A reply to @HillaryClinton and @Algore on climate and weather

While attending a rally with Al Gore in Florida today, weather became climate.

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore campaign together at the Miami Dade College on Tuesday in Miami. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore campaign together at the Miami Dade College on Tuesday in Miami. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Here is the video (h/t to WUWT commenter Alan Robertson)

Hillary Clinton later made the statement on Twitter:

Followed by Al Gore saying:

“from a tropical storm to a Category 5 hurricane in just 36 hours, that’s extremely unusual”

Maybe, as I don’t have stats on that, but Matthew only spent 6 hours as a category 5 storm, the record was the “Cuba” hurricane in 1932 with 78 hours as a Cat5.

What crisis? The worst hurricane ever to hit the USA was The Great Galveston Hurricane in 1900, which killed up to 6000 people, long before CO2 ever became an issue.

Today, we have an 11 year hurricane drought of Cat3 or greater failing to make landfall on the USA.


We have hurricane damage losses which are down:


We have hurricane and tropical storm frequency which is flat to slightly down.


Figure from Dr. Ryan Maue: Last 4-decades of Global Tropical Storm and Hurricane frequency — 12-month running sums. The top time series is the number of TCs that reach at least tropical storm strength (maximum lifetime wind speed exceeds 34-knots). The bottom time series is the number of hurricane strength (64-knots+) TCs.

And Tornado deaths are down too


Pardon my french, but WHAT CLIMATE CRISIS as they view it in weather terms? Their pitch of a load of bollocks!

Today’s Weather Is Hardly Unique

By Patrick J. Michaels

recent study out of Princeton shows that whether people feel global warming is making hurricanes worse is more related to political predilections than reality, while global trends show no change. But what about global temperatures, Louisiana’s disastrous flood and California’s incandescent fire season?

Since satellites began measuring lower-atmosphere temperatures in 1979, the observed warming has been only one-third of what would have been forecast by today’s computer models, and the rate of surface warming has even slowed since the late 1990s, according to the new “homogenized” temperature history from the Commerce Department.

Glib attributions of recent weather (as opposed to ‘climate’) phenomena are more wishful than reality.

Make no mistake, though, carbon dioxide concentrations have increased and surface temperatures are high, compared with the last 150 years, and the three-dimensional patterns of change (latitude, longitude and altitude) are partially consistent with that increase. So, when there is a natural warming event, like the recent El Niño, it superimposes upon already warm temperatures and results in a record, globally and sometimes locally.

That’s hard to dispute. But glib attributions of recent weather (as opposed to “climate”) phenomena are more wishful than reality. Last month, Commerce Department scientists showed rain data vary so much that “no evidence was found for changes in extreme precipitation attributable to climate change in the available observed record.” What’s good for the U.S. is also good for Louisiana.

Another group of researchers, some with the same department, showed that California’s strong recent warming, which raises the likelihood of drought and enhanced wildfires, is best explained by oceanic temperature patterns from which any carbon dioxide signal had been removed.

And, are today’s high temperatures unique in human history? There’s strong evidence that the Arctic Ocean could have experienced long periods of ice-free summers for approximately four millennia after the end of the last ice age (6,000-10,000 years ago) and some evidence it was globally warmer 1,000 years ago, too.

That’s science, and not what we fear may be true based upon our personal philosophy.

And then there’s this: Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective

153 thoughts on “A reply to @HillaryClinton and @Algore on climate and weather

  1. Here’s a link to the Al/Hillary rally. I couldn’t stand to watch but a minute or so, but if you’re feeling extra froggy, have at it:

    Ps Hillary looks fine in her $12,000 jacket, sort of.

    • My impression of Donald Trump is to say “you’re fired” in his accent with an angry look of my face. My impression of Hillary Clinton is to hold my nose in the air so that I am looking down at you. Look at Hillary in the freeze frame of this YouTube video, it proves my impression.

      • ..Not to mention, Who the Hell buys her clothes for her ?? She looks like Chairman Mao on his worst day !!

      • She is now going to go into hiding for a couple of weeks. No scheduled appearances except for the debate. Apparently, they do not want to take the chance on her having her meds stop working in public for a bit. The past 2 debates, she went into hiding around 3 or 4 days prior to it. The conjecture was that this was to give her a drug holiday so that when she was in the debate and medicated it would have a better effect. From the externalities we have seen, I am giving significant credence to the Parkinson’s diagnosis. For her to hide that disease would be criminal, but she is thus.

      • “For her to hide that disease would be criminal, but she is thus.”
        Like the way FDR hid his disease?

      • FDR never hid his physical affliction from polio from the public. And he could stand up if he was wearing leg braces. Used to go to Warm Springs, Georgia for physical therapy.

