The End of the Green Age


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The victory of President Trump is a gift not just for America but for the world.

As WUWT recently reported, the last few days has seen a growing panic amongst the inner core of the Climate movement, currently partying at taxpayer’s expense in Marrakesh, about what they hoped was the unlikely possibility of a Trump Victory. Now their worst fears are realised.

Many years ago, Lord Monckton predicted America would be nation to lead the world to freedom from the anti-humanist greed of the green movement. Lord Monckton’s prediction has now come to pass.

In my native Australia, in Europe, across the world, in the bleak halls of the United Nations, the climate elite were gathering for one final great push to claim the future. Their plans are now in ruins.

God bless the United States of America. God bless the next President of the United States, Donald J Trump.

Update (EW) fixed a typo (h/t Dodgy Geezer)

740 thoughts on “The End of the Green Age

      • Last night on the anchor on one of the major channels, when asked what does “Make America Great Again” mean declared that for most Trump supporters it meant an America without minorities.
        Sheesh, these guys really do believe the lies they tell each other.
        This morning I was reading a report on how Democrats are devastated, one activist declared that Democrats are all about love, compassion and fairness. In the next breath she begged for someone to kill Trump.
        Cognitive dissonance on overdrive.
        PS: I read that a number of Californians are starting to talk about seceding. They’ve got my vote.

        • I live in Northern California in the mountains. I first lived in this area for much of the 1970s. I remember when I had first moved up here of hearing about the hope that a new state would be formed, which would be called the State of Jefferson. That is a hope that people in this area have held for almost a hundred years from what I have heard. The boundaries of the state would include Southern Oregon and Northern California. As it stand now the people of Northern California have no say in anything as the population of Southern California dominates the state government in all matters. Maybe some day.

      • MarkW: I read one article that quoted a CNN “journalist” lamenting, “We did all we could for Clinton.” What an admission.
        In explaining why exit polling was so wrong on another news outlet, one said something like, “They did their exit polling in the afternoon, and didn’t capture the vote of all the working people who would be voting after work. They usually vote Republican.” They completely missed the significance of that: the workers of America were tired of being taxed to death (not just income taxes, but hundreds of taxes on everything we buy, every place we go, virtually everything we do), paying for everyone’s healthcare, and getting nothing in return, not even a little respect. Working Americans turned out in droves to send the professional politicians packing.
        Now maybe the working class will get at least as much attention as the 0.7% of the population who are confused as to which bathroom to use.

      • MarkW wrote: “Sheesh, these guys really do believe the lies they tell each other.”
        I agree. The “true believer” Lefties I know are very prone to believing any and all leftwing conspiracy theories. They hear it one time, and accept it as gospel, without question. Confirmation bias, I guess. The opposite of the skeptic mentality.

      • >>or most Trump supporters it meant an America without minorities.
        In a fashion, that is correct.
        Just as in the Roman Empire, in the American Union you are supposed to be American (Roman) first, and minority culture/religion second. But far too many people have jumped upon the bandwagon of being minority first, and American (Roman) a distant third or fourth. And that niggles with a lot of people. It concerned the Romans too, because the major civil disputes the Empire suffered were always dissafected minorities who simply would not accept the Pax Romana – the Roman Peace – and the huge benefits it gave to cities, cultures, citizens and regions.
        A community or nation only works, if everyone pulls in roughly the same direction. If all these ‘liberated’ minorities forget the union, and pull in completely different directions, the community or nation falls apart. And the Green-Left know this full well. I spoke to a UK Labour advisor who said he would do anything to destroy Britain. Why? Because he wanted a One World government, and the only way to achieve that is to destroy individual nations. So the program to impoverish and destabilise Amrica (and the UK) through Greenery and other means was deliberate – because that is the only way to create a One World government.
        But as I said to them – what happens if the One World president turns out to be Chairman Mao, Comrade Stalin, Papa Doc, or Pol Pot ??

      • “Sheesh, these guys really do believe the lies they tell each other.”
        This is the amazing thing about Progressive ideology – wherever you happen to find it, on whatever issue – they doctor the data, and then behave as if they actually believe their doctored data.
        Anyone watching should have clearly seen the press (and their ‘experts) completely, willfully ignoring every trend that was so obvious in this election – so totally absorbed by a rigidly close-minded world view that they could not possibly perceive reality, even when it’s right when in front of them. It’s why Hollywood is so dominantly Progressive – they literally live in a world of make-believe. Similar to academia, who live in a world of theory – also never touched by reality – kind of a co-dependent dysfunctional relationship there – all you need is listen to who Dicaprio and his ilk quote – usually being careful not to do any thinking on their own.
        I discovered the tail of the dragon researching Climate Change – it’s the same mechanism behind almost every Progressive issue.
        If nothing else, this election has conclusively proved, not just the bias of the press and the Progressive left, but the deliberate dishonesty – up to and including staging violence, and faking ‘deplorable’ behavior on the part of political and ideological opponents.
        Can’t let a crisis go to waste – and if you don’t have one, create one… or fake one – with computer models, paid agitators, phony polls, or simple slander – and take advantage of that. Nothing actually HAS to be real – you just need to get people to react to it.
        That’s why they always appeal to the kids. They haven’t seen it before. And so they’re easy to con with bumper stickers.

      • But as I said to them – what happens if the One World president turns out to be Chairman Mao, Comrade Stalin, Papa Doc, or Pol Pot ??

        What makes you think they don’t WANT a Chairman Mao, Comrade Stalin, Papa Doc, or even Pol Pot? Most of the Greens I’ve had the misfortune to talk to are not even ashamed to admit they are anti-capitalists, ether socialists of full blown Communists. And many even wish for a world population crash, to under 1 Billion and preferably down to about 500 Million, 90% living as subsistence farmers or menial laborers. This is their great dream of ‘sustainability’. Of course, they all assume that THEY will be part of the remaining 10% with cushy government jobs and all the modern luxuries. For an example of this Leftist Utopia in action just look to North Korea.

      • “Sheesh, these guys really do believe the lies they tell each other.”
        Yes, these clowns really are echo-chamber sycophants. This creates a situation where their heads grow faster than the busy beaver function, it will take time for them to deflate.

    • Trump warned of a rigged election
      “Trump warned of a rigged election”
      Looks like he was right…..& should stand down.
      I can’t believe out of ~300 million Americans, the choice was between criminal despots like Clinton & Trump, are they really the pinnacle of USA society;
      someone randomly picked off skid row would have been a better choice.

      • I’m very glad ( and surprised ) that Clinton did not win, now we’ll see how this clown gets on.
        Probably the first time in a over a century that the US president was actually elected by the people and not “selected” by the establishment.

      • “Greg November 9, 2016 at 3:36 am
        Probably the first time in a over a century that the US president was actually elected by the people and not “selected” by the establishment.”
        And that is exactly why he won. Watch out Australia, UK, New Zealand etc etc etc etc. People have had enough of the “establishment”. We won’t eat cake, anymore!

      • Ditto Patrick. Us Aussies are sick and tired of the establishment ignoring us and instead demanding we do as they decree – usually by a backhand to the face or by armed policy enforcement.
        Ignore us at your peril grabbermint (pathetic Greens and all Leftards included), we will have our say and you will be defeated, if Trump’s election is any indication.

      • @ 1saveenergy – November 9, 2016 at 3:03 am

        the choice was between criminal despots like Clinton & Trump, are they really the pinnacle of USA society;

        1saveenergy, this is no place for anyone to be venting their anger simply because they happen to be a longtime do-nothing “troughfeeder” sucking at the government “tit” ….. and who has been living comfortably in “the-swamp” from which Trump is going to drain all the “free” taxpayer ca$h, …… thus putting a screeching halt to their partying, drinking and high kafluting life style.

        someone randomly picked off skid row would have been a better choice.

        HA, ……. are you saying that you would have been “a better choice”?
        I don’t think so.

      • 1Saveenergy,
        As long as that vagrant from Skid Row also won The USA Senate and Reps I am Happy as it means the Public Purse is closed to the climate scam.
        That in itself is beyond fabulous but A Trump Admin not only has both Houses as Republican but, and I call upon my American Friends and Allies to verify, does it give The Trump People the Call for appointing 1 if not 2 Supreme Court Judges?
        Add to that the concept of people rejecting the Overwhelming and Overbearing Media Bias and The Trump victory is extraordinary.
        What will he make of it? Who knows but I think he may surprise a few.
        Australia voted for a Conservative Government in 2013 (they won but later knifed their leader for a liberal type) but we did not actually get one and while Donald is not your typical Conservative he would never fall for legislating the Luvvy nonsense that has blighted Western Governments this century.
        Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Bye Bye To The Climate Change Pie.
        What do readers think will be the Mainstream and Internet Media response.
        Our Aussie Media of nearly all types went feral and histrionic when Labour lost in 2013 and we know that the media had no love for Donald before The Election.
        Also is it to soon to tell if Hillary will be back in 2 years to go for it again?
        Will she return to being Hillary Rodham and…is it too early for Bill to start dating again?
        And going for it again too…sorry Mr Watts…I shall put myself in the Bad Boy Corner…Again.

      • The Dem establishment selected Clinton; the people selected and then elected Trump. That’s the way the system works. I’m not crazy about either party, but the principles espoused by Rs generally suit me much better than those of the communist-leaning Ds. Imperfect as he is was/is, Trump is far superior to Obama or Clinton in nearly every way. (Obama doesn’t appear to have the woman baggage that talker Trump or rapist Clinton has, but he can’t tell the truth to save his soul.)
        Romney was probably about as pure and qualified a candidate as either party could nominate, but the D machine, with help from the mainstream media, managed to portray him as the devil.
        Trump wasn’t my first, second or third choice, but his campaign has resonated with many, many people, and I now think he’s the right man at the right time.

      • Bob Cherba – when Romney tried to sway the primaries when he claimed to have secret information about Trump’s taxes that would devastate his candidacy, he proved himself to have the same moral and ethics as Harry Reid. Romney was just another bought and paid for Wall Street politician, and I regret having supported him four years ago. He would have been a Democrat-light, and the day of real change would have only been postponed.
        As far as 1saveenergy, even rigged elections sometimes fail. You cannot look at the treatment given to Trump by the MSM and conclude that it was fair, accurate, or in any way balanced. And a skid row inhabitant would be better? Please, like it or not, Trump is a very successful businessman with a record of accomplishment. Thousands of people have gotten good paychecks because of his vision, and I have yet to see any criminality linked to Trump (unlike his opponent).

      • “Also is it to soon to tell if Hillary will be back in 2 years to go for it again?”
        Hillary Clinton is done politically. I doubt they would let her out of jail to run anyway, even if she wanted to do so.

      • I hope you have evidence for criminality from Trump. He has already started cases against people who accused him of that during the campaign

      • 1saveenergy:

        “criminal despots like Clinton & Trump”

        At this point, Hillary is well documented in her own emails;
        • Providing quid pro quo, steering contracts to the Clinton Foundation and Foundation donors,
        • Spending time discussing her public’s opinion while Benghazi was shrieking for help,
        • Working with the DNC to sabotage opponent’s campaigns,
        • Working with the DNC to flood the internet with paid trolls pretending to be HRC groupies and defenders,
        • Working with the DNC to have protestors at Trump rallies, including actors to instill, simulate or cause violence. The old disabled lady who was allegedly assaulted is one example; she pulled the old insurance scam of making a loud noise while falling down. Nearby paid protestors then provided a rallying “She was beat up” cry.
        • A long history of shady shenanigans, including abuse of women who filed ‘sexual harrassment’ claims against Bill Clinton.
        • A long history, amazingly devoid of actual achievements for America or her State.
        Trump is not accused of any crimes.
        Yes, rather oddly, during the last month of campaigning, several women suddenly burst on the public scene claiming Trump assaulted them.
        Yet not one has accused Trump of actual infidelities as have a stream of Bill Clinton’s accusers.
        Trump is also quite willing to go to court with these ladies with their claims. Bill Clinton is know to have paid off victims for their silence.
        Hillary, from her own emails and the emails of her subordinates, did act as a despot. Using her slavishly devoted subordinates, Hillary ruled with an iron fist.
        Hillary never admits error or apologizes.
        Trump is a business man who owns and runs a large empire of holdings.
        Trumps public persona may be that of a tyrant, but no tyrant achieves worldwide growth through fear.
        If you paid attention, there were a number of people over the last year, who worked for or with Trump, that defended his actual persona when negotiating, delegating or working with peers, subordinates, associates around the world; these people were publicly interviewed, only their interviews were largely ignored by leftist media. So one had to pay close attention to spot the credit where credit is due.
        Once Trump swears in, Hillary and quite a few of her cronies are up for investigation and prosecution.
        Trump may pardon Hillary and Bill, it is the right thing to do, but I doubt all of her willful law breakers will get off. Plus, I doubt a revitalized IRS will view the charitable earnings, so easily available to the Clintons, as much different than income. After taxes and penalties, HRC could be just another taxi driver in NYC; at least she’ll have Secret Service protection.
        There is even a picture of Bill Clinton and Trump hanging out together. Trump makes friends and allies.
        Just like the Climate situation. Unless one probes and looks into the details, one is easily misled by rampant rumor and innuendo. For insight, I highly recommend Scott Adams bloggings, available at his comic site.

      • I don’t think the founders of the country ever said the democracy – or our equivalent – wouldn’t be messy. But it is certainly better than the alternatives.
        ‘Almost anyone’ could be said to be a better choice, but just how is ‘anyone’ supposed to get elected (presuming they WANT to)?
        Where does our constitution say that our ‘Leader” is at the pinnacle of US society? Sorry, our ‘Leader’ is whomever we, the folks who vote, say he/she is. No one else gets a choice. They are who they are – warts and all.

    • Nope.
      Democrats are going to double down on their hate and vitriol.
      If you thought Bush Derangement syndrome was bad……………………………

      • Apparently the Canadian immigration web site crashed around midnight last night.
        Perhaps for once, the liberals will keep their word and move.

      • GWB was a neo-con leader. HRC is a progressive liberal. Many of the same moderate independent voters who voted against Bush also voted against Hillary, recognising that the right and left wings have a common goal of despotism.

      • @Pop Piasa
        If by “neo-con” you mean “not really a conservative” you’d be right. Frankly, the Republican party isn’t all that conservative either. They haven’t shown much spine in “The Olde Guard” for really tackling the issues like over-regulation and overspending. Some of the young Turks have been pushing hard, but without seniority and clout they haven’t gotten far.

      • Yes, DJ. I think the same folks who found GWB more dangerous would have thought differently about Gore if they knew the future. But we all have seen the pendulum swing towards despotic socialism for 16 years and it’s time for the conservatism of Lincoln’s party to reemerge.

      • “Democrats are going to double down on their hate and vitriol.”
        The Dems are at a pretty high level of hate and vitriol now.
        I heard a CNN anchor this morning asking Trump’s campaign manager Kelly Ann Conway, if Trump would waive prosecution of Hillary. You will hear a lot more of that tune from the Left in the future.
        Kelly Ann said she didn’t know what Trump was going to do about that issue. 🙂
        Hillary should be prosecuted. She is definitely guilty of numerous federal crimes. As far as her actually serving jail time, her Elite status will probably prevent that, even with Trump in Office. That’s too bad too, because she and the rest really do deserve jail time. There are a lot of people in jail who have done much less than the Clintons.
        Taking all Hillary’s money away from her, in the form of fines, might be as painful to her as jail time. We should take all her ill-gotten gains away from her.

      • “Perhaps for once, the liberals will keep their word and move.”
        Sorry, but up here in Canada, we’re talking about building a wall to keep liberal refugees out. We don’t want them, we have more than enough of our own.

      • Dear Shocker,
        Nope, they’re going up there to you. Payback for kicking our ass during the the Revolutionary war and the war of 1812.

    • After just 2 weeks in Office he was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize and won it. IPCC also won a Nobel Peace prize. Me think Gro Harlem Brundtland and the Norwegian labour party is behind?

    • Abraham Lincoln said “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” ???

      • Who was it who said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, and that’s good enough for success in politics”?
        Ian M

    • 8? Nothing but controlled political sellouts for a lot longer than that. I’m cautiously optimistic.
      Well done USA.

    • Now, let’s hope he actually does what he said he would do. Let’s see how he gets the USA out of the Paris Agreement.

      • Dear Mr. P.,
        The USA is not in the Paris Agreement. The U.S. Senate never ratified it. It is merely empty words on paper. Nothing more.
        There — that was easy. On to more important things: like working with Congress to lower the corporate income tax rate and freeing up the energy production industry to make JOBS happen! 🙂
        Janice M.

      • Janice,
        To be sure, as the minister of the environment of France, Ségalène Royal just has declared that the US can’t pull out of the Paris Agreement within three years:
        Is it certain that Obama couldn’t legally sign the agreement without a majority of the votes in the Senate?

      • Ferdinand,
        The US constitution requires that treaties be ratfied by the US Senate with a two-thirds (or greater) majority. That the president of France said the US is obligated by this treaty is irrelevant.

      • Yes, dear Ferdinand. Just as certain as it is that human CO2 is doing nothing to change the climate of the earth. (smiling — yes, yes, YES, we disagree on that last clause 🙂 )

      • re: Ray in SC November 9, 2016 at 12:14 pm
        “The US constitution requires that treaties be ratfied by the US Senate with a two-thirds (or greater) majority”
        To be 100% accurate, the Constitution says “provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”

      • Obama’s hubris may be a blessing in disguise. If the senate HAD ratified the ‘treaty’ then it might be more difficult to get out of it. As it is, the executive proclamation can be overturned by the new executive, as many of Obama’s executive orders may well be. France’s Minister of Environment can hardly force us to do her bidding. If there is no money to support curtailment of CO2 emissions and there is no will in the executive branch to comply with the agreement, just how is it going to be enforced?

      • Tom, I’m pretty sure that there is a requirement elsewhere that a quorum be present before business can be conducted. Beyond that, nothing happens in the Senate until the Senate majority leader says it happens.

      • Clyde, there is zero chance that the Senate would have ratified it had it been presented. Even most Democrats were against it.

      • Tom,
        You say “to be 100% accurate, the Constitution says ‘provided two-thirds of the senate concurs’.”
        Yes, those are the words of the Constitution. Are you implying this is different than what I wrote or just picking at semantics?

