Share Leonardo DiCaprio's Jetset Climate Burden


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The Verge has written one of the most unintentionally hilarious descriptions ever of serial Climate Clown Leonardo DiCaprio’s desire to share his green angst with the proletariat.

… Celebrities are keen on adopting righteous causes, but few are as vocal as Leonardo DiCaprio about his quest to save the planet from ecological collapse. “I am consumed by this,” DiCaprio told Rolling Stone in a profile earlier this year. “There isn’t a couple of hours a day where I’m not thinking about it.”

With Before the Flood, DiCaprio is asking us to sample a fraction of his daily burden. Directed by Fisher Stevens, Before the Flood documents DiCaprio as he jet-sets from Greenland, to Indonesia, to Miami and beyond, speaking to world leaders and, per the film’s liner notes, “bearing witness to climate change on a scale that no one should deny.” In the vein of An Inconvenient Truth or DiCaprio’s own 2007 eco-doc The Eleventh Hour, Before the Flood is meant as a clarion call for viewers to stand up, take action, change the world, etc.

Global warming is an objectively urgent crisis facing our planet, so it’s a special achievement that DiCaprio’s film manages to evade that sense of urgency almost entirely. It certainly isn’t for lack of visual stimulation. If you like watching Leonardo DiCaprio do stuff, you’re in for a treat. Here’s just a partial list of stuff you can watch Leonardo DiCaprio do in this movie: tour the UN with Ban Ki-Moon, speak in front of the UN General Assembly (twice), ride in a snowmobile sled across a melting glacier in Greenland, listen to narwhals coo, push children on a swing on the Pacific Ocean island Palau, tour a washed-out onion field in India, fly over a smoldering Indonesian rainforest, chill with an elephant, gawk at robots inside Tesla’s Gigafactory with Elon Musk, awkwardly greet Secretary of State John Kerry, offer baby orangutans fruit, stroll the White House grounds with President Obama, and kiss the Pope’s hand and give him a book of Hieronymus Bosch paintings. …

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Are you sharing the angst? Do you feel you are feeling any of DiCaprio’s daily burden, as he jetsets about on the ultimate world tour, trying to convince the rest of us to avoid carbon intensive activities like air travel for the sake of the global climate?

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  1. Luckily, the general public have a very acute sensitivity to hypocrisy. They can sniff it out, and they find that it stinks. Especially, when they discover that the net effect of all of this pseudo-green bunk is to deprive they, the public of cheap energy and goods, whilst reward the disparate collection of celebrity alarmists with a fabulous lifestyle of luxuries, air travel and tropical holidays etc.
    The British media and the British public were keenly interested to discover that the E.U. intended to ban all the top performing vacuum cleaners from production, import or sale.
    Around the same time, we discovered that the European Commission had spent millions on the use of private jets for official travel.
    This does compute in many people’s minds. Both issues were raised on numerous occasions by people arguing for Vote Leave. Ultimately the vote fell 48/52. One might wonder whether the perceived hypocrisy swung it those critical 2 percentage points.
    In which case, the E.U. green brigade make have inadvertently begun the destruction of the E.U.
    From that point of view – let DiCaprio continue to damage the alarmist cause.
    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is in the process of making a mistake.”

    • I wish, but:
      The public’s been chewing on “climate science” for over 30 years, and I’m still not hearing loud laughter or deafening cries of B***S*** when CAGW nonsense is mentioned in the press.
      Your thoughts are somewhat aspirational.

      • Well, it only takes a silent, and therefore unpollable, 2 percent, to surprise swing an election and change the world.
        I was delighted to hear Lewandowsky deride skeptics as an army of pensioners.
        Yes, and they vote. And, because of idiots like Lewandowsky “experts”, and the expert quoting media, are losing the public’s trust.
        That loss of trust is what Brexit revealed. Loss of trust and genuine anger.