      • alex – I assume you meant you would give
        an impression of “The Donald” firing Al Gore.
        Marcus – As to Clinton, she needs to wear these heavy
        coats to cover up the corsets and strapping required to
        keep her standing upright during these “performances”.
        Also concealed beneath, are the radio transponders,
        batteries and wiring for her hidden microphones and
        earpiece, so that she can communicate with her handlers,
        and they can tell her answers in debates, which make her
        appear considerably more intelligent and knowledgeable,
        than she really is in reality.
        Here is what “The Donald” has been saying in Florida
        about Clinton and those latest Wikileaks revelations.
        Donald Trump Exposes Hillary Clinton & The Establishment

        Enjoy !

      • Yesterday’s wikileaks dump included an e-mail in which Podesta, long time Clinton insider, described Hillary as hating ordinary Americans.

    • Hillary looks fine in her $12,000 jacket

      Today’s Golden Fleece award goes not to Al Gore for his role in “An Inconvenient Truth”, but to Armani Suits for getting $12,000 for a potato sack with arms.

    • Whole lot of Hillary head nodding going on- almost the entire Gore speech. Some have called attention to this as a Parkinson’s symptom. Beats me. When she nods in agreement, she doesn’t stop- just keeps nodding and then touches her face and the nodding stops.

  2. I’m sure the AGW crowd was most disappointed when Florida remained in the soft Northwest quadrant of hurricane Matthew. Kinda where Al Gore and Hillary were standing, figuratively taking the wind out of their sales (intentional misspell), so many are still not buying the warming snake oil.

  3. News Headlines still repeatedly claim that Mathew was “maybe” the worst hurricane to “eva” hit the U.S.A. ………..I personally followed the GROUND wind speeds of Mathew as it slid up the coast..Never did it’s Max wind exceed 100 mph on land…Are they saying the real time ground measurements were wrong ?

    • Give them a break. They had to wait a whole decade for climate change to kick in since 2005 so that a ‘cane could get strong enough and close enough to give them some ammo. Can you imagine having to wait so long for your messiah, just to find out he’s a dud?

    • What? Not even close. It was pretty feeble compared to many other stronger past storms. Preposterous statement.

  4. Well called out – the Hurricane Matthew hype is ridiculous. It has been the subject of similar politically motivated guff and hot air in the press this side of the pond too.

    • It seemed like the news orgs (and a few people at the NWS) were actually almost rooting for the storm to strengthen and landfall on the US just so they could go after Drudge. The smear job they did on him (saying hew was telling people there was no danger) for merely asking where the info was coming from which seemed hyped compared to measurements by people actually on-site was disgusting. They were preparing to murder him professionally but the storm turned out to be a popcorn f*rt for FLA.

    • Chris: And the subject of 16 articles on this very website. I read this site every day, but it has contributed to the nonsense by giving it so much coverage. I’m afraid even Anthony got caught up in the hype.

  5. Facts do not matter to these evil twins. Playing on the fears of the ignorant American population is what works …… always has, always will.

    • Gore and Clinton together. Gore defies a Congressional subpoena and laughs at Americans. Who does he think he is?
      Then all that some can write about is what Clinton wears?

  6. Two mad people together. Matthew rapidly decreased from a brief 5 down to 3 and then 1, I believe. Nothing to do with climate change, but these morons are both in the business of keeping the scam going as long as possible to maximise their financial gains. I note in her verbal battles with Trump, Killary has not mentioned climate change, because she knows it is now bottom of the list of concerns for US citizens. Just more proof of the common sense of the common herd compared with these elitists.

  7. The CBC sent a reporter to sit on the shore and await the approaching disaster, at some point he said was ‘where the storm was predicted to hit land’. Well, he was really disappointed and sent in what ifs and maybes and it “could have a storm surge 3, 4 or 5 metres high!”
    It stayed offshore and he sounded so-o disappointed. He wanted to cry ‘disaster’ at the top of his hysterical lungs and had to settle for threatening rain and climate disaster in the future.
    His breathless ‘almosts’ and ‘could haves’ were taped and repeated day and night, there being nothing much to crow about. He should have listened to WUWT which noted that there has never been an Eastern Florida landfall of a Cat 3 after 1 October.
    If it had come ashore, well we would have heard about how unprecedented that is. And for a change that would have been true, as far as we know. We can’t ask the locals because they were exterminated or driven to Oklahoma to be ‘plain Indians’.
    So the powerful hurricane drought continues, save between the ears of the converted where the wind blows free.

    • This isn’t new behavior. In 1985 Dan Rather was visibly upset during a live interview with NHC director Neil Frank because Hurricane Gloria–a massively hyped storm–didn’t cause enough death and destruction.

    • “We can’t ask the locals because they were exterminated or driven to Oklahoma to be ‘plain Indians’.”
      And they weren’t able to measure wind speeds, or storm surges, or anything else that might be pertinent.

      • My Grandmother was a planes Indian. She flew down to Florida every fall, and flew back every spring. ^¿^

    • Remember the Y2K death watch on CNN? I was waiting for the announcer to sob in utter frustration!

