WUWT Awarded Top Science Blog Status, beats RealClimate, NYT, Guardian, HuffPo

Some days life hands you unexpected gifts. Today is one of those days. I got this surprise today in a comment left at WUWT Tips & Notes:

My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Watts Up With That? has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Science Blogs on the web.



The website reads:

Ready to challenge your own scientific perceptions? Get in-depth and up-to-the minute coverage of current and future trends of the science universe through our list of the Best 100 Science Blogs. By following these top Science blogs, discover and explore the diverse perspectives and realms of science, resembling earth science, life science, medicine science, bio science, space science, biology, physics, astronomy, environment and much more through science projects, science magazines, science news, activities, updates, opinions, analysis, reviews and original insights.

These blogs are ranked based on following criteria

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Top 100 Science Blogs Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this Top Science blogs list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Science blogs on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world.

If your blog is one of the Top 100 Science blogs, you have the honour of displaying the following badge on your site. Use the below code to display this badge proudly on your blog. You deserve it!:

WUWT comes in at #41 out of 100, handily beating The Guardian Science at #46, The New York Times Science at #47, Huffington Post Science at #48, Smithsonian Science at #51, and RealClimate at #62.


Notably absent are the attack sites, such as John Cook’s “Skeptical Science”, Tamino’s “Open Mind”, and Sou’s aka Miriam O’Brien’s “HotWhopper” dungeon of anonymous haters.

Of course, now the caterwauling starts, because we just can’t have this. There will likely begin a behind the scenes campaign to get WUWT removed, even though the website says:

Ready to challenge your own scientific perceptions?

Which, is what we do here on a regular basis, and some people just can’t tolerate that.


Of course, I could not do this alone. If it were not for the dozens of people who help with guest posts and moderation, and the thousands of readers, WUWT wouldn’t have the presence it does. My thanks to you all!

134 thoughts on “WUWT Awarded Top Science Blog Status, beats RealClimate, NYT, Guardian, HuffPo

      • The Nobel Peace Prize, awarded out of Norway, is surely a joke now when it was given out in the absence of any accomplishment. At least Al Gore and the IPCC had to at least accomplish something, even if it was merely false propaganda.
        Obama’s award of the Peace Prize, in the absence of any accomplishment, surely was, and always will be, an embarrassment to the larger Nobel community.
        Worst of all, it was a travesty to those who past recipients actually deserved it. Anyone with a clear sense of decency and a conscience would have declined the award in those circumstances. Obama of course doesn’t, and he did accept it.

      • Joel, maybe the Norwegian socialists will take it back now that he has sent another 600 combat troops to Iraq. After all, they said the award was a “stick in the eye” to G. Bush for sending troops to Iraq.

      • joelobryan says: September 28, 2016 at 9:15 am
        … Obama’s award of the Peace Prize, in the absence of any accomplishment, surely was, and always will be, an embarrassment to the larger Nobel community.

        They were probably just so happy when Bush left.
        Eight years from now when Trump leaves, I don’t know what the Nobel committee will do. Two Nobel prizes for the next president?

        For many years, the Prize was seen by circles in Soviet society as a weapon in the ideological warfare between East and West. link

        The Nobel committee is more than willing to turn its guns on America.
        On a happier note … Congratulations Anthony your hard work and wisdom is greatly appreciated. Your site has gathered an awesome community, mostly because of you.

      • “Joel, maybe the Norwegian socialists will take it back now that he has sent another 600 combat troops to Iraq”
        Nah – they have a work-backwards-from-a-conclusion, built-in excuse – they simply blame Bush for the whole thing.
        Just for the record, I’m not a Bush fan – to my eye, anyway, Iraq should have been no greater than the third or fourth priority in the region – it was a hornet’s nest that needed cleaned-up for a long time (something conveniently forgotten by modern-day pundits), but not the primary focus. After 911, however, Bush jerked the wheel to draw attention off the Saudis… BUT, Obama turned it into a torch that lit the entire region on fire… much, MUCH worse. We at least had a bastion in the region that was stable but… well, this is what happens when you elect a leader who prioritizes pretty much anything that destabilizes the country he’s in charge of leading.