      • Javert Chip-
        “I wish, but:
        The public’s been chewing on “climate science” for over 30 years, and I’m still not hearing loud laughter or deafening cries of B***S*** when CAGW nonsense is mentioned in the press.”
        The vast majority of the American public could not care less about climate science, as well as the vast majority of Americans NOT being activist cry babies (in fact, being repulsed and irritated by them for the most part) which most likely explains the lack of ear splitting crying. When you believe the press is pretty much built on nonsense, CAGW nonsense is just another day like the one before.
        (Evidence to support my argument: “Media consumption may be at an all-time high, but the public’s trust in it is near an all-time low. A poll conducted by the Media Insight Project, a partnership between the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, finds that just 6 percent of American adults have “a lot of confidence” in the media, putting it roughly in line with the U.S. Congress among the lowest-ranked institutions in American public life.”
        “Your thoughts are somewhat aspirational.”
        Do you even see the irony? YOU started your response with “I wish”.
        1. a hope or ambition of achieving something.
        “he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations”
        synonyms: desire, hope, dream, wish, longing, yearning”
        Frog’s comments were pretty much spot on Dreamer.

      • Let me get this straight: Lewandowsky called us an “army of pensioners”?
        A climate academic accused OTHERS of living off the government mammary?
        Oh well, it’s like I always say, they can’t predict worth a damn but they sure can project.

    • Luxury lifestyles, air travel, tropical holidays – these are not for the little people. These are for important, impressive people like DiCaprio, Lewandowsky, Brian Cox, EU bureaucrats, and of course, Al Gore.

  2. Did Leonardo ever actually look at the Bosch paintings? Seems to me that Bosch’ work is a polemic against absolutely every thing Leonardo represents. No other way to look at the “garden of earthly delights” and “the triumph of death”

    • Yeah, the progressive plan is to counter the “garden of earthly delights” narrative by replacing the final panel of the triptych with salvation in the form of a renewable powered utopia in which the carnality of the second panel can continue unabated.
      Unfortunately, they don’t realize that nothing can swerve fate. And it will be the progressive vision of utopia that brings about the hell on earth.
      So, Bosch will be shown to have been prescient.
      After all, this IS a finite planet. So we can’t all keep behaving like DiCaprio and Al Gore. There must be a limit to how much stupidity this planet can take!!!

    • According to the press, the actor told the Pope that the “Garden of Earthly Delights” hung over his crib as a child.
      “As a child I didn’t quite understand what it all meant, but through my child’s eyes it represented a planet, the utopia we had been given, the overpopulation, excesses, and the third panel we see a blackened sky that represents so much to me of what’s going in in the environment,” DiCaprio told the pope.
      Interesting nursery decor for sure….

    • Ya I’m not sure the Holy Father would have intellected the irony.
      The guy asked Naomi Oreskes to write the foreword to his book, for Yahweh’s sake!
      What happened to the great apostolic tradition of retiring *before* senility?

  3. “Are you sharing the angst? Do you feel you are feeling any of DiCaprio’s daily burden, as he jetsets about on the ultimate world tour, trying to convince the rest of us to avoid carbon intensive activities like air travel for the sake of the global climate?”
    Policy-wise, Leonardo is winning. Not sure why he would feel angst. There are still plans to construct thousands more windmills in the future, so Leonardo ought to be feeling pretty good about himself.
    Has Leo ever posed with an American Bald Eagle before, I wonder?
    I guess there *is* one reason Leonardo might feel angst: Trump. 🙂

  4. Sounds like production was a bit rushed. He wanted it to air before the presidential elections. Hilly needs all the help she can get, especially after her recent collapse due to overheating (must be global warming). Pure science-free, emotion-laden propaganda garbage.

    • clipe, thank you – it has been too many years since I last attended the Last Night at the Royal Albert Hall – must go again.
      Apparently, there was a concerted effort of the remaniacs to infiltrate this most British celebration and wave EU flags. I saw a few, but yet again, a massive fail.
      Bet wishes to the UK and may the exit negotiations go exceedingly well for the sceptered isle.