      • Ferdinand:
        If Obama put his signature to a document and promised other country leaders that it was valid, then they need to take us discussion Obama directly.
        Ideally, any Presidential order is followed by both houses of Congress passing a law supporting the order, which the President then signs or vetoes.
        There is zero requirement that government support any other kind of ‘Presidential Order’.
        Though, Obama’s intention was that agencies under POTUS Administrative control would be required to follow his orders, because he is in charge. That lasts until a new POTUS arrives, e.g. Trump.
        The House of Representatives specifically refused to allocate any funding to the Paris agreement; leaving Obama having to use existing White House or Agency funds. There were also some stated questions from the Senate and House of Representatives regarding investigating misuse/misappropriation of funds; a serious legal infraction.
        To be a ‘Treaty’, requires 2/3rds approval of the sitting Senate.
        To be an ‘Agreement’, at least requires Congressional complicity.
        Refusing to fund an ‘Agreement’ or even to consider attempting a 2/3rds approval vote is willful denial of any Congressional complicity.
        Watch for lame and dumb ducks Obama and his junk yard dog, Harry Reid, to try and pull shenanigans this winter recess.
        Previous shenanigans of theirs, regarding appointments, went to the Supreme Court for full rebuke and refusal.

      • Ray in SC November 9, 2016 at 2:41 pm
        You say “to be 100% accurate, the Constitution says ‘provided two-thirds of the senate concurs’.”
        Yes, those are the words of the Constitution. Are you implying this is different than what I wrote or just picking at semantics?”
        First you did not quote the Constitution accurately here. You say above “provided two-thirds of the senate concurs”, that is not what it says. The Constitution says ““provided two thirds of the Senators present concur”. Notice the word “present”?
        As MarkW November 9, 2016 at 1:33 pm said, a quorum is needed to do business. A quorum is 51 Senators (Article I, Sec 5: “a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business”).
        It is not necessary that 67 Senators concur if all are not present. So, it could be that only 34 Senators would be needed to concur to make a Treaty if only the minimum of Senators to make a quorum were present.
        That was my point.

    • ♪♫ Oh Happy Day! ♪♫ When Jesus walked! ♪♫ Oh When he Walked! ♪♫ When Jesus walked!♪♫ Oh Happy Day♪♫

    • Hillary for President…what went wrong? Everything that needed to!
      Labeling her opponent a Womanizer while remaining married to the biggest womanizer who ever lived
      All of this lead to the “Perfect Storm” of a lack trustworthiness amongst her constituents, driving a few needed percent to vote for Johnson or Stein
      4 states made the difference.
      Pennsylvania 20ev
      Donald 48.8%
      Hillary 47.6%
      Difference 1.2%
      Johnson 2.4%
      Michigan 16ev
      Donald 47.6%
      Hillary 47.3%
      Difference .3%
      Johnson 3.6%
      Wisconsin 10ev
      Donald 47.9%
      Hillary 46.9%
      Difference 1%
      Johnson 3.6%
      These 3 states combined 46 electoral votes would have given HRC 274 for the win but for the Dems that couldn’t give her their support.

      • “These 3 states combined 46 electoral votes would have given HRC 274 for the win but for the Dems that couldn’t give her their support.”
        That’s scary. We were real close to going down the radical Leftwing tubes, but we dodged the bullet. Having the Clinton Crime Family running the U.S. government would have been a travesty of justice, and a possible game-changer for the good ole USA. We pulled out of our dive in the nick of time.
        The Right needs to get itself a little more organized. The winning margin is not nearly high enough. That needs to be expanded in the future. A good, productive Trump presidency will help that effort tremendously.

    • I guess Mother Gaia was mighty pissed about what they had planned for her pristine desert habitats, with all those wind mills and mirrors and bird evaporators and such.
      So how ever you guys did it; congratulations. I think we can survive the buffoonery.
      Don’t believe we could have survived knowing that the red phone was ringing at 3 AM and the CIC was just yelling; ” At this point, what difference does it make !? ”

  1. You hit the nail on the head!!!
    Start with who would have been Hillary’s top guy, probably her chief of staff – John Podesta. He is behind the ThinkProgress/ClimateProgress websites, Joe Romm has been one of his top employees for years. That whole gang would have been given incredibly power to implement their ideology – suddenly, like the umpire says – YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!!!
    The whole grifter, grafting, crew, they just lost the place at the table they thought they owned. Now, I want to be clear that I have never been very happy about Trump the man – but the fact that Hillary the Organization is now being ushered OUT of power makes this the single best day for the skeptic movement since our movement started!!!

    • Frankly? I try to not gloat when someone loses but to see Podesta have to eat crow on Clinton’s behalf did give a feeling of gloating and I hope this now opens the doors for a Grand Jury into her and the clinton foundation TOMORROW! What a night!!

      • If I read the emails accurately, the crow would have first been a star in some pagan ceremony, and would be eaten raw.

      • She deserves criminal prosecution, but for the good of the country, the most important thing Obama can do in the next two months is give her a full pardon. The FBI can nail the little fish to the wall; they’re the ones who make Clinton Inc. possible. Meanwhile, let’s focus on the future.

      • Tim,
        I might be wrong, but I don’t think you can pardon someone who has not been indicted. Colluding with the AG and FBI to avoid an indictment was a big gamble for Hillary, and now it appears to have not paid off.

      • Paul, yes, you are wrong. Us old folks can remember well when Gerald Ford gave Richard Nixon a blanket pardon so the nation would not be forced to sit through the trial of a disgraced former President.

      • I’d rather see the investigation continue past January 20, lest Obama pardon her. Then let all hell break loose. Drain the swamp into federal prison. Return integrity to the Department of Justice, the FBI, the EPA and the National Science Foundation.

      • Someone who’s pardoned can’t claim 5th amendment protections. However if they refuse to talk or lie, they can be fully prosecuted for those actions.

      • All right then, I stand corrected. (I love this place, I learn something new every day) But, congress can still investigate even if everybody involved is pardoned. And the best part is, they wouldn’t be able to plead the 5th anymore. I think the American people deserve to know what really happened.

      • If President Obama pardons Hillary Clinton and she accepts the pardon it would be an admission of guilt. If she thinks she is innocent, she should refuse a pardon, if one is offered, and request a serious investigation.

      • Hilliary can’t accept the pardon as it would be an admission of guilt which would set off many lawsuits against the Clinton Foundation.

      • “Gogs November 9, 2016 at 5:28 am
        Hillary really showed her class in her speech, when she conceded defeat.
        Oh! I must have missed it!”

        Yes, you must have.
        Hillary was classy, and quite gracious; using Trump’s speech to America as the basis for some of her statements.
        Still, Hillary admitted to no mistakes or errors nor did she personally apologize for her direct actions.
        Considering the concession speeches I’ve heard over the years, Hillary’s belated speech is one of the best. Belated, because Hillary did not give the speech when the result became obvious; HRC delayed till the next day.
        I even heard on pundit exclaim over the purple dress Hillary wore; purple as red and blue combined. Somehow, I doubt Hillary had that dress on possible occasion of her loss; and I wonder if red and blue was HRC’s intention or the more usual use of purple for royalty.

      • Tis most unfortunate that, on what will be President Obama’s last day, he will probably issue a Presidential Pardon exonerating Hillary of any and all potential charges and the issue will die but not before give the Democratic Party a lasting black eye and a further lingering stench

      • asybot,…I try to not gloat when someone loses …
        Gloating is what it is all about.
        And Schadenfreude. The pleasure you get from someone else’s displeasure or sadness and I have been schadenfreuding all night and all today.
        The Australian Luvvy Lefty Media is beyond a joke in its upholding of the Left/Green narrative, and its organised and continued insult directed at Suburban and Rural values and aspirations in all matters and doubles down on Climate. So I have been been having far too much of a good time reminding these echo chambers of conformity what The Trump Prez and the Republicans having the numbers in both Houses means.
        The Climate Purse is closed and there is no more Other Peoples Money and The Climate Gravy train has left the station and aint coming back for 4 or more years. Not to forget The Supreme Court nominations which will throw the Luvvies for an absolute loop when they realise what that will mean generationally.
        Getting your kicks from Schadenfreude isn’t the best thing ever but the conformist Aussie MSM deserves this beautiful kick in the proverbial so for the next few days I am swimming in it.
        And they are gonna get it but if you do read the MSM on this issue they still blame everybody and thing but themselves and the established elite, political and public service class.
        Which means that, although they have metaphorically been politically hit in the face with a great big wet fish… Brexit and its Human Form of Donald Trump…they still do not get it.

    • The Clinton Foundation has hundreds of millions to continue the fight. They are not going away no matter how much we wish they would.

    • Hillary sent Podesta to Javitz Hall to tell everyone to go home, nothing was going to happen till morning. 30 minutes later Clinton called Trump to conceed.
      She’s a coward till the end.

    • Not so fast. A court ruling recently has paused the implementation of Article 50, the policy that starts the process of exiting the EU.

      • You said it Patrick – “paused” and paused by a group of rent-seeking remoaners who are distraught that the people had the effrontery to vote against their views. They told us how to vote but we voted the other way – disgraceful! Don’t worry, Brexit will happen. The remoaners may have a few politicians and judges on their side, but the referendum result will be implemented sooner or later and people and businesses across Europe are already planning and acting as if we have already left.

      • Clearly media coverage here in Australia about is void of facts. Well, that does not surprise me.

      • Only thing is Patrick, Parliament HAS aleady voted, to hold the referendum and place the decision into the hands of the electorate. Even Cameron acknowledged that.

      • The Trump victory is good for Brexit.
        The EU referendum put to the UK was do you believe in government y the people for the people, or do you believe in government by a select c@rrupt elite for the benefit of the select c@rrupt elite. Fortunately the UK people had the nerve to stand up .and be counted and stuck 2 fingers up at the select c@rrupt elite.
        This was the very same question put to the American people, and courageously they did exactly the same thing.
        There has been a huge step forward for democracy these past 5 months. The world is changing, and the EU (and other global governments) need to rethink since they can see the writing on the wall.
        the question is whether the EU will fail before the Green Blob. Their grip on power is growing weaker by the day. Which will fall first will be interesting to watch.
        Hopefully Trump will quickly take steps to kick the greens out of power and to take back control of cheap energy. If the West is ever to compete with the Far East, cheap and reliable energy must be high up on the list.
        I am looking forward to watching the BBC when Trump goes after the green dream and defunds the UN/IPCC and makes it clear that the Paris Agreement is non binding on the States. They will be wetting themselves. Get out the popcorn as the swamp is drained.

      • I remember Heath committing the UK to joning the Common Market in 1973 without a mandate, effective Jan 1st 1974. Accepted by the people mid-1975, when they were asked.

      • The court ruling on Brexit was not to stop article 50, it was to try to have it debated in the HOC. The referendum had, however, already been debated and supported by MP’s 6:1.
        It’s also interesting to not the wealthy hedge fund manager who raised the case didn’t bother doing the same following the Scottish independence referendum, rather confirming the London-centric nature of the UK.
        Having said all that, I wouldn’t write off the climate alarmists too soon. They still have powerful allies and Trump will have his hands full with many more pressing political questions.

      • It did but got it wrong.
        The lead judge is head of two anti Brexit groups so should have recused himself.
        The ruling said that parliament must debate legislation. A50 is not legislation thus the judges were wrong. (That’s constitutional expert opinion, btw, not just mine.)
        The ruling has gone to appeal – where the people and government will lose again.
        The case, which should never have been heard, was brought by the elite in cohort in a display against democracy and the sovereignty of parliament (the judiciary cannot direct government!).

      • @ Forest Gardener … There was not a vote for the EU, there was a vote for the EEC the two are completely different. None of the EU treaties were brought in through parliamentary votes. They were brought in as EU treaties. On my voting slip it read ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’
        Nothing about hard or soft or any other conditional clauses. Unless you can see any ?

      • HotScot, me thinks your “voiced” concerns are the least of Trump’s POTUS problems.
        Actually, the 1st thing Trump will do to “start-the-swamp-pump-sucking” will be to select NEW Secretaries/Directors/Managers, etc., …. along with their “Marching Orders”, …… of all Fed Government Agencies, Departments, Bureaus, etc. (all “will n’ pleasure” employees) …… even before he is sworn in as POTUS … and make said appointments official after being sworn in ……… and thus the “swamp draining” will immediately begin.

      • The courts may cause a snap election. When they lose on appeal, if the vote fails in parliament, May should immediately call elections and campaign against those who went against the result of the election. The make up of parliament would likely still be Tory led, but the UKIP (if they can get their internal act together – and their confusion would make it a good time for May to act) could suddenly find themselves in the roll of main opposition party or coalition member if no one gets a majority.
        I think May needs to threaten this scenario strongly when whipping the vote and remind the right honorable gits that their places at the trough will be at risk if they vote against the action.

      • If British law allows the government to organize a referendum to exit a treaty, and there’s no need for the executive to confirm the move with parliament then British law is heavily flawed. It seems the brexiteers want to take another step towards an imperial leader. This is similar to the imperial presidency approaches used by Bush and Obama. If the imperial leadership continues to evolve it means the end of representative democracy.

      • “If British law allows the government to organize a referendum to exit a treaty, and there’s no need for the executive to confirm the move with parliament then British law is heavily flawed.”
        If the British people have voted that they want the government to do something, there is no reason to ask Parliament, unless you want to prevent the very thing the people just voted for. The only people demanding a Parliamentary vote are Remoaners who believe Parliament will deny the people of Britain the outcome they just voted for.
        If you think the British government listening to the people of Britain is ‘heavily flawed’, I can only presume you’d prefer to live in North Korea, where The Great Leader will make all the decisions.

  2. Well done Trump. Everyone I know here in Australia is calling him an idiot, well, that is just their opinion. He may not be a well healed *POLITICIAN*, but he is a real man, with real world experience. The American people have been run roughshod over for 20 years or more by political elitists like Obama and Clinton, they have had enough and given Trump a go a the wheel.
    We do indeed live in interesting times.

    • The fact that Trump isn’t a run-of-the-mill politician is a huge draw to those of us who are sick and tire of Elite/Establishment politicians. This will be interesting to see and work with.

      • Yep, RR,
        Take a look at the peoples’ vote in WashingtonDC.
        All those bureaucrats who think themselves usually right.
        Wrong by that percentage of 97 to 3.
        And that 3% might be the expected donkey vote.
        Tells a story all on its own.

      • @dennisambler
        Businessmen find reasons to do things.
        Lawyers find reasons not to do things.
        We have had a generation of privileged, nepotistic career politicians and lawyers running the UK and the US. It’s not racist to expect our countries to have full employment before inviting immigrants to then take extra jobs. But the idealistic bureaucrats and worldly ignorant politicians have put the cart before the horse in their social experiments. Trump and May are a reaction to irresponsible immigration, fiscal, environmental, and social, liberal left policies the man in the street is roundly sick of.
        Hopefully, Trump will put GW at the back of his political queue and we can watch it wither on the vine of Europe.

      • Patrick MJD
        “From Chicago. What other infamous criminal was from Chicago?”
        What infamous criminal wasn’t from Chicago?

      • “From Chicago. What other infamous criminal was from Chicago?”
        If Al Capone isn’t the answer you are looking for, can I have several more guesses. There is no shortage of Chicago criminals to choose from. Do you have a preferred time period?

    • You can’t blame sheeple who believe what the MSM tells them. Channel 9 election coverage last night was sickeningly biased.
      Pity the sheeple. Hopefully after this result a few of them will begin to question the media’s groupthink narrative.

      • Holding the Leftwing Media accountable should be one of the highest priorities.
        They almost stole another election from the American people, but they couldn’t quite pull it off this time because of the very flawed candidate they were running.
        The margin of error is too small to give the Left any kind of election leverage over our lives. The Leftwing Media is the problem and we should point that out at every opportunity, in order to diminish their influence.

    • i was grinning like the Chesire cat when i heard hed won;-)
      and even wider when i listened to ABC moaning n the feminazis are on there in full spate.
      it was NOT because america wouldnt vote for a woman as president
      it was because THAT woman wasnt fit to BE president!
      hope he can pull Nato outta eu and settle the looming mess bummer n the hildabeast would have lit the match under soon.
      bless all you who voted Trump;-)

      • “it was NOT because america wouldnt vote for a woman as president
        it was because THAT woman wasnt fit to BE president!”
        So True! Nearly all my female friends despise HRC and everything she stands for, she would have disgraced women and probably made it impossible for another woman to get into the White House for the next hundred years!

      • Did anyone see The View today? (Did I get the name right? The program with Whoopy Goldberg, Joy Behart, etc.) My wife was disappointed that she missed it because she wanted to see how they reacted to the election result.

      • South River Independent,
        Until someone comes along (and around here, it’s iffy as to whether that will happen — hope it does!) who can answer your question, here’s my best guess:
        (based on Oprah Winfrey’s “You don’t have to like her!”)
        Woman #3: I just don’t see why so many of us didn’t even vote at all. I could swallow a spider if I had to … . Don’t have to like it.
        Whoopi: Well, I KNOW you don’t have to like her. But, it was damn difficult. I used up the last of my best whiskey gettin’ prepped to vote for that thing. Made me mad — as — hell! I was savin’ it to help me smile at the white (wince), straight (wince), male (wince), judge I’ll be arguing in front of about my traffic ticket tomorrow morning. Have to go buy some more.
        Joy: Well, (confidential tone, and a “look”) We all know why we lost.
        Woman #3: And voter turn-out ain’t it.
        Whoopi: Voter turn-OFF was it.
        Joy: And “it” should never have….
        Whoopi: Mm, hm.
        Joy: …. I’m serious, look at that cute little Barney —
        Woman #3: — Bernie —
        Joy: (eye roll) — BERNIE Sandufsky —
        Woman #3: — SANDERS!
        Joy: SAN-DERS whatever. He would have won. How could you NOT vote for him? He’s like a little stuffed toy animal/doll thingy that talks ….. a……. uh………. a puppet!
        Whoopi: (eye roll; dry tone, muttering) Just what we need, another puppet. I was NOT proud of that “first black” puppet. No, I am serious. I can say this, now, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just like Pameladragon said about the women, not that I agree with her of course, but, I can see her point…. after that big dope, black people, I mean REAL black people, will NEVER get into the Whitehouse. America will be UNDER water by then. I saw it in National Geographic.
        Joy: National Geographic. That reminds me. Woman #3? Didn’t you tell me they’re going to start a new make-up and fashion section next month? “Climate Friendly Fashion from Around the World.” CFFAW. (giggle) Don’t think I’ll say THAT again. I’ll just say the whole long thing!
        Woman #3: Oh, yes. Pretty cool concept from what their promotions scientist showed me. Recipes from around the world, too.
        Whoopi: Oh, sure. Using giant bugs — ugh! — and crap, I mean stuff from Mongolia — not that I don’t like Mongolia or Mongolians, don’t be offended folks — or from Jimmy Hoffa knows where. Sounds yummy! (curls lip)
        Joy: Jimmy HOFFA?? (laughing, pops a button on the back of her top…. struggles to re-button it…. spills her coffee…..
        {Producer: Tight in on Woman #3 — GO TO BREAK NOW.}
        Woman #3: (smiling, smiling, SMILING, oh, so sweetly) Next, we’ll be talking with Karm Jim Jill from North Korea! About great places to take your kids on an eco-vacation next summer! Don’t touch that remote!
        And so forth. 🙂

      • I have been saying, on this site, for the past two years that Hillary was unelectable and that I wasn’t a Trump supporter. I became one as soon as he became President elect for the same reason I supported O as soon as he was elected, W as soon as he was elected, Bill and Hill as soon as they were elected, and on and on. The person that is lawfully elected by the American people is the President and deserves the peoples support.
        It will be interesting to watch how the next four years unfold as the career politicians that have owned the presidency since Eisenhower would be encouraging competition into their “ultimate prize” if they allow a CEO to succeed as president. But Trump, as a career deal maker, should be able to bargain his way out of the traps that they set for him. It should be a great show.

