The Two Faces of "Green" Hillary Clinton


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Politico – According to Wikileaks, at the same time Hillary Clinton was wooing the support of radical greens, at a behind closed doors meeting with pro-energy unions, she was telling those same radical greens to “get a life”.

HILLARY CLINTON: It’s [Keystone] symbolic and it’s not going to go away. They’re all hanging on to it. So you know Bernie Sanders is getting lots of support from the most radical environmentalists because he’s out there every day bashing the Keystone pipeline. And, you know, I’m not into it for that. I’ve been– my view is I want to defend natural gas. I want to defend repairing and building the pipelines we need to fuel our economy. I want to defend fracking under the right circumstances. I want to defend, you know, new, modern [inaudible]. I want to defend this stuff. And you know, I’m already at odds with the most organized and wildest. They come to my rallies and they yell at me and, you know, all the rest of it. They say, ‘Will you promise never to take any fossil fuels out of the earth ever again?’ No. I won’t promise that. Get a life, you know. So I want to get the right balance and that’s what I’m [inaudible] about– getting all the stakeholders together. Everybody’s not going to get everything they want, that’s not the way it’s supposed to work in a democracy, but everybody needs to listen to each other.

And we need to do– you know, nuclear, talk about climate change — nuclear is no greenhouse gas emissions. France has it for nearly 100% of their energy– they’ve never had a problem. We’ve had two problems that people know about: Chernobyl, which was a disaster and [inaudible], and you know Three Mile. Right, those were the problems we had. We’ve come a long way from there.

So I’m willing to defend and to really burrow in, I will say, you know, I don’t support the Keystone pipeline because I don’t think we need to do that. I think we need to repair, rebuild, take care of what we’ve got on the platter here. But I also think that the federal government has to be the partner. You can’t do this. I mean whether it’s a Fed discount window or a new fund, because it’s not just pipelines. It’s exploding sewer lines. It’s broken water lines. It’s all of the construction that is under our old cities. It’s all falling apart. And so I want a major investment in fixing up what makes our cities work. Now, I don’t want to leave the rural and suburban areas out, but the oldest — going back to Abraham Lincoln — but the oldest stuff in the ground is in our cities.

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Radical Green and Sanders Delegate Bill McKibben had a very different impression of Hillary’s view on green issues.

In fact, one of the lowest points in my years of fighting climate change came in late June, when I sat on the commission appointed to draft the Democratic Party platform. (I was a Sanders appointee, alongside Cornel West and other luminaries.) At 11 p.m. on a Friday night, in a mostly deserted hotel ballroom in St. Louis, I was given an hour to offer nine amendments to the platform to address climate change. More bike paths passed by unanimous consent, but all the semi-hard things that might begin to make a real difference—a fracking ban, a carbon tax, a prohibition against drilling or mining fossil fuels on public lands, a climate litmus test for new developments, an end to World Bank financing of fossil fuel plants—were defeated by 7–6 tallies, with the Clinton appointees voting as a bloc. They were quite concerned about climate change, they insisted, but a “phased-down” approach would be best. There was the faintest whiff of Munich about it. Like Chamberlain, these were all good and concerned people, just the sort of steady, evenhanded folks you’d like to have leading your nation in normal times. But they misunderstood the nature of the enemy. Like fascism, climate change is one of those rare crises that gets stronger if you don’t attack. In every war, there are very real tipping points, past which victory, or even a draw, will become impossible. And when the enemy manages to decimate some of the planet’s oldest and most essential physical features—a polar ice cap, say, or the Pacific’s coral reefs—that’s a pretty good sign that a tipping point is near. In this war that we’re in—the war that physics is fighting hard, and that we aren’t—winning slowly is exactly the same as losing.

To my surprise, things changed a couple weeks later, when the final deliberations over the Democratic platform were held in Orlando. While Clinton’s negotiators still wouldn’t support a ban on fracking or a carbon tax, they did agree we needed to “price” carbon, that wind and sun should be given priority over natural gas, and that any federal policy that worsened global warming should be rejected.

Maybe it was polls showing that Bernie voters—especially young ones—have been slow to sign on to the Clinton campaign. Maybe the hottest June in American history had opened some minds. But you could, if you squinted, create a hopeful scenario. Clinton, for instance, promised that America will install half a billion solar panels in the next four years. That’s not so far off the curve that Tom Solomon calculates we need to hit. And if we do it by building solar factories of our own, rather than importing cheap foreign-made panels, we’ll be positioning America as the world’s dominant power in clean energy, just as our mobilization in World War II ensured our economic might for two generations. If we don’t get there first, others will: Driven by anger over smog-choked cities, the Chinese have already begun installing renewable energy at a world-beating rate.

In this war we’re in—the war that physics is fighting hard, and that we aren’t—winning slowly is the same as losing.

It would be a grave mistake for the United States to wait for another nation to take the lead in combating the global climate emergency,” the Democratic platform asserts. “We are committed to a national mobilization, and to leading a global effort to mobilize nations to address this threat on a scale not seen since World War II.”

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If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, somebody is going to end up very disappointed. It is anyones guess whether the radical greens get shafted, or the pro-energy unions, who accepted Hillary’s assurances that she supports fossil fuel infrastructure investment.

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      • “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” -Ernest Benn

      • Minor correction, SMC: “Politics as the Democrats practice it is the art of looking for trouble…”

      • RockyRoad, the Republicans are no different. The Socialists, erm, I mean Democrats, just have the bit in their teeth at the moment.

      • True dat, SMC. However, I’ve never seen the lies and distortions applied like the Democrats–Harry Reid lied that Romney didn’t pay his taxes and when asked about it by some reporter after the election of Obama, Reid admitted he lied but justified it by saying “But we won”.
        Lying is a problem with both parties but currently the Clintons have taken it to new depths.

      • “…Clintons have taken it to new depths.”
        Nah, they’ve just been caught at it. Unfortunately, they’ve had the right people in the right places to make it officially go away. And, the MSM is trying their darndest to make the story disappear, too. But, that cat is out of the bag. Hopefully it’s enough to keep her from being elected.

    • Who could possibly know who will pay the bigger bribe? She lies with abandon, and the Clinton Foundation is just pay to play….
      The confusing part is so much of her lying is not necessary and doesn’t even make sense…her first reaction is to lie
      I firmly believe the media, etc etc has desensitized the American public and lower too many of us into accepting what used to be low class behavior….we have lost the ability to recognize white trash…or any color trash for that matter….
      The Clintons are the poster child for white trash..but now that type of behavior is accepted

    • She has taken almost every possible position, on almost every issue, at one time or another. She has succeeded in appealing to everyone, because they all believe what they want to, that she is telling them the truth but lying to everyone else. It is impossible to tell what she will do, with the except that we know she will continue to lie.

  1. Half a billion solar panels is about half a million every working day for four years. That’s going to require tens of thousands of solar panel installer, who are little more than glorified roofers. Although she may consider these well-paying “green jobs”, I doubt many new graduates will find them attractive, even if their degrees are “free”.

      • There are very few roofers that are legally working in the part of the country where I live. they probably pay no taxes, but they are the hardest working group as far as I can tell. I respect their hard work.
        Probably a large part of their pay is sent to family in another country, so there will be little benefit to our economy in terms of a boost in goods and services.

      • A friend down the pub usually falls into the next scheme going and over the last few years has being selling soffits and facia then loft insulation then solar panels then heat pumps. Always wondered if that’s three new green jobs created even though it’s only one individual doing them….

    • When something intrinsic (education, for example) becomes “free”, it almost always become “worthless” just as fast.

      • When I studied physics at a UK university, I was fortunate enough to live at a time were that education was “free” ( fees were paid for those whose family did not have the means and I got a small student “grant” that was just about enough live on since we were used to having nothing at home).
        That enabled me to use my evenings to study instead of doing moron work in fast food chain and putting myself in economic bondage with bank loans.
        I do not consider that education “worthless”. It gave me a solid grounding in objective scientific analysis and enabled me to get into some very interesting work including spectroscopy and at one time computer modelling of radiation interactions with meteorological phenomena.
        Don’t tell me that was worthless.
        Now UK students ( except in Scotland ) have to run up huge personal debts to get the same opportunities I had and doubtless will get forced feed material that has been manipulated to “raise awareness” of climate change rather than objective science.
        That probably has far more worth that the education I got for “free”.

      • I agree with Greg.
        In any case, education is not free. It is paid for in your taxes. The general rule, better educated, better job, higher earnings, more paid in tax. The government gets the money back but it is spread over the working life of the individual.
        Higher education should only be charged to non nationals, but some of the ‘worthless’ degree courses should be scrapped. Standards have definitely fallen these past 40 or so years.

      • I got my graduate diploma “for free”, but I paid for masters and PhD. The free graduation diploma was earned by hard academic work, and compared with nowadays millennial paid for walk-through diplomas, I got much more.
        So in essence, regardless of curriculum changes, I can’t accept idea that paid for diplomas are somehow more meritorious than “free” ones. Point is that someone paid for those “free” diplomas, and with expectations that it will do “him” good. A side benefit was that even young people with no financial means could gain a diploma. You get more talent that way.
        Also he who pays the piper calls the tune. We didn’t have ridiculously useless studies such as gender studies.

