Claim: Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis

London City Airport

London City Airport. By Frans Zwart ( [GFDL 1.2 or GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Black Lives Matter has gone Climate in a big way, with a protest which shut down London City Airport. London City Airport is a premium facility located in the heart of London, near one of London’s major financial / banking districts.

Black Lives Matter protest stops flights at London City airport

Police arrest seven of nine people chained to tripod on runway in protest against impact of air pollution on black people.

Flights have been cancelled at London’s City airport after nine protesters from Black Lives Matter UK got on to the runway and chained themselves together.

The airport said all flights were disrupted and that police were at the scene.

The campaign said it carried out the protest to highlight the environmental impact of air travel on the lives of black people locally and globally.

It posted images of protesters lying on the runway after unfurling banners.

The group issued a video that said the reason for the protest was that the climate crisis was a “racist crisis”.

Read more:

The BLM video;

If Black Lives Matter really cared about Africa, they might have made an effort to discover that despite dire predictions nobody has yet managed to produce a genuine climate refugee. They might also have discovered that climate policies are having a devastating effect on native Africans, who in some cases are being evicted from their homes by violent gangsters, to make way for palm oil biofuel plantations.

But who am I kidding – greens never let facts get in the way of a photogenic climate protest.

174 thoughts on “Claim: Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis

      • Is that supposed to be an argument? The third world has seen a population explosion thanks to cheap over production of food in the US.

      • David~ don’t worry, the people you listen to believe in jacking up food prices as high as possible. And energy prices. And taxes. And…

      • The only thing that is apparently Racist about climate change are those that try to protray everything as Racist, including a changing climate

    • This the fundamental racism of the environmental movement. The idiot protestors in London are just dancing to a tune played by their white masters.

      • From the wiki;
        “The term Semitic people or Semitic cultures (from the biblical “Shem”, Hebrew: שם‎‎) was a term for people or cultures who speak or spoke the Semitic languages. The terminology was first used in the 1770s by members of the Göttingen School of History, who derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis.[2] The term, together with the parallel terms Hamitic and Japhetic, is now obsolete.[3][4][5]
        Various scholars have stated that the concept of Semitic ethnicity, culture or Proto-Semites should be avoided[6][7][8] or does not exist.[9]
        In archaeology, the term is sometimes used informally as “a kind of shorthand” for ancient Semitic-speaking peoples.[5]”

      • Note that the protesters at the airport from BLM:UK were white.
        That wouldn’t normally matter but as they have introduced the topic of race it seems pertinent.

      • Race is only an issue because minorities mkake it one. BLM should be All Lives Matter not just one particular race.

    • Maybe the third world should stop reproducing like rabbits then…

      I think calling people rabbits is a just way to justify the racist card by showing racism.
      Maybe this Malthusian approach has already been seen. Most of the 3rd world is not so much a 3rd world anymore. Population growth coming from an improved health care is wide and I’d say, welcome. Population growth related to fertility rate is a very limited problem.
      There is a huge population growth in Nigeria, but population of Nigeria is still smaller than population of the United States. The carbon footprint (if you’d care) is even less.
      In all, Africa is largely sparsely populated with a few spots with lots of population. Please don’t think we’d drown in sea level change or something because of population growth in Africa. It’s not that big deal, even though it is partly related to poverity and missing education.

    • PS: There was a time when people in the US and Europe bred like rabbits. Then we got rich and didn’t need to anymore.

    • “The third world has seen a population explosion thanks to cheap over production of food in the US.”
      That’s simply not true. Birth rates are mostly affected by the quality of life. The higher the QOL is, the lower the birth rate and vice versa which is why most 1st world countries have declining populations.

    • David,
      Semitic isn’t an ethnicity it’s a linguistic term that refers to a family of languages from the Middle East including Hebrew. Which had been a dead language for nearly a thousand years until it’s revival in the 1800s by Zionists which many Jews were against since they didn’t believe anyone could learn to speak it correctly hence the term anti-semitic – initially that is.
      Not to mention, there are over 80 ethnic groups in Europe alone and all of them have ancestry stemming from the Middle East (and not just Jews) since it’s from there that all early humans had to pass through first before leaving Africa to inhabit the rest of the planet.
      I’m almost certain I’m going to be called anti-semitic for pointing out historical facts…