      • I don’t think this is accurate.
        An impeachment does not require any rule of law to enforce. Simply votes by the Representatives to impeach and votes by the Senate to remove from office.
        Likewise, a pardon does not require any rule of law to enforce. Simply, a sweeping fiat by the President, such as Ford’s pardon of Nixon.
        Iirc, Nixon was specifically not indicted as a sitting President as it was questionable if it could even be done from a Constitutional perspective. Barring treason or impeachment, of course.
        Trump has stated he wants a special prosecutor for Hillary’s scandals. I don’t disagree. However, I would hope that the limit of the special prosecutor would be to provide the truth to the American people. From there, I would want Trump to pardon (if necessary) and move on from the scandal.

      • Why should this criminal and her cohort be pardoned? This is no longer about a few classified emails. This is about terrible, evil crimes against children which are currently being investigated, as well as lying to investigators, racketeering etc.
        She must go to prison.

      • take cheer – the unindicted can’t be pardoned.

        Gnomish, good point, I never thought of that fact.
        HA, but knowing how deviously crooked and dishonest those Executive Branch Democrats are, ….. Obama might/could sign a Presidential Directive ordering Attorney General Loretta Lynch to quickly “charge, arrest and convict” Hillary Clinton with “various crimes against the State and Nation” …… so that Obama could then sign another Presidential Directive ordering a “pardon” for Hillary Clinton.

        • Samuel, you must not be old enough to remember Watergate and it’s aftermath. Ford pardoned Nixon before any indictment was made against the resigned president, and the pardon was valid in blocking any federal indictment.

      • Actually, there are very few limits on presidential pardon power. The Supreme Court in Ex parte Garland (1866) made it clear the unindicted can be pardoned.
        “The power thus conferred is unlimited, with the exception stated. It extends to every offence known to the law, and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.”

      • Nixon was never indicted, but he was still pardoned. The only limitation on pardons is that you can’t pardon someone for something they haven’t done yet.
        For example if Obama were to illegal aliens, all it would do is wipe their past clean. However they are still in the country illegally and can still be expelled.

      • Tom Halla – November 9, 2016 at 6:38 am

        Samuel, you must not be old enough to remember Watergate and it’s aftermath.

        Yeah, … I am, …. Tom. I even remember what Nelson Rockefeller said (do you), …. that Nixon’s BIGGEST mistake was lying about his part in the “break-in” …….. and if Nixon had just admitted he done it and told the Press …. “That’s what all rival Politicians do”, …… then he would have remained POTUS in good standing.
        “DUH”, ……. ya NEVER ever heard Hillary Clinton denying any of the dastardly things that she was accused of doing, …… did ya? …….. OF COURSE NOT.

      • “DUH”, because Wikileaks “sources” have been up-loading data files from Hillary’s basement Server for the past ten (10) years. (ever since it was installed in her basement)
        All of Hillary’s E-mails, ….. all of “Slick Willy” Bill’s E-mails, …… all State Department transmissions to and from said basement Server ….. and who knows “what other” inter-connected government Servers?

  3. It’s not an upset to those who of us relied upon realistic polling and who live outside the bicoastal bubbles.
    As I’ve commented here before, whatever else Trump does, he will help sink the CACA scam.
    As an early supporter and contributor to his campaign, nay crusade, I can assure all here that his appointees to climate relative positions will astound, amaze and gratify skeptics of the CACA consensus, ie orthodoxy.
    It’s a new world of truth and beauty. Thanks for your support.

  4. It does look like Trump has a dim view of green rent-seekers. Given who he mentioned as the transtiton leader on the environment, things look promising.

  5. From a Canadian and climate skeptic, this is an historic outcome! Congratulations to America on a wise choice. Hopefully we may start to see an end to the flawed AGW movement.

  6. Congratulation to President Elect Donald Trump. Let’s hope he acts swiftly to disband the hugely expensive Climate Change Scam.
    Perhaps the rest of the world will take note and bring common sense back to our politians, especially in the UK.

    • Trump is not officially President Elect until the Electoral College votes and sends the results to the House of Representatives. (I believe the electors are not required by law to vote for the winner of their state, so they may vote for someone else.)

  7. Hmm I dunno. I just heard his ‘president elect’ speech and he was talking about renewing all the infrastructure in the USA. Maybe..just maybe…getting in on that pork was the whole point of this exercise.
    Rebuilding of cities, bike lanes, densification, towers….it’s still the green agenda ( 21 that is).
    He’s surprised us before.

    • Lee please get real, the US infrastructure is crumbling and needs rebuilding and Trump is the last person to build or fund a bloody bike line or approve of ANY UN agenda.
      And I have always been a lover of cycling, I just don’t need a green dream bike lane to enjoy it.

    • Relax Lee. Trump’s a real estate developer – a builder. He actually makes things. And, largely acquired his wealth that way. And, as a builder he knows how to manage an operation.
      Now, look at the rest of ’em: investment bankers, hedge fund managers, currency manipulators, corporate raiders, inside traders, speculators, and, of course, lawyers. Agenda 21 was conceived by this group.
      Clear it up, any?

      • Well said Tom. All thieves, from Soros on down. Funny how not one ever went to jail for the sub-prime/tainted asset fiasco. Just manipulators protecting manipulators.

  8. Fantastic news! I’ve been watching it all night on TV (here in the UK).
    Now at last, maybe we can look forward to some sanity being injected into the world of climate ‘science’. And an end to the pointless, unnecessary and useless squandering of huge amounts of money.
    What an amazing, cataclysmic, event. The people have spoken.

    • Yes, it is amazing and hopeful news (I’m in the UK also, went to bed at 7 AM when it was clear Trump had won).
      Trump is far from perfect, but he was the least worst option by several million miles.
      His acceptance speech was moderate and well-judged. I’m hoping he will be a good president if not a great one.
      But if he really can turn the tide of the man-made climate change catastrophe, then he will be a great president. By “catastrophe” I am of course referring to the corruption of climate science and the squandering of billions of dollars on incompetently trying to solve a problem that is completely imaginary. Our generation is lucky to have lived in a period of warming. I think most of the warming was natural and probably no more than a natural recovery from the Little Ice Age, or simply a continuation of the cycle of warm periods such as the MWP. If CO2 had any effect on the warming then it was small and completely beneficial. And there seems to be little doubt that increased CO2 is making the world dramatically greener. And yet green extremists like Clinton and Obama call CO2 “pollution” – the very thing that makes the world green.
      I hope Trump will quickly scrap the Paris agreement and take action on the EPA. I hope he appoints a science adviser who is at least balanced if not a climate sceptic – but Richard Lindzen would make a fantastic science adviser. It’s ironic that John Holdren has spent an entire career making predictions of doom that never came to pass. But the real catastrophe (for the doom mongers) was something they failed to see coming: the Trump presidency!
      My main worry is that Trump’s opinion on climate change comes from ignorance rather than knowledge. But he does have some knowledge: in a speech he mentioned that the big fear in the 70’s was global cooling.
      Next year we may conceivably have another climate sceptic in power: Nicolas Sarkozy. He has stated that the climate is always changing and that the current global warming is not actually a problem.
      We live in interesting times!

  9. Developed nations also need to dump the latest 2016 HFC-Kigali scam treaty as well as the 2015 Paris Non-Treaty Treaty.

  10. First time I have commented on this blog, but I have followed it for 10 years. Today is a historic day, for it may signal the end of the pseudo-science of CAGW due to CO2. The funding will decline in the next few years in the USA for the pseudo-science, no signing of idiotic treaties and the end of the gravy train.

    • Good to hear your voice at last, Dr. G.. 🙂
      So, you have been here from the very beginning. One of the few who can claim that honor.
      Heads up, everyone:
      WUWT will be 10 years old on November 17th
      Ten years since a man with an idea asked with a hopeful grin, “So does anybody have any gee-whiz questions?”
      And keep on commenting, charter member Dr. G.. It’s FUN!

  11. A few things need to happen now.
    We need him to follow through on halting the billions headed for the UN Climate and redirecting that money to cleaning up our own water and air, which has nothing to do with C02.
    We also need to distribute the list of names of all the celebrities who said they’d leave if he was elected to our border checkpoints so their names can be checked off on the way out 🙂
    Quite a day…

    • Funny that , there was a report the Canadian immigration web site crashed within minutes of the results.
      Jim It’s going to be a long list but I agree. What po’s me is that Americans pee on Canada all the time , about our health system/ taxes/ gas prices and so on. Do these idiots really think things are going to change overnight in the USA? Then my conclusion is that Americans are a lot less informed ( dumber) than I thought.

      • I can do without a horde of latte-sipping, bedwetting Sandalistas invading my country. We don’t need the angst of not knowing which washroom to use and who/what we might find therein, whether or not we’re inflicting traumatic micro-aggressions upon some victimhood-craving neurotic, committing something far worse than “original sin” just by being male or whatever, or blurting out some heinously horrible euphemism like “Merry Christmas”. But, I fear, the Libs will welcome the opportunity to gain another phalanx of rent-seeking voters, whom I might call “illegitimate aliens”, in quest of more subservient voters. Methinks we need a Trump.

      • @mrmethane.
        That did make me laugh. I hope you Canuk’s shut the door and tell the lily livered cowards to go back and fight for what they should believe in. They are quick to take what they want when it’s all going their way but as soon as things get tough, the rats all jump ship looking for another easy life.

      • Wait until these idiots find out what Canada’s top tax rate is for individuals. They’re all for hiking taxes, as long as it isn’t theirs. Just like they are all for making us all give up our big homes, cars etc, as long as they don’t have to.

      • Ahhhh, …… , basking in the glory ……
        I do laugh at the Hollywood crew (mob) who are so distraught about the outcome. Mind you, Hollywood is a dream within a dream, isn’t it? Has Leo come out like a baby crying, …. , yet? That is okay, patience is a virtue, I can wait. And oh, by the way, cry me a river ……
        Yes, funny how the whole “climate change” topic was so neatly ignored by both parties during this election process and maybe, just maybe, carbon dioxide will now be seen by the vast majority as the “molecule of life”, which it is. Pedal to the metal on continuing the pursuit to the real truth surrounding the real science!

      • They won´t leave. They are DiCaprio wannabees, and like Leonardo, who blames anybody using combustion engine cars for creating “global warming” but he flies around the world in his private jet, they want others to leave the country, but they won´t leave.
        The Canadian inmigration web site may have collapsed due to inquiries from illegal aliens, not from celebrities.

      • Its funny but Australia just like the US has a Canada too — but in our case Its called New Zealand. A beautiful country with a world beating Rugby Team but a population about one tenth of ours and a lower GDP per capita-leading to about one million of their folk living in our nation
        However sometimes Its inhabitants do tend to moralize a bit about big bad uncouth Australia -not unlike like the way some Canucks do to the US.
        On the other hand every so often some well -to -do Australian bleeding heart announces he is sickened by Australia and its policies and because he is ashamed to be an Australian he is going to emigrate to NZ.
        But they never do- and my guess is the US celebs will be just as full of hot air and wont be hightailing off to freezing Canada from sunny LA or Palm springs

    • Well don’t send those whining Liberals up here to Canada. We have enough of our own. .
      Maybe Mexico or Venezuela?

  12. The majority of American people have rebuked Obama, Washington elites and climate rent-seekers. Expect violent reactions from the watermelons and takers in our society.

    • I have absolutely no time for Trump. In my estimation he is a mendacious sociopath. But I do kind of feel sorry for him in that he is being delivered the biggest hospital pass of all time. The festering toilet of a US financial system is going to really start stinking up soon and its a pity the Washington/Wall Street establishment who oversaw the rackets and theft are going to avoid most of the blame.
      On Climate change you will see an extraordinary back-flip with half pike and double twist from Trump in about 10 months time. And I think Anthony will be joining him.

      • Tony,
        You forgot the sarc tags! If not, then I feel sorry for you. See you in 10 months time, if you have the guts to admit you were spectacularly wrong.

      • So, tony mcleod, you are actually accusing Trump of (mendacity) being a lying, untruthful, dishonest, deceitful, false, dissembling, insincere, disingenuous, hypocritical, fraudulent, double-dealing, two-faced, Janus-faced, two-timing, duplicitous person extraordinaire …… and a sociopath …. ta boot.
        It sure sounds to me like you are one hellishly unhappy, highly PO’ed, dastardly angry …… “Crooked” Hillary Clinton admirer, worshipper and supporter ….. who just had their “sweet dreams” turn into a gawd awful “nightmare” when all the “votes” were tallied.

      • I’m predicting a blue water Arctic next summer Paul what’s yours.
        No Samuel you could hardly be more incorrect. Who your leader is will have little to no affect on me, so I’m perfectly content. And I think Hillary is equally mendacious and only slightly less sociopathic and that she would have represented a continuation of the grift and theft that has been facilitated by her ilk for decades now.
        As much of a pig I think Donald is he doesn’t deserve the shit storm he is inheriting.

      • he doesn’t deserve the shit storm he is inheriting.
        You are right, but someone had to inherit it and Trump is one of the best qualified to do it.
        The sooner someone starts “draining the DC swamp of graft, corruption and thievery” …… the sooner the saving of our Constitutional Republic will occur.
        And if the “draining” is going to cause uncontrolled anarchy, ….. then the sooner the better ….. so that the clean-up and re-building can begin.

  13. ProTip: buy futures in hard drive manufacturers.
    Millions of federal govt computer drives to crash by Jan 20, 2017.

  14. Naturally I see this very differently…
    The physics of the atmosphere and sea ice will work on regardless – there well could be an ice free arctic summer, more super storms, record temperature years during his term.
    While Trump dismantles any solution or objective measure to what’s going on, warming still continues.
    This is a triumph only for easy answers and politically driven science.
    The rest of the world will continue with the new industrial revolution of renewables while America gets left behind.
    The world has changed since the 1950s and all the promises can’t re-employ a US blue collar workforce. Coal is not coming back in the US (shale gas nailed it dead).
    Still, cognitive dissonance will let people ride through each disappointment and failure and ignore the climate issues. I expect he’ll get elected again in 4 years, even as he blames others for failed US industry and the ocean laps at his feet in Florida.
    enjoy it while it lasts!

      • Phillip: Did you hear the guy on R4 Today this morning? His name escapes me now but he is a big mate of Soros and runs a huge investment fund? He said that he voted Clinton but shorted the US on Trump. What a patriot!

      • Harry Passfield
        I heard it but can’t remember his name either. I had the same thought as you.
        Isn’t Trump against Hedge Funds so whoever he was he may end up a loser anyway?

    • “Griff November 9, 2016 at 1:35 am
      This is a triumph only for easy answers and politically driven science.”
      You said it! This is exactly what climate science is! Well done Griff, open mouth, now change foot!

    • Griff, it’s no longer 2001. There’s been a political change. Your view of science is wrong. There has and always will be extreme weather/climate. And by the best estimates, if AGW was right, going to zero emissions 20 years ago, very little would change the catastrophic events that were predicted. AGW was/is all hype and fear mongering to achieve an objective. I look foward to AGW being dismantled. In 20 years, nothing happened. Nothing happened based on the math that underlaid AGW. It was wrong from the start.
      Good luck finding a new career.

        • 2016 being warm does not prove the link between co2 causing temperature to rise. You are backwards, temperatures cause co2 to rise. The graph showing the yearly TOTAL co2 is wrong in context. Next year 2017, no el nino, not as warm, co2 ppm will decline. The only thing that that your graph shows is that there has been warming, co2 increase is a result, not the cause.

      • It really is amazing how Griffie only sees what he wants to see.
        A few months ago when arctic ice was way above the 2012 level, it meant nothing. Now that it is temporarily below the 2012 level, it’s proof that the ice will be gone in a couple of years.
        As always, he tries to pretend that the recent El Nino was nothing more than CO2 in action. Even as the pulse of warmth disappears, he’s still trying to pretend that it’s a permanent feature.

        • I think one of the problems is with the graph that C/AGW believes in . It’s misleading. My stance is no longer that C/AGW is flawed, it’s fraud. They had to know that graph is misleading.

        • I did say that there has been an underlying warming. I didn’t say co2 was the cause of the warming. Just the opposite warming causes more co2. And that is born out by the record.

      • Guys, please stop answering griff, he is trolling and gets off every time somebody replies him. Please stop and soon it will go away.

      • meh… I don’t think Bernie was a realistic candidate… any more than Corbyn would be in the UK.
        (And greens like Stein don’t understand technology)

      • asybot
        I’m trying to see that this is a debate, not a long queue of people just agreeing with stuff.
        There are alternate viewpoints that skeptics need to master by reasoned debate, not wallpapering…

      • Griff – there are numerous people who come on here that hold your views and are debated with vigorously because they know how to concede a point or reason a point with honest facts. I dont like those who will not listen to contrary views before they spout a lot of trite conjecture (both sides of the argument) – please consider yourself included from now on on my ‘ignore until he/she says something new and interesting’ list

      • “Griff November 9, 2016 at 4:10 am
        I’m trying to see that this is a debate, not a long queue of people just agreeing with stuff.
        There are alternate viewpoints that skeptics need to master by reasoned debate, not wallpapering…”
        Show me where there has been ANY reasoned debate by alarmists?

    • Useful idiot lucky Hilary did not get elected after useful idiots are generally the first to get shot. To bad his simple mind cannot grasp that.!

    • Griff, renewables are still vastly more expensive and unreliable than fossil fuels. Any country which attempts to compete against a coal powered America using renewables is shooting itself in the foot. As for climate driven superstorms etc, they only exist in the imaginations of the most committed greens.

      • which is why today the UK govt announced continued support for renewables and a plan for permanent abandonment of coal??

      • The UK will cease to be of any consequence to the world within a few years of that decision, griff.

      • ClimatOtter since we have virtually ceased using our own coal supplies thats not a particularly difficult decision. I would be much more worried if we were turning our back on gas, oil and nuclear. Renewables as they stand are not an economic solution and our present PM seems to know that, but to back out of any renewable infrastructure would be a backward step as the cost per KW is rapidly declining as new and more efficient methods are found and there is an increasing demand place for renewables combined with independent storage.
        The UK is one of the worlds leading innovators so should not be giving up on alternative power supply methods

      • Eric, nothing wrong with burning coal in a well scrubbed supercritical boiler.
        But nuclear is cheaper and US should start building nukes right away.
        Not for CO2 emission reduction, just because it is a great source of energy.
        The problem with the spent fuel is solved long time ago.