      • Here in Germany education is free, even unversity. And students even get a loan/support from the state to have a living. But it is not really free, the community has agreed to pay for it. So it is not worthless, even when a single person has not to pay for it. Or is German science so bad after all?

      • richard verney – October 15, 2016 at 9:10 pm

        but some of the ‘worthless’ degree courses should be scrapped. Standards have definitely fallen these past 40 or so years.

        The exponential increase in ‘worthless’ degree courses ……. and the necessary reduction in “standards” that have been implemented under the direction of Educational Administrators in both the US Public Schools and US colleges during the past 40 or so years has been a purely intentional “act” to create ……. a Not-for-Profit publicly funded “money-making” highly profitable business ….. wherein all “profits” are distributed among the employees and consultants based on Degree status, job title, seniority, longevity, etc.
        And when the employees start grumbling and complaining that their “share” of the “profits” is insufficient to support their choice of “lifestyle” …… the Administrators just increase the School Tax Levey Rate and the “real property” owners fess up tens-of-thousands in additional “profit” dollars for distribution among the Administrator and Teachers …… and iffen there is some of those newly collected “profit” dollars remaining then they will be distributed among the lowly ranking employees.
        And ps, my first two years of college (59 & 60), my Tuition cost me $50 per semester. But I had to pay for my books, my eats and my share of the apartment/room rent.

      • Greg,
        I Lived in UK in the early 70’s and remember that only a select few who scored high on critical tests got a free college education, the rest had to go out to work to pay for others “free” education. There was little opportunity for those who did not score high on the tests to go to college.
        My question to Hillary, which is never asked by the complicit media, is what are the academic qualifications for this FREE college education? Many in the high schools today throw away the opportunity for getting a good education (all races including white), in fact in some communities, good students are mocked and verbally abused. Do those who have wasted an opportunity also qualify for free college.
        Finally, I worked part time through high school, played in bands, and saved enough for my first year of college. I went to a co-op college and was able to save enough in industry for 6 months to pay the tuition for the remaining years.
        I worked in a grocery market in high school and learned a lot about how to deal with people, so it was a valuable learning, although it was a challenge to balance homework with fewer hours due to working. I think it was a benefit to learn how to be more efficient in later life and meet challenging demands in industry.

      • A comparison of this same university, in-state-tuition: my father paid $50/semester, I paid $600/ semester, and my daughter pays $5200/ semester. Pretty good school–University of Wisconsin-Madison. That’s moving at a multiple of 10 per generation. This is reasonably affordable for our family, but out of state people pay $30,000/ year or more. You have to be a TOP student to get accepted in state. The out of state students have far lower standards to get in and they pay much more. So you are competing for that low tuition in the same way that you would compete for a scholarship. Dad could pay for himself working summers and vacations, and for an extra $25 he got maid service! I had to have my parents help. My daughter could not hope to afford to go without loans or support. Now on the topic of worthless degrees, that is another story…..

      • The liberal plan is to give everyone a free secondary education. Problem 1, less than 50% even graduate high school. Drop out rates in Oregon, I hear, are 74%.
        In those countries that offer free education, it is not available for everyone. Germany has, or at least had, a two track system. Some go to university, others to trade schools. That would work here as well, except I don’t think Americans would accept the State telling them what they can do with their lives.
        In the 70’s, when I was in college, there was a strong incentive to study, get good marks, and stay in school. It was called Vietnam. It cost about $250 a quarter to stay in school. 26 years later, when my daughter started college (in-state tuition) it cost $5,000 a semester. Prices are driven up by all that free money for student loans.
        Free secondary education for everyone, regardless of ability, makes no sense.

    • How long will it take to build a factory here in the United States, and get it up and running to produce 500,000 panels per day? Oh well, I guess we’ll be buying the cheap foreign panels for at least the next four years. What is the life cycle of crap foreign solar panels? When they crap out will we have to pay for them again? Let’s put some on the White House and see how they look.

  2. Even after “He said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said . . . “, we will get to see which of radical greens or pro-energy unions gets the shaft only if the Democrats also win both House and Senate.

    • Well the Tea party sent up many of their number to the house and senate to get those things done that needed doing, and they simply weren’t up to it. so I don’t think it matters much who controls the Congress. They just don’t have what it takes to do what needs doing.
      We have a de facto dictatorship.

      • George, it does make a difference, we will have many more OBAMACARES and 3/4 Trillion $ pseudo shovel ready stimulus packages that reward contributors and environmentalists if the Dems have control. I share your disappointment, but there is a difference and fossil fuels would be more limited due to regulations, etc. and fuel costs will rise to Germany levels. Giving unauthorized $$$ to Iran, the UN, Cambodia, etc. is a big stretch of his powers. A Dem Senate would pass all these treaties making them binding, and assure a supreme court that does not believe in the Constitution.
        If you haven’t heard Trey Goudy on this subject, check him out, it is one of the best speeches ever:

      • Throughout the West, we have a de facto dictatorship.
        It is not government by the people for the people, but rather government by a select elite for the benefit of that select elite.
        I do not like Trump but he is by far the lesser of 2 evils and he may shake the system. The system needs a good shake and a thorough clean out. It is all very depressing.

      • I do not like Trump but he is by far the lesser of 2 evils and he may shake the system. The system needs a good shake and a thorough clean out. It is all very depressing.
        Indeed. The problem is that career politicians with no clue about anything have risen to the top. There is no one there who is a true visionary who understands enough of the world to even begin to attempt to run it. That doesn’t stop them pretending, though.
        In fact the global economic social and political system is as impervious to useful analysis as the worlds climate.
        We may have simply built systems so complicated we can’t control them, simultaneously with developing a communications system that seems dedicated to propagating the faux ‘Liberal’ proposition, that we can…

      • The world in in a popular uprising similar to the one that was epitomized by the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The folks then took on a murderous police state and won.
        All the yobs have in DC is propaganda.
        I would say that many around the world are hoping the “American Spring” will be successful.
        On this election!

      • October 15, 2016 at 9:15 pm

        I do not like Trump but he is by far the lesser of 2 evils …..

        October 16, 2016 at 2:48 am

        Indeed. The problem is that career politicians ….

        Why is it that so many people claim that they “do not like Trump” ….. and so many other people claim they agree with the person that said they didn’t like Trump …… but very few if any of the aforesaid “Trump dislikers” never ever offer a legitimate reason(s) as to why they think or believe that Donald Trump is not capable of performing the Constitutionally MANDATED duties of POTUS?
        Emotional decisions” being made by females and girley-men should not be prerequisite criteria for determining the most qualified person for the job of President of these United States of America.
        If you do not employ “logical decision” making for choosing your preferred POTUS candidate to cast your vote for, …… then you really should refrain from voting in the General Election.
        Fringe issues of a “personal” nature won‘t make one (1) damn bit of difference whether or not America’s current socio-economic status improves and/or survives into the next century.

      • Samuel C Cogar October 16, 2016 at 6:44 am :
        You have a sea of acid to your left and a sea of snakes on your right with a few stones to serve as a walking path. Do you admit defeat and jump into the acid or on top of the snakes and await defeat? Or do you try for the stones and try for the 2% chance to pass?
        That is pretty much what’s going on here. No one likes the idea of falling into the snake pit, but it offers a slender chance at getting through where your other option is “no chance”.
        It’s a fairly logical stance to take.

      • And all of this is about the Bilderberg Gang. These elites meet totally secretly, they meet surrounded by literal military troops and anyone who tries to approach is arrested. They issue zero reports, they hide everything. This is the gang who created the EU, for example. Both top Republicans and Democrats belong to this secret society. People like Bill Gates and Bezos who owns and the Washington Post belong. Industry, business and banking top people belong. They are the ones cooking the books and forcing things and lying about science, money and politics.

      • Arsivo —
        Rephrasing the story of Scylla and Charybdis as a walk between a sea of snakes and a sea of acid? Admittedly in the myth there was not that middle path between Scylla and Charybdis for Odysseus (he chose Scylla losing only a portion of his crew) which you add in your revision of the famous tale.
        Eugene WR Gallun

      • Arsivo – October 16, 2016 at 7:09 am

        You have a sea of acid to your left and a sea of snakes on your right with a few stones to serve as a walking path. Yada, yada, yada and another yada.

        Arsivo, ….. just what exactly was it that you didn’t comprehend or understand about the context of this statement of mine, to wit:
        …. but very few if any of the aforesaid “Trump dislikers” never ever offer a legitimate reason(s) as to why they think or believe that Donald Trump is not capable of performing the Constitutionally MANDATED duties of POTUS
        Or was your response just a “sneaky” way of telling me that you only believe in Fairy Tales, ……. fictitious parables, ……. ancient myths of gods, goddesses & supernatural beings, ….. any blatantly false agitprop that is touted by the DNC, …. anything mouthed by “paid for” Democrat talking heads, …… all things mimicked by highly partisan proponents of the Democrat Party …… and/or everything you read in newspapers published and/or edited by committed Democrats?
        Just claiming to be “a loyal lemming of the Democrat Party” would have sufficed as a truthfully great response.