  8. Ye gods! Just what have US citizens done to have such political detritus foisted upon them?
    Well, history dictates you are given the government you deserve.
    So ding, ding, off your your stool America, time to come out fighting

    • ..Which would explain….Donald Trump’s amazing popularity….the “Silent Majority” has awoken…. !!

  9. “We’ve always had destructive hurricanes, but Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change.”
    How so, Hillary, Al? What makes Matthew worse than Camille, Carmen, Betsy, Katrina, etal? What does anthropogenic carbon dioxide have to do with Matthew that hasn’t occurred hundreds of times in the recent past? BTW, if climate change is responsible for Matthew, why hasn’t there been a Category 3 or worse striking the eastern USA in the past 4000 days? Thrill us all with your acumen.

    • How right you are. If I have to crawl over broken glass, in a fierce November gail, half starved, shoeless (ok, I’m getting a little melodramatic) to vote for the blonde haired one, I will.
      Best wishes.

      • OMG!!! It just dawned on me: Hillary’s got blonde hair too. Oops, I was talking about the Donald. Wow, I hope I didn’t jinx anything.

      • The most important thing is for Trump supporters to go out find the undecided and those that don’t usually vote and drag them to the polling booth so they VOTE. It isn’t enough for his supporters to just vote themselves and think the job is done.

      • They might both be blond, Tom, but I don’t believe for a minute that either of them are that way naturally any more.

    • I just got request for an EMERGENCY CONTRIBUTION from Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again Committee. You won’t believe how many bad things would happen should I not contribute $35 – $36,100. I wonder if he considered it before becoming a Republican; he could have run as a Democrat equally easily.

      • ..If you had a brain…you would note that it is a SCAM, not affiliated with Trump..Many warnings on the net…Simply LOOK at the URL it is coming from….”There is one born every day”…sigh ….!

      • It came in mail, with a business reply mail envelope included,
        P.O.BOX 1776
        MERRIFIELD VA 22116-9400

      • I read what others have said about this “request”,
        and yes such a request may seem like Trump is
        asking for huge donations, and from a seemingly
        genuine address, yet this is not actually a scam.
        So what is going on ?
        It seems a lot of genuine people use a P.O. Box 1776
        as a symbol of their desire to associate with that date !
        This is meat and drink to the scammer, who prey upon
        the general ignorance and knee jerk response of public.
        “Merrifield Virginia” is actually a suburb of Washington DC,
        The Zip code refers this time, to the suburban delivery office,
        Merrifield Post Office, Lee Highway, Merrifield, VA 22116.
        So in this instance it seems genuine, and indeed the webpage
        at official donaldjtrump dot com quotes this same exact address.
        However the Trump people have contracted out the mailshot
        and e-mail appeals to a separate business. It is they who are
        responsible for this haranguing approach and not Trump.
        It does appear as though this group was founded by the RNC
        and was agreed by Trump because of this funding loophole….
        Team Trump has 2 fundraising
        committees in partnership with the RNC:
        Trump Victory fund, and …
        Trump Make America Great Again Committee
        310 First St SE Washington, D.C. 20003
        or PO BOX 1776 Merrifield, Va 22116-9400
        The money raised for the first PAC will go toward the RNC,
        the Donald J. Trump for President campaign, and the state
        committees in 11 states (Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana,
        Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, with
        Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming).
        The proceeds from the second group will go
        toward the RNC and the Trump campaign.
        Raising money via a committee will allow the RNC and
        Trump to get cash far more easily than if Trump were to
        rely only on his campaign. Individual donors are limited
        to $2,700 per election when they give directly, but via
        these two fundraising groups they will be able to
        cut checks as large as $449,400.
        You don’t want these mailshots and e-mail spam ?
        Note this :
        To opt-out: the contact page has a webmail form
        or phone call at (646)736-1779
        Direct mail is by Left Hand Enterprises LLC. It is a front for
        Persuasion Partners. Washington Post article that talks
        about Left Hand and the other direct mail firms that
        Team Trump is using. Including Wizbang Solutions.
        From Politico:
        “Party fundraisers have informed some Trump-weary
        donors that they can earmark their donations to
        Trump Victory and another joint committee called
        Trump Make America Great Again Committee in such
        a way that all the money will go to the RNC, and none
        to Trump, according to a finance operative who delivered
        such a solicitation and a donor who received such a solicitation.”
        It seems clear from that remark, that this is an RNC initiative
        and not one from Trump himself, or his immediate team. Why
        would Trump want to have a donation system, that had an
        option to exclude these donations from going to his own team ?
        To opt-out of these 2 groups I would contact
        the National Republican Committee, to opt-out:
        send an email to eCampaign@GOP.com with
        “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.
        They are assuming you are opting-out of email,
        let them know if it is for physical postal mail, and
        call (202) 863-8500. Make sure you mention that
        Trump Make America Great Again Committee and/or
        the Trump Victory Fund are why you want off
        their mailing lists.