      • @Griff
        The UK’s head-long rush to Third World status is not a reason for the US to join in a suicide pact. See Neville Chamberlain for previous examples of less-than-stellar decision-making by our friends across the pond.

      • “ClimateOtter November 9, 2016 at 5:04 am
        The UK will cease to be of any consequence to the world within a few years of that decision, griff.”
        That happened after Suez, in 1952 IIRC.

    • “The physics of the atmosphere and sea ice will work on regardless ”
      Yep… but that is nothing you have even the most basic knowledge of.

      • Hee-hee! Nice one, Andy. I guess Griff is one of the legion of warmistas who believe they can control the climate – but not the weather.

    • I have family and friends who feel like Griff. I also remember a little of the horror and pollution of WWII. I also remember the first (?) green revolution two generations ago when we learned that we would starve without hydrocarbons, the important basis of civilization. Energy is too important to leave entirely to the experts.
      It also seems that our founders produced a very wise document that we almost lost.

      • “Griff November 9, 2016 at 4:05 am
        Dear old Al…
        People outside the US have no idea who he is!”
        Hummm…rather, it is you who has no idea. Al is well known as the man who found man-bear-pig, 50% man, 50% bear, 50% pig, and he’s cereal!

    • …and the ocean laps at his [Trump’s] feet in Florida.

      Tell me, Griff, how many feet mm has the sea in Florida risen since, say, Clinton (W) became POTUS? Why should it rise any higher in the next four years?

    • Griff, you are wrong because you are wrong on how the physics plays out. You are wrong because it has been the democrats ignoring this along with you. Frankly you are stuck on stupid.

    • Meanwhile, NASA reports the the planets 14% greening over the last 30 years, 70% of it from increased atmospheric CO2. Can you point me to anything in climate alarmism that’s increased by 14% in 30 years?

      • Can you point me to anything in climate alarmism that’s increased by 14% in 30 years
        Their desperation

    • Still, cognitive dissonance….
      Trump is a horrible man…he gave someone a wedgie
      Clinton….rape, white trash, mafia shake down operation, lies about everything, makes crap up, pay for play, destabilized the entire mid-east, ….
      got it?

    • Griff, you mention science quite often in your posts. What you really mean when you mention “science” is only the politically driven science that supports your pre-conceived conclusions. The only way you can truly believe what you do is by ignoring the vast quantity of real science that shows CAGW is nonsense.
      Thanks to last night’s election, CAGW will be relegated to the trash heap of history right where it belongs. Time for you to find another cause. This one is dead.

    • I too remember being young and making all kinds of confident statements about things that I really didn’t understand. Then I got older and wiser and understood what a fool I was then, shooting off my mouth. I’ve had to eat a lot of crow since then, and let me tell you it doesn’t taste very good. But nothing I say will sway you who believe with all your heart, so I only hope that someday you will come to understand just how much you really don’t know.

    • Super storms? Oh my!! I am very very scared. Please help! So let me summarize…TORNADOES-Flat to down…..TROPICAL CYCLONES-Flat to down….GLOBAL DROUGHT….Flat….ANTARCTIC ICE…growing….ANTARCTIC TEMPS…falling most areas…..WILDFIRES….Flat to down. And on and on and on. The crisis is this….take what has always happened in nature and politicize it for $$ gain.

    • Griff, sorry but you are so ill informed, I truly feel for you.
      History, whether viewed in millions of years of in the past 30 years, clearly shows that a warmer planet is a more benign one. Weather related damage as a function of global GDP has DROPPED by 25% in the past 20+ years. The biggest difference is that all forms of social media pounce on the next hurricane, etc.
      The higher cost of energy associated with renewables is responsible for the incredibly high costs in Europe and Scandinavia, and closer to home in New York, California and Ontario (Canada). The estimate of fatalities associated with “heat or eat” in the cold winter of 2011-2012 in Great Britain was 30,000. Why are no manslaughter charges being investigated?!??!
      And finally, Germany, the conclusion of their renewable efforts is very clearly stated in the following quote: “We should regard the country’s experience as a cautionary tale of massively expensive environmental and energy policy that is devoid of economic and environmental benefits”. EXACT QUOTE!
      Yes, Griff, I would love to be left behind, especially given that CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas, it does NOT drive atmospheric temperature (it is the other way around, so saying that CO2 drives temperature is exactly identical to saying that “the tail wags the dog”), it IS the molecule of life (without CO2 there are no plants, no photosynthesis, no oxygen and by default, no life on planet Earth), and higher atmospheric CO2 concentrations ARE responsible for increased crop yields – a very good thing given that we are at 7.4 billion and growing, with no end in sight to the growth.
      Please remember, cold kills way more people that heat does.

    • Your not making any forecasts. Make a forecast so we can all take the piss when it fails. Lets say for next year after USA has cancelled the UN

  15. Hmmm… I like to see how would he and he’s administration can do it… I mean, so many ‘rent-seeker’ and interest groups, big business lobbies, universities …left-wing groups, hippies bla bla It seems to be impossible task to unscramble the eggs. In the last 20+ years since the Berlin wall fell, the Left ‘infiltrated’ all the institutions and most of the publicly funded media so they control the ‘meme’ the ‘outrage-industry’ etc.
    I would love to see an other RR POTUS (my hero) … not sure president Trump can fix what is broken, rebuild what has been demolished and seek trust for science.
    Mick (from ex comm country)

    • fund it with your own money and keep your cake hooks off everyvody else’s.
      which you won’t cuz you are not sincere.

      • You got me. I keep forgetting my “/can’t because I’m not sincere” tag. Chapeau bas, mon ami.

    • Knowledge we cant use and dont need. You have never forecast climate accurately and never will be able. Waste of money and effort.

      • Who, moi? I’ve personally made a number of accurate climate forecasts that were derided by the sneering classes until History wiped the smirks off their faces. In 2006, I assured all who would listen that in ten years’ time, climate change would still be killing fewer people than Islam. This year, to the admiring gasps of my audience, I renewed that forecast for another decade. (And not for the last time, I’d bet real money.)
        But there’s more to science than prediction, Stephen. For instance, projection (the ability to tell that climate skeptics are tobacco-financed, oil-suborned, scientifically-illiterate hypocrites) was honed to a fine art by leading climate “thinkers” like A. Albert Gore, Rajendra Pachauri and David Karoly. And what thanks did they get? Framed for textual harassment! Targeted by an organized campaign of dead rats on doorsteps! Dishonored, like prophets in their own villages!

  16. Does this mean that the people of a world in the grip of an ice age, teetering on the brink of the next great glaciation, will no longer be trying to cool the place down?
    That would seem eminently sensible.

  17. The Millennial Cult, the Global Warming Panic, the Climate Change Hysteria….has run its course.
    Some of us called it sooner than others.
    In a few years time there will be no need for a site like WUWT.
    Now is the time to evolve!
    Best wishes to everyone in the USA…’the greatest gift to the world’!

      • Even after the great Gore Bull Woe Mann swindle is finally put to rest, I’m sure WUWT will stick around as a general climate research and discussion site.

      • Haven’t you been watching?
        The President ‘leads’ all governmental bodies in their policy direction…that’s why we’ve had the anaemic embarrassment of Obama’s Climate posturing…sure it may take a couple of years but soon we wlll have actual scientists back in control of our key government Agencies!

      • Other than the politics surrounding AGW, I would prefer that WUWT steer clear of politics. There are enough political sites around if that is your thing.

  18. Being “Green” is not all about Global Warming. It is also being sensible in the use of our planet (do you know another one on which to live). Using LED saves electricity. Bikes are good for small distance commuting etc. And I heard that a lot of infrastructure is past there replacement date. Let’s wait for the factual plans before acting like a “GW hothead”, we are supposed to be the “Cool Guys”

    • This rock we live on has a shelf life, and one day, it will be expired, with us or not. So lets use our resources the best way possible, ie, nuclear for power generation, after all, climate change driven by human emissions of CO2, primarily from power generation, is the cause, right?

      • Yet Nasa tells us the planet has greened by 14% in the last 30 years. Can you direct me to anything CO2 is cited as the culprit for, that has increased by 14%? Hurricanes? Temperature? Droughts? Sea level rise?
        Face reality, this is empirical science, not wacky computer projections based on Cr*p in = Cr*p out.

    • Wim, did you not get the mail? Big Green has been long owned by BIG SOCIALIST/MARXIST … maybe GREEN will come back to meaning genuine environmental concern again … one day.

      • @Streetcred
        November 9, 2016 at 2:08 am: Yes. Having lived my life on the land and sea, like any reindeer or fish, I am sick of being treated as scum by greens. Though i have earned a scientific understanding of nature far above theirs Through great travails, maybe some sunlight?

      • so Walmarts latest policy announced this week on renewables and sustainability – commercial decision or driven by Marxists on the board?

      • Just to make sure Wim you understand right. I like bicycling and bicycles, but making environment-talk a cross-cutting pillar of society, something that everybody needs to think first in every case, sounds very much like a religion. This has been said before, but really there is no escape. Greens have brought us a religion, and it is not a religion of green peace, it is a religion of anger, It contains a huge combination of values, some of which I do support to some extent. But I am dead against submitting everything in the society under the control of this ideology. It is not just about saving environment, it is an ideology with an opinion on everything.

    • I, for one, don’t like to be forced because of someone else’s hobby horses. If I do it, it will be voluntary…

    • Good on you Wim Gossen – just hold on to that simple opinion and everybody will agree with you. That was the original Green idea. But then they started following flimsy ideology, based on ignorance only – and ignorance and ideology are dangerous bedfellows.Hopefully a bit of “realpolitik” from the likes of Donald Trump will call a stop to that.

    • So you’re saying being liberal a.k.a progressive, socialist ect. is being the “Cool Guys”? Mind numb.

    • We are being sensible in our use of this planet.
      Why do you feel the right to enforce your opinion of what is sensible and what isn’t onto others?

  19. We can finally begin to concentrate on what is really important rather than a what a cabal of rent seekers tell us to worry about.

  20. This means that the AG Lynch is finished, as well as the head of the EPA, and many of the other useless/inept bureaucrats who gained positions during Obama’s reign. The carbon tax is DOA. The Paris Treaty is DOA. Unbelievable, I would have never bet on Trump though I voted for him.

    • goldminor, If we would have put money on him we would made a few bucks, I didn’t expect him to win either but I am going to sleep with a smile on my face. Did you see his speech? Great, Presidential and powerful.

      • Actually, I did make ten bucks on a bet with a colleague.
        When he comes to pay up – might take him a while to get out of bed today – I will offer him another bet, namely that WW3 is not going to start in 6 months, NAFTA is not going to be repealed, and the Mexican wall is not going to be built.

      • Michael P, iffen you bet $10 on each one of those 3, ……. then you are gonna lose $10.
        You will win the WW3 bet, …… but will lose the other 2 bets.

      • The president isn’t a dictator. He can’t tear up agreements without the consent of congress.
        Even Trump has stopped emphasizing the wall in favor of internal enforcement.

  21. Two of the most miserable and unhappy American citizens this morning. Al Gore and Michael. Mann

  22. Can the Green CAGW movement infiltrate into the Trump camp by stealth? Will they try or will they just continue going all-out for vilification?

  23. We should all remember that Trump is not a climate skeptic because of scientifically based judgement, like those who are so. He is a skeptic because Hillary Clinton is not. His decisions as to climate and energy may therefore be slightly irrational, like they have been much more so so far under the old rule. Let us just hope he chooses wise women and men around him! The present administration has been totally in the grip of a bunch of ruthless golddiggers.

    • Qe!? He’s a sceptic because he realises the damage that the CAGW sycophants are doing to the US and World economies.

      • Menicholas, agreed, people should read about how he had to fight against the windmills they were putting up just offshore in Scotland right in front of one of hie developments there.( right when Scotland was getting huge benefits from fossil fuels)

      • He had a fight with the Scottish Parliament that he thought he had bought influence over. That was no climate fight, his golf course was built over a site of special scientific interest because of its unique drifting sands nature. He drove anybody he didnt like off the surrounding area and he was furious when the new windmills out to see ruined his picture of Scottish wild, links golf idyll.
        I wouldnt use that as a proof of his climate credentials if I was you. I fully support the change in politics, democracy at last is becoming a positive force again. Trumps Scottish venture shows that he is a determined and forceful business man. Strip away his unpleasant character traits and I think you will find a very strong and resolute leader – he could be one of the greats – he has a mandate to get on with it – more so than any president for nearly 100 years. He will need to control his bullying nature to do so – thats going to be difficult for him – he is a natural autocrat!

      • MWH…”That was no climate fight, his golf course was built over a site of special scientific interest because of its unique drifting sands nature”
        Gee, is that why they wanted to put a wind farm there ???

    • You don’t have to understand the science to see the harm done by the policies that have been put in place to combat CO2.
      Further, you do not need to understand the science to see that those policies fail in their primary objective; they do not result in the meaningful reduction of CO2.
      Any business man can see the madness of pursuing costly policies that do not reduce CO2 and only serve to hike up the cost of energy thereby leading to job losses.

      • Yes RV,
        For too long we the people have been assured that government run by career politicians is superior to one run by business leaders. Now is the t St of that insulting assertion.

    • He struggled with Salmond (SNP First Minister) in Scotland and lost…Wind Turbines in view of his golf course. Payback time?

    • Have you noticed the guy that Trump with put in charge of the EPA.
      Now that WILL be fun to watch 🙂

    • True.
      Opposition to renewables and climate science in the US is a political, not science based, position and often it is part of the binary situation in the US, where a Democrat policy is bad/must be opposed automatically by Republicans and vice versa.

      • Griff you seem to imply that its all right to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic Candidacy because he was ‘not credible’
        This is exactly the same mentality revealed by ‘Climategate’ apologists.
        The ends justify the means.
        Then you wonder why people don’t vote for a two faced lying cheat called Hillary.
        The old left represented by Sanders and Corbyn have more in common with the ‘tea party libertarians’ than with the neocons.
        That is a basic honesty about their program.
        Some prominent Neocons are GW Bush,Tony Blair,Bill Clinton,Hillary Clinton,McCain and so on…..

      • It has always been real science fighting against the far-left AGW totalitarian agenda and its massive one-world funding
        It will now become science based, instead of driven by that far left wing ideology.
        That will mean the AGW scam is finished.

    •               …chooses wise women and men …
      Take your political correctness and cram it.

    • The irony is that Arnie has taken over the “Boss” role at the Apprentice. I expect he says “you’re terminated”

    • since scientists working for the state of Florida are forbidden to mention climate change on penalty of losing their jobs, I expect that sort of nonsense to spread, meaning more scientists will be muzzled and in fear.
      I can’t think of any scientist with a skeptic viewpoint in fear in the US to this point.

      • Griff…have you been taking lying lessons from Hillary?
        I’m one of those scientists in Florida…and what you just lied is total BS

      • The earth’s climate has been changing from inception and there’s no stopping it.
        Do you have any credible source for your claim, Griff (that “scientists working for the state of Florida are forbidden to mention climate change”)?

      • I call BS on that Griff. What they can’t do is attach CAGW to something completely unrelated. And this is true with other subjects as well, so is not something unique to CAGW, or even a new policy.

  24. So gratifying to have this happen just as so many of us here hoped and thought it would.
    In addition to winning the White House with a clear and strong mandate, Trump will be the first Republican President since 1928 to take office from day 1 with a Republican Senate and House.
    And in two years there will be 25 Democrat senators up for re-election.
    In the meantime, Trump will nominate the tie breaking vote to the Supreme Court of The United States, and he or she will be a constitutional conservative.
    Likely over the next four or eight years he will get to appoint three or even four or more.
    America is saved.

    • And those appointed sit for a long time.
      The appointments to the SC will have a long lasting impact.

    • Actually Trump is not a true Republican, was a democrats once and has been fighting the republican party this election. He owes nothing to anybody. If he needs a title, he is a true independent

      • Strange, As I remember, Regan has been a democrat as well and had to fight the GOP establishment. Bush I was a compromise.

  25. I’m British, so I couldn’t vote for him. I did bet on him though. The next four years are going to be verrrrry interesting…

  26. I;m still wide awake and going through the list of things that really need to be done, they all in one way or another circle back to the nightmarish green machine, the EPA the UN, and the EU tall of them sucking dry the the economic well being of all country’s, The green fanatics and their enablers ability to control and influence will diminish to a wimpier starting in the United States and circle the world. Thank god!

  27. I do love me an underdog win, even when the dog is a might dirtier than usual.
    It’s telling that Mrs. Clinton did not get up in front of the cameras to concede the race, or personally thank her campaign staff for all its work. Just a curt phone call to Trump and a lackey essentially telling everybody to go home.
    And with clear victories in both the popular vote and the EC, there’s no wiggle room for Democrats to cry foul. Trump won it fair and square.

    • “And with clear victories in both the popular vote and the EC,..”
      As of 3:30 Eastern, Trump still trails in the popular vote…. with 59,489,636 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 59,686,517. I think he’ll lose the popular vote. It’s pretty rare.
      Four previous U.S. presidents entered office having lost the popular vote: 2000 George W. Bush v. Gore; 1888 Benjamin Harrison v. Grover Cleveland; 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes v. Samuel Tilden; 1824 John Quincy Adams v. Andrew Jackson.
      Trump has his work cut out for him.

      • “As of 3:30 Eastern, Trump still trails in the popular vote…. with 59,489,636 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 59,686,517. I think he’ll lose the popular vote. It’s pretty rare.”
        Just think, there are at least 59,686,517 *seriously* deluded people in the U.S., eligible to vote and who do vote. That many people willing to put the Clinton Crime Family in control of the USA. That’s really scary.
        As for Hillary winning the popular vote, I’m betting if you subtracted the illegal aliens that voted in the U.S. election, Trump would probably be the one with the most actual legal US American (to quote the beauty queen) votes.

  28. As Paul Keating, a former Australian Prime Minister said – “Well, this is the sweetest victory of all – this is the sweetest. This is a victory for the true believers, the people who in difficult times have kept the faith”
    I believe that those people would be the hard-working men and women, many with children, who are the backbone of America.
    Very best wishes from an Australian friend.