      • Donald K..
        I am well aware that it takes 2/3 vote by the Senate to pass a treaty but there are often Rino’s who decide not to go against the President because he/she was elected by the majority. Remember Harry Read changed the Senate rules on several issues to pass legislation including Obamacare. The other mystery is how Obama buffaloed and lied to the Senate somehow on the Iran deal which should have required 2/3 Senate approval. That did not happen!
        Remember he has given Iran Billions to enable them to arm and harass our troops.
        There is no accountability with a complicit media when the opposition is afraid of the MSM attacks as they did to Cruz who tried to stop illegal Presidential actions.
        Note the changes for Judges which has happened under Obama :
        ” If any Senator objects to unanimous consent, then a cloture motion must be filed in order to end debate and move to a vote. Cloture motions for judicial and executive nominations require 51 votes to pass. If 51 Senators support cloture, the full Senate will vote on the nomination, with a majority required for confirmation. If fewer than 51 Senators support cloture, debate continues and a confirmation vote cannot occur. This is known as a filibuster. Prior to the November 2013 Senate rules change, all cloture motions required 60 votes to pass. Now, only cloture motions for legislation and nominees to the Supreme Court require 60 votes. If any Senator objects to unanimous consent, then a cloture motion must be filed in order to end debate and move to a vote. Cloture motions for judicial and executive nominations require 51 votes to pass. If 51 Senators support cloture, the full Senate will vote on the nomination, with a majority required for confirmation. If fewer than 51 Senators support cloture, debate continues and a confirmation vote cannot occur. This is known as a filibuster. Prior to the November 2013 Senate rules change, all cloture motions required 60 votes to pass. Now, only cloture motions for legislation and nominees to the Supreme Court require 60 votes.”

  3. She has the faces of Janus.
    Looking to the past, the green hippies… and to the future of real energy independence and American self sufficiency.
    Can’t blame her for being shrewd. …but she is still a self-serving monster.

    • Cerberus.
      Usually depicted with three faces (heads). The “brazen-voiced hound of Hades.”
      But I gotta admit that our Heracles comes in odd form.

      • .. William Blake’s 3rd circle of hell ( Dante ) inhabited by the Cerberus and the gluttons. (The Cerberus (Hillary) managed to escape from Eurystheus) … oh my heavens!! Say it ain’t so.

    • Paul Westhaver,
      ” self serving ”
      She’s not, if SOMEONE jammed all the radio frequencies (transmitter in her ear ) and published her medical dependency behold, the idiot!

  4. She’s a life long politician and a lawyer before that. Two faces, three faces …. whatever it requires.

  5. I am glad you published this as it presents another good reason to support Hillary Clinton. Although against the pipeline, she is at least appreciative of nuclear power which we desperately need more of. And apparently, she has not signed on to Bill McKibben’s extremism. Of course, I think Tump would have been better on energy policy, but he has has effectively self-selected himself out of the race with his insane antics, name calling and constant bellowing.
    We shall have to get by with Clinton and more divided government. I sure hope Hillary and Paul Ryan will sit down together and make some deals to enable the country to move forward. We can’t afford more stagnation.

    • Gosh, Tom, you are actually basing a vote for HRC on what she says? She lies incessantly. I’m afraid you are being gullible in the highest degree, and you are being had by a master (mistress) of the craft of lying. I pity you if you don’t re-examine your position.

      • To pu t it another way, we are lucky there is money to be made for Hillary from fracking because that is how Hillary bases her decisions. She will promise something to your face and a minute later throw that promise away based on what is good for Hillary. Stay with a Bill? Good for Hillary. Tell Greens one thing and Wall Street another? Good for Hillary.

    • You mean the way Paul Ryan and the Republicans, while not necessarily sitting down at the table to toast Obama’s giveaway of the Internet to the UN, they sure didn’t (despite majority status in both houses and the U.S. public’s 80% polled opposition to the giveaway) stop it.
      And, as far as divided government goes, if my memory serves me the Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and a lock on the House in the first two years of Obama’s presidency. How did that get-things-done-government work out for us?

      • The CIGI, Ontario Canada, and Chatham House, U.K. were the two main parties behind the Internet give-away.
        Use Internet search and enter: CIGI + Internet. Both of these organizations are “think-tanks”.
        Jim Balsille, Canadian tycoon who runs the CIGI and George Soros are known associates through the Institute for New Economic Thinking, New York City. Both are founders of INET along with William Janeway.

      • Tom Judd,
        Do remember Hillary telling all those lies about her email set-up when the story first broke? And as each lie was dissembled or proven outright false, she continued to concoct new lies. And then make new lies when those lies were discovered as false.
        Hillary’s first instinct is to lie when caught doing so ething illegal or unethical (which the Clintons do in spade). Her 2nd instinct is to make a new lie in response to the first lie being discovered. And so on.
        Hillary is a parhological liar which no one should trust. The only thing you can depend on Hillary and Bill to do is to look out for Hill and Bill. And Anyone who gets in their way gets rolled and destroyed.

    • That’s hysterical….a guy does it and it’s insane antics, name calling and constant bellowing.
      close your eyes and imagine Hillary’s a guy then!! LOL

    • but he has has effectively self-selected himself out of the race with his insane antics, name calling and constant bellowing….
      Lying constantly about anything and everything, breaking the law, deleting 10’s of thousands of emails and swearing under oath she handed them all over, the absolute queen of nation building and wars, taking bribes and claiming they are tax deductible donations, ………. and some figginloon is talking about antics!
      Trumps strongest endorsement is that Paul Ryan is against him…….
      Democrat….Republican parties
      …same dog different collar

      • Don’t forget that she also wants “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, sometime in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it” which is what Europe is now faced with and not working out so well; the purpose of which, of course, that she as a corporate shill, has pointed out that corporate business and profits would vastly increased as a result.

      • Europe’s problem is that they tried to create a political union. So long as it was limited to an economic union, there were no problems.

    • Him… Clearly you didn’t understand the b’s. She won’t do what she says,. This stuff is just what she says to get elected. Soros or Steyer and or the Rockefeller may pay her for choosing the the killing American democracy and going for new world order elitist centrally planned control. This gal doesn’t care which way it goes. She is for sale.

    • It’s easy to support Hillary. What every you want to hear, she’s said it sometime. Just plug your ears the rest of the time. >¿<

    • Tom Port,
      Could you please list a few things Mr. Trump has done which you personally consider to be “insane antics”?
      I hear much chatter about this supposed propensity, but am not able to identify what exactly is being referred to . . it seems to me it’s mostly that he won’t utilize his magical power to prevent mass media talking heads from acting outraged on cue. Seriously, it looks like synchronized staged outrage to me, and I don’t see how he could prevent it.

    • For some amusement and perspective please Google “Energy Curiosities”. The Left if not challenged will continue to mess up whatever they touch.
      Clinton and Ryan would be equivalent to the Wicked Witch of the North and Count Dracula.
      Bob Hoye

    • Hillary is America’s Evita and anyone supporting her will have no place to complain. In reality Clinton is worse than Evita Peron. Hillary held high office and everything she touched got worse. So in Hillary we get the corruption of Evita Peron, faux foundation and all, plus incompetent leadership.

    • she is at least appreciative of nuclear power

      So what, she is also appreciative of …… multi-million dollar “bribes” that she expects to be given for her “influence peddling”.
      Tom Port, iffen you believe anything that Hillary Clinton “says” or ”claims” …. then it is quite obvious to me that you are somewhat “clueless” as well as being “gullible” ….. and therefore would probably “take things back that you never took in the first place”.

    • Tom Port said: I sure hope Hillary and Paul Ryan will sit down together and make some deals to enable the country to move forward. We can’t afford more stagnation.
      Tom, don’t hold your breath in hopes for that.

    • Tom Port —
      You support the destructive policies of the Left? The world you grew up in will not be the world of your children. They will be much poorer and far less free. They will be marching down the road to serfdom because their parents, people like you, failed to protect them — failed to uphold the Constitution which is a document meant to limit government and its power over citizens.
      There is a simple economic truism proved time and time again — the bigger the government the worst the economy.
      And another that parallels it — the bigger the government the less free its people.
      Eugene WR Gallun

  6. Hillary Clinton being that two-faced is the only reassuring thing about her. She probably isn’t a true believer on climate change, but trying to predict which group she is trying to pander to or sell out to is unpredictable. My personal preference is to see her following politics from a minimum-security prison, but she might not be a total disaster.