      • I’m confused the BlogSpot chap says “one of top 100” so what’s with the #41 ?
        Who dat other 40 ? or is WUWT ##1 ?
        We all know WUWT is ##1

      • Dear Mr. Smith,
        To answer your question (a good one!), WUWT is, in that contest, #41 out of 100. If you would like to see the names of the sites which came in ##1-40, click on the links in the above article in brown “ink.” You will Discover that many of them publish twice as many articles as WUWT also, that they are often NON-Scientific American AGW propaganda publications (thus, mainstream media refers to them, not WUWT, in their articles, directing traffic their way).
        Yes, indeed, WUWT is the best!
        Thank you for writing. We “librarians” (lots of us, here at WUWT 🙂 ) are always glad to help.
        Yours sincerely,
        Janice Moore

      • So like the Nobel Prize does that mean that all contributors and commentators can formally state that the “have been awarded the Top 100 Science Blog” award? 😉

        • Alan, just don’t hurt your shoulder patting yourself on the back. Mann and the rest of that crew did enough of that stuff.
          Seriously, though, a Norwegian socialist peace prize is the kiss of death to real thinkers and doers.

  1. My friend, there is absolutely no one who deserves this accolade more than yourself.
    My very best to you,

  2. Congratulations Anthony!! Well deserved!!
    Note that the L A Times is not even listed – too much climate alarmist propaganda and censorship of fact based climate science unsupportive of the papers climate fear propaganda.

  3. My thanks and heartfelt congratulations to you, Anthony! WUWT is a beacon in a confused world. I only hope more can see the light by coming here.

  4. Well deserved. Thanks to all of you at WUWT that have made this blog so informative it is maintained on so many peoples favorite places, who like me visit it frequently.

  5. So they used mass statistic data from Google, Facebook and Twitter to conclude that WUWT is awesome? Well, that’s what I call *actual*, real-world consensus, sir!

  6. Congrats Anthony! I’m on your site every day. Thank you, you’ve had hard times this year. This a sign of “blessings” to come now.

  7. Yeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!
    Happy dance time!!!

    (Hamster Dance Song – youtube)
    CONGRATULATIONS, Anthony, mods, article writers, and all the WUWT science giants!
    For once, observations triumphed over simulations!!!

  8. Congrats Anthony. I was a bit concerned that there might be questionable sites listed on there…. and then you mentioned five of them in the second paragraph, so I knew I was right!

  9. Congrats Anthony! Your story of sincere skepticism of the narrative; your relentless pursuit of the truth; and your dedicated commitment to sharing and educating (via this blog) are a humbling reminder to all of us that our individual contributions do matter, and can make a profound difference. Here’s a personal thank you for providing the forum that’s helped educate and enlighten me in so many fascinating ways!

  10. I come here for facts, data and the truth. Apparently many others do too.
    Congratulations to WUWT and all the staff and contributors!

  11. Congratulations. I send all my skeptical friends to this site. It takes a while for them to get past some of the tongue in cheek references, but the content here certainly opens minds and offers a fact based approach to the key topics.

  12. This adds a whole ‘nother dimension to the notion of “peer review.” There is immediate-content-and-process peer review (at which WUWT is outstanding and sets a much higher standard than the “official” reviewers) and there is a higher, more-strategic level of review that considers larger contexts and the integrity of science itself. And so now the reviewers have been reviewed, and honored appropriately. Thanks for all your efforts and successes, and may you have many more years of incisive engagement.

  13. If the criteria were limited to just climate science rather than science generally, WUWT would have a much higher ranking. In a search for the word “climate” in the citations, WUWT is #3.

    • I would disagree. I think that by staying focused on climate this blog is way more effective than other general information science blogs. Stay a master of one instead of average at a lot.
      Congrats to all who keep this site going.

    • Opps. I misread what you had said. Yes as far as climate blogs go this one is the best and has been for some time.

  14. My sincerest congratulations. This site is a beacon of hope, that some truth can be found, in the distorted world of pop culture. Thank you.

  15. I’m not that good with math, but wouldn’t WUWT actually be one of the top 50 Science Blogs?
    Congrats to Anthony and all the others “behind the curtain”.

  16. There is only one WUWT Enterprise. If there were two you might have come in second.
    Thank you for your courage to stand up “for such a time as this”.

  17. Ah Lists..Here is what I see.
    Since A Watts’ site is ranked 41, there is, therefore, 40 other sites to troll and find out who is involved in the RICO push by the state AGs.
    Also, I wonder if that fat-head Lewandowsky is on such a list?
    He needs to be put on a list.

  18. How the heck did Scientific American get #3? They’ve gone so far downhill from the 1980s. I haven’t looked at their stuff in years. They must be what Popular Science used to be…

  19. Congratulations and thank you to Anthony and all who contribute as well as those who read the excellent posts here! What a great service you all provide!

  20. How does this happen when this site discusses many elements of science that disagree with the often used “97%” number of the mainstream climate scientists.
    That’s clearly because the alternate universe’s manufactured 97% is not an authentic representation of science today but you, Anthony are seen as being dedicated to authentic (often skeptical) science and the scientific method.
    Congrats on being recognized with this well deserved award!