  29. Ceux qui nous ont trompé sont maintenant trumpés. Fin des financements pharaoniques ..Very good new, indeed !

  30. Trump’s win is the best occurrence since the fall of the Berlin wall. I hope that the top jobs of NASA/GISS, EPA, NOAA and DoJ will quickly be changed to people with a sense of reality and fairness. In particular I would like to see commissions of scientists with a detached view of “Climate Science” analysing the work of GISS and NOAA to find out how close to reality their temperature records are and if their uncertainty bands hold water. I would also like to have an analysis of the EPA finding that CO2 is a poison and all their regulatory activities including all the “cosy” arrangements between EPA and green groups to get favourable court cases on stricter regulatory rules. Stopping payments under the Paris agreement and to IPCC in general is to be applauded. Hopefully revisions to NOAA and GISS temperature records will resound in other countries basing their statistics on the US ones. Could help here in UK with HAD/Crut outputs. I would also like to see some efforts in torpedoing the Climate Models on the basis that they are running hotter than even the adjusted NOAA/GISS temperature sets. Plenty to do for the next US President.

    • John Peter
      I could not have put it better myself. Time for all the “corrections” to be undone and graphs put back to their ‘real’ levels prior to tampering with history.
      While Trump is intent on infrastructure let it include the relocation of all weather stations that do not comply with NOAA regulations (i.e. most of them).

    • @ John Peter
      November 9, 2016 at 2:19 am: Yes, I think we know the people for the jobs….Brave, honest scientists.

    • For those knowledgeable (Ristvan?)
      – My recollection is that the SCOTUS did NOT rule that CO2 was a pollutant, only that the EPA had the power to so rule after conducting the proper investigations.
      – There has been residual questions since the EPA ruling whether the process they used was consistent with their own procedures; rather they essentially said if the IPCC finds CO2 harmful, then so do we.
      My question then is, is that an opening for someone to overturn the EPA finding (did not follow their own procedures) and reopen the EPA process, including real evidence and proper hearings.
      If that were to occur there are a LOT of laws (and EPA rulings) that depend on CO2 being a “pollutant” (as defined by the legislation that created EPA) that would now evaporate.

  31. Good-bye EPA Director Gina McCarthy – I hope you can find a good therapist to deal with your climate phobia. No more “Protect our Winters” needed. No more collusion with “green” groups. Maybe we can stop building bird blenders and fryers now and focus on making life more comfortable for those who don’t have power or water.

    • Who exactly would those people without power be? The solutions being adopted in the developing world are all renewable ones…

      • Tell that to the countries downstream from the Ethiopian hydro project that dwarfs Aswan. You are a fool!

      • Clean water is the most pressing need in the developing world, Griff, and little or no attention or resources have been allocated to that by the greens. Likewise, their battle against CO2 would argue that they are clueless as to the source of the earth’s “green”. Talk about abject hypocrisy.

      • Clean water and the eradication of Malaria would be the two at the top of my list that would improve the lives of the third world immeasurably. Of course the objective of clean water also requires proper waste management in areas with much population and THAT is the expensive part of the deal.

      • “Leo Smith November 9, 2016 at 1:52 pm”
        No, no! He’s talking of the solar powered TV’s being installed in Kenya for 10,000 people. Yeah, that’s a real and pressing issue for many Kenyan’s living in remote areas. Last time I checked it was rather difficult trying to eat a TV.

  32. I watched all night. Never has an election been so important.
    Well done America. The world is a far better place for your courageous actions.

  33. anyone starting a pool as to when Tesla will declare bankruptcy? I mean subsides for electric cars and the manufacture of them is likely to take a hit. Same goes for wind power and base load solar.
    Wonder how many of those projects will see the owners just walking away and leaving the clean up to the Government.

      • Agree, except that this bit “NATO puts 300,000 troops on high alert” is true.
        Stoltenberg was on the TV news channel day or two ago but because of the US election, May in India got pushed to the back.

      • Good news: Russian President Vladimir Putin has become one of the first global leaders to congratulate Trump with the victory, expressing hope that the two countries will continue collaborative work on international issues.
        In contrast no congrats from the UK opposition leader, instead lengthy political analysis. I’m waiting for a ‘Boris the Brexit’ reaction considering his past comments.

      • Vukcevic: At least Trump and Putin can be seen to working openly, whereas, if it was Clinton, Putin would still be relying on the hacked confidential stuff on her private server – or the stuff the maid printed.

      • Most political leaders have got themselves into a bit of a pickle since they have been very rude to Trump these last 9 months. They never expected him to win, and wanted to show their support for Clinton thereby helping Clinton’s campaign. Now it is more difficult for them to work together. I bet that many politicians are now regretting what they have said earlier this year about Trump.
        Boris Johnson is one such politician who would have been better advised to have kept his mouth shut.
        Once again, Farage was on the pulse. He certainly has better political nouse than the other European politicians.
        I find the tone struck by Merkel today to be insulting. This will do nothing for US/European relations.

    • NATO has been surrounding Russia’s borders for months, so when Putin puts up a response, he is the aggressor.
      Stoltenberg, former PM of Norway, is another Socialist UN apparatchik. He was co-chair of Ban Ki Moon’s “High Level Panel on Climate Finance” set up after Copenhagen and which led to the Green Climate Fund after Cancun. Also on the panel with him were George Soros, Lord Stern and Christine Lagarde.

      • @ dennisambler
        November 9, 2016 at 3:29 am Putin’s borders aere about 20000 miles long. Come off i!t!

      • Mr. Keane
        I have no idea if the new president has any counsel from the first lady, it should be noted that she was educated and grown up in a part of Europe where people do not see Russians either as great enemy or special friends, just the country that needs to be respected. Her native country’s language (Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia) is very similar to Russian and she could get by without a help of a translator.

      • It appears that the West learned nothing from the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile crisis.
        What the heck do the West/Europe/NATO expect from their expansionist policy?

      • Stoltenberg was also PM of Norway when Norway’s transfer of the 100 million USD bribe to the Clinton Foundation was initiated. Of course he is grim today, something went impossibly wrong with the current US election. He even had to unexpectedly ditch his congratulation to HRC.

      • vukcevic – November 9, 2016 at 5:15 am

        Her native country’s language (Slovenia, ex Yugoslavia) is very similar to Russian and she could get by without a help of a translator.

        Well now, “Taudy Dah”, ….. tis no wonder that Putin is being kinda sorta friendly toward/with our new POTUS.
        When President Trump and President Putin get around to discussing “the good, the bad and the ugly”, ….. the Russians will hafta be on their best behavior and “up-front and honest” with all of their commentary ….. iffen Melania Trump is sitting beside of her husband at any such meetings.

      • Interesting thing how any country not named Russia that has it’s own troops, becomes a provocation that entitles Putin to act.

      • Vuk,
        The present Mrs. Trump could talk to Putin in German if he couldn’t understand her Slovenian or Serbo-Croatian. She also speaks French, for a total of five languages, although the two South Slavic languages are, as you know, very similar.
        Mrs. Clinton was that rare Secretary of State who speaks no foreign languages.

      • “Poland asking to join NATO proves that the west is expansionist?”
        I was wondering that myself. I guess that’s the expansion the poster is talking about.
        The fact is Russia is the one making all the troop movements and jacking up the tensions. The West is just now responding a little bit.
        I don’t know what Putin is up to. Is it a small landgrab like Crimea, or something bigger. Does a lame-duck, pacifist U.S. president figure into his thinking? Is this an impetus to action for him?

    • yup saw that and was worried sick hildabeast would get in and ramp it up fast..
      praying Trump will pull em back/out n calm it all down fast.
      his win was excellent news indeed
      thank you everyone that voted for him.
      news tonight is some serious harm at a murmansk naval or nearby power station
      someone dead outside russian embassy and helos in streets moscow
      this following the usa bragging theyd cyberhacked russias power grid etc
      does NOT look good..
      check RT for the power fire and for the list of 3 events

    • NATO has become a clown troupe. Someone told them to dance along for a made-up scare scenario in order to help “tough on Putin” Hillary win the elections. All in a days work for a government that sees nothing wrong with letting convicts and illegal aliens vote.

    • I’d have been far more worried about US/Russia hostilities if we were looking at 4 years of Hillary. She’s clearly hawkish and supports the same military adventurism we come to know and loathe from Dubya and Obummer. From leaked email correspondence, we also know she has entertained ideas for destabilizing and fomenting “regime change” in Russia, ie. deposing Putin. My first reaction to learning about this was more or less as follows:
      “Are you mad, woman? This isn’t some easily bullied Third World country you’re talking about. This is a former superpower with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. What experienced statesmen from both nations worked tirelessly for decades to prevent, you could end up causing with this stuff.”
      Then there was that “remember Barry Goldwater?” ad a couple weeks ago, questioning if Trump could be trusted with our own nuclear arsenal. In light of the above, that was rich, coming from the Clinton side.
      Trump has gone on the record as being ready and willing to sit at the negotiating table with Putin. The one thing he’s not going to do is intentionally antagonize Russian relations. He’s a businessman and any businessman would recognize there’s little to gain and potentially everything to lose from starting a Cold War 2.

      • I’m not worried about Cold War 2. I’m worried about Hot War 3. While I share your concerns (now moot) about Ms. Clinton’s warmongering tendencies, I don’t share your comfort that President-Elect Trump is calm and sane enough not to start Hot War 3. I really hope I’m wrong.

  34. My scary £1k bet turned up over £4k this morning…result. The bloke with a £200k bet in London should be about £500k better off…damn!

      • I wonder how much Soros’ mate won when he shorted the US for a Trump win (while voting Clinton).

      • Another £400 arriving now due to three £10 side bets about college numbers. Another guy got £100k with a few dozen bets over the last few months. Just going out to bung a poppy collection memory of what was fought for…the hard way!

  35. I can only hope that this could be the start of real change in America, not the false change that Obama promised. To chip away at the corruption in government and Wall Street. To provide opportunities and pathways to prosperity for all Americans. To work towards good relations with all nations from a position of strength.

    • All one had to do was research Obama’s past to realize there was no chance or hope he would make any improvements. His whole two terms centered on implementation of failed ideology and self-aggrandizement. His recent forays campaigning for HRC were centered on himself and nothing else.

      • In that light, I’d surmise his stumping for Mrs. Clinton did more harm than good to her campaign. Just cemented what many Americans already suspected, that he was angling to receive a third term vicariously. All the legal ass-covering he’s almost certainly been doing on her behalf would have added up to a lot of strings to pull.
        But there’s one genuinely good thing that’s come from 8 years of Obummer: he’s been the albatross around Hillary’s neck. By winning the 2008 Dem primary, he was the one who rode the wave of Dubya-hate into the White House, not her. And by making a general mess of things for two terms, he created another wave, of Obama/Dem/Establishment-hate, that her 2016 campaign was swimming against the whole time.
        He kept us out of two more terms of the Clintons. For that, I can say without irony, “Thanks, Obama!”

  36. Even hanging on by our fingernails as we have to do in the Antipodes we want to let go with one hand and shout Hurray! John Kerry just passed through today on his way to Antartica. I do hope he finds a lot more ice that he thought. May be a heavy snow storm will keep him down there!

      • @ geraldthemoler: Don’t put him in charge of the EPA, it will soon be gone. ( But maybe Anthony can be put in charge ( at a healthy retainer of course) to either restructure or dismantling the EPA.( there must a few pieces worth keeping, like Satellites etc? Just think of it Anthony , your own satellites! you must be tempted)

      • A bunch of idiots can still make stupid decisions, Griff. The UK decision is just another example.
        Two wrongs don’t make a right no matter how often you repeat it.

    • Yes, on acid rain and on CFCs the world agreed to bring in legislation which restricted pollutants and resolved the problem.
      Action taken on real problems.
      so too should it be on climate change.

      • And DuPont benefited. You do know ozone breaks down when exposed to UV and is repelled by magnetic fields, I dunno, what you find at the poles? No, I didn’t think so!

      • Griff: Even you should know that the replacement of CFCs with HFCs (to ‘fix’ the ozone hole ‘problem’ has caused a worse problem and HFCs are now going to phased out. Cui bono?

  37. Trump’s victory is a HUGE lug wrench tossed into the gears of the CAGW hoax machine.
    It’s far down Trump’s priority list, but the Paris “understanding” will eventually be burned in a coal furnace.
    BTW, did anyone notice the DC election results? Clinton 92%, Trump 4%… LOL! No wonder the Leftists’ CAGW scam is so difficult to stop…

    • The DC suburbs are why the Democrats always win statewide races in Maryland and Virginia.
      Two changes I’d make if I had the power.
      Nobody who works for the government gets to vote. (Maybe an exception fire and police)
      If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t vote. (No representation without taxation)

    • IMO the District of Columbia should be expanded into Virginia, as originally platted, and into suburban Maryland counties. If its population doubles, give it four Electoral Votes instead of its present three.
      I’d like to exempt public employees and welfare recipients from voting, except for military, fire and police, but don’t think that will fly.

  38. In his first 100 days The Donald will be able to save the world from global warming, just by getting all the ‘adjustments’ to climate records removed, surely a Nobel science prize can be expected. As well he can expect his Nobel peace prize in mid 2017, Obama got his after 8 months for “what he was going to do”, we wouldn’t want those swedes and norwegians to let the world think they were only giving prizes to left wing figures.
    Personally I cant wait for a NYT reporter to ask The Donald, just as Obama was asked back in 2009, “Mr president, what do you find enchanting about the white house”. Can’t beat those hard hitting questions from New York Times reporters.

  39. Congratulations to those who fought so hard to make this happen.
    The green rent seeking cabal has crapped it’s collective pants. Time to flush the Augean stables indeed. Watch him dismantle the executive order regime including the Paris accord.

  40. I saw a quote by Nassim Taleb where he noted that the academico-bureaucrats that want to run our lives aren’t even rigorous. They can’t tell science from scientism and in fact in their eyes scientism looks more scientific than real science. I wouldn’t argue against that thought.

  41. A great morning. If you read Trump, and listen to his speech this morning (inUK) the man is no fool, or idiot.
    That speech, not obviously scripted, was a great speech offering great and real hope to the USA.
    Hopefully we will turn away from the ‘green hell’ that the UN offers and seeks to impose, and so avoid millions dying from cold and hunger in the name of UN rule..
    With Brexit and now Trump sanity will hopefully return to the world.
    I hope that Obama is held to account for his transgressions.

    • “A great morning. If you read Trump, and listen to his speech this morning (inUK) the man is no fool, or idiot.”
      Trump is a smart guy. He is also an excellent talent scout. Can’t wait to see who he picks for his Cabinet.
      The head of the RNC, Reince Priebus, said this morning on Fox that Trump was very involved in every speech that was written, crossing out words and writing others in, and was particularly involved in the one to which you refer.

  42. Well say goodbye to the Paris Accord. This has exposed the futility of current President Obama’s ruse of calling it an ‘Executive Agreement’ rather than what it was, a Treaty.

  43. Just think.. at next year’s climate conference, any USA participant will have to PAY THEIR OWN WAY !!!

  44. Latest from the UK shows we aren’t abandoning renewables, though we are abandoning coal…
    “The UK government has today provided a major boost to the country’s clean energy sector, confirming long awaited plans for a fresh round of renewable energy project support and launching a consultation on its promised phase out of unabated coal power.
    As green business leaders digest the implications of a Trump presidency for global decarbonisation efforts, the UK today reaffirmed its commitment to its domestic climate goals confirming £730m of annual support will provided to renewable electricity projects over this parliament.”
    (this link will get paywalled after about 2 days, but info should be available elsewhere)

    • It’s only just past 5th of November. I think policy makers better check their decisions…lots more angry people if the power goes out. Wot?! No EastEnders?

    • This morning, a day when snow was forecast for Northern England and demand was up to 45GW , my check of metered windpower showed that it was producing 0.98GW .
      It is about 30 years since the first wind turbines appeared on the hills around Manchester . Billions surely has been spent on this technology and the day you want it delivers 2% of demand.
      Billions spent , 30 years and 2%.
      Not brilliant is it?

      • Quite.
        This is anything but new technology. One of the great lies that the Green Blob is selling and which the Government has bought into is that this is a young technology and it has potential to improve efficiency.
        There can be no significant savings in efficiency or economy of scale. This is apparent since the only way to get more power is to build a bigger turbine which occupies a greater area with even more wind shadow.
        You know technology is improving when it gets smaller and can be more densely packed. This is just not happening with windfarms.
        With Brexit, the UK will need to concentrate on cheap energy. I suspect that it will quickly pull back from renewables. It needs to unlock fracking.
        The Green Blob ought to welcome that since out of all the developed nations, only the US made significant reductions in CO2 emissions this Millennium and that was achieved entirely because of fracking. We know that fracking works at reducing CO2 (not that I am that concerned about CO2 which appears to be doing a wonderful job of greening the planet).

                                          I look forward to the construction of the last windmill.

    • The big problem will be the demolition of hundreds of thousands of those utterly inefficient panorama-destroying relicts of stupidity.

      • Too bad we don’t build monuments to failures. A statue in DC of broken wind turbines, to commemorate the hubris and ultimate folly of the renewable energy movement, is something I’d totally support using my tax dollars for.

  46. -Israel is Happy
    -You guys are Happy
    -Science is Happy
    -Cubs wins World Cup
    -Cure for AIDS is in the Horizon (Gammora)
    -Progressives are Crying
    -Liberals are Crying
    -Democrats (half of them) crying

  47. First move on the climate front.
    New team moves into the NCEI/NCDC to preserve whatever data is left, two months is alot of time to whitewash everything. Then there needs to be a forensic audit. Maybe there will be enough whistle blowers to get back to the REAL temperature record.
    Second move is a new team at the NSF grant making boards.

  48. Sat next to an attractive young Scottish woman graduate in political science from Aberdeen University at a lunch in Melbourne for the US Presidential Election at 11am Wednesday 9 November our time.
    She told me her father was a MccLeod from the Isle of Harris I said my grandmother was a Mccleod from Isle of Skye She said while working for the University of Aberdeen she had lunch with Donald Trump who at the time was building a golf course partially on University land
    I asked her how she had found him? She replied “although at times he was inclined to go off at tangents to the discussion” overall she found him “Charming and Charismatic” — not the image our Australian Fairfax or Guardian press portrayed of him.
    The clincher was though she discovered from her conversation with him that his mother was also a Mccleod
    Question:- Could she and I be distantly related to the next President of the USA ?!

  49. Dear Canada, I am sorry to inform you that quite a few undesirable folks from the US will be trying to sneak across the border to your country. When they arrive, be advised that we won’t be taking them back!

  50. I posted a comment a while ago, but it didn’t show up yet.
    Congratulations to everyone on a well and hard fought for election of what will be our best choice for USA.
    No Doubt we will see changes that will see the demise of the Climate doom and gloom politics.
    MAGA #PresidentTrump, #WeDeplorables. :))

  51. Curing the current President’s failed healthcare, domestic spending, energy, foreign affairs, race relations, immigration, climate and his other incoherent anti-American policies will be a great challenge.