  7. “If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, … ”
    Not to put too fine a point on it but I think that statement’s a little in error. I think “wins” should be changed to “acquires”.
    Usually when somebody ‘wins’ something we assume they competed, fair and square, against an opponent. Simply go to Google and type in ‘Hillary travel schedule’ or ‘Trump travel schedule’. Nary a day goes by when Trump isn’t on the stump (forgive the rhyme), oftentimes in multiple locations. Hillary? … not so much: In fact; not at all. When she does suit up in her $12,000 burlap sacks to go out and about it’s only for fundraisers. It’s her minions who are out on the stump – and not so much either.
    And, never in my 62 years have I ever seen a media so brazenly corrupt, so weighting the bat, so in the tank, so disgustingly tilting the playing field as these ultra selective propaganda organizations masquerading as news sources behaving to insure the election of a family dynastic fossil into the WH.
    No sir, Hillary will not have won the WH, she will have been carried in on the back of corruption, falsehoods, half truths, deception …

    • Technically she could “win,” but not “fair and square”
      The word “win” just means you came first place in a race. There are many ways to do that in a corrupt system.
      “He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.”
      (Washington Post, Sept 29)

      • The Democrat’s most reliable vote (at 100%) has always been the dead vote, the illegal alien bussed in vote, and the felon vote.

      • On the other hand, Democrats tell us that minorities aren’t smart enough to figure out how to show a driver’s license when asked for a photo ID.

    • Well of course they did, how else would you expect the Dems to claim that “Even a large number of Republicans are voting for Hillary” if that vote wasn’t properly stacked

    • Unless they are switching just to become Republicans who are voting for Hillary.
      “Just look at the thousands of Republicans who support Hillary”

  8. What makes everyone think Hillary is two faced?
    She has fare more than that, one for every occasion, that is trotted out any time there is a $ to be made.

  9. I hate to make this observation but our dearest Hillary looks a tad out of shape for someone who supposedly possesses the reflexes, the athleticism, the sprinting ability, the stamina, the alertness, the agility, and the steely nerves required to be able to dodge harrowing sniper fire while simultaneously accepting delicate flowers from giggling, shy school girls who obviously didn’t know, as Hillary so well knew, the danger they were in there in Bosnia.

    • Tom Judd
      Her lies are big
      Her lies are small
      She lies when there’s no need to lie
      The strangest lies of all
      Bosnia is one of her strange lies that there was absolutely no “need” for.
      Eugene WR Gallun

  10. A common-sense view from Canada…..
    1. THANK GOD I don’t have to vote! A pox on both their camps!
    2. Whoever wins will have to address the pressing issues of, and forward from Day 1. Starting with the major threat to World-peace, war-crime candidate and opportunist, Putin.
    3. If I were American, I’d hope and expect that the successful candidate has the moral, intellectual, objective (from the perspective of US interests) and gutsy characteristics to best perform the job..

      • It took the Canadian MSM ten years to force PM Harper out of office. A decade of vitriol and Harper was polite. If Trump were polite he would be facing the same vicious attacks as he is getting now.
        What was Harper’s offence? He tried to reintroduce the concept of limited government.

      • “He tried to reintroduce the concept of limited government.”
        Exactly. Only the other day The Great Leader was whining about the EU allowing some obscure little backwaters like Austria and Belgium to block passage of the new EU-Canada trade deal.
        The funny part is that some of the lefties who voted for The Great Leader are now saying that he should block the deal because it’s so bad for them, even though he was for it when they elected him. If I remember correctly, only the NDP were against it, but the left voted Liberal because ‘ANYONE BUT HARPER!’

    • I pray to God that some day we in California will again get to vote. The politicians here have rigged the elections for Senate so that we can only vote for the Democrat of our choice (and no write-ins allowed.) In at least one congressional district (mine, but probably others also) that is also true for the House. It’s fair to conclude that third party candidates will never again appear on the general election ballot. But then, totalitarians, both left and right, seem to like de facto one-party systems.

    • Ah how to have peace in the face of this:
      “Though the French-proposed U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 claimed the no-fly zone implemented over Libya was to protect civilians, an April 2011 email [archived here] sent to Hillary with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold” tells of less noble ambitions.
      The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered “Francophone Africa.”
      Until the voters wise up to the propaganda and start electing those who aren’t in the pocket of the corporate/wealthy/power elite, nothing will change.

  11. Hillary and Bill just bought another house next to a house they own in Chappaqua, NY. This is in addition to their house in Washington and another in Arkansas. That’s at least 4 properties the Clintons own. Doesn’t sound very green to me.
    After losing to Hillary for the Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders bought his third property. Again, Bernie is not really a greenie, at least if you look at his actions and ignore his words.

    • I thought one of Bernie’s “selling points” was that he hadn’t become filthy rich while in politics.
      On the other hand, it was surprising how quickly he decided to support Hillary after the primaries were over.

  12. The (truly insane) political Left in general, and Hillary Clinton as an individual, has lied so much, so continually (to the point now of outright criminal conspiracy–specifically promulgated as such in the 2016 Democratic Party platform–to suppress “climate skeptics”), and Trump has told so much truth about the absolute corruption of our system by that party, and the dogmatic incompetence of both major parties, that it should be apparent where one should cast one’s vote, if one wants the United States of America to continue to lead the world in ANYTHING, in the long term. Trump is the only one who will properly shake up both parties. It is utter folly to think the voting public can continue to elect people like Barack Obama, dedicated only to lying to the public to keep it in check, and have any hope for the future of the country. I voted Democratic for President through 8 straight presidential elections, from 1976 through 2004. I wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. But as a willing arm of Obama over the last two presidential terms, she is, I now know, unworthy of ANY position of authority, as Obama himself is so obviously unworthy. I now know her to be a liar, while Trump tells the truth, however harsh that truth sounds to those who are comfortable now, and wish not to rock the boat (which they are told, and choose to believe, is doing well enough for them, though it is actually foundering, in an unprecedented flood of self-righteous lies and suborned, supposedly authoritative institutions, amid diminishing individual hopes and needs).

  13. Is Chernobyl in one of those extra 7 states I’d never heard of until Obama’s told me there were 57 states?

  14. Bill Clinton used to tell his buddy Sydney Blumenthal that in 100 years there would be no United States. That it would cease to exist as the entity we know (because of changing demogaphics). Bill didn’t seem to be too worried about the prospect. He seemed to think it was inevitable. I’ll bet Hillary shares the same sentiment (along with a lot of other Leftists).
    So how hard will you work for a country that you don’t think has a future? Thinking that way, you would probably just look out for yourself, and not worry much about the future of the nation.
    I don’t have a cite for this tidbit. It was a long time ago. But I do have a memory. I don’t think the Clinton’s feel all that much loyalty to the good ole USA as founded, based on their statments in the past.

  15. There’s another interpretation, and the one that an unaffiliated voter like myself appreciates. The culture wars and uncompromising narratives have reduced climate science and politics to name calling. Demonizing the other side dominates the discussion. Luke warmers, whether in climate science or politics, are a threat to both sides, and are ridiculed, demonized, silenced, if possible.
    There are some like Kasich who take a middle, center right (or center left) position. I’m the almost extinct moderate who votes for that kind of candidate. Those moderates who are center right or center left need to appeal to a range of voters to their right and left in order to have a chance of getting elected. That involves the sort of compromise and attempt to find common ground that enrages those “pure” and uncompromising right-wingers and left-wingers. We see it in climate science. We see it in politics. From the wikileaks, it appears to me that Hillary is very aware of the coalition she needsin order to get elected- the Sanders voters to her left and the blue-collar Democrats and dis-satisfied Republicans to her right. Can a politician possibly do that without being called dishonest and all sorts of names? I think she’s probably doing as well as possible given the historic division, anger, lack of trust, and lack of civility.

    • With guys like Obama and Reid doing nasty illegal and ethical things, the time for civility has past.

    • “The culture wars and uncompromising narratives have reduced climate science and politics to name calling.”
      Sure, inanimate/impersonal things did it . . Not the people with real power, just some happenstance type stuff, which we can’t fault anyone who’s been in power for, eh, Doug? You know, that “establishment” thingy so many are fed up with? Not their fault, you figure?

