Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking: “Most dangerous time for our Planet” because We aren’t listening to our Betters

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scientist Stephen Hawking wants to find a way to convince people to stop voting for Trump, and to start listening to people like him again, to save the planet from climate change and national borders. This is the most dangerous time for our planet Stephen Hawking We can’t go on…


SHOCK: The ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen, dials back alarm

James Hansen: We Have a Little More Time After All (Whew!) By Robert Bradley Jr. “Contrary to the impression favored by governments, the corner has not been turned toward declining emissions and GHG amounts…. Negative CO2 emissions, i. e., extraction of CO2 from the air, is now required.” – James Hansen, “Young People’s Burden.” October…


“Good Grief”: A Support Group for the Climate Faithful

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Political activist Laura Schmidt has created the “Good Grief” support group, to help depressed eco-activists work through their climate grief. Sad about climate change? There’s a support group for that. A new program, reflecting lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous, aims to help people work through their grief about climate change. The…