.

      • There are times when both Firefox and Chrome stop passing my replies through to WUWT. I hit the Reply and it just falls through the cracks, with no error message coming back. Not often, but maybe once a week run into that wall. After rebooting the PC, it seems ok, but of course then I have to type the reply all over again, which I often don’t care to do. Is it possible Mr G.G. is experiencing something similar?

    • Dear Mr. Green Genes,
      I replied to your comment above, just now. I think it was sent automatically to the spam bin by Word Press. You used the “N” word and it may have picked up on a couple of other of the words, but, I haven’t tested them, so I don’t know for sure.
      As far as I know, I do not have any favored status around here. And I sure understand about the chagrin and suspicious (I tend to be that way at times) wondering, “What in the world happened….?” Lol, I’ve hit that old spam bin so many times, I’m going to have to have my Christmas cards sent there this year. I’m there so much!
      One time, the Word Press cursor slipped down into my e mail address and I kept on typing — unwittingly adding a 6 before my name. EVERY single one of my comments from then on was sent to the spam bin! I feel like I have a lot of people around here who detest me (and many who are very kind and welcoming, too). Thus, I wondered if someone complained….
      All is well! 🙂
      Now. If I can just remember not to use “sc@m” (I forget that one a lot) or “den1e r” (that one comes in when I copy and paste a quote).
      Your WUWT ally,

      • P.S. I have evidence that I am not favored, too. I’ve been snipped several times. Sometimes, for less than what I’ve seen others say. I am just another WUWT commenter. Not special.

      • Aw, TA. Thank you very much for that kindness.
        Well, let’s put it this way: I am (like you!) just as special as everyone else at WUWT. Very. With few exceptions, what a wonderful bunch the WUWTers are.
        And you, all you silent readers, you, too. Yes.

  70. Zeke says,
    This is just some of what Pruitt will be up against:
    1. “At the 2015 United Nations climate talks in Paris, [Bill] Gates announced the formation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of more than 20 billionaires who’ve agreed to invest in clean energy. Gates owns roughly 2.5% of Microsoft, accounting for just under 15% of his fortune.”

    MarkW December 8, 2016 at 9:44 am says,
    As long as they are investing their own money, I don’t care what Bill Gates (or any of the others) invest in.

    I will give you 4 good reasons why MarkW will end up caring about what Bill Gates invests in.
    Use of Regulatory Science to outlaw or greatly modify competitors and existing technologies. Boomers have long practiced this and consider it both a virtue (envirornmentalism) and a right, and a legitimate form of economic activity.
    Mandates. This uses the force of law to mandate the purchase of products which the government thinks is best. That is why all politicians are now salesmen — for turbines, panels, higher density housing and electric vehicles, etc..
    Subsidies. This is another aspect of regulatory science, and also of the Generational philosophy of “paradigm shifts;” practitioners (in this case economic and political) choose a new paradigm and all evidence and the entire past are used to justify the paradigm shift.
    TiSA. Trade in Services Agreement forces the signatory countries to open up the service sector to foreign companies and providers. This means that a small group of foreign multi-nationals will be allowed to handle water services, mail, telecomunications, wastewater and power generation. Leaked documents about TiSA can be read on wikileaks.

  71. Correction
    Subsidies. This is another aspect of regulatory science, and also of the Generational philosophy of “paradigm shifts;” practitioners (in this case economic and political) choose a new paradigm and all evidence and the entire past are used to justify the paradigm shift. [Vast amounts of tax dollars are used to facilitate the shift to the new economic paradigm. This is done by “investing” in selected environmental alternatives and also involves controlling the science and discussion about the desirability of these alternatives.]

  72. I think if Scott Pruitt changed his name to “Richard Windsor” then all the Greens would calm down since they’d then be assured of an honest look at the science.
    (Anybody know how to increase the size of a “/sarc” tag?8-)

  73. “I don’t think manufacture of wind turbines or solar cells need do any damage to the environment.
    Certainly they build both in Germany, with no environmental impact whatever, in a country with very strict environmental law.”
    Griff like many so called environmentalists are ignorant of the environment.
    In the US, an environmental impact statement (EIS) with a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) are required for federal projects and many large energy projects. A life cycle analysis (LCA considers) manufacturing as part of a cradle to grave approach.
    Wind and solar manufacturing certainly has impacts.
    An EIS must also consider alternatives. For large baseload power projects, wind and solar have been ruled out because of the large footprint.
    Smaller wind and solar alternative energy projects has had EPA approved EIS with a FONSI.
    Now is the rub. If assumptions made in the LCA are shown to be wrong in practice; then future projects can be challenged.
    For example, if rooftop solar has a 5% capacity instead of a predicted 20% and homeowner do not keep them running for more than 5 years. If a new EPA administrator could order a review and federal funds could be withheld for rooftop solar.
    That would really be good for the environment.

  74. Pruitt is a good choice. My top pick for EPA is Patrick Moore – co-founder of Greenpeace, ecologist, climate skeptic. It takes a former environmental activist to beat environmental activism

      • You’re right, but don’t bet against Trump. Sometimes the jack of diamonds does get up and pee in your ear.

      • The only constitutional limitation is on president. You must have been born a citizen to be president.
        There has been some controversy regarding persons being elected or appointed to positions that are in chain of succession, should the president die.
        Some people feel that everyone who is formally listed must meet the qualifications to be president. Others feel that it is OK, as those people not qualified could just be skipped over should the unthinkable happen.

  75. At least Trump does not accept all the CO2 rumors. In Canada, they have gone hook, line, and sinker for carbon tax with no consultation with the public.

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