    • Cecil E cook Jr the anthropologist calls it the ‘radical center’. Some people are radically opposed to extremism and demand a space at the center of the political spectrum which does not extend merely left to right on a thin line. Social and economic problems do not exist in ‘Flatland’. They exist in three dimensional space.
      I am so weary of the artificial Left-Right concept. It is a hundred years out of date. The world is developing into a federated system of governance. Now make it work properly and stop living in frontier-land.
      Some ideas, like retaining the right to beat the crap out of other countries, is an idea that has to die, just like the idea that collective security cannot and should not be established. Why should 90% of humanity have no effective say in the running of the planet? The other 10% can hardly wipe their bottoms yet retain a veto over who should solve problems. The fact that Russia can veto any Security Council resolution that requires them to stop bombing hospitals and bakeries in Aleppo is lunacy.
      A commenter on TV said today that wars usually stop when both sides no longer have any desire to kill more people. The warmongering nations might be surprised how many people in the big wide world have no desire to kill anyone, ever. They want an effective and honest UN that will protect them. They don’t want a big brother to call on. Big Brothers have a habit of stealing their lunch money.
      The new General Secretary of the UN: He is a former head of the organization ‘Workers International’ (the international Communist Party). If he starts delivering real instead of lip service protection for ‘junior members’ of the UN Club, you can be sure he will be very popular. If he reforms the UN and delivers some democracy at the international level, ditto. It should be obvious by now that the Western nations are not all that enthusiastic about the prospect of all people having a vote with any meaning. We are actually in a worse position than when the League of Nations formed because as a planet we lost the momentum to end wars. War is becoming popular once again. We’ll have to see how that pans out.
      Above all, people want justice. There is no justice in war. There is no justice in communist oppression nor economic exploitation a-la-Capital One or ‘carbon trading’. The sage saith, “Let’s try peace for a while. If it turns out peace is not better, it will be easy to return to fighting.”
      Whoever comes into the White House will be in war and at war before they make it to the Oval Office door. If they don’t take the lead in reforming the UN, someone else will. The world is impatient and they don’t care much for the hurling of names. Grow up and get on with it.

      • “The sage saith, “Let’s try peace for a while. If it turns out peace is not better, it will be easy to return to fighting.”
        Tell it to the Bad Guys. If they stop presenting threats, then there will be peace. Don’t bet any money on that happening, though.
        It takes two to have peace. It only takes one to cause war.

      • If they don’t take the lead in reforming the UN, someone else will. The world is impatient and they don’t care much for the hurling of names.

        1,000% correct you are, ….Crispin in Waterloo, ….. reforming the UN should be a #1 priority, and iffen the UN General Assembly refuses to begin doing said post haste …… then the US should CANCEL their membership and then DEMAND that the UN move their “operations” off-shore within the next five (5) years, … preferably to some “cool and rainy” deserted island in the North Atlantic.

      • Samuel C Cogar
        The USA effectively controls the UN, that is why it is located where it is.
        They also control the World Bank and other historically important international levers of control that impoverish other nations. The USA blocked China joining the world bank so they set up their own. Big mistake. Other countries are now joining.
        China’s philosophy is, that for China to prosper its trading partners must prosper. The USA appears not to embrace these ideals.

      • Ozonebust,
        Please don’t refer to the one’s calling the shots right now “the USA” . . the people are the USA, and the ones calling the shots right now are not doing what the people in general want done, it seems obvious to me. Speaking of the “ruling elites” of a given country as if the country itself, is just something those “elites” like to have their presstitutes do, it seems to me . .

      • Regarding this federated world government, resistance is futile.
        As to retaining the right to beat the shit out of other countries. After you disband your military, what do you do when some other country wants something that you have. Beg, please don’t.
        Regarding collective security, maybe you should ask the former soviet republics how well that works when the Russian bear declares that it wants to re-integrate you into it’s dictatorship?
        Even if we were to create a world government and give each individual one vote, 90% of the world would still have no say in how the world is run.
        What you advocate has never worked, for the simple reason that stupid ideas never work.
        Regarding Russian vetos of security council resolutions, so freaking what? Do you actually believe anyone gives a flying flip about security council resolutions?
        The UN protecting people? Now that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in days.
        There is no justice in a peace that imposed on a people by right of conquest either. And that’s what you get when you disarm.

    • As LBJ used to say, there’s only two things in the middle of the road. Yellow lines and dead skunks.
      For the most part, so called moderates have no philosophy of government, they just pick whatever idea sounds the best to them at that moment in time.

  16. Things have gone south with Russia, but I have the feeling Hillary will hit the reset button. What? Never mind.

    • Trump should bring a Big Red reset button to the last debate and ask Crooked Hillary to push it to see if it helps our White House Boy Blunder Obama get our “asses out the crack” his incompetence has put us in with Russia and Syria. Putin entire strategy has been to humiliate Obama and he’s winning by miles.
      Just remember folks, Obama’s National Security Advisor is Susan Rice (who lied on 6 different Sunday talk shows about Benghazi). Obama’s Director for Natioanl Intelligent is the senile Gen Clapper who could recall the NSA metadata program in Congressional testimony and apparently did remember until Snowden exposed it. And our Sec State is Lurch, the guy who threw his Vietnam war medals over the White in protest against war.
      Folks, we’re screwed with that B team even if Obama had a clue on his own (which he obviously doesn’t).

  17. Hillary does understand her private jet (and AF 1) need fossil fuel to get her gatherings with her other elitist friends. She understands modern yachts need diesel fuel even if they have sails.
    But she would have no problem signing a bill that imposes stiff carbon taxes on fossil fuels. Rich elitists like her, George Soros, and Tom Steyer can afford those taxes. Heck they might even be deductible of income tax returns (another welfare loophole for the wealthy). She also understands Chelsea needs to have access to fossil fuels for travels in 30 years and she can’t allow the unwashed deplorables to use up all that non-renewable fossil fuel for their SUVs and bass boats.

  18. I wouldn’t worry too much about what Clinton is going to do about climate changed once she is in office. She’s a pragmatic (which is different from being honest) politician who understands that the one thing that will get you thrown out of office every time is sewering the economy. She’ll take steps that are cosmetic, and little more.
    If you’re going to worry, worry about what Barking Insane Obama is going to do before he leaves office.

    • She’s pragmatic only to the extent that she doesn’t usually try for more than she can get at any given time.
      She’s as hard core leftist as is Obama, she’s just willing to work a little more slowly.

  19. Wow!
    She sounds exactly like …. a politician.
    But, altogether pretty pragmatic, I think. She sees the advantages of gas and nuclear, and tells the greens what they want to hear.

    • You could be correct, or Clinton could just be hostage to ex-President Obama holding her feet to the fire with a file cabinet full of damning criminal evidence against Hill and Bill.

    • markx
      she sounds like,,,,, yep, but most of her talk comes out the wrong end.
      Trump is not a politician and that is the trouble, having overseen an empire that employees more people than some countries, employing hundreds of accountants, deciding yes, no, or OK, ( with advice ) on the spectrum of all, he is a “if it don’t work don’t paint it person ” profit, profit, profit. success, success, success. All the dead wood into the fire !

      • There is a lot wrong with the system.
        There is more wrong with Hillary.
        But if Trump is the answer…..
        ….. we’d better ask a different question.
        Put up with one term of Hillary, and try again next time.

      • markx, The problem with one term of hrc, one of many, is the damage she could do in four years, especially to the SCOTUS. Looking at the current composition of the court, and the ages of some of the remaining conservative/constitutionalist members, we could see a 6 or 7 seat majority of leftist judges, for the next 30 or 40 years. Of course, the number of justices on the court is not fixed, and has been as high as 15 at one time, but I don’t think we should gamble on being able to restructure the court at some future time, to undo all of the “legislation from the bench” that is likely to be inflicted upon us by leftists who believe the ends justify the means.

      • So sayith: markx

        But if Trump is the answer…..
        ….. we’d better ask a different question.
        Put up with one term of Hillary, and try again next time.

        Markx, ….. and just what is that “question(s)” that you think people will have to be asking if Trump becomes POTUS?
        Is it, ….. “Now where am I gonna get my next “FREE” Obama Cell-phone?
        Or, ….. “Where am I gonna get my “eatins” now that I am no longer allowed to feed at the government trough?
        Maybe this, …… “Now that I’ve lost my “cushy” no-work government job, where in ell am I going to find another one?
        Possibly, ….. “But, but but, ….. how could I possibly find a job and work for my living ….. when I have been drawing a Disability check for the past 20 years on account of my previous drug problem that began in my teenage years?

    • I am reminded of Obama’s first election. He, too sounded moderate at times. She will be a chip off the ol’ Obama block. And once in, they have incumbent status, which can be a tough hurdle.

  20. What do clinton,obozo,kerry,gore,the ag s who want to attack, exxon have in common? They are democrats. If you really care about the bullcrap of global warming and the policies being shoved down our throats vote republican.

  21. She actually might not be as bad as Trump on “Climate Change”… I know he stated that it’s a hoax, but he has changed his mind so many times. Let’s hope, cause I don’t see how Trump can beat her…
    (BTW – great that Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize for Literature. More deserved than Gore or Obama…)

  22. From Pickering Post;
    Yoko Ono, when asked, said of Hillary, “We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in”. “We had a brief romantic fling when I was with John in Manhattan and Hillary was studying at Yale”, she told reporters at a press conference.

    • You’ve been punked. This is from an easily debunked, humorous posting from an Onion-like website. You posting it here without even bothering to research its origin or validity tells a lot about your character and intelligence.

    • I hear Drudge is going to blow the lid off Hillary’s sex life on Saturday. I’m hearig it is not a pretty sight.

  23. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, somebody is going to end up very disappointed.

    Shades of our Prime Minister (of Australia) Malcolm Turnbull.
    Continually playing populism to the polls will guarantee disappointment and disillusionment,
    I think it was Tom Clancy who said trying to play both sides was a good way to get hit in both directions.