    • After hearing that the Last Night would be swamped by EU flags, I didn’t watch, so many thanks for the video.
      It was notably un-swamped by EU flags, despite the Re-Moaners apparently paying thousands of pounds for the flags. It looked like most of the EU flag wavers were a small, isolated group.
      If these morons actually *like* the EU, then it’s going to be hard times ahead for them. The EU is a failed experiment that is sinking just as surely as DiCaprio’s Titanic. The euro is remorselessly destroying Europe’s economy. Forcing the same exchange and interest rates on such diverse economies as Greece and Germany could never work.
      We live in interesting times! In January there could be two huge changes to celebrate: Brexit and President Trump. If so, the most powerful man in the world will be a climate sceptic, and Britain will be on her way to regaining her freedom and independence from the dead hand of Brussels.
      Trump is far from perfect, but Hillary Clinton is several million times worse.

      • EU flags were out-swamped (?) by flags of other nations alone.
        Peoples from around the world flock to London to sing “Land of Hope and Glory” at Last Night.

  5. Sigh. The self importance exuded by the actors/athletes/politicians/artists/musicians for causes they don’t understand is the epitome of useful idiots.

  6. I am so moved by the attention de caprio is giving our main world crisis “global warming” I ts too bad it’s too late…….Nnetheless, thank you. I’ve grandchildren 21/2 yrs and 6 months. It saddens me they will never know the joys of grandparent hood .sometimes I feel so terribly guilty for being responsible for their birth.

    • Laura
      Welcome, please continue to read and contribute to the beautiful exchange of ideas that this site encourages. You will find that “global warming” is not something of ultimate concern for your grandchildren – indeed this beautiful planet has seen many changes in climate that we as humans have been able to overcome and indeed flourish!
      We are living in an abundant and exceptional time that is primarily because of the amazing contributions of scientist and engineers – not actors!
      Become more aware of the planet’s history and ability to adapt to changes through thousands and millions of years. I hope you’ll become more confident of the future for humans on this beautiful sphere…

      • Absolutely. On all the major global measurements – total food produced, food per head of population, average life span, agricultural productivity, grain production, deaths from extreme weather, GDP wealth – mankind has never been healthier, safer or better off. That’s hardly surprising, as history clearly tells us that mankind always prospers during the warm periods such as the MWP. It’s when the climate gets colder that mankind suffers.
        And, as if that were not enough, the science clearly shows that the planet is dramatically getting greener, almost certainly due to the additional CO2 and moderately warmer temperatures.
        If climate change has had any effect on this, then the message is very clear: global warming is good for you!

    • My heart wouldn’t let me forget “Laura’s” posting. No matter how much I tried to persuade myself “troll” or “omitted /sarc tag”, I can’t ignore the possibility that she is an abused human being in pain. DAMN THEM!
      Not you, Laura. The alarmists who have lied and lied and lied for political or financial advantage. The people who abuse your trust to scare you with lies.
      Let’s go from back to front.
      You feel “terribly guilty” for “being responsible for [the] birth” of your grandchildren. STOP! Stop that right now. The people who are responsible for the birth of your grandchildren are their parents. NOT YOU! You’re no more responsible for the birth of your grandchildren than you are for the birth of my granddaughter. You are not God. You are not a god. You do not control everything in the world. The actions of your grandchildren’s parents are THEIR actions, not yours.
      “They will never know the joys of grandparenthood.” Unless you’ve had them sterilised, why wouldn’t they? Why SHOULDN’T they? Even under a China-style one-child-per-family law — which the demographers assure us won’t be necessary — they could still have ONE grandchild each.
      If you have grandchildren, you may remember the big “THE GLACIERS ARE COMING!” global cooling scare of the 1970s. I certainly do. I believed every word. The glaciers were coming back, and in my lifetime, so I probably shouldn’t have children, soylent green, torrent of faces, oh dystopian my! Every stupid word. Only stupider thing was me for believing it. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I didn’t even notice the racism or totalitarianism.
      As for it being too late to save the world, well, nuclear war is still a possibility (although Hiroshima is a bustling city again and as a teenager I was told it would be lethal for centuries, and the wildlife in Chernobyl is doing surprisingly well), and another meteorite could give us the dinosaur treatment, but one thing that ISN’T a problem is the climate. I was hearted to discover today that one mayoral candidate understands that sea level rise isn’t a problem here. Plants are doing nicely, the weather worldwide isn’t doing anything unprecedented, the temperature rise is surprisingly hard to even detect. You will find an abundance of material on this site explaining the problems with the instrumental record.
      Yes, the world is facing serious problems. Always has, always will. That’s why we must not let ourselves be distracted from them by imaginary demons. The global climate is so very far from being the “main” crisis that it’s not even on the list. It serves nicely to distract us from growing economic inequality, birth-rates below replacement level and still dropping, ISIS, the still tense Russia/Ukraine situation, the Russians “perceiv[ing] [Hillary Clinton] as an existential threat” for good reason (, the refugee crisis, the on-going trafficking in women in Europe (one of the things the League of Nations was set up to fight!), the cracks showing in the EU, people in Venezuela resorting to magic because they can’t afford doctors any more (, the ecological disaster that “renewable energy” has turned out to be, … Real and pressing problems that just maybe we could do something about IF we aren’t cowering in fear of the Global Warming Bogeyman.
      You have given your trust to people who, like DiCaprio, are abusing it.
      (What he *does* speaks so loudly of his *actual* belief that no amount of CO2 emission matters that what he *says* may safely be ignored. Why? Because if he *doesn’t* believe that CO2 is harmless his actions would be grotesquely unethical. Since he isn’t knowingly putting the world at risk, it follows that he believes it ISN’T putting the world at risk to emit lots of CO2.)
      Do not let your trust be abused any longer. Throw off your sadness. Turn it into determination to find out what truth you can.
      And as you love them, try your best to protect your grandchildren from indoctrination. Teach them to be like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and “run and find out” for themselves.