        The real scam is how Obama’s EPA / IPCC has been
        able to distort data, and with the assistance of Clintons,
        and Al Gore et al, to destroy the entire credibilty of
        American Science & Research across the World !
        Bah !
        If it weren’t for people like Anthony Watts, and this
        excellent website, most people would not even know
        what was really happening, and simply believe whatever
        the smiling politician, or TV newscaster was telling them.
        I haven’t read a “dead tree” press publication for a decade !!!

    • Is it true that all your women are going to vote for Hillary, though? According to CNN Trump has the men voting for him but not the women. Can’t you bribe them or something? Also according to pundits educated people have abandoned the Repubs because of DJ T. I thought I was communing with a fairly well educated bunch here. Of course, possibly CNN and the pundits got this wrong? Nah, that couldn’t be true.

      • Personally, I don’t know ANY women who are planing on voting for Hillary. I do know a few who say they aren’t voting at all though.

    • Sorry Rudd,
      But the Dems with their voter fraud machine running overtime and unchecked by a pliant DOJ, your 1 FL presidential vote has already been nullified by 3 dead people.

  10. …and I will need all the carbon taxes you’re going to get stuck with (permanently) to solve the problem. If it turns out not to be a problem, that’s an issue for later and we need all the boatloads of money now for other needs and patronage anyway. The little people are too dumb to know that this is a major crusade for more large scale revenue to make up for slowing trend growth and maxed out debt capacity. We tried spending without the growth to pay for it and now we need the new revenue source…..suckers.

  11. when i was a child the old folks talking about taxes laughingly said they would tax the air if they could………indeed hillary intends to tax BREATHING……..that IS what a “carbon tax” is taxing the act of breathing……

    • Bill Taylor. A carbon tax is not a tax on breathing. Breathing recirculates carbon already in the system. The carbon tax would be on fossil carbon – that has been out of the system for millions of years.
      Every atom of carbon you breathe out you recently took in, in the form of food, and was recently removed from the atmosphere by plants.

  12. Anthony, thanks for another ”reality sandwich.” I particularly like your transformation of Al Gore into “algore,” which sounds like persistent malady. Steve

    • For a minute there Steve I thought that you were talking about “Algol” the star Alpha Persei. Algol represents the decapitated head of the Gorgon Medusa from the Greek mythological tale that includes the constellations Perseus, Andromeda, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Cetus & Pegasus. One look at Medusa would turn a mortal to stone! You can see my mistake in linking ‘Algore’ with ‘Algol!’

  13. Dear students at Miami Dade College. I’m here today with an important message. Hillary Clinton will make solving the climate crisis a top national priority. She will do so by making sure that after you graduate from this institution you will immediately move into your parent’s basement. She will then insure that you remain in your parent’s basement until your parents take out a minus 12% interest loan to construct a separate entrance and exit way so that you and they no longer have to cross paths in the morning, or afternoon when you get up. That way you and they can forget that you are still living in your parent’s basement, unemployed regardless of how many environmental or womyn’s studies PhD’s you’ve acquired by the age of 60. Hillary, propped up by every kind of blood thinning, antibiotic acting, amphetamine style medication known to man..er, woman will continue making climate change a priority even after the minute chance that you reproduce in your parent’s basement and the population doesn’t grow solely by the influx of refugees from every part of the globe where her policies create refugees. Hillary will do so by enacting legislation promoting even lower negative interest rate loans so that you can construct sub-basements to your parent’s basements so that your children, after graduating college, can then move into your basement. Hillary will continue combating climate change in this manner until those sub, sub, sub-basements begin to suspiciously resemble caves.
    And, she will do this the whole time while dressed in pants suits. Um, maybe I shouldn’t use the term ‘dressed’.

    • Mr Judd – that one brightened the day. Sadly parts of it may be very true. Despite all of the high cost extended and education, the average IQ seems to be taking the same trend as Arctic sea ice – downwards.

    • i hope to live to see the day she wears a orange onesie,
      along with the rest of her “mob” who participated in all the scams evasions n “the foundation”
      pay to play etc

    • @Tom Judd
      Hillary “Dressed” ?
      pant suits?all can see that she is a midget but is she hiding her legs because ?