  24. “You unlock this door with the key of imagination.”
    “Beyond it is another dimension; a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.
    You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance; of things and ideas.”
    “You’ve just crossed over into….the Twilight Zone.”

  25. There are no “good” candidates for president, and there never will be. However, some are worse than others. From an anti-war outlook I find Mrs. Clinton to be the most dangerous candidate in generations. Let us hope that as president* someone convinces her than war with Russia and China will be disastrous.
    * Remember that it is not who votes, but who counts the votes that determines elections. See Stalin for details.

    • I don’t think it’s going to matter whether Clinton or Trump wins, when it comes to war with Russia/China/Iran. I think the next president is going to have to fight a war regardless and, it will be devastating.

      • there would be no tension at all with Russia had we honored agreements made at the fall of the USSR, and had we not started poking a stick at a sleeping bear for the past 24 years. Not satisfied with waking the bear, we now are poking the dragon with the same stick. The current USG (since the coup) in 1963, has been the most aggressive, war mongering threat to world peace in possibly all of human history. We know what the results of a Hillery presidency will be based on past history, deeds and words. Trump is an unknown, but has from the start of his campaign spoken of co-operation rather than hostility with the Russians–who are still no threat to our security, just as the numerous countries we have “bombed back to the stone age” have been no threat to our security. Trump, in my opinion is a slight hope for peace, Hillery no hope, as she is all ready a “made man” of the criminal (read MIC) organization that actually runs the place. I say slight hope, because if he wins he will be immediately introduced to the reality of Washington, and just who runs the show. If he refuses to play ball by their rules, he will not finish out his first term.

      • SMC
        Tensions are esculating between the USA and Russia, mostly because of USA actions. It is the USA that is putting warheads all around his borders, not the other way round. If you take the trouble to look and listen to what Putin has been saying for some considerable time, that the USA will not engage with him. Note the Democratic talk of Trump being friendly with Putin. One of the USA’s largest exports are munitions. War is good for business. Look at who has been supporting ISIS with weapons.

      • jvcstone and ozonebust, those are some… interesting thoughts. I’m confident we’re on opposite sides on the geopolitical argument though. Not that it’ll matter a whole lot if the shooting starts (I hope it doesn’t).

      • “Some folk dont like to confront reality.”
        So I’ve noticed. Let me be a little less polite…take your propaganda elsewhere.

      • SMC–just look at who is calling the loudest for war against an “aggressive” Russia–the very same people who called for war against an “aggressive” Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and the 40 or so other countries we have fomented chaos in and/or have boots on the ground in. How well is all that working out for the “people” of the united states.

      • Oh geez, jvcstone, go smoke your propaganda. Maybe you’ll mellow out a little. Last time I checked, the US is going out of it’s way to avoid a war with Russia and China and Iran. It’s communist Russia and China, as well as theocratic Iran, that are spoiling for a fight.

      • It doesn’t look like propaganda to me, SMC . . your chit does. Neocon (once know as neoliberal) warmonger propaganda, to be precise.

      • Well JohnKnight, then you haven’t been paying attention. And, take your neocon/neoliberal/neowhatever labels and flush down an appropriate sewer.

      • Good God NO!
        It won’t be the US that launches the first nuke. It’ll be China or Russia or Iran (if they have them, which I doubt, at the moment)…or maybe those idiots in North Korea, if they can ever figure out how to do it, reliably. But, once a nuke is launched, and it impacts and detonates, all bets will be off. Both Russia and China have nukes as part of their war plans in the event of war with the US. Since both Russia and China are likely to kick things off against an ally of the US, it’ll draw the US in immediately. As such, both Russia and China will likely launch preemptive strikes against the US. Both Russia and China believe they can survive a nuclear exchange with the US. Both Russia and China believe a nuclear strike against the US will destroy both the will and the ability of the US to fight.
        The best case scenario has a few nasty shooting incidents (conventional munitions) between the belligerents and then everyone backs off and reflects. I don’t think that’s likely though. Any shooting incident between Russia, China and the US will very likely escalate, quickly and in a devastating fashion.

      • “The best case scenario has a few nasty shooting incidents (conventional munitions) between the belligerents and then everyone backs off and reflects. I don’t think that’s likely though. Any shooting incident between Russia, China and the US will very likely escalate, quickly and in a devastating fashion.”
        So, what do you favor?

      • It really is fascinating how some people are dedicated to ignoring all the bad stuff Russia has been doing and how eager they are to blame the US for the crime of not immediately acquiescing to the latest Russian territorial aggressions.

      • Mark W.–could you and SMC please provide some documentation for your claims of Russian and China aggression. NYT and Washington (or any MSM for that matter) post don’t count as they are known propagandist for the regime.

  26. “We’ve had two problems that people know about: Chernobyl which was a disaster and you know, Three Mile. Right, those were the problems we had.”
    That might be the most blatant lie of omission I’ve ever seen.

  27. People don’t like Hillary, even the majority of Democrats who will vote for her.
    It will be the worst Presidency in history. How is she going to work with Congress. Will there be any rational voices in the White House (everyone will be bullied and fired the instant they do not tow the line).
    It will be very strange watching the office descend into chaos and disdain. Hopefully, it will only be for four years.

    • Wikileaks on twitter.
      As with climategate MSM is ignoring it.
      Hillary’s 33,000 emails to drop 1 November.

      • “Hillary’s 33,000 emails to drop 1 November.”
        Interesting. Looks like Wikileaks has all her emails. I imagine there are a lot of people around the world who have a copy of her email server. At least if all her emails are made public, the Russians and the Chinese won’t be able to blackmail her into doing their bidding. For whatever that’s worth.

      • Hillary’s 33,000 emails to drop 1 November.

        I’ve been telling ya’ll for the past months n’ months that Putin, and most probably North Korea, China, Iran, Pakistan, etc., all have copies of Hillary’s 33,000 emails, ….. as well as all of the thousands of Bill Clinton’s “deal making” Emails with foreign governments, dignitaries, etc. …… and well as thousands of other E-mails and documents that were transmitted to or from Hillary’s “UNPROTECTED” basement Server…… as well as data/info resident on other US government Servers connected to the same “secure network” …… simply because Hillary’s “UNPROTECTED” basement Server was an “open portal” through which most any “hacker” could acquire unrestricted access to US government secrets, etc., etc.
        Haven’t ya’ll figured out as to EXACTLY why the FBI recommended “NO prosecution of Hillary”?
        Well “DUH”, to prosecute Hillary the FBI would have to reveal the contents of those E-mails ……. and no government employee in a position of “authority” wants the public to know the contents of those E-mails.

    • The real issue with the emails is that she hosted all kinds of top secret US information on a completely unprotected server in her basement. I mean as Secretary of State, if she used her personal server while in China or Russia, they would have certainly been able to trace it and then it had very little cyber protection.
      Wikileaks has shown that any number of organizations are capable of breaking and grabbing every piece of info on this type of server. Even Obama was emailing her. She was explicitly told this was prohibited for Secret information and it was too risky to do but she didn’t listen and didn’t care.
      She cared more about avoiding freedom of information requests and Congressional subpoenas than maintaining national security.
      Now she is going to be in charge of all national security matters and will be main person to enforce Law. You don’t put a person with zero integrity in charge of that. Same goes for Trump.

      • “Now she is going to be in charge of all national security matters and will be main person to enforce Law.”
        I wouldn’t bet any money on Hillary getting elected.

    • Just think how disastrous a HRC administration will be for women’s rights–after she starts more wars, the economy collapses, etc etc, every thing wrong in the world will be blamed on women instead of the Russians. (sark?)

  28. I have watched a lot of political campaigns and seen a lot of Leftwing smears take place, but there has never been the kind of intense smear campaign against a Republican candidate like this current one against Trump.
    They have hit Trump with everything they can come up with, yet Trump is climbing in the polls, within the margin of error on the new NBC poll, and leading the Rasmussen and LA Times polls. Something is going on in this country and it doesn’t look good for Hillary’s election, imo.

    • Something is going on in this country and ….
      “YUP”, and that “something” is, …….. Donald Trump has awakened the “Sleeping Giant” within the American populace ….. that consists of 100+ MILLION US citizens that are Registered and/or qualified voters who haven’t bothered to “vote” in a General Election for the past 12 to 24 years …… simply because it was a waste of their time to do so because nothing in DC was going to change.
      But with Donald Trump, their “hope for change” now becomes a reality and thus a reason to “cast” their votes come the November Election.

      • I heard a comment today that might have some significance. The pundit said that all these polls are *not* polling newly registered voters, because if they have not registered previously, the pollsters don’t know about them and don’t call them.
        And then you think about the huge numbers of new voters that have registered, that are not being asked their opinion. My guess is most of the new voters are signing up for Trump, not against him.
        Trump got more Republican votes than any other past Republican candidate in history. Vast numbers of new voters are registering. Large numbers of Democrats are reregistering as Republicans. Trump is getting huge crowds at all his political rallies.
        The instant realtime polls done on tv to judge the debates always show the independents and the Republicans favoring Trump over Hillary. I don’t think I have ever seen one of these polls favor Hillary.
        A Fox pollster had a group of about 30 independent voters, who had not chosen a candidate yet, listen to the last debate. After it was over, he polled the room on who they would vote for and the vote was something like 35 votes for Trump and seven votes for Hillary (votes in November, not who won the debate).
        Hillary does not have this thing in the bag by any means from the indications I see.