  52. In Holland the public as shown on tv appears mainly shocked as the media tried hard to vilify Trump and idolize the Clintons. Many believe some eccentric if not dangerous idiot is now in charge int the US. Even our minister of foreign affairs Bert Koenders was struggling for words in his first reaction, clearly just as deceived by the media as the “intellectual elite” in general. The Brexit vote should have been a wake-up call for them, but they slumbered on still dreaming their fairy-tales. Now they are bitten again by the poisonous snake they nurtured for so long. The hopeless naive and one-sided picture the media created about what is going on in this world may have deceived many of their followers, it may have been the perfect tool for the green mob, but it blinded themselves as well. I see them falling into their own trap. That is good news.
    My congratulations to Trump for a well fought victory. I pray for the realism and wisdom the GOP will need to answer the responsibilities that come with this victory.

    • …the green mob…
      B I N G O !
      You got it right (-:
      The Green Mob isn’t going away anytime soon, but they are going to start losing battles.

    • I could use here in Finland exactly the same words as you Jurgen. It is amazing how the red-green filth has spread all over Europe.

  53. I’d love to see Trump’s first act as president to ostentatiously cancel the EPA’s “endangerment finding.”
    Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  54. Be careful.
    The first casualty of post election government is the claims pre election.
    Trump isn’t necessarily going to anything we’d like.

  55. So looking forward to Trump’s climate backflip next August as we get the first blue water Arctic since humans were hunting mega fauna.
    I know, I know. That will just be evidence of infiltration of the evil greenie/elite/scientist/communists.

  56. There is a revolution happening in which WUWT is as much part of that revolution as Trump. That revolution is a communication revolution in which powerful unrepresentative elites can no longer control public discourse through their control of the press, media and even scientific journals
    See; The Internet Revolution for Numpties
    And the result for us in climate is going to be profound. Immediately we can say COP22 is dead as it will now turn into a hang wringing workshop. Likewise when Trump gets his feet under the table, the Paris agreement is dead. But best of all very soon NOAA will have a knock on the door forcing it to obey the subpoena to release correspondence emplaning why they “upjusted” the temperature data. And then when that investigation escalates to NASA, to the EPA, Mann, etc., the entire global warming scam will be dead.
    And just to rub salt into your wounds – it snowed last night in Scotland. I would have smiled, except it started after my middle child had gone out for the first time after passing his driving test. And they said: “Soon children won’t know what snow is”

  57. We have won but a single battle, but we have not yet won the war. The Democrats are still alive and as evil as they have ever been – Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Soros, Algore, Biden, and many others are still here and still working to put us back in chains! I realize this sounds strange but, now that we have a Republican President, House, and Senate, we must do whatever we can to HELP the government achieve our goals! But now the shoe is on the other foot – for years Democrats and elites and the media have scrambled hand over foot to throw their money and blood at the feet of the government – so do we do the same? I am a Sovereign Citizen – an independent, free thinking, American Patriot – but do I now embrace my former oppressor? Or do we continue to work against them?

  58. The Democrat loss is self inflicted. They abandoned the working people and took it for granted that those people had nowhere else to cast their votes. The result was that even the staunchest union supporters of the Democrat party finally abandoned it. They finally figured out that, in spite of the Democrats’ fine words, and facts, and logic, somehow the working people always ended up being shafted.
    Here’s an article by Thomas Frank that explains what happened quite nicely.

    It is a liberalism of the rich, it has failed the middle class, and now it has failed on its own terms of electability.

    • Spot on. The Dems should make the best of their stint in the wilderness and embrace the chance to finally rid themselves of the Clintons and their corruption, to rediscover how to serve the people, not just themselves.

      • It’s deeper than the Clintons – they, like Obamas and the other dems, are owned lock, stock, and barrel by Soros. Remember his famous quote about the democrats after the Billy Jeff’s win: “I bought it, I own it.” And he is truly evil.

  59. Trump won BUT, even better…
    Ding Dong the &itch is dead, the wicked &itch is dead…. and all the evil she would have wrought for 4 years.
    especially the supreme court (Scalia’s replacement, Ginsberg? etc.)
    Musk is in trouble now.
    The EPA is in trouble.

    • Musk is in trouble now
      Musk has been in trouble for a long while, this just seals his doom. Tesla and SolarTown will be dead before year end, next year at the latest. The guy has never shown a profit on Tesla or SpaceX (the latter is unfortunate in my opinion, I was rooting for him there). He lives off the gubmint teat and he had a right to in some sense; the taxes he must have paid after selling PayPal probably could have bought Nigeria lock, stock and barrel. I don;t blame hime for trying to get a little of his own back, but the party’s over.

  60. UK media, liberal commentators and politico’s in absolute meltdown. Multiple MP’s spitting with fury. First Brexit, now Trump. Total and utter humiliation has been visited upon the global liberal elite. Christ on a bike this is a glorious, beautiful and hilarious day.

    • Red, please don’t call them Liberal. We don’t have to do that anymore. They’re authoritarian socialists. Marxists. Stalinists. The Rusians threw them out, the Czechs threw them out, the Brits threw them out, today the Americans threw them out.
      Time to have a beer and celebrate. Real Liberals have regained their name.

    • I sure as heck hope globalism is dead now. I hope it stays that way for a very long time.
      I like English, Irish, French, German, Italian and Mexican food. I can’t say I like Scottish food, never had a taste for haggis, but I enjoy their culture. I don’t ever want those cultures to “blend”. I like them just the way they are, thank you very much. I enjoy listening to an learning other languages. I don’t want everyone on the planet to be the same.
      Maybe it’s just me.

      • And Chinese. I love Chinese food. Let’s not forget Vietnamese , Philippine, or any of the rest except Australian, I don’t think Australia has a cuisine yet. But they’ll get there! They just need more time.

      • Non asks: Don’t the Australians call is BBQ?
        I think they call it “the Barbie”? But I don’t think they actually invented cooking over an open fire and I wouldn’t consider it a real cuisine even if they had. Sort of like hanging your wet clothes in the wind; not a true invention.

        • I think they call it “the Barbie”?

          Never realized they were putting dolls on the grill. Live and learn…

        • To some people that’s the stuff to get in the reverse gear of their stomach quickly…
          Love it or – hate it.

      • I, too, greatly prefer the real diversity of the many distinct cultures of the world, to the totally abstract “diversity” of the so-called progressives. Where everybody has a different means of “self-expression”, different “non-binary” gender, different persons/animals/things they have sex with, etc, yet all think the same, all speak the same jargon, all eat the same cuisine, all share the same worldview, all express the same prejudices (and indignantly deny they have any), all possess that grating tone of unearned moral authority, all consider themselves to be on “the right side of history”, ad nauseum.
        To the plank with the lot of ’em, says I. Arr!

      • Vegemite is good for you, it’ll put hairs on your chest. Personally, I like it when it’s been sitting around for a long time… a year or more… gets real chewy then. Go on… guess my nationality. 😛

      • “Go on… guess my nationality.”
        Well OK, but you asked for it. I’m going to say you’re a Scotsman? Nothing quite settles the stomach like something old you found fermenting in a stump…

      • I could be sure if you told me you boiled it over a fire made of dried sheep dung and bog moss. That would make the identification positive; you’d have to be a Scot.

  61. The first step should be detoxification of the language.
    We must refuse to use their terms.
    As example, look at the title: “The End of the Green Age”.
    How can fight against plant food be described as “green”?
    If we still allow them to control the language, we will lose in a long run.

    • I like your idea, very Confucian of you. “The Rectification of Names” is the first step towards restoring an unhealthy society, according to the teachings of Confucius.
      or to quote a more recent thinker, Orwell, “In a time of universal lies, truth-telling becomes a revolutionary act.”

    • Absolutely right. There’s nothing bad about green or environmental concerns. There is something bad about the people who’ve used those terms to take control of our lives.

      • Absolutely. Start at home. There are so many things to do: stop squandering food and water, burn wood instead of electric heating, etc etc etc

      • Agreed, Bartleby. That’s why I call them Gang-Green – but I’m willing to change the spelling to reflect more honesty. Gangrene they will be to my mind from now on (and should be treated as such). Just my opinion, of course. 🙂

    • Yes. We do most of our thinking within the context of language. Control of public discourse doesn’t fully equate to control of the public, but certainly makes it easier.
      Over time, restraints on what you may express and stay socially “respectable” will restrain what you can actually think, because you eventually forget, through disuse, the linguistic context that made thinking in those terms possible.
      This process is actually part of being a social creature, and is not necessarily malevolent. Morality is rooted in it. Most of us are not robbers or murderers, and so never learn to think in the same “language” as robbers or murderers (and be disciplined if we start). Teamwork requires it, to an extent. A reasonable amount of control of language is part of how the human community works.
      But the unwritten PC speech codes we know and loathe are eminently unreasonable. Refuse to be restrained by them.

      • Hanna Pitkin famously wrote a book on that subject I consider a definitive work titled “Wittgenstein and Justice”. It explores Wittgenstein’s theory of language and how it effects cognition. It’s not to be missed.

  62. people ensconced in epa (thanks nixon….) for decades, will be hard to drain that swamp w/o totally disbanding epa.

      • I only mentioned it because it seemed you considered completely disbanding the EPA an extreme action. I agree there’s probably no way to “fix” the EPA, it’s developed its own culture and can’t be fixed. It needs to be de-funded, disbanded and re-created from the ground up with a clarified mission. I believe it’s job is to enforce environmental regulation, not make them; that’s the sole purview of Congress. The people employed by that agency have lived too long under a completely different mission statement, one they seem to have developed internally.

    • Other commentators have informed us that the EPA has the force of law, but I doubt that the law specifies the size of the EPA. It could presumably be one person and their dog to satisfy the word of the law. as far as reducing the size of the EPA, just send every person currently employed on fact finding tours, such as how the “lessor spotted striped flying newt” is doing in Death Valley in response to “climate change”. To protect the environment only renewable transport may be used and only renewable accommodation during the 6 month long deployment. Of course no damage to the environment could be permitted so any wastes (including digestive ) would have to collected and removed by hand. Any employee that resigned would not be replaced, any that did not would be sent on a 2 year deployment to study the greater tweetle bird on Kodiak Island. Risk of harm to the environment preclude the carrying of firearms so the EPA personel would have to take their chances with the bears.
      By such means the EPA could be contained to a useful size and costing whilst not requiring any changes to the law.

  63. Not so much OT: Some months ago Willis did a post arguing the pros/cons of Free Trade. I’ve searched WUWT but can’t find it. Can anyone here help, or point me to the article? TIA.

  64. 1Saveenergy,
    As long as that vagrant from Skid Row also won The USA Senate and Reps I am Happy as it means the Public Purse is closed to the climate scam.
    That in itself is beyond fabulous but A Trump Admin not only has both Houses as Republican but, and I call upon my American Friends and Allies to verify, does it give The Trump People the Call for appointing 1 if not 2 Supreme Court Judges?
    Add to that the concept of people rejecting the Overwhelming and Overbearing Media Bias and The Trump victory is extraordinary.
    What will he make of it? Who knows but I think he may surprise a few.
    Australia voted for a Conservative Government in 2013 (they won but later knifed their leader for a liberal type) but we did not actually get one and while Donald is not your typical Conservative he would never fall for legislating the Luvvy nonsense that has blighted Western Governments this century.
    Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Bye Bye To The Climate Change Pie.
    What do readers think will be the Mainstream and Internet Media response.
    Our Aussie Media of nearly all types went feral and histrionic when Labour lost in 2013 and we know that the media had no love for Donald before The Election.
    Also is it to soon to tell if Hillary will be back in 2 years to go for it again?
    Will she return to being Hillary Rodham and…is it too early for Bill to start dating again?
    And going for it again too…sorry Mr Watts…I shall put myself in the Bad Boy Corner…Again.

    • ..More likely 4 nominations for The Supreme Court…IF he gets elected for a second term, which is almost always a given…

    • For a concise Progressive (not Liberal) response to Trump’s unanticipated victory, see Epps’ essay at The Atlantic. Something about breaking the Constitution. It’s truly epic.

  65. Hard to imagined what is about to happen. Trump must not use the bully pulpit to be a bully. But that would mean he has to change his tone. He can accomplish great things, but far better to accomplish them through congress legally, by building long-lasting coalitions of republicans and democrats, and eschewing the route of executive mandates like Obama. This goes for Obama’s signature healthcare. Get rid of it, and all the lousy EPA mandates, but do it legally. There will obviously need to be serious personnel changes, but let it be accomplished transparently, and in a way that doesn’t trash the system. Trump has had to waste a lot of time fencing with the press. It will be interesting to see what tone he takes now with a notoriously curve ball media that has been so busily declaiming his legitimacy. IMO, he just needs to prove them wrong. He’ll soon be on taxpayers’ time. It would be a mistake for him to start looking for revenge and sniping back at his detractors.

  66. Finally some good news!
    BTW @Eric Why ask god to bless only one country and one man? Aren’t we all blessed?
    (I’m not into religions that’s why I’m curious)

  67. I remember when Ronald Reagan was elected and all the prophecies of doom and gloom were made about an actor in the White House. He was the best President of the USA within my lifetime, like Donald Trump many people believed in what he said, but didn’t like the way he said it.

    • Bill, thanks. I am not happy with Donald J Trump, but clearly many people were even less happy with the establishment. Call it an American Brexit.

  68. This is the beginning of the end for Leftists’ CAGW agenda, which Trump has called a ho-x.
    The Paris “agreement”, draconian and economically crippling CO2 sequestration regulations, CAGW research funding, wind and solar plants,etc. will all be trashed.
    A great day for freedom and science.

    • It will be dry, no milk..can’t have that, cows and CH4. And no honey/jam, can’t have that either as that consumes energy to make. Can’t have it hot either, as that uses energy. Can’t use a bowl and spoon, that uses energy and generates nasty CO2. Can’t go to the shops to buys it (Well I fully expect Griff does not grown his own food).

  69. I watched the entire thing, not getting to bed until after Trump’s speech (which was mercifully short). And I’m happy (and proud) to say my state of NH, a battleground state which stayed too close to call untill the wee hours, finally went for Trump. The Senate race, between governor Hassan (D) and Kelly Ayotte is still way too close to call though. The electoral numbers stayed stuck on 244 for Trump, and 219 for Clinton for hours, with some 6 states (including NH) still too close to call. It really looked like there wasn’t going to be anything decided last night. Still, I was surprised by the move of the Clinton camp, around 2 AM, to dismiss their supporters, saying it was too close to call. The ball was then in Trump’s court, and the logical thing seemed for him to do the same. The electoral numbers still weren’t budging. Then, around 2:45, out of the blue, came the announcement that Clinton had called Trump to concede the election. I never actually saw the numbers change, still at 244 Trump, 219 Clinton. Still trying to figure that out. Maybe ABC News which I was watching, dropped the ball. I liked his speech. It was gracious, and encouraging. But, as he said “the proof will be in the pudding”.

    • Mr. Cobb,
      What the deal was could be seen at the NY Times up-to-the-minute voting results page (l found it via The Drudge Report). Once Trump won Florida and North Carolina and Ohio, with 95% of the vote counted in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and given Trump’s lead in those states, and given those states’ “likely vote Republican” character (around 75% and more),
      along with with later reporting states like Arizona and Alaska, etc. which were VERY likely going to vote for him, given their overwhelmingly being likely to vote Republican,
      the NYT projected that Trump had a > 95% chance of winning (and that % only grew as the hours passed) around 8PM, PST (iirc).
      There was no realistic chance that the Crook was going to win.
      Thank — the — Lord the win was by as great a margin as it was shaping up to be at that point — there was nothing to do but concede or be seen as a raving idiot (and that is why I say, “thank the Lord,” for that fact never stopped her before).

    • I’m guessing that somehow lightning struck and the Hillary camp was more willing to bend to reality than was the media.
      The other possibility was that nobody in the media was willing to risk the wrath of the faithful by admitting that it was over first. (Look at what happened to that guy at 538, when he updated his charts to give Trump a 35% chance of winning the day before the election.)

  70. Congratulations U.S. Although in the short term, this may not be good for my country (Canada), hopefully in the long run, we will benefit also. It’s good to see the people back in charge, unlike here in Canada.
    Push the man to keep his promises, especially those concerning getting freed from the hooks of the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming myth and its minions, putting the taxpaying citizens back in control, throwing out illegals, etc.
    Good Luck. Don’t let your country succumb to the cancer raging here in Canada.

    • You Canucks might be getting some “Trump refugees” from places like SoCal in the near future. You got a glut of loony lefties as it is, so sorry about that.
      If ya’ll arrange to have them get stranded in a nasty blizzard, or get eaten by the polar bears they claim to care about so much, well… we won’t judge you too harshly. 😉

  71. The day America, true America, began to smile again.


    “God’s amazing grace.” (Mike Pence)
    Praise the Lord.

  72. And the British are celebrating
    (and Go, Brexit! — you’re going to win, British for liberty! — hang in there, victory is coming!!)! 🙂
    “Stars and Stripes Forever”


      • Janice, that reminds me of the joke (Johnny Carson?) about Nixon complaining to his Mother about the stress he was under with Watergate. Nixon is supposed to have said: ‘She told me: Don’t you ever give up!’.
        However, what JC said was that his Mother actually said: ‘Richard, don’t you EVER give up?’

      • Hi, Harry,
        Lol. Your grandson (and other family members, too) has one fun grandpa.
        Take care, over there,

    • You bet.
      Every Patriotic Briton, and everyone who believes in democracy, and everyone who believes in government by the people for the people (rather than government by a select c@rrupt elite for the benefit of the select c@rrupt elite) are celebrating.
      Clinton represented absolutely everything that is wrong with politics and politicians. She was clearly unfit for public office. In the UK the MSM are suggesting that she lost because she was a woman. I consider that to be nonsense. Had she been elected she would have put back the case of women in politics by decades, since within months she would have been a lame duck President continually fighting off fires as her past came back to haunt her. She would have been a very disappointing President with a legacy of failure, and as a consequence she would not have left a good legacy of promoting the women’s cause/breaking the glass ceiling.. Hopefully, sometime in the near future a worthy woman candidate can be found, and if up to the task, I am sure that America is ready to embrace a woman President. It is just that Clinton was not the right candidate for the job and her lengthy experience in public office showed that she was inept and incompetent.
      The world is a far better place for yesterday’s vote. As others have said THANK YOU AMERICA you have done the world a favour.

      • Let’s not leave out everyone who loves bangers and mash and a good English breakfast? Beans, eggs sunny side up, bangers, a broiled tomato and two slices of cold toast with arm butter and marmalade. No better way to face the coming day.

  73. No, not the “End of the Green Age”.
    Trump is a businessman by nature. He sees opportunities and there is much opportunity in renewable technology.
    Ask Elon Musk FI.
    If he follows his instincts he will empower entreprenuers such as Musk.
    That creates jobs and foreign income from exports.
    It’s what the US did to become what it is after all.

    • Trump is an American patriot by nature. He loves America.
      Therefore, he will NOT continue to stuff the hardearned taxpayers’ money into the pockets of the climate hu$tler$ whose “renewables” can ONLY break even with subsidies and artificial market-share-by-regulation.
      Get lost, ToneB.
      You are Tone DEAF today.
      Today is about LIBERTY!