    • “Carbon Pollution damages …ecological systems”:
      I guess CO2 (he forgot to say carbon dioxide pollution) is bad for ecology, etc???
      Hurricane Matthew was created by climate change – the first FL encounter (although it never crossed the FL coast) in 11 years – still hasn’t as a cat 3…
      Mud slides in Florida? Not too many mud slid hills in Florida.
      Precipitation is not normal. Warming has increased deluges.
      Check the DATA from the past 100+ years…precipitation is pretty flat globally.
      Hurricane Andrew: every 1 inch of sea level rise = 4 to 8 feet of storm surge during storms??
      1 inch = 4 to 8 feet of SLR (storm surge?) sea level rise???
      Mosquitoes are a problem with old and new diseases:
      Maybe bring back using DDT which is not dangerous to humans (or birds).
      Fires out west are increasing because of “Climate Change”:
      I don’t think so if you look at the DATA over the past years.
      China is the climate change revolution – they are still building 2 coal powered plants every week from the last I heard. They will start reducing their pollution in 2030…
      It’s a great example of pollution control. Try to breathe in certain parts of China…
      There is more but the Gore video stopped…

      • Mosquitoes…
        The Asian tiger mosquito, which is a vector for Zika virus and a variety of additional diseases, was clearly introduced to the southeastern US by commerce, it did not spread there because of a slight change in global temperature. I have lived in the region since the early 1950s and never saw one there until about 1990. They are quite distinct from the native varieties because of their striped legs and a totally different biting habit.
        See here for a bit more on the Asian tiger mosquito:

      • Hurricane Andrew: every 1 inch of sea level rise = 4 to 8 feet of storm surge during storms??
        1 inch = 4 to 8 feet of SLR (storm surge?) sea level rise???

        4 to 8 feet more coastline covered. I.e. a slope of about 1/72. Probably a reasonable figure for Florida. I’d rather move to the rocky coastline of Maine.

  14. Galveston is a great example of human adaptation. After “the storm” a giant seawall was built and the island was built up by dredging. It has fared better in all storms since thanks to 1900-era technology. The Houston Ship Channel was built shortly thereafter and the population moved inland with the port traffic thanks to 1900-era technology. Still not as impressive as the Raising of Chicago in the 1850’s. I doubt those things could be accomplished with today’s EPA.

    • Sorry, but climate change is not going to get enough votes to keep Hillary from winning in Nov.
      Need a bigger October surprise than the 11 year tape of Trump – doubt if there is one. She is too aware of any “hot mikes”.

  15. ..American politics needs a complete “RESET”…….(That would be Trump)….Remember the old saying, “You can’t start climbing back up, until you have hit rock bottom..”.

  16. AlGore, the consumate silver-tongued Climate Liar stumping for Hilldebeast with a crowd of brainwashed and brain dead spoiled brats hanging on their every word. What’s not to like?

  17. Al Gore made me a sceptic. Until “An Inconvenient Truth” was released, I had largely ignored the global warming/climate change debate and was a mild AGW believer (never CAGW) through disinterest.
    But the movie release (I’ve never seen) it made me start examining the facts because I could not bring myself to trust that Al Gore could be correct on such an important issue (or anything, really) and the scam was quickly obvious. So thanks, Al.

    • “Inconvenient truth” is free online. I watched it about a year ago. The dramatic part is when he rises on the cherry picker to show the great increase in CO2 since about 1950 (or before). That is the effective part to me. That’s the part that everyone remembers…at least for me.

  18. The moderation filter is really working overtime – my post saying Al Gore was wrong got blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Some idiot named Clinton wrote: “We’ve always had destructive hurricanes, but Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change.”
    We moved to Central Florida just in time for Hurricane Donna in 1960. That monster storm was a major storm after it traveled half the darn state to hit us in Sanford. I recall it well.

    Hurricane Donna is the only hurricane on record to produce hurricane-force winds in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic States, and New England (Sombrero Key, FL: 206 km/h [128 mph] sustained winds; Elizabeth City, NC: 133.6 km/h [83 mph] sustained winds; Block Island, RI: 152.9 km/h [95 mph] sustained winds).
    The highest, sustained winds measured for Hurricane Donna were 257.5 km/h (160 mph) and the lowest measured [central] pressure was 930mb.
    At the time Donna struck North Carolina, its eye was unusually large, ranging from 80.5-128.8 km (50-80 mi) in diameter.
    Prior to its landfalls, the hurricane was generally a slow-moving system: from the time it became a tropical depression to when it dissipated, Donna roamed the Atlantic for a total of 17 days. Hurricane Donna also holds the record for retaining major hurricane status in the Atlantic Basin for the longest period of time (9 days).

    That monster 1960 storm was far, far worse than the hurricane Mathew that did not even make landfall in Florida. And Mathew was made worse by Global Darn Warming???
    She is an idiot.

  20. This is intellectual and social pollution. Most countries around the world are unfortunately polluted by this garbage. Our nations airline, majority owned by the state has signed up for the airline tax. They just fall into line or suffer trade restrictions.
    This AGW stuff that Al Gore and Mrs Clinton froth about is in the same catagory as fast food, sugary drinks and prescription drugs. Makes some folk sick and others wealthy.
    I have visited the USA many times and been to over 40 states, most multiple times. Nice folk that deserve better than this. I am hoping the Donald stops putting his foot in his mouth long enough to consolidate a lead.