  7. Would you people please stop spelling his last name wrong? It is DeCRAPIO. And he is less then that. At least c@@p serves as good fertilizer.

  8. I would love to see documentation of the misery and early death (especially among the poor or primitive) that might result from implementation of the programs these famous airheads propose. I suspect they could be doing more damage than simply creating a huge carbon footprint.
    Maybe even actors and singers would have second thoughts if they could could understand the full impact of their proposals.
    Unintended consequences may be bad but foreseeable bad unintended consequences are unforgivable.

  9. The hypocrisy sticks in my craw sideways.
    “O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!
    It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
    An’ foolish notion”. Burns, “To a Louse”.
    Read the whole poem, thinking of this article the while.

  10. If only there were some way that Leonardo could communicate across vast distances, with others of like mind. He then wouldn’t have to consume precious vanishing energy resources. Oh. Wait.

  11. I already shared his climate burden. My taxes subsidized his #@%&!*$ Tesla. I’m sure that eased his pain too.

  12. He meets world leaders but do not say a word. He isnt fighting, it is more a branding thing. He shows off. I am looking forward to seeing his documentary just to see what solutions and alternatives he proposes … none ?

  13. If DiCrapio was serious about his desire to save the planet he would take a pay cut to around 1% of his current pay. Only by living a lifestyle at most equal to the average US citizen can he even consider preaching from anything but a point of total hypocrisy. Many would say he needs to drop to the average world lifestyle.
    His one skill in life is to make people believe a fictional world even if only temporarily. Given this, what right has he got to pontificate on climate change? Has he personally done research on the real projection of future climate based on the cyclic nature of climate variation as certainly no climate scientist’s work I can find shows any understanding of this. Has he done any historical research on the patterns revealed by everyday accounts in diaries and letters of the times as one graduate here in the UK has done? Both these lines of research deviate totally from the conclusions of climate scientists and both are by experts in the fields concerned. Why should one set of experts with a despicably poor record outweigh the analysis of other experts who have a near perfect track record? Admittedly this is because the methods to analyse the patterns of climate data by non climate experts are used mainly in a situation where they can do a thousand test in a second instead of waiting 30 years with data fudges done on a daily basis to conceal faults.
    Di Caprio’s climate work shows him using his skill at promoting fictional world as reality in the most contemptible way possible to damage the lives of those a thousand times less fortunate than himself.

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