      • As a posessor of some Neanderthal genes I feel compelled to point out not all of us trapsed through the middle east. Oh, and boats were a very ancient invention. Everybody didn’t need to go by land. Note the Aboriginal peoples of Papua, Australia, etc. went by boat at least 50,000 years ago.
        But yes, most of the present European gene pool originated in north / central Asia, then wandered down through Anatolia / middle east into north Africa and west through the Turkish area and a bit north (ice sheets cut off the further north path until the interglacial). Prior to that, Europe was Neanderthal, then a different “modern” population (likely similar to the Basque) which were “displaced” when the current crop moved in after the time of the melt… It is matched to the spread of farming and cattle herding. The residual prior genetics are sometimes found in isolated mountain people from areas not well suited to ag…
        Do keep in mind, though, that the present European type has only been in the area about 8000 years. (Which also means if the Soultrian origin of the Clovis people is true, those “Europeans” in North America 14000 or so years ago were entirely different from the Europeans of today and really an entirely different population and gene type. Similarly, the “asians” in China and Japan “displaced” a “european” type as they moved up from the tropics into Asia. The Ainu of Japan are a residual, but rapidly blending their genetic difference away via intermarriage. ) It is quite possible that the Native Americans of today were derived from those earlier occupants of Europe and Asia.
        Simply put, people move a lot, and on 10000 year timescales, whole continents of population change, so you can’t say much about old populations without genes from their bones.

      • @E.M.Smith
        I’m well aware of that which is why I specificity stated that all ethnic groups in ‘Europe’ have ancestry stemming from the Middle East.
        There’s little to no evidence of early humans, who left by boat, and then backtracked across continents to establish civilizations within Europe.
        As far as ancient Europeans vs ancient Asians inhabiting North America. There is evidence that Europeans inhabited North America 2 thousand years before ancient Asians and that the two groups either merged to become Native Americans or the ancient Asians slaughtered them…It’s still up for debate and we’ll leave it to the archaeologist to dig up the facts as it progresses.

    • David, why do you use “Jew’s” (possessive) for the proper “Jews” (plural)? Perhaps using proper punctuation might be construed as parading your knowledge?

      • It looks like a casual use of the “Greengrocer’s apostrophe” – as in carrot’s and pea’s – all for sale.
        Nonetheless, I knew what David meant. Likely others, very possibly including brians356 [I noted it is not brian’s356] – did too.
        Auto; only now appreciating – after decades as a purist – that provided the ‘mangled’ spelling & grammar get the clear idea across [whatever the author wishes to say] then communication has been achieved.
        Note that what works for a teenager from the same milieu will not do for my Mother; she would be thoroughly mystified by ‘C U L8r!’ I have got up to ROTFLMAO – but still have a way to go, not texting regularly with under-25s.

        • The grocer’s signs are just as wrong. Ubiquity doesn’t make it correct. And “shorthand” would be an illogical explanation, since the grocer is adding a superfluous character. Just a pet peeve, like drivers who think “yield” and “merge” both mean “STOP!”

    • No. The best way to reduce population is to raise the standard of living. To do that you need (drum roll please) lots of inexpensive energy.
      As to BLM well I guess Black Lives Don’t Matter to them. Africa would have a huge standard of living increase with inexpensive energy. But they want windmills and solar on a continent awash in oil, gas, coal etc.

    • ‘The third world has seen a population explosion thanks to cheap over production of food in the US.’
      That is maybe the most offensive, idiotic statement I’ve seen on this board in years.
      People like you make me want to reconsider my opinion on enforced Eugenics.

      • You might be shocked at how mainstream that “overproduction” position is with these planet savers. Go read the latest Sierra Club manifesto for an education. What’s needed is a massive reduction of human population “to save the planet” for its cuddly rightful inhabitants. My suggestion is the the planet savers all volunteer to be in the first wave. But no, their idea is to hang onto their own piece of paradise, and to encourage – nay, insist – that others sacrifice.

      • Just about any Green/neo-Malthusian rant about overpopulation will boil down to an unspoken “I don’t wanna share, so drop dead.”

        • I will be quoting you on that, thanks! “IGM” (I got mine.) I knew a couple who named their modest retirement rancho in Nevada “IGM Ranch” and they were tickled to be asked what it stood for. I liked their unabashed style. He had been Goldwater’s presidential campaign manager in Nevada. But these greens, it’s all living a Big Lie. They consume more resources than most people, and the higher they ascend in the green hierarchy the more they consume. Yet they have to spend every minute of the day trying to make people who consume a lot less feel guilty about it! Their followers must be as gullible and empty as those starry-eyed Buddhafield cultists.