  21. The Gore / Clinton video is climate pornography, and should not be allowed here.
    Also, Al Bore and Shrillary should hire someone to buy their clothes and dress them.

    • Richard Greene wrote:

      Also, Al Bore and Shrillary should hire someone to buy their clothes and dress them.

      Bad news… they already do have people for that.

  22. Why are the climate scientists staying so mum?
    They pretend to care so-much about the science and truth of global warming and climate change. Why don’t they correct the record on Hillary’s spouting?
    Someone at NHC or NOAA went ballistic about Drudge questioning the wind velocity and raged against his “agenda.” Why don’t these people attack Hillary’s “agenda?”
    Why aren’t the usual suspect “journalists” asking Gavin or Mann to address Hillary’s unfounded comments?

    • Michael Jankowski commented: “…Why are the climate scientists staying so mum?….Why aren’t the usual suspect “journalists” asking Gavin or Mann to address Hillary’s unfounded comments?…”
      1. They’re concerned about losing their job.
      2. There’s no media outlet that will carry their story.

  23. But everything Hillary says is so true.
    Having those two sharing the same stage is perfect.
    Classic con artists.
    Dishonesty is their default position. small wonder weather confuses them.

  24. We have before us a former politician who is personally making hundreds of millions of dollars promoting a fantastic theory that is contrary to common experience and whose effect is of a magnitude so small that it is close to the limit of detectability, The purported trend is not present in the raw data and only becomes apparent when people sympathetic to this politician’s cause, adjust the data using opaque methods.
    Who could possibly be skeptical?

  25. We now have the most accomplished liars in recent American politics involved in Climate Change: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Al Gore. You can’t believe a word any of the four of them say. About Climate Change or anything else.
    What an unsavory bunch of deceivers. Deceivers with a big Leftwing propaganda machine available to them. A machine that would try to take our freedoms away from us, if given the chance.

    • “We now have the most accomplished liars in recent American politics”
      Yea buts only because Trumpy is not accomplished at it. He tells way more, but just gets caught every time.

      • Do you have an example of a lie Trump has told?
        Trump may not be your cup of tea, but he’s not a liar, as far as I can see. If he was a liar, I would call him a liar.

      • And, you could ask me if I could produce any lies the Four Liars told. Believe me, I can. More than you or anyone would ever want to hear. It would take months to write it all up (in fact, I have spent years documenting these particular people’s lies on USENET’s polical discussion groups). Just about everything these four have said over the last 20 years has been a lie.
        Trump is an Angel by comparison.

      • Just because you don’t want to believe it, doesn’t make it a lie.
        As to being accomplished, you don’t have to be an accomplished liar when the press will echo everything you say without question.
        According to the most recent wikileaks dump, the NYT gave Hillary veto privileges over any quotes that they print.

      • Simon writes: “Yep. Come on give me a hard question. It’s more than one a day. Hell, could be one an hour.
        That’s your example? I figured you would dig up something, but I didn’t think you could find much, and I was right.
        Trump may have been wrong about Buffett, but I wouldn’t call that a lie. I, personally, would also assume Buffett *did* take business losses off his taxes in the past, just as Trump did, but Warren says he never did, so I guess I’ll have to believe him until proven otherwise.
        Maybe he took deductions that were not technically a “carryover”. I would still be surprised if Buffett never took a tax deduction for a business loss. I’m skeptical about that being true.
        If Buffett has never taken a business tax deduction, he must be one of the few. The others Trump mentioned no doubt have taken tax deductions for business losses. Or do you have a link to Soros denying he takes tax deductions, too?
        At any rate, this utterance of Trump is not a lie, it is an inaccuracy (if Buffett is to be believed) and does not have any impact on the U.S. economy or U.S. national security the way the lying by the Lying Four (Bill, Hillary, Obama, and Gore) does.

  26. Beware the echo chamber. There are quite a few of us here, myself included, that express… distaste, for Mrs. Clinton. As of this moment, it very unfortunately looks like she is going to win the election.

    • SMC : “it very unfortunately looks like she is going to win the election.” she will not because we all have to go and vote against her, please change your attitude and get your friends and family to vote Trump.After listening to him tonight for a few minutes on FOX ( O’Reilly Factor) I am even more impressed with the guy.
      He get’s it.
      The people are sick of the establishment dictating what you and me are “allowed” to think and do without being able to object.
      To me the best document ever written and put together , the US constitution, is on the verge of slipping away from everybody.

    • “As of this moment, it very unfortunately looks like she is going to win the election.”
      Just keep in mind who is making it look that way: The Leftwing Media and their anti-Trump feeding frenzy. It has a powerful effect on everyone.
      Turn the Leftwing Media off, and reassure yourself by looking at the tens of thousands of people who are clamoring to get into Trump rallies all over the country. That is happening for a reason. And it is bigger than Trump (Brexit). Trump is just giving a voice to the frustrations out there.