      • Large numbers of Democrats are reregistering as Republicans. Trump is getting huge crowds at all his political rallies.

        Yup, and that was necessary for them to do to be casting a “vote” for Trump in most Primaries …… but it’s not necessary to re-register for the General Election.
        And we shouldn’t be forgetting the astronomical number (tens-of-millions) of I-phones and Cell-phones that are currently in use and there is NO Telephone Book or “list” that contains all those new telephone numbers ……. and thus there is NO WAY for “pollsters” to contact the owners of those phones.
        The 2016 General Election is going to be a “repeat” of the 1936 General Election, to wit:

        The presidential election of 1936 pitted Alfred Landon, the Republican governor of Kansas, against the incumbent President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. For the 1936 election, the Literary Digest prediction was that Landon would get 57% of the vote against Roosevelt’s 43%
        The first major problem with the poll was in the selection process for the names on the mailing list, which were taken from telephone directories, club membership lists, lists of magazine subscribers, etc. Such a list is guaranteed to be slanted toward middle- and upper-class voters, and by default to exclude lower-income voters. One must remember that in 1936, telephones were much more of a luxury than they are today.
        Read more @

    • Smearing the reputations of their opponents is the only tactic the progressives have when folks refuse to be swayed by their propaganda of fear and protection from boogeymen.

    • It says a lot that this life-long democrat now republican (Obama did that) is willing to vote for a self-proclaimed unapologetic womanizing, narcissistic, blow-hard over a self-proclaimed unapologetic world class, victim of all men, narcissistic politician.

      • I was a democrat of the jfk persuasion, progun, anticommunist, prounion as a young college student. Today’s democrats are communists in general. More and more government, less and less freedom, more and more fostering of dependence to gain control. Government during my lifetime has not shown itself to be competent, nor trustworthy. Trump is definitely a flaming egomaniacle butthole but infinitely superior to Hillary on every conceivable measure. And perhaps he’ll clean out some of the big government, hypocritical republicans as well. All the right people hate him so he must be good.

      • Be very careful how you let the Clinton political machine paint Trump: Huckabee ran against that same political machine in Missouri and they used the same playbook against him as they’ve done for the past half dozen presidential elections: Lies, lies, and more lies, especially if the lies will persuade straight-thinking Americans to avoid a candidate because of the possibility the womanizing allegations might be true. Both Clintons are masters of subterfuge and deceit.

      • RR,
        I believe none of what the Clintons or their campaign say. Trump has painted himself as a flamer by his observed behavior, however, as I said above, he is still 1000% better than Hillary. The Clinton tactics obviously do work, however, with some folks. The communists historically have used the tactic of repeating a lie over and over until many people believe it. Same tactic.

    • As Ted Nugent said during the primaries…
      “Obama is against Trump
      The Media is against Trump
      The establishment Democrats are against Trump
      The establishment Republicans are against Trump
      The Pope is against Trump
      The UN is against Trump
      The EU is against Trump
      China is against Trump
      Mexico is against Trump
      Soros is against Trump
      Black Lives Matter is against Trump
      MoveOn.Org is against Trump
      Koch Bro’s are against Trump
      Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump
      Bonus points
      Cher says she will leave the country
      Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
      Whoopi says she will leave the country
      Rosie says she will leave the country
      Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
      Gov. Brown says California will build a wall
      Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!”

    • Oh my, my, …… such dastardly disturbing comments about a Political Star.

      I’ll go with the egomaniac with the bad hair.
      Trump is definitely a flaming egomaniacle butthole
      a self-proclaimed unapologetic womanizing, narcissistic, blow-hard
      Trump has painted himself as a flamer by his observed behavior,

      It is really too damn bad that Donald Trump is not a Movie Star, ….. or a Rock n’ Roll Star, ……. or a Country n’ Western Star, ……. or a Soccer Star, ……. or a Pro Football Star, ……. or a National Basketball Association Star, ……. or a Dancing With the Stars Star, ……. because iffen Donald was one of said Stars then most probably 80% of the population would be touting their “luv” for him …… and no one would dare stand up in front of God and everyone and “badmouth” Trump so bad that a fly wouldn’t alight upon him.

  29. I don’t care what the so-called experts say…I’m preparing for colder winters. Jack Frost is about to freeze the words right out of their mouths. So much depends on what happens in November. It is the last chance to stop the insanity of faux global warming claims and realize that mother nature is about to deliver a sucker punch, thanks to the sun taking it’s next periodical nap, IMO. Enjoy the faux fantasies and the faux election rhetoric (aka lies) from all directions. Vote for the real science – not Hollywood scary reality attempts, if you don’t want to follow the same path as the Romans, into political chaos.

  30. Hillary Clinton is an environmentalist, but the “Greens” aren’t. They don’t give a damn that the manufacture of “green” stuff poisons the environment. The “green” movement has been successfully waylaid into crying about CO2.
    Hilarious… but it means they’re not watching the destruction of the planet’s ecosystems.

  31. It appears that many believe in one face or the other, and many believe the authenticity of both faces as presented in emails. That is a mistake. I believe in the 30,000 emails that were deleted, not the ones we can read. And I would not call her two faced. She is more in line with Medusa and every snake head is a different side of this woman.
    There is no way in hell or this universe that this person should ever see let alone be inside any of the governmental buildings or monuments ever again. Our vote should in essence tar and feather her then send her out of town on a rail.
    So what do we have left to vote for? Good f#@%ing question.

    • Pamela
      Your dignity, vote to try and recover that.
      At least take a chance with change. Like they did in the early 1960’s. Most people are afraid of change, it brings uncertainty. Unless the USA embraces a free thinking radical, with the balls to change the system, you, and the rest of the world that the USA treats like pawns will not progress.

    • @ Pamela Gray – October 16, 2016 at 9:32 am

      Good f#@%ing question.

      Mercy, mercy, me, ……. such gawd awful language being uttered by a female.
      Pamela, your above comment is/was far, far, far worse, dastardly and demeaning than what Trump was recorded as saying ……. simply because Trump didn’t know his “colorful” comment was being recorded and wouldn’t have wanted it recorded …….. whereas with your above “colorful” comment you wanted it to be recorded and therefore you recorded it for the whole world to read.
      And there is even more irony involved in the above scenario, and that is, ……. males are always “held accountable” for such actions, ……. whereas females are seldom if ever “held accountable” for such actions,
      HA, that’s gotta be one of those “equal rights” thingys that the females are always demanding.

  32. Whoops, was supposed to be this one, A little humor in the midst of this train wreck we call an election.

    • Jeff Hayes: Too funny (in wit, wisdom). Pamela Gray: too true – and too bloody sad. My daughter (if she had a vote – we’re Brits) said she would vote Clinton, and I got the impression that was because HRC is a woman. Other than that, my daughter has no idea of the history of this thing, and her Dad is not about to tell her (she has fingers in ears, lalalalalala).
      When American sneezes, GB catches a cold, they say. Well, WTF will we catch if HRC is elected? Penicillin is not going to cut it.

      • Some Brits seem to get it, and some have no clue apparently, Harry . . and that goes for Europeans in general. It’s as though many actually believe it’s their potential displeasure that keeps the wolves at bay . .

      • Harry, my current lady friend is the same as your daughter, and she does get to vote. All she is interested in knowing is what the Clinton News Network has to say about either. Wonder if she’ll still be coming around after nov.8 ??

      • GB may simply catch a cold, but to those of us North of the 49th – thanks to our know-nothing WWF now former honcho inspired puppet provincial Premiers, PM and other assorted political pontificators – we are sustaining (you should pardon my use of the word) an epidemic of virulent PC – and CC, aka Climate Change – Influenza.

      • @ Harry Passfield

        My daughter ….. said she would vote Clinton, and I got the impression that was because HRC is a woman.

        Me thinks your “impression” was 100% correct.
        And that is exactly why the Pollsters are claiming that a great majority of US females have stated they will be voting for HRC.
        It is an emotional decision on their part and thus, subconsciously, they “reason” that in this combative HRC verses DT election feud, ….. that it is absolutely no different than any “divorce feuding” ……. and as most everyone knows, ……. other females will most always support the female that is engaged in “hotly” contested divorce proceedings.
        And it matters not to the aforesaid “female supporters” ….. as to what all the “divorcing female” is or was guilty of, regardless of how dastardly it might have been.