    • Did you know that just anyone can throw a BLM logo onto their protest? There isn’t even a logo, so they just claim it. I know a number of people are angry about this nonsense. Black Lives Matter was supposed to be a narrow focus protest against police brutality and abuse of power. It did that fairly well, though their lack of organization caused a lot of counter-effective protests. Having their name attached to this sort of nonsense just dilutes their message further.

      • “Police Brutality” is, as Willis pointed out, almost always the result of fighting, fleeing, or flashing (a weapon). Easy to address -except with stupid (leftist) people.

      • But now they have Colin Kaepernick (“Who?”) banging their drum, so things are suddenly looking up again. Aren’t they … ? I mean, because NFL, ESPN, Nike, …

      • “Did you know that just anyone can throw a BLM logo onto their protest? ”
        That is very shoddy branding. You never let others use your name without prior written consent and telling you exactly what they intend to do.
        Successful in the sense that they get lots of free publicity, yes. That much I’ll grant.

      • TRM, there isn’t an actual movement. There’s no branding because no one owns Black Lives Matter. That’s why it was such a scattershot. It was more a meme than an actual movement.
        And y’all, you can claim that the claims are overblown. That’s true. However, claiming that it’s nonexistent is nonsense.
        The real issue that I think is getting to everyone is that minorities are pulled over in traffic and confronted by police well out of proportion to any other statistic, including arrests. Minorities feel that the police are against them, so they seize upon the rare bad apple and police killing as confirmation of the problem.

  1. You want to see some racist bigots? All you have to do is look at BLM activists.
    Ps. That’s the nicest thing I can say about those folks.

  2. The protesters are white. See the photo. The story is reported in more detail in the Guardian. Most detail is in the comments.

    • Doesn’t matter if they’re white, they’re still watermelons and should be charged with trespass, made to repay all airlines’ costs (fuel, time etc.), besides a whole raft of other charges.
      Their ideology and evidence for it is no different than Islam and Christianity.

      • I agree plus, if they are paid activists the people hiring them should be held for the costs.
        I want to add that a paid activist is not a protester so my guess is these folks were not protesters.

      • “Their ideology and evidence for it is no different than Islam and Christianity.”
        Huh? You been lied to in a big way, it seems to me, Olaf.

      • Seems when I mention Christianity, people get weird, which is why I used the word “evidence”. Demand from your deities evidence they exist. If not possible, provide it yourselves.
        BLM have no evidence of their claims either.

      • “Seems when I mention Christianity, people get weird…”
        It seems to me that you consider anyone who does not believe what you do, weird, and essentially all the same . . Narcissism comes to mind, as does bigotry, Olaf.

    • One of the delights in the reporting of this selfish, publicity-seeking action by a group of self-important idiots is the comments section in the Guardian. The story is told with the usual sympathetic approach by this left wing newspaper – but the comments are absolutely excoriating, showing that even Guardian readers regard these moronic ‘protesters’ as the shit on society’s shoes. It is difficult to imagine the lack of intellectual/scientific enquiry and the level of self-regarding behaviour that envelopes these sanctimonious twats as they live their dreary, unproductive and worthless lives.

      • @ John V. Wright
        Oh How I agree with you John V Wright – especially re. the comments in the Guardian articles. Some literally rip the relevant article to shreds!
        This daft story of daft people written about by daft people in a paper now celebrated for its “daftness” when it comes to real science and facts, is getting the comments in its very own comments section it truly deserves.

      • commenters on the Guardian are very frequently people like yourself, who go there to express anti Guardian views.

      • Griff, then why don’t people like you, who support the Guardian, write in and demonstrate just how wrong the anti-Guardian writers are.
        Assuming you can.

    • Nice non-point you have there. Whites VIRTUE SIGNALLING in a movement that is unable or unwilling to address the problem of the overwhelming oppression of blacks is being done by BLACKS. BLM is racist in every conceivable manner.

  3. I was embarrassed that our President urged Africans to not strive to achieve American standard of living because doing so would result in climate catastrophe. Maybe he should try living like most Africans live in abject poverty!

    • Says the douchebag who flies all over the world in his Air Force One, which burns enough fossil fuels in an hour to provide heat and transportation to an average American for a year.