  21. And congrats to others that help make this the “go to” site for authentic climate science as well as the many other scientific topics of interest.

  22. Another important thought–Smart people know that no matter how hard it is to go against the flow, you are less likely to be washed away.. But keep the life jacket handy!

  23. Congratulations Anthony. You are a true bright spot in the world of lies. You let them expose themselves for all to see. Kudos also to your contributors and commentators.

  24. WUWT . . . an island of sanity and reasoned thought in a sea of ignorance. Congratulations to Anthony and to all who make this website the indispensable resource that it is (especially the fact that it freely allows posting and discussions of antithetical positions on various topics).
    Well-deserved recognition for your quality of coverage in such an important subject area!

      • … the wise man built his {site} on the rock. The rains came down, the streams rose, and the winds {of slander and non-cooperation from temperature data holders and grossly unfair peer review and crazy women stalking and deep personal agony and financial crisis … } blew and beat against that house, yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock {of truth}.
        Matthew 7:24, 25
        Hang in there, Anthony. The world (still) needs you.
        Here’s to the next 10 years!
        (Note: if that sounds overwhelmingly appalling to you — ASK FOR HELP. We are here. Just ask us.)

        • Janice, your offer of assistance to Anthony is commendable.
          I wonder if Anthony has done any succession planning? Like all of us, he can’t last forever; although his baby, WUWT, surely will.
          Charlie Skeptic aka Dave Fair

  25. Well done Anthony et al. A well deserved recognition of all your efforts. Great to see that the ‘negative’ sites don’t make the list. It shows that they are pandering to a minority of like-minded people, and despite their resemblance to a squeaky wheel (the shrill sound they exude) they don’t get the oil (pun intended) they crave so much!

  26. Congratulations on staying your course! Folks really are paying attention and you are making a difference! BTW please support Jovanni for City Council!

  27. Congratulations to you and to all your contributors, Anthony. This recognition is well earned and well deserved. It represents many years of achievement and dedication. It is also a testament to the notion that real science will withstand the test of time as this forum has.

  28. Congratulations Anthony on the much deserved recognition. Your leadership and hard work as well as the contributions of so many are very much appreciated.

  29. Fantastic news! Congratulations Anthony and all who contribute to make this site so useful and entertaining.

  30. Congratulations, Anthony. I’ve been too busy to be a regular reader this year, but happened to pop by to look at your Ocean page to check something for a paper I’m working on, and happened to see this. Thanks for your dedication and perseverance in providing an invaluable resource for people who are really interested in science!
    My cheque will be in the mail once I’ve paid this month’s outrageously high electricity bill, courtesy of Kathleen Wynn’s ridiculous, naive, obtusely blind, anti-human, ideologically-driven “green” energy policies and the global warming scam, which is pushing increasing numbers of Ontarians into climate poverty.

  31. “useful and entertaining”
    That sums WUWT up for me. Thanks to all at WUWT who make us think, and make us laugh.

  32. Anthony, yet another well-deserved award for your tireless and effective efforts. Each day is better because of what you do.

  33. my laymans opinion is any person seeking to use the scientific method needs to use this site as a prime reference point…..excellent intelligent discussions on many topics.

  34. Well done Mr. W and all who make this the Nr.1 go to site. I know, I know, #41. But to many of us here, WUWT is second to none.
    Best regards, Eamon.

  35. Congratulations to Mr. Watts and to all who contribute to the evident success of this enterprise.
    WUWT is a truly indispensable source of information, analysis and opinion.

  36. Well deserved, congrats and thanks from those of us who truly value the knowledge and information your provide.

  37. Anthony, my congratulations and thanks to you, the mods, the guest posters and all the commenters here. The amazing light of Reason is hard to price.

  38. I’m late to the party, as usual!
    Firstly, may I add my congratulations as well but, having had a cursory run through the ‘top 40’ sites listed, THIS site (WUWT) very clearly comes in at #1 (as everyone here would expect) – from the following “About Blog” description:

    About Blog – Watts Up With That? is the world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change.

    Climate change/global warming, being the biggest-ever, most controversial, topic in the world puts Anthony’s site without any argument right at the top!

  39. It’s not much of a contest when the other players are specialists in confirmation bias within and without. WUWT is built around finding useful answers in a messy field of study with users that have the same search objective, while pointing out the roadblocks and disinformation specialists with other agendas.

  40. congrats
    well deserved for a good site with good articles and plenty of very good debates around them! good work always deserves some motivation to continue, well this is a good one
    kudos 🙂

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