      • TA commented: “…“As of this moment, it very unfortunately looks like she is going to win the election.”
        …Just keep in mind who is making it look that way: The Leftwing Media and their anti-Trump feeding frenzy. It has a powerful effect on everyone…
        +1 Look what it’s done for AGW so far. Everyone wants to vote for a winner and knowing who it will be beforehand makes it easy on the uninformed. The MSM news, especially polls, is designed to sway and not report.

    • The problem is that both candidates would be a disaster. For different reasons, but a disaster none the less.

  27. We will all have to wait a while.
    The Russians are very clever and will undoubtedly be holding back on the real dirt they have on the totally obnoxious Mrs Clinton until after the election

    • From my experience of Russians, they are all good/excellent Chess-players, and so have the capacity to think of the ‘end-game’. Most Westerners, and most particularly Obama, are completely outwitted and out-manoeuvred by the Moscow elite.

      • Part of the problem is that going back to the days of the czar, politics in Russia have been life or death. Literally.
        As a result those who play the political game in Russia have always been very good at it.

    • I have been saying for a long time that Russia may have hacked everything on HRC’s server, and are waiting for the election to have leverage over the President. Capitulate versus being exposed to face impeachment and prison.

      • That might work, except pressure for impeachment would require the news media to actually report on anything the Russians leaked.
        Beyond that, as long as there more than 40 Democrats in the Senate, no Democrat will ever be impeached.

        • @MarkW – The House impeaches, so yes they will be impeached (Clinton was). But the Senate convicts and that requires 67, so the number is more than 33.

      • OK I agree; however It may become very dicey for her if she were exposed and that may be to our detriment.

    • The first question is whether it was Russia, Russians, or just someone else using one or more Russian servers that has/have been doing all the hacking of Democratic emails. If I remember correctly the Climategate emails were hacked (we thought) by an internal whistle blower and placed on a Russian server because it was impossible to determine who placed them on that server. I have also read about several independent (i.e., non government supported) Russians that are well know in the hacking community. My guess is that unless you have found the actual code for the hack and you can tie it to a particular person of group or you can trace it back through one or more Russian servers (which you supposedly cannot do) you really don’t have the foggiest idea who is doing it.
      This whole “blame it on the Russians” and “the Russians are trying to influence our election” game that the Democrats are spinning appears to me to have the finger prints of Ben Rhodes all over it. I just hope they’re not setting us up for ‘rather unique administrative actions’ if the wrong side wins the election.

  28. PJM: …surface temperatures are high, compared with the last 150 years

    In some places yes, in other places no. Averaging temp readings from those places together is physically meaningless. So we really can’t say anything about the heat in the system based on temperature.

  29. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    A MUST READ exposing, with hard-data and empirical “science”, the standard lies and deceit about “climate change” so brazenly perpetuated by the ideological and agenda-driven climate change faithful.
    Astonishing and dangerous deceit.

  30. Mathew was never Category 5. Any NHC statement regarding Mathew wind speeds are not supported by observed facts. Mathew was Category 1 from NDBC buoy 42058 to the Bahamas. After the Bahamas, sustained wind speeds were never over 56 knots. Mathew sustained wind speeds from Florida to North Carolina were of tropical storm force, based on measurements by anemometer and by surface damage.

  31. Thank God for a blog like this! The spectrum of well-educated, reasoned, straight-up views is constantly astonishing.
    My only (difficult?) Q. is, how best to vault best our persuasive opinions into mainstream media?
    WUWT is certainly on my radar-screen (and that of about 1% of the pop.?) but it’s (delightfully!) all over the place and disorganized in the context of — say — a Press Release of Received Wisdom from Honest Deniers.
    If I left $1 m. in my will to WUWT, wd that move it fwd to a Denialist Lobby Forum with issue-by-issue clout in mainstream media?

  32. If science were explained to the average person in a way that is accessible
    and exciting, there would be no room for pseudoscience. But there is a kind
    of Gresham’s Law by which in popular culture the bad science drives out the
    good. And for this I think we have to blame, first, the scientific community
    ourselves for not doing a better job of popularizing science, and second, the
    media, which are in this respect almost uniformly dreadful.
    – Carl Sagan, The Burden Of Skepticism, The Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. 12, Fall 87

  33. Obviously all readers of this site are well aware of the fact that there has been more than 4000 days since a major cat 3 9or higher) hurricane made landfall in the US and that if anything hurricane intensity is down over recent years, but whilst I am not impressed by the claims that GW has likely made Matthews more intense, I would like to see details of the sea surface conditions over which it passed.
    To what extent has seawater surface temperature in the hurricane alley changed these past 30 years,. because presumably it is this change that must lie behind the warmist/activists claims.?
    If Bob is around, perhaps he can post the data should he have it to hand.

  34. Yes, that is the contempt the liberal democrats of this world treat their electorate to.
    Maybe they are better educated than the plebs, bit it doesn’t make them better people.