      • “….which burns enough fossil fuels in an hour to provide heat and transportation to an average American for a year” – And for about a decade or more for anyone who lives in the Third World.

  4. Discerning skeptics always knew this climate crisis of theirs was racist alright. The evidence was as plain as the nose on my face, what with all their concern over white polar bears and always painting their windmills white. Paint them black you devils!

  5. ORD is in a predominatley white, working class area. JFK is in a white working class area, LaGuardia is in a white working class area, LAX is in a mixed race working class area, DFW is as white as white can be, DTW is in a mixed race working class area, Regan is in a white middle class area.

    • The Inupiats have at least a little sense, they know where the money is that will make their life better aka easier. Its much nicer if you have the funds to by gas for your snowmachine than having to provide for and take care of dogs in order to be able to live in the winter.

    • True.
      Their Indian neighbors have been less enthusiastic about oil development, but IMO that’s just sour grapes.
      Over the decades, even they must have noticed how much the caribou love the pipeline. They try to calve near it, and their numbers have exploded since it went in.
      Of course bears like it too. They prefer to walk on its nice, warm surface rather than cross the cold or boggy tundra.

      • I suppose the fact that there are so many caribou around the pipelines might be attractive to the bears as well.

    • Again, hope this isn’t too off-topic, but the Eskimo languages offer an example of the cultural equivalent of a ring species in biology. Just as a zebra from East Africa can interbreed freely with the subspecies nearest it, while the same zebra couldn’t do so with one from South Africa, so too with American Arctic languages.
      An Inuit-speaker from Greenland can understand speakers of Inuit dialects from eastern Canada, but not a speaker of an Iñupiat dialect from Alaska or even western Canada.
      The Yupik Eskimo speakers of western Alaska and Siberia, fuhgeddaboudit! To say nothing of Aleuts.

  6. I think that Black Lives Matter, latching onto Global Warming is actually a good thing.
    It lets people see that both movements belong on the lunatic fringe.

  7. As if we needed more proof that climate change is just a substitute for all the various causes which seek social and economic justice. All of these causes are based on the basic human emotion of envy; one of the seven deadly sins.

  8. The cancelled flights and disruptions were a pain in the neck for people affected, but for people like me, this provided a big laugh for the day. When you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous….

    • How about a couple of U.S. Universities now having black only housing. That’s right, to promote racial peace as apparently blacks at these schools didn’t feel welcome in a racially diverse setting. And ya’ll thought Jim Crow was dead.

      • Depends on who is running and benefiting from segregation. This is the old Black Power movement back in action.

      • Democrat’s Segregation policies are back in fashion.
        Meanwhile, 500 blacks have already been murdered in Chicago this year, unnoticed by the BLM. And in the time it took these people to pull this stunt, thousands of blacks were aborted or died of preventable diseases, thanks again to liberal policies.
        Will they ever wake up and realize how they’ve been herded into tribes and treated like trash?

      • I read an article this morning about a poster in student dorms that greeted all incoming freshmen this year. It proclaimed that all whites are racist and that whites have a duty to apologize every time they offend a minority and that it is up to the minority, not them to determine when apologies are necessary.
        They even have to apologize for the being white.

      • Want some fun? If you are white, apply for that “black only” housing. How will they determine you are not “black”? What “proof” of black blood must you provide? It would be fun to observe then wringing their hands and doing back flips trying to “dissuade” you, tactfully or otherwise. OTOH, they’ve probably already rehearsed every such scenario, coached by lawyers, reading from a script.

    • What was even more ridiculous was the time it took the police to clear the demonstrators off the runway! 4-6 hours!! Personally I would have got a pair of bolt cutters in minutes. There’s simply no point trying to ‘negotiate’ with these idealogues.

      • Don’t even need to call in the police. Send in a couple of maintenance workers, backed up by airport security if necessary.
        Just make sure to accidentally turn off the security cameras first.

  9. And what’s more black ice matters closet racists and we can easily contextualise you Green folks and see through your xenophobic ways.

  10. odd isn’t it…
    “some” black people are organized enough to demonstrate (I know, these losers were white)…riot and make a fuss
    ….but not organized enough to collect money, send volunteers to help…Africa, inner cities, etc

    • Just down the road in London Docklands is a senior manager I used to work for. When I first worked for him he was a supervisor. Within 4 years he had advanced to running a major department, only a couple of rungs below head of IT – of a major European merchant bank. He was one of the hardest working people I ever met, long hours, relentless effort.
      Did I mention – he was born in Africa, black as coal.
      BLM is full of cr@p. London Merchant banks don’t care about race or religion, all they care about is whether promoting someone will add another zero to their bonus cheque.