      • Janice:
        I voted for Brexit.
        And I am a “patriot”.
        That attribute isn’t confined to US citizens you know.

      • Dear Ton e B.,
        I beg your pardon for appearing to cast aspersions on your patriotism. I was referring (in my awkwardly stated way) to President (just felt good to write it 🙂 ) Trump, defending his character against your labelling him a cynical, self-interested, “businessman” who cares more about his wallet than his country.
        Good for you!
        Phil** llololo, Janice
        **(that was a little inside joke based on the Climategate e mails event of 2009)

    • Wrong. The “opportunity” in renewables is mostly a false, government-driven one based on pseudoscience and lies. It’s all part of the swamp Trump needs to drain.

      • Exactly! First thing President Trump will require is a cost/benefit analysis and when that’s reviewed, we’ll hear laughter from the White House.

    • Tony, Elon is history. I hope he does well with SpaceX but something tells me that won’t happen either. Elon was a leach on the butt of America and that relationship is about to end.

      • which is why I assume Tesla announce a major investment in a German tech firm just today ?
        Really Tesla cars/powerwalls/soalr panels are a commercial success in waiting… the energy iphone

      • Toneb: Another government funded boondoggle that only makes sense because the government doesn’t care how much money it loses.
        Griff: You remind me of fusion enthusiasts. Fusion is the power source of the future, and has been for 50 years.

      • Tonyb asks: Isn’t Musk planning to build a rapid-transport system in the California?
        Yes, he’s the same person exploring the “hyperloop” technology to build a high speed vacuum assisted “rail” (not sure rails are really involved) system between San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and possibly San Diego.
        But Elon is also proposing his ITS (Interplanetary Transport System). That system doesn’t include a cycle ship anywhere in its plans. This should tell us what we need to know about Elon’s engineering skill; it’s non-existent. I’m sorry to report that I sincerely believe unless a Mars/Earth cycle ship is part of his plan, it will never fly (literally). Perhaps he understands hyperloop but doesn’t understand cycle ship? Nope. No joy.

    • “Trump is a businessman by nature.”
      Yes, and Trump knows a bad investment when he see’s one, Taxpayer funded Green Energy is dead !
      If they can’t float on their own, then they will drown !

    • Toneb,
      Do you have all your retirement funds invested in renewables an carbon credits?
      In case you ask, I don’t have a single investment in fossil fuels.

    • Toneb,
      What opportunity? Once the subsidies are removed, ‘renewable technology’ is a losing proposition.

  74. This election was a referendum against Media Propaganda.
    This election was a referendum against Hollywood Celebrities, Comedians, and Musicians.
    This election was a referendum against Political Corruption, Ambition, and Condescension.
    But most of all, this election was a referendum against Socialist Aggression and Conservative Complacency.
    We have won the day, but don’t expect them to go peacefully into the night.

  75. “Lord Monckton predicted America would be nation to lead the world to freedom from the anti-humanist greed of the green movement.”
    In reality it was the Brexit “vote heard round the world” that really started the ball rolling so thanks for doing your part Brits. Seeing that it could be done, that the intellectual yet idiot class could be beaten kept a lot of people from being depressed and not voting under relentless media propaganda.
    Hillary Clinton had EVERY advantage she could handed to her on a silver plate. DNC, RNC, media shamelessly shilling for her, all the special interest groups from pharma, banks, climate, military industrial complex and an opponent who was very polarizing. Yet she LOST.
    That is a tribute to the American people that they could overcome such overwhelming odds. Now the hard work begins. Re-establish the rule of law for all.

    • I have to agree; in this example the Brits led the charge and deserve full credit. Without them America wouldn’t have had the courage. You stood against mediated predictions of failure and dire consequences. You served as a model.
      You have my thanks.

  76. I am pro Trump, but I also am a realist.
    If you study American History you will find that an Impeachment does not require an actual crime. You just have to anger a majority of the House. which then needs to convince the Senate.
    the first President to be impeached, Andrew Johnson, committed the sin of dismissing a Government Employee that was under the protection of the House.
    So it is quite plausible that the establishment could decide to impeach Donald for the horrible act of opposing the Greens. After all, the existing holdover establishment Republicans plus the Democrats constitute a majority.. Same in the Senate. After all Ryan and McCain have zero love for Donald.
    Add in the fact that if Trump is removed Pence takes over. To the establishment this is all to the good, they get a longtime establishment figure at the cost of a brief flirtation with populism.
    Trust not in politicians.

    • I think there would be an uprising. The people are sick and tired of not having their views and wishes taken into account. And it’s happening world-wide. We’re all sick and tired of being told what to do and what to think, and we’re sick and tired of being bludgeoned with guilt. Most of all we are sick and tired of being pushed around by politicians and NGOs who think they know better than we do. We’re sick and tired of being bullied. America voted for Trump. They want Trump.

  77. A helluvalot of great expectations. But there are going to be disappointments as well. I give him credit to learn and learn to act wisely.

  78. Headline: Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming ends with a perception change.
    Hopefully, we will proceed with a comprehensive plan based on merits, not emotions.

  79. One of my relatives emailed: “A sad America, God help us all”.
    I replied: “He just did.”
    Ron Richey

    • “A sad America, God help us all”
      Those were my exact feelings when Barack Obama was elected in 2008. I knew he was a liberal (though he portrayed himself as a centrist in the 2008 election), and that America was about to be fundamentally transformed (which it has been). But the sun rose the next day, I had a job and a loving family, and life went on.
      So it will be with Trump. In fact, if he is successful in bringing together diverse coalitions to achieve real progress, people will be very surprised and happy with their new leader (and his cabinet) and the direction of the country.
      However, our detestable mainstream media will hang on long enough to create phony scandals in an effort to distract and block progress. Fortunately, they no longer have the power they once had, as new media choices end their dominance. And the Wikileaks e-mails have shown me that there really is no difference between CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO etc. and the Democrat Party in this country (if it weren’t already plainly obvious).
      Finally, I hate to see people arguing and debating about investment in renewables versus traditional energy technologies. We CAN have both, and I view any effort to achieve energy independence from middle east oil as a BIG win for society. Cheap solar panels for my house? Bring it on!

      • Most of the American people have lost all faith in the “Main Stream Media”, including Fox news since it changed ownership…They gambled on a Clinton win, and lost credibility big time !!

      • If only those who like expensive unreliables were the ones paying for them, that would be fine. But they’re not, and you know it. Energy independence? Please. That’s just a favorite fairy tale those in the “clean energy” like to tell, to try to fool the gullible ones.

      • As long you are investing with your own money, more power to you.
        Unfortunately you are investing with my money as well.
        Since solar panels take more energy to make, install, and dispose of then they can produce during their useful lives, just how are they reducing foreign oil usage?
        PS: We don’t use oil to generate electricity. So you aren’t even managing to any progress on your stated objective.

  80. French Ambassador:
    “After Brexit and this election, everything is now possible. A world is collapsing before our eyes. Dizziness.”

  81. It is not easy to create jobs. Trump will have his work cut out.
    However, if industrial jobs are to be created, the cost of energy is one of the most important factors. I think that this will inevitably cause Trump to back fossil fuels and scale back on renewables.
    That policy will receive much opposition, and Trump will therefore need to convince Americans that the claims by Greens and the Renewable Energy sector are false or very much exaggerated.
    I think that there is a very good chance that Trump will immediately go after the EPA. I consider that an attack on the temperature data record will also be in his sights. None of this will cost much money, and it is likely that he will defund many organisations so as to better use that money in creating jobs.
    Trump will have a very hostile public if he does not fulfill his promise to create jobs. That must therefore be his prime target, and of course, at the same time he will do something about cheap migrant labour who are taking the jobs from the demographic that Trump appealed to.
    I think that given the constitution of the Senate and Congress that it is likely that we will see real change in the Climate/Renewable field very early into the Trump tenure. I am quite optimistic on that.

    • why fossil fuel?
      shale gas is still cheaper than coal – coal power plant isn’t coming back.
      commercial companies are substantially investing in renewables… that’s where the jobs and money are.

      • Commodities like gas and coal are cyclical. Coal will come back. Only government interference in free markets can screw things up, like subsidizing “renewables and green energy” while regulating against fossil fuels.

      • ” Coal will come back.”
        I very much doubt that unless Trump makes special arranegments nationally, or has it exported to China.
        Thatcher new that in the 80’s.

      • Newsflash, Griff; Coal power never left, though certainly it has declined somewhat under the coal-hating Obama regime. With a Trump presidency, that decline, which was only partly based on a surge in natural gas, can be turned around. Both are needed, being very close competitors. Take coal away, and natural gas prices will tend to spike.

      • Shale gas is fossil fuel.
        The US was much derided and criticised for not ratifying Kyoto, and yet of all the developed nations it has cut its CO2 emissions the most. It has done that on the back of shale.
        By contrast, Germany pressed on with renewables, wind and solar and has not cut its CO2 emissions at all these past 15 years.
        We know that shale works if one is interested in reducing CO2 emissions. Personally, I am not that bothered (if for no other reason than there is strong evidence suggesting that the globe today is no warmer than it was in the 1940s during which time over 95% of all manmade CO2 emissions have taken place), and there is strong evidence that more CO2 is a good thing (it greening the planet).
        There is still a role for coal with modern clean coal stations, but obviously shale will be a major player..
        As I say, what is needed is cheap energy. It is important to lower costs down to the level of China and India.

      • The jobs in solar are mainly based on tax shifting in the rooftop solar segment. The main cost reduction focus in utility scale is low labor cost during construction with those temporary jobs. That’s after major cost reductions in panel production with automation and capacity expansions in Malaysia. The two or three jobs at completed utility scale solar farms are a fraction of other power plant types. So the labor intensive rooftop segment consumes 50 percent of the tax credits and much less of the solar MW results compared to the other half. Obama was propping up that inefficient half at the expense of total solar penetration, obviously for political reasons and special interests in the rooftop installer lobby.

      • Griffie, “shale gas is still cheaper than coal” where it is available. In the aggregate, people will always use the least cost alternative available to them. For electric energy production, coal, oil and gas are freely interchangeable fossil fuels. Thank private enterprise for shale gas expansion in the U.S.
        Your “commercial companies are substantially investing in renewables” is laughable. They are being paid to do so through direct subsidies and feed-in tariffs. As the insane subsidies are further curtailed, you will see much less “investing.”
        Charlie Skeptic

      • “commercial companies are substantially investing in renewables… that’s where the jobs and money are.”
        roflmao….. You really do live on an alternate planet, don’t you Griff.
        Subsidies and feed-ins will now disappear.. renewables will die a natural death..
        undoubtedly leaving the taxpayer to clean up the thousands and thousands of useless wind turbines littering the landscape.

      • Poor little Griffie, he actually thinks that shale gas isn’t a fossil fuel.
        Regardless, as more shale gas is used, price pressures will cause it to be more expensive. This will price coal back into the mix.
        Your latest fantasy is as absurd as your belief that arctic ice is about to disappear.

      • Toneb: Study a little bit about the differences between English and American coal mines.
        Then hang your head in shame.

  82. Actually Trump is not a true Republican, was a democrat once and has been fighting the republican party this election. He owes nothing to anybody. If he needs a title, he is a true independent

    • He has usurped the GOP establishment and as POTUS will be the leader of the GOP. Trump has a whole lot of house cleaning and bridge building to do in his own party in order to maximize his ability to reach his goals. The executive branch can do many things, but to make the really big and more permanent changes Trump must get his own party into line behind him in order to get enough of congress to follow him. The democrats still have the power to stop things in the senate unless Trump can make his own party willing to implement the “nuclear option” to end the filibusters that they will face. The democrats will justify their obstructionism by denying Trump has a mandate because it appears that Hillary will have gotten a majority of the popular vote and their press will trumpet this line endlessly. This is not the end of the green blob or so many other black holes that our wealth disappears into. A Winston Churchill quote serves very well here:
      “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
      Read more at:

      • I see your point, RAH, but, I would urge a different approach for President Trump: “Get in line or get out of the way.” He should simply lead — no bridge building within the RNC. The RINOS and others who don’t like his style of play can form their own ball club. And play softball. And lose. Again.

      • “Janice Moore November 9, 2016 at 12:26 pm
        I see your point, RAH, but, I would urge a different approach for President Trump: “Get in line or get out of the way.” He should simply lead — no bridge building within the RNC. The RINOS and others who don’t like his style of play can form their own ball club. And play softball. And lose. Again.”
        And so Trump doesn’t get the SCOTUS appointments or legislation passed that we need to turn this thing around in the long term. That is the power the old establishment RINOs like McCain and Graham hold unless they can be enticed or dragged into line. Trump and his administration will not be able to do this alone. It will take concerted and focused political action by the people burning up phone lines with calls and faxes and clogging the emails of those kind of people with their opinions and threats of nonsupport to make it happen. Remember the Gang of eight? Well that is the exact kind of crap your going to see going on unless certain RINOs can be suppressed or forced to get into line.

    • There are a lot of different definitions of ‘true Republican’. Some base it on social conservativism, others fiscal conservativism.
      It would be easy to be a ‘not-conservative’ when you are young, emotional, and deeply interested in social issues. It would be easy to be a fiscal conservative when you are older and worry more about your and the country’s fiscal health more than social issues.
      To me, however, a true Republican is one who believes the best government is that which governs least. Let society deal with social issues, provide economic health by maintaining a government that spends only on truly governmental functions. I have high hopes that Trump will opt for reducing the size of government. The bureaucracy has created a regulatory nightmare for businesses if you look at reporting requirements alone, much less all the operational regulations. And we spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year on redundant programs.
      A good businessman could really improve the efficiency of government. It’s simply deplorable now.

    • nc: Actually Trump is not a true Republican, was a democrat once and has been fighting the republican party
      Son (or ma’am, as applicable) MOST all of Texas was ‘democrat’ up until 20 some years ago ..
      Things change AS the democrat party changed further to the left.

    • Ron Paul was a Libertarian, but ran under the Republican flag only because he understood the US electoral system would never be able to to put a third party in the White House. Trump did something Paul couldn’t; he successfully stole the Republican nomination.
      He’s not a self declared Libertarian but he’s the closest thing the USA has seen in a very long time.

    • Seriously?
      Do you know WHY the U.S. is spending its treasure and time sitting around in Germany (and other countries of the world) year after year??? Oh, man.
      Oh. I get it, now! You are a “let’s appease 1S1$” (worked so nicely with your man in the 1930’s) guy/gal. Sure, Get-out Guy/Gal, if Ambassador Stevens had just packed up and left Benghazi months before, instead of trying to help the Libyans get their backward country off the ground, he wouldn’t have needed the U.S. military support from our base in Italy that he never got (after all, “what difference {would it have made}?”) ….
      And to defend themselves against the immigrant Isl@m1sts in their town squares, Germans will just reach in the hall closet of their haus for their shot guns….. What? Someone took them away years ago? And I just wonder who that was.
      Hint: it was not the United States.
      And in the 1980’s, where would Betty Mahmoudi have run to with her daughter, Machtob (sp?)? Into the Russian embassy?
      Well, the Russians will still be there.
      Sure, Fritz/Fritzi, we’ll go home. Start studying Russian. Maybe the 1$1S guys have free classes at night.

    • We are occupying Germany? If so, the Germans don’t seem to be aware of it.
      Why don’t you just declare that we need to disband the military and learn to sing Kum by ya while you are at it.

      • The US “Occupation” officially ended in the 50s. The US gave up it’s last possessions of facilities in Germany based on the WW II treaty in the 90s. Our forces are now in Germany by mutual consent as members of NATO. Those that want the remaining relatively small US forces out need to talk to their own government. I wouldn’t suggest that though since Germany has refused to invest adequately for it’s own defense when one looks at the potential threat they could face. Besides, though NATO HQ is in Brussels, Germany is the actual operational heart of NATO.
        In 1990 I and about 40 other SF soldiers then serving in 1st Bn., 10th SFG(A) stationed at Flint Kassern in Bad Tolz attended German jump school. We were in formation and greeted by the German Major then in command of their school. I remember his talk well. The gist of it was, we don’t want you here but we understand why you have to be here.
        Over the next couple days we made our five jumps using their equipment and jumping from their C-160 aircraft. Then after the little graduation where we were awarded their Fallschirmjäger wings, we US soldiers and the school cadre, had a big party and had a great time before we left.
        Having attended several German military training schools and having trained with them many times I can’t ever recall ever having anything but a good time with their troops. And in general I was always treated with respect with no hint of resentment by the common Germany people. I sat at the tables of several different German families over the almost 4 years I was in that country. It was always the members of their leftist movements and parties that would make displays of their displeasure that we were there.

  83. ..One thing people are neglecting to talk about…..Melania has to be the most beautiful First Lady EVER to grace the White House, as are the First Daughters…The U.S. future is so bright we need to wear shades !! LOL

  84. I really like what Trump has said about the Environment and climate change. I might be projecting, but what I hear is “focus on clean environment, drop the CO2 nonsense”. Let’s hope he doesn’t make the same mistake that Bush made with Hansen, and drains the swamp of climate bottom-feeders, and puts reasonable men of science back in charge of institutions like NASA.

  85. Should anyone wonder why Trump won, here’s a sampling of quotes from Clinton supporters:
    ‘We are disgusted, embarrassed, we are sorry on behalf of our country that the white male uneducated vote has spoken today.’
    ‘We, as the other half of the country that believes in love, unity, and fairness – we have to gather together even stronger to fight against this man who only represents hate and bigotry and xenophobia.’
    ‘Our lives are not safe – as queer women, as brown women.’
    ‘I think these people probably flunked out of school – they don’t know history, they don’t understand the world,’
    ‘We feel like we live in a bubble – voting for Trump to me is so shocking.’
    All courtesy of the Daily Mail.
    My advice: look in the mirror as to why your candidate was rejected. Even a boorish brute was able to tap into the sentiment of those who are tired of being called bigots, sexists, racists, homophobes, etc.
    America needed a reset and reset we did. Now if only the parties would find reasonable candidates who aren’t elitist prigs we’ll be in good shape next time around.

    • Yes.
      If the stinking, pervasive corruption was absent from the very top of the Democratic Party, then Bernie Sanders would be the winner today. We all desperately needed this break from grift and the criminal lawyers who have almost destroyed your great country.
      I hope he can turn things around.

    • A not a word has ever been published about the very large block of uneducated voters who voted monolithically to elect the current President, and did so again in an attempt to elect the failed candidate in this election. Do they not see their own racism? Of course not.

    • DJT won not because HRC lost it, it is because most of his life from the early childhood to the present day he spent lot of time around his fathers and his own building sites, he knows how and what the working man thinks.