    • Leo,
      There are farmers here in West Virginia with more common sense in their big toe than any 10 academics combined. You don’t survive long in farming without it. Don’t think I wouldn’t knock them on education level either. There are an awful lot of BS’s, MS’s and PHD’s in the younger generation, mostly in the agricultural sciences, That’s what it takes to efficiently run a farm these days, especially with all hoops you have jump through held up by government regulations. The ‘ruling elite’ just haven’t figured that out yet.

  35. Having Al Gore on Clinton’s side is yet another very good reason to vote for Donald Trump.

  36. Al Gore accused by two more women of sexual assault.
    Former Vice President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it’s two more massage therapists bringing the charges.
    The former VP is already in hot water, fighting abuse claims in Portland, where another masseuse said Gore groped her in ’06 and asked her to perform a “chakra release” (massage-speak for “hand job”.) He denies everything.
    The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels – one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008.
    A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: “The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.” He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.

  37. One reason the California fire season seems to be worse is that a policy of fire management has been adopted for certain fires. Managed fires are not extinguished but instead the perimeters are managed to guide the fire through areas that someone has decided need to be burned. Managed fires are kept away from property. Any property that might be affected by the fire is aggressively protected.
    The Soberness Fire near Big Sur was a prime example of a managed fire. Started by an illegal camp fire in July, it soon became a managed fire and continued to expand until just recently. There was no additional property loss after the initial out of control phase. The long duration of this fire is not because the fire fighters couldn’t control the fire, but instead shows how good they are at controlling fires. They were a able to keep it burning just where they wanted it to burn for 3 months.
    The news media seems to be unaware that this policy exists. They broadcast story after story about how hard the fire fighters are working to put out the fire when that’s not the case at all. Managed fires have become a full time summer job for thousands of fire fighters when there’s no other big fires to fight.
    With the giant air tankers now in use to drop retardant they can put out any fire they want in a week or so. Property loss is typically limited to the first day or so before they can get the upper hand and get structure protection crews in place.
    Take a look at the Blue Cut fire a few months ago. Initially reported to have the most extreme fire behavior anyone had ever seen with over a 100 structures lost in the first day, the fire was nearly 100% contained in a week with little additional property loss.
    Another fire that had a management phase was the Chimney Fire. Widely reported for a time to be threatening Hearst’s Castle, there was not a chance that the castle would burn and it didn’t even come close. That made for a good news story though.
    The Soberness Fire has now been reported to be the most expensive fire to fight ever. That’s only because it was a managed fire and allowed to burn for 3 months. The next time you hear about giant fires in California that burn for weeks or months keep in mind that they are likely managed fires.

  38. How about Al’s 1000 year flood in Houston: The guy is Unbearable. The worst Flood on the San Jac was in 1993. The population of Harris County has increased from 850,000 in 1950 to 4,450,000 in 2015; not counting the huge pop increases in the surrounding counties. How many roofs, drive ways, streets and etc. have been covered with asphalt and concrete since 1950? The water that used to stand in the heavy undergrowth throughout the County has now become rapid run off. A point on a creek or bayou that used to take 12 to 24 hours to reach its peak stage now only requires a few hours to reach the same stage at the same point and then continue into flood stage. Many storm drainage facilities now carry many times the water volume at peak flow with an equal amount of rain fall!
    Why not address the real causes of the many weather related problems.
    Back in the late 50’s when I lived in Chesapeake Va. I would take the kids to the beach and camping around Kitty Hawk. Today it is all homes, cars and people like grand central station in the 40’s. Google it: The Wright’s could never do their tests today, too many trees. I have nothing against building on the beach but no government insurance strictly public Ins. Co’s.

  39. I remember when Al Gore was accused of attempted rape here in Portland – the woman was a 50-year old masseuse (as in someone who massages your back – not the kind Al was after), and not only was the story buried locally, and completely whitewashed by the local authorities, she was told by her ‘friends’ in the community that she had to stay silent so Gore could save us all from Global Warming – and the mainstream press was so responsible about it, they sat on the story for a period of years until it was actually broken by the for-God’s-sake ENQUIERER.
    THAT was the point when Tipper walked.
    I’m sure the irony of Hillary bringing this sack of @#$# on board her campaign is not lost on anyone here.

  40. Eric Holthaus was tweeting something about “lets not judge Matthew by wind speeds cos it was a “weird” Hurricane”.
    yep, when the category fails to deliver, lets call it weird.
    Then went on to claim “record moisture” from the event was a “fingerprint of climate change”.
    Mind you he swore he’d have no kids, then had a kid. ROFL

    • Add that to “Pat” in the Pacific (a Cat 5 that did very minimal damage), and it seems that AGW makes a bunch of impotent hurricanes. The proof of the weirding of the weather.

  41. One could cut the desperation for a cat5 disaster on Florida by the alarmist with a knife, personally I found that sick.. it’s a mental illness

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