      • Eric…you’re falling for it
        This has nothing to do with race or religion….they are framing it as race and religion because people can claim they are discriminated against because of race and religion
        This is can’t be discriminated against because of culture
        We have a people trying to promote a inner city drug dealing gangster culture.
        There are people trying to promote a backward third world violent oppressive culture
        We need to stop falling for it and fight back

  11. Ironically, climate measures can be argued as being racist. The alarmists, by trying to deny the third world of the use of cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuels (by spurious claims that the tiny amount of man-made CO2 from recycling carbon is the chief driver of temperatures/climate/weather/whatever witch hunt of the day), which could lift them out of poverty is discriminatory.

  12. There is a case to be made, that western climate activism is another form of colonial imposition and imperialism, with environmentalism and climate activism now replacing religion and missionary activity within developing countries.

    • A subset of “I’ve got mine, Jack”.
      You have to be rich already to want to d@ny others the luxuries you take for granted.

      • And frequently protested the poor treatment of those same people by the imperialists. Many racially idealist movements, like abolition in the US, had their beginnings within religious groups. The ink wasn’t even dry on the Constitution (figuratively) when the Quakers petitioned Congress to abolish slavery.

  13. Ironically black lives do matter! Chain yourself inside an airport of an African country, the whips would be brought out and you might not be seen for a few months if at all. Fourtunatly western laws allow protection for all. The fact that their protest was allowed to disrupt a major airport shows the law does care, they have the same rights as non blacks.

  14. They have not a shred of evidence that black people are suffering from global warming. In fact, no one is suffering from global warming because we have not warmed in any significant way since 1988. No claim of the effects of global warming can be true because temperature leveled off in 1998, it started cooling gently in 2002, and actively cooling since 2008.
    Soros-funded BLM are a socialist organization that has nothin got do with black people, just bringing down the family and capitalism.

  15. BLM is an organized criminal extortion gang with a veneer of social justice rhetoric. Following in the footsteps of Al Sharpton, but without the suit and tie. Send George Soros the bill.

  16. I thought I was in moderation but after a while, I think it may be something to do with new fangled Windows !0.
    So I’ll try again simplified.
    Ben Pile: Do black lives really matter to greens?
    Evening Standard: Fury at claims City airport protesters are ‘appropriating someone else’s struggle’

  17. Black university students in California are now demanding to live in …..segregated, black only housing ?

  18. I saw this on the BBC news earlier and I wanted to throw something at the TV.
    Those protestors are just a bunch of slack-jawed, mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers.
    It took 6 hours to remove them from the runway, when it should have taken 5 minutes.
    They should all be slung in jail.

  19. “Claim: Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis”
    There is a certain sense in which this is true. The effort by Greens in developed countries to slow or reverse the development of cheap energy in developing countries would adversely affect non-whites more than whites.
    The poor who would suffer most and the lives that would be lost would be mostly Black lives.
    The Black-Lives-Matter protesters have got their message backwards.

  20. Throw ’em in jail. That should stop ’em flying to holiday destinations for a while. Once paroled, they should be forced to let “refugees” live in their house.

    • Not mine it doesn’t! In fact places without electricity in this part of the continent use wood, a product of carbon dioxide and photosynthesis. The rest of us use electricity produced by coal and nuclear fission.

  21. So you want no freedom of speech, pursue of happiness, owning property for indigenous -because that rights belong to you.
    You’re lucky.

  22. A little off- topic but Soros has been mentioned.
    Little known but when new regulations forced many coal companies to go belly up and their stocks reached nearly penny stock status — Soros bought big time. He now is a prominent owner in coal companies that have mine assets. He owns a huge amount of coal that is still in the ground.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  23. BLM is a racist group peddling extreme fact free politics. It needs to be Birched. Being a member or offering sympathy and support should lead to ostracism from society. That it has not throws a bright light on a double standard.
    A favorite quote from history ” We don’t want lower bread prices. We don’t want higher bread prices. We want National Socialist bread prices”

  24. There is only one case I know of where a so called climate refugee took his case to court and that was in New Zealand and he failed.