      • Being a hands-on boss in his businesses bodes well for his upcoming Administration. More than likely he’s not going to be like the stereotypical CEO, who spends a couple hours in the office and the rest of the day on the golf course.

      • I think you’re right, Vuk, and he knows how they/we speak; in a somewhat blunt/no-nonsense style that he adopted for most of the campaign. Thing is, most people (in the real world of getting the job done, and done right, anyway) understand that form of speech . . and know not to take it “literally”, but as a form of street poetry almost. It signaled to many millions that he was aware of them, and respected them, I believe.

    • I love the way these kind, compassionate Democrats first display their hatred towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them, but secondly declare that anyone who doesn’t have multiple degrees in women’s studies is uneducated.

  86. “All courtesy of the Daily Mail.”
    You seem to have picked out quotes that in no way reflect the poitical leanings of the Daily Mail.
    The paper is right-wing.
    This at the top of the Home page in The Mail Online….
    “I was right. Trump’s triumph has crushed the lefty luvvies, useless pollsters, multicultural mafia and gender Nazis who refuse to listen to regular people. So, from a Brexiteer, thank you America”
    Actually, and surprisingly for the “Wail” It’s called balanced reporting.

    • The paper is right-wing.

      And???? So what? The Guardian is extremely left-wing, as is the BBC, Channel 4, The Independent, the Daily Mirror and a few others. Are you against balance reporting? Please go and do one!

  87. Obama acted as if he was “King” of America. Clinton was simply more Obama.
    After the humiliating midterm elections of 2014 where Obama and his Democrats lost huge numbers of seats in the House and Senate which sent a clear message that Americans didn’t like what Obama was doing the “King” instead doubled down on his unpopular policies with executive orders and legal actions and arrogantly ignored Congress.
    Obama and his Democrats are out of touch with main stream Americans as this election clearly shows.
    It will be a pleasure watching Trump undo what the “King” and his Democrats should never have done in the first place.
    Hopefully Trump will work with Congress and not emulate the misguided arrogance of “King” Obama and his badly out of touch Democrats..

  88. We just dodged a war, or two.
    Possibly WW.
    Thank you America.
    But, DT will be shown … things … by TPTB. We can’t have a maverick just running the US as if it were a business ffs. We may all come to have a little more insight into the continuous and relentless manipulation from ‘above’ that was manifest, for example, in ALL the obviously biased ‘polls’ – all the ‘shock of his win’ headlines reveal such.
    Things could still go pear shaped.
    If, granted a big if, the current narcissistic nonentity in the big chair ‘decides’ to throw a war with someone and then declare martial law, that would be a way out for ‘the elite’ also.
    But, with the clouds gathering around Russia if I had to guess the answers to the questions:
    Shall we go to war Madame President?
    Shall we go to war Mr President?
    With great relief, I believe, we would all hear a loud ‘Hell, NO” from the POTUS we now have.

    • Henry, while I understand your sympathies, I don’t believe they’re practical. Unlike Germany in the 20’s, the US citizenry hasn’t yet been disarmed. Any attempt to do so would very likely meet resistance. I don’t believe the stage has been set for the autocratic takeover you suggest.

  89. Reprise – for John MacDonald – looks like you got your wish John.
    Best personal regards, and best wishes for America.
    – Allan MacRae, P.Eng., Calgary
    Hi John MacDonald,
    My serious comments in the above post were these, and they were very serious:
    “A USA election is imminent. For most countries, I suggest that the question of a Hillary vs a Donald would come down to “who gets energy right (Donald), and who gets it utterly wrong (Hillary).”
    Cheap, reliable abundant energy is the lifeblood of society, and our very cheap fossil fuel energy should provide our two countries with an overwhelming economic advantage, IF the greens would stop sabotaging our economies to advance their far-left political objectives.
    Since the USA is a global power, there are more issues than just the domestic economy.”
    I tend to agree with your comments John, regarding the risks to “liberty and freedom, the rule of law and the survival of the Constitution”. However, as a Canadian I do not think I should comment on these matters. The American people have a critically important choice to make, and you should understand these issues far better than I do.
    [excerpted for brevity]
    Regards, Allan

  90. “This not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning.” These words are as true now, in this circumstance as when they were first spoken. It is not yet, “Morning in America.” The struggle remains before us. We must finish the job!

  91. I love those sub-headlines on the NY Times cover. “Our Unknown Country” Exactly! I love it! The press is completely out of touch with the struggles of the average person, and they don’t care. They can’t comprehend how a majority of voters could pick the person they tried so hard to demonize. They spent a sleepless night wondering “Does this mean the public isn’t listening to us after all? Do they not take what we say as the truth?”
    The job market sucks, health care sucks, race relations in this country suck, Islamic terrorism is growing and the people know its because of Obama and would only continue with Hillary. It is so bad in fact right now in this country we are willing to put up with an obnoxious bullying jerk for a president because at least he understands what our problems really are.

    • The editors of the NYT remind me of that former publisher of some women’s magazine, right after Nixon won re-election with over 60% of the vote.
      ” I don’t understand how he could have won, nobody I know voted for him.”
      NYC has become one huge left wing echo chamber, leftists spend their entire lives without ever talking to someone who doesn’t agree with them politically. As a result they have no idea how the other side thinks, and they start to believe the lies the tell each other about their political opponents.

      • “NYC has become one huge left wing echo chamber”
        The left has become a huge left-wing echo chamber, where anyone questioning political correctness is cast out to the wolves.
        This is why none of them can understand why Trump won. They literally don’t know anyone who would vote for him.

      • MarkW writes: leftists spend their entire lives without ever talking to someone who doesn’t agree with them politically.
        Remarkably, though off topic, that’s also why we now have an out of control wolf population expanding through the north western Rocky Mountains. It seemed like a good idea at the time? Folks in the NYC echo chamber you mention have no experience with wolves, who aren’t cute cuddly stuffed toys you give your children on birthdays. They don’t get that part.
        Wolves are amazing animals. Can we live in peace with wolves? Probably not. Recent experience says no. Wolves aren’t zoo animals; they require a very large territory and they absolutely will kill (and sometimes eat) livestock. We don’t have a choice about wolves. We can create a very large refuge covering Idaho, Wyoming, N. and D. Dakota, all of Utah and parts of Nevada or we can give up. There’s no “peace” with wolves. We can’t negotiate with them.
        But folks in NYC, who’ve never seen a wolf, would like to make policy on the subject and that is, without doubt, the entire problem.

  92. Thank you email from The Donald:
    Make America Great Again
    They said we could never do it.
    But last night you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.
    You fought like a winner, you defied all odds, and history will forever remember the role you played in taking our country back.
    I never could’ve done it without you, John. Your contributions, your sacrifices, and your unyielding commitment to our movement made last night possible!
    Thank you
    Last night we learned that America is still a beacon of hope where the impossible is possible.
    For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.
    I REFUSE to accept that it can’t be done. This is the country that declared its independence, won two world wars, and landed a man on the moon. This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.
    Now it’s time to start uniting our country and binding the wounds of our divided nation. I promise to be a president for ALL Americans. I will work for you. I will fight for you. And I will win for you.
    You will soon remember what it’s like to win as an American.
    Thank you and God bless you,
    Donald J. Trump

  93. It’s also an opening for a renaissance in science and science education free from political agendas and advocacy-based misinformation campaigns.

  94. “God bless the next President of the United States, Donald J Trump.”
    And God bless and keep safe said President, and the Secret Service protecting him. Considering the violence spouted by the Left, I suspect he’ll need it. >:-(

    • I am sure the men of the Secret Service will be “all in” protecting President Trump. To their credit, they tend to keep their mouths shut in public. But enough has seeped out to make it clear that they appreciate being appreciated. Trump (and very important, our new First Lady) will almost certainly treat the SS with respect.
      Won’t that be a much-needed change.

    • Nope, it won’t be Anthony. (although he wouldn’t be a bad choice)
      Just a guess, but I’m saying Roy Spencer or Richard Lindzen as advisor of climate.

      • Ah…I’d love to see Willis….he knows – and he can kick arse. And he writes pure prose.

  95. recently came across these prophetic words
    “To vastly improve your country and truly make it great again, start by choosing a better leader. Do not let the media or the establishment make you pick from the people they choose, but instead choose from those they do not pick. Pick a leader from among the people who is heart-driven, one who identifies with the common man on the street and understands what the country needs on every level.” the rest may not be so to the point.
    the extract is from a book by Ms. S. Kassem

    • Sort of reminds me of something I heard. What decided them to vote for Trump was looking at those who were against him.

  96. I — AM — STILL — JUST — SO HAPPY!!!
    So! Another song! This time, it is the Irish who are celebrating! 🙂

    WE won.

  97. Whilst Trump is undoubtedly a supporter of a laissez faire approach to climate action, my concern is that he’s I’ll-informed and anti-science in general. He believes that vaccines cause autism, and his Vice President is a creationist. Science in general is going to take a back seat during his tenure, and that’s not good for the world.
    Be interesting to see his approval ratings in a couple of years.

    • Jeef, regarding “science in general,” taking as a given your prediction that science funding in general will suffer, better science realism in a back seat on the bus than voodoo science in the driver’s seat.

    • Jeef,
      How, pray tell, do you know that vaccines never cause autism?
      Blind faith? In pharmaceutical corporations. . Seriously?
      Show us the extensive double blind testing of all vaccines that could possibly demonstrate your unquestioning faith is warranted, or drop the fake scientific reasoning routine, I suggest.

      • JohnKnight – you prove it using epidemiology studies. Using the same definition for autism (be careful on that one. They have greatly expanded what is considered autism) you look at the normalized rate of autism in a population (eg., 0.075 cases per 100 children under the age of eighteen) before the advent of vaccines versus after. Also, do the same thing between two different population groups, one having been given vaccines, one not. When the studies show that in every scenario autism rates are the same, then vaccines could not possibly be a cause of autism.
        And that’s just what they showed.
        Pharmaceutical corporations need not be involved at all.

      • Jtom,
        “And that’s just what they showed.”
        Talk is cheap, and I ain’t buying.
        The casual “worship” of Big Siants is foolishness to me. I would think that otherwise intelligent people would have learned their lesson with the CAGW fiasco . .

  98. I wonder if Dr. Mann and crew are experiencing the same sinking feeling that Trofim Lysenko felt when Nikita Khrushchev seized power in Russia.

      • Mr. Worrall, your opinion is well justified. There is absolutely no downside for Dr. Mann and his ilk. His sinecure and pension are secure. History shows he has no shame. Watermelons will pay any of their legal costs or penalties.

  99. We need to be conservative about our out expectations that this “detour” of science will end immediately. I see last night’s victory as a sign which reads: “DETOUR ENDS 1 MILE”. We know the right road is close but there could be some traffic lights before we get there.

    • Zeke – That is true – but lest we forget, Jay Inslee was just re-elected as Governor in WA State last night, and he has already directed the State Department of Ecology to complete a hidden Carbon Tax, a ‘Poison Pill’ stealth tax on large Carbon (Dioxide) emitters:
      As you read through the regulatory text, you’ll see a few things: 1) The new tax will be invoked if and when the federal Clean Power Plan is not put into play (the ‘Poison Pill clause), and 2) Is justified by the EPA’s CO2 ‘Endangerment Finding’. So, the constituents of WA State are not out of the Carbon Tax Fog just yet.
      Hoping that the EPA’s ‘Endangerment Finding’ is soon to be found as found-less, and only then could the State plan be deemed so as well.
      I can dream big, can’t I

  100. One big thing the failure of the election pundits and Climate change have in common is the false reliance on unproven computer models. There was one moron on CNN who was lamenting on how he had gotten his projections completely wrong, and he had “RELIED ON DATA!”
    HAH! He had relied on his predicative computer models. MODELS ARE NOT DATA. And, we all know how well models can be relied upon.
    Maybe we can get NASA to “adjust” the data until his model is correct.

  101. Is weepy Bill there? Now would be a good time to break out the ol’ tears routine. You know, “for the climate”.

  102. Trump was elected in 2016. There will be another election in 2020. The US is a federal system. Many states are enacting their own green laws. Trump has a chance to do what he said he was going to do. If it succeeds then, perhaps, there is a chance that it will persist. However, if things happen and Trump’s plans do not work out, then there are many ways that the supposed Trump revolution can be undone. Triumphalist talk often leads to disappointment.
    Just suppose, just suppose that Trump’s new job’s plan by imposing new tariffs does not bring jobs but higher prices and more unemployment. Just suppose it triggers inflation and not just that but teh stagflation of teh 70s. Suppose inflation does rise and lots of trump voters see their purchasing power and life savings being eaten up by it. Will the Green Age be over then or will Trump just be another failed politician.

    • Time brings the Green Age to its final end. There is now a large body of research pointing to various cycles going in and out of phase resulting in the climate at any given time. By this concept, several cycles phase-matched over the last two decades to produce warming. The phases have been unsynching for several years and the warming will draw to a close. Next will come cooling.
      With Trump in office, further investment in the Green Age will be stalled for at least four years. Quite possibly the world will cool significantly during that time, force researchers to change their models, drive the carastrophic warming fear out of the minds of most everyone, and the Green Age will be dead.
      Concerns voiced in you last paragraph is completely irrelevant to the life/death of the Green Age. The success or failure of Trump on other issues only affects how long the funding of the Green Age is suspended. Regardless of when the earth cools, which everything suggests it will, we will be financing the Green Age for at least four fewer years. I hope that is sufficient.

      • So your whole climatic view is cemented to this idea:
        “By this concept, several cycles phase-matched over the last two decades to produce warming. The phases have been unsynching for several years and the warming will draw to a close.”
        …and if that is incorrect? You’d want to have your fingers crossed.

    • Are you familiar with the Interstate Commerce Clause? While states such as Ca or Ma can enact green laws that impact neighoring states, the ICC should be reviewed and modified to prevent such activities and pay the price themselves. No more welfare from adjacent states who had no say in such green laws.

  103. My congratulations to Trump and the wisdom of the American majority elector.At last the wretched and unscientific scam of global warming is going to be dismantled.The real problem is a rapidly growing world population and our moral duty to deal with it in a humane and constructive manner .I met my first American in WW2 in Australia and I am proud of your nation.Lord Monkton once predicted America would save the world from the global warming scam.God bless America.

  104. We see disrupters in business and technology and generally see them as positive in the medium/longterm About time the world saw a serious disrupter in the political space.

  105. Trump is a fraud – look forward to seeing your comments in the years to come as he mismanages the USA as much as he has his own businesses. The fact is that someone investing in Trump when he started, would now be 300% wealthier by just investing in the equivalent of the S&P 500 index. He’s very fortunate to have inherited a fortune. This political post does not belong here on this blog. It should be about facts and this and Trump are a fact free zone.

      • The addition of an insulting “D’oh” proves that you are a moron. The point is that he started off with a good fortune, and I’m not saying he hasn’t built on it – but that over 30 years his performance is poor – actually abysmal – in comparison to the general market, let alone to someone with real smarts like Warren Buffet. What you don’t seem to understand is the concept of opportunity interest. Please get informed before posting insulting comments.

      • Sour grapes? I’m not an American and I respect the right of the American people to vote in who they want, albeit, please note, the Hilary actually had more votes in total, so derision of her is not justified. But Trump has won under the electoral college system. But Eric is an Aussie like me, and this fact free, political post is not appropriate. Further, there is the implicit view here that Trump is good. I can make the comment that he may well be a rapist, hasn’t paid taxes for decades (not through being clever but not by making enough money) and has been bankrupted and probably would have been more times if he didn’t strip companies and not pay workers their fair dues. Those facts tell me that he’s not a good presidential choice. And by the way, I’ve never, ever heard “locker room” talk as he describes it and I’ve played rugby, cricket, tennis and numerous other sports. I think those comments are Donald “specials”. Hmmm, a nice piece of work! Good luck USA with him.

      • Very well put Richard.
        Political opinions shouldn’t published on a blog that purports to blame political opinion as being at the core of it’s raison d’etre.
        Unfortunately it is consistent with some guest poster’s largely opinionated navel fluff, most of which imho is unalloyed click bait.

      • Very well put too Tony! I come to this blog for scientific facts on a wide range of natural science phenomena, and do not want to see politics here – there are enough other blogs for that! Eric strays too often from fact in to politics and this post is one the worst. And then to top it off, I have to be subjected to Dave and Marcus’s inane comments! They have topped off a very bad post by Eric.

        • Richard, the whole subject of climate change is so intertwined with politics it cannot be separated, and the claims of the CAGW advocates they are just discussing “science” are risible. Your post comes down to “shut up, my sides losing”.

      • ? Not sure what you mean about my side is losing? What “side” do you think I’m on!!!?? But Tom, you have a good point. Hard to separate all the time politics from science, but no harm in trying as much as possible? My view is that this blog is an excellent source of scientific fact, and one of the things I particularly like about it is the posting of papers and opinions across both sides of the argument. But to state it again. What has Eric contributed with this obsequious, purely political post? It’s a turn off. I’m not interested.

  106. OK, you all look at it from an American point of view which is normal. Let me tell you what most people think in Europe, average ones like those who voted for Trump in your country,( not like our present leaders also paid by your oligarchy), I just could not believe I was awaken when I heard Obama and Clinton glorifying themselves for being champions of Peace all over the world, when you see all the ruins they leave in all the countries they touched. Trump is a little as a cowboy in the arena of wolves but he has to learn and he is for an America which is in Peace with the World and starts curing its own diseases before wanting to cure those they imagine the other countries have.The American debt is colossal and Trump is first a business man and he knows that you cannot do proper business with countries you have ruined.The principle of healthy business is two-ways, based on exchange and helping countries to raise up to the capacity of exchanging not only pumping their wealth.
    We in Europe and I personally, who also speak for Russia which I very well know and its culture and language,we just expect from Trump first to be a man of dialog and Peace. With the Bush, Clinton and Obama clans ,American has lost little by little the respect its best people deserves from the World and not its Oligarchy.. It just united more and more countries against it and this is a great pity.
    Rather than believing most of your devoted medias to your oligarchs, learn the true history of Europe and you will understand that this paranoia of your leaders so far against Russia is ill founded because it is based on a monopolistic view of America which average american people could not care less and it is not only utterly ridiculous because our future world has to be democratic that is multi polar which the UN should be and is no longer.
    You protesters who voted for Trump, your responsability is to help him and protect him so that he won’t have the same fate of President Kennedy who also was going against Wall Street and the oligarchs. To help him remain in what promises he made and soften some others he perhaps was to quick to formulate considering his temperament. Your problem is that he is not yet and experienced diplomat and politician but this is also you chance.
    America can be a great people when it is the true people who govern and not a wealthy and egotist minority.
    God Bless American and it new President!
    S. Mullins

  107. In addition to moving forward, we need teams to look back at the tactics used to oust Sen. Ted Stevens to secure a Dem majority for Obama and we need to know the extent of misuse of IRS authority.

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