  33. “Cornel West and other luminaries” Hahaha. neither Mckibben nor West have ever illuminated anything. Both are nasty little ideologues scrapping a living from the fringes. That either was asked to write a major party platform should illuminate how deep the partisan divide has become in the US. With few exceptions the middle has vaporized and we are locked into opposing camps. I cant speak for others but I will never allow a Cornel West to dictate his fuzzy hateful ideology onto me and mine. Ain’t happening. See what I mean.

  34. Fox News / WikiLeaks Bombshell
    Clinton campaign chair John Podesta lamented that a Muslim, not a white man, named as killer in 2015 massacre.
    “Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk [sic] was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.”
    What a sad thing the Democrats have become…JFK must be rolling in his grave.

  35. For the most part the MSM has had a mega phone in voters ear trash talking Trump . CNN is lead pit bull .
    The gang up on Trump by left wing liberal media is on full display and if he can overcome their assault or lose narrowly it will confirm the ongoing loss of stature of the MSM .
    The MSM promotion of the scary global warming con game is not about saving the planet it is about aligning interests . The MSM want government subsidy of their failing business model . The only way they get more tax payer cash is to promote the governments new carbon tax and subsidies to “renewables “

  36. If any other nation is foolish enough to go whole hog in order to take the lead on climate change, it deserves whatever it gets regarding lost jobs and higher consumer costs. Just look at how Canada has recently been pushing for a form of carbon pricing and the amount of opposition it’s receiving, and it’s a safe bet it won’t come anywhere close to reducing its emissions targets. In fact, estimates show that with its current climate plan, it will fall 40% short of its 2030 goal.

  37. The good thing is that Hillary is able to see some of the truth, albeit behind closed doors. But as ristvan says in the very first comment, who will pay the most for the truth a President Clinton chooses to accept?
    I would actually be surprised if that was worse (on this specific point) than the incumbent.
    Any ‘sensible’ politician would regard the fossil fuel industry primarily as a source of potential funding, even if they want to destroy the Western Industrial Civilisation it has created. Hillary probably understands that, and I’m not convinced that Obama does.

  38. …Hillary Clinton is the easiest politician money can buy, until she changes her mind…with a big CASH donation….

  39. A Lewandowsky thought: in 1991 democrats were facing a President H W Bush at 90 percent approval. Thier heavy hitters stayed on the bench. Little known Bill Clinton won the Presidency with 43 percent of the popular vote because Ross Perot split the Republican vote.
    In 2015 Bill Clinton urges another billionaire businessman to give it a shot. You can’t predict the results exactly but chaos in the opposition ranks is it’s own reward. This is where our politics stand today. Qui bono

  40. No one who values their nose from bleeding would call me a fence sitter. Fortunately I have no sense of smell left after Wetvalley (aka Willamette Valley) left my sinuses in the dust along with any vestige of democratic leanings. Yet I still have to plug my nose and vote for the blow-hard guy with octopus hands. Why?
    Because I hate the thought of Hillary continuing this smarmy mothering (which is actually smothering) of those she thinks are down and out. The very LAST thing the middle class and lower needs right now is a hand-out. If we continue on that route every last ounce of pioneering grit of the kind that built empires will be wiped out. No one will have a self-made or private business job. No woman will rise above the glass ceiling to create whatever the hell she wants. No person of color will have any color left. No man will be man enough to protect what is his. We will all be washed out brainless no-doers, sucking at the teat of that woman.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if Kellyann Conway Trumps campaign manager was at the top of this ticket. Glass ceiling broken and the most conservative president since Reagan. But alas….

  41. I was hoping this post was over.
    However Hillary and her promoters are the face of the Kleptocracy.
    Parasites rich and powerful from ripping off the taxpayer.
    Clueless as to how fragile their hold on power really is.
    Kleptocracy crashes and burns, as soon as the host recognizes their bandits.
    The Modern Progressive is kleptocracy,without shame or restraint.
    Best thing about this election,all the fools and bandits are openly colluding.
    Revealing themselves for all to see.

  42. She’s a lying fascist. This country is doomed in so many ways, if the Hilbabeast gets elected. She belongs in prison.

  43. The Great Horse Manure Crisis of 1894.
    Japan Attacks US December 7, 1941
    Y2K Crisis.
    Global Warming Crisis, 1987-2012.
    US Presidential Election November 2014.
    I would hazard that in 2056, no one at that time will remember or even know about these “troubles”.
    Good! 🙂

  44. What disturbs me is almost complete absence of science in these arguments. The closest we get is Hilary pointing out that “…nuclear is no greenhouse gas emissions. France has it for nearly 100% of their energy– they’ve never had a problem.” But the consequences of this reality are completely ignored in what follows. She stops short of recommending nuclear for us despite the fact that this would make the entire green struggle to control emissions unnecessary. For anyone who still believes that carbon dioxide is the devil, adoption of nuclear should solve 99 percent of their problems. Their failure to understand this or, or better, their irrational opposition to the nuclear alternative, is fueled by a dishonest “green” propaganda machine. Not that I regard nuclear to be problem free – it has problems that one by one have been and are being fixed. Adapting nuclear would free us from having to pay trillions to try to change the climate which is completely impossible. That is because we are being lied to that carbon dioxide is heating up our atmosphere by its greenhouse effect which we must stop by any means possible. To convince yourself that this is a lie, do this: get hold of the global temperature curve starting from the year 1850, from either NOAA, GISS, or the Met Office. Put it next to the Keeling curve of carbon dioxide from Mauna Loa. What do you see? The Keeling curve is smooth from 1850 on but the world temperature curve is jagged. Its jaggedness is caused by numerous ups and downs of global temperature that greens tell us are caused by the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. If so, these warn temperature peaks must be matched by increases of carbon dioxide from the Keeling curve at the exact same times. It turns out that the Keeling curve, the world depository of atmospheric carbon dioxide, has no counterparts of CO2 to any of these global warming peaks. Hence, there ids no carbon dioxide available to create global warming. Conclusion: carbon dioxide is innocent .None of these global warm peaks can be caused by the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect. And I want a refund of all my taxes that have been spent to change the climate by an ignorant and irresponsible government.

  45. The outcome of the media frenzy to destroy Trump is that some people will be cowed into public silence especially in the presents of liberal company HOWEVER inside that voting booth it will be a different story .
    It isn’t that Trump is not great in fact sadly it has little to do with Trump at all . The Clinton’s are essentially seen with a long history of low morals and honesty challenges . Self dealers who talk like preachers accumulating vast wealth while the failed promises of empathy and resolution are an optical illusion .
    Low morals , dishonesty and an increasing audit trail of high paying donors directing the Democrat show .
    The public has seen enough to know who is the better of two really poor options.
    Trump should by all accounts lose every debate to show he is no polished puppet .

    Canada and the USA have stood together in war and peace for the past several hundred years – except for some unpleasantries during the War of 1812, when you burned Toronto and we burned the White House. Nobody here likes Toronto, so we still think we got the better of that deal. 🙂
    A USA election is imminent. For most countries, I suggest that the question of a Hillary vs a Donald would come down to “who gets energy right (Donald), and who gets it utterly wrong (Hillary).”
    Cheap, reliable abundant energy is the lifeblood of society, and our very cheap fossil fuel energy should provide our two countries with an overwhelming economic advantage, IF the greens would stop sabotaging our economies to advance their far-left political objectives.
    Since the USA is a global power, there are more issues than just the domestic economy – I don’t think you need any more foreign wars for a long while, except to exterminate terrorist gangs. So you might ask yourself who is more likely to start a needless foreign war that will further bankrupt your treasury.
    The USA should stick to token “weekender” invasions like Grenada. You might consider Quebec – they’re nearby, they’ve been acting up for quite a while, and you’ve already done Toronto. 🙂
    Best regards, Allan

  47. I know your site is balanced and avoids bias, so I am really looking forward to your hatchet job on Trump to show the extent of your political neutrality. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • “I know your site is balanced and avoids bias, so I am really looking forward to your hatchet job on Trump to show the extent of your political neutrality. I’m not holding my breath though.”
      It’s not up to Trump supporters on this website to do a hatchet job on Trump. That’s up to the Hillary supporters. Go ahead, have at it. Noone is stopping you. Sing Hillary’s praises for us.

  48. Hillary might have some other blackmail vunerability: Bill allegedly took a lot of illegal foreign campaign contributions for his last presidential election, mostly from China. If this actually happened, the Chinese might be able to dictate Hillary’s decisions if she is elected. The Chinese don’t even need to hack Hillary’s server.

  49. Over the weeked an Republican field office in NC was fire bombed.
    That is the future that the Democrats have for anyone who disagrees with them.

  50. Pledging 10x more solar is 10x worse if it continues the pattern of 1) rewarding high cost versions of solar like rooftop applications, 2) throwing taxpayer money around like it’s still an immature start-up industry again at the expense or ignorance of the low cost leaders that already attained volume, and 3) ignoring the patchwork of state and local regulatory confusion again rewarding high cost players with demonstration projects and programs. Utility scale and community scale are the only logical solutions but even there with even handed low bidder wins from financially and technically qualified bidders to the exclusion of political plays.

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