  25. “London City Airport is a premium facility”.
    Since when ? Even I have flown from there !
    The statement seems to imply that only private jets use it.

  26. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    If ‘Black Lives Matter’ cared about *black people, they should protest outside the UN’s World Bank HQ, for their declaration of a no-coal decree on Africa and 3rd-world countries, all but guaranteeing abject poverty, early mortality and immense suffering.
    (Excuse the use of “black”, rather than the fact that we should all be judged as individuals, not by colour or creed, but by our character.)

  27. The comments at the Guardian are worth reading. The most recommended one (1295 up-votes) says
    “Complete ****ing nonsense” (but without the stars).
    Other highly recommended ones include
    “Utterly pathetic”
    “I’m sorry this ridiculous, and will lose public sympathy for a couple of real issues.”
    “Utter Regressive Nonsense. This is shamefully ignorant, and aggravatingly absurd.”

  28. Racism alive and well… Here in the States we’re even re-segregating University housing and patting ourselves on the backs for being so progressive.
    On another note, they are taking a play out of the unused portion of Usamah bin Laden’s play book here. He planned to use AGW as a sympathy/recruiting tool against the West

    • If you are an urban black and another urban black decides he doesn’t like you, your life doesn’t matter. Chicago, USA has had over 500 homicides already, just this year, and most of them were young black males killing each other. BLM hasn’t made a peep about it.

  29. It is a psychological truism that people who obsess over something see the world in terms of their obsession. That includes the people obsessed with race.

  30. We are beset by social justice warriors.
    They remind me of President Duterte in the Philippines. His approach is to kill all the drug dealers. If they kill a bunch of innocent people, who cares?
    They remind me of mob rule.
    They remind me of lynch parties.
    They are a prime example of noble cause corruption.

    • Thanks, commieBob! I have never encountered the concept of “noble cause corruption’ before. Having examined it closely, I can see that it is to be found within many ‘save the world’ causes and the careers of many politicians with highbrow altruistic goals that somehow require *other* people to make involuntary sacrifices. This list is almost endless.

  31. Maybe this is the beginning of a double jump the shark moment, where the BLM and climate movements jump the shark tank in opposite directions and collide over the tank. I would feel sorry for the shark in the resultant feeding frenzy.

  32. This is one of the unseen dangers of institutionalized climate change fear.
    It is a racist crises. The people of the developing and third world have been told for years now, that the west is responsible GW/climate change. Therefore, every flood, drought, storm etc… is caused by the west. This will continue be increase hatred for westerners.

  33. So where are all the, er, black protestors?
    This smacks of a stunt by Open Borders who have learned to tack on words like climate and racism to their cause.

  34. If these protesters were forced to compensate everybody who looses money or time because of their stunts, these stunts would become a lot rarer.

    • Morgan Freeman agrees:

      Which is why he plays God (or a narrator of one) in every other movie he’s in!
      Freeman should have been our first black president…

  35. Paid protesting is good work when you can get it. The ACORN pop up protesting franchise model will continue.

  36. The last time I looked the UK was doing more land grabbing in Africa than anyone else, to grow bio-fuels etc. Climate change policies are racist.

  37. The “Climate Crisis” is a made-up crisis, which they try to cloak in whatever convenient “social justice” issue is handy in the attempt to give it moral superiority. These white protesters are the perfect example of “useful idiots”.

  38. The UK is not even close to being the per capita emitter of CO2. Is that what they mean?
    Canada far outperforms the UK on that score. Oil sands, warm homes, a hundred million tons of grain crops, all sorts of energy with a smaller population.
    We even have vehicles with proper engines for hauling our mobile homes across the country.
    Your crop yields are up, UK.
    You are welcome.

  39. an aircraft (if it would fit at that airport) with a ge90-115b engine spinning up next to them will suck up the trash for good….

  40. …..what can be said for this kind of insanity?
    Maybe BLM should pay 5 cents and talk to that climate change anxiety counselor.
    Holy Shi# liberals are stupid.

  41. This is just an attempt to unite political movements with the same non scientific objective. Ironically, it’s actions do the most to make a situation worse because the ones defining their movement have convinced them, that what exists in the real world is the complete opposite of what all the evidence shows.
    For instance, the slight beneficial warming in the last 4 decades, has resulted in the best weather/climate and growing conditions on this planet in 1,000 years……….NOT extreme weather/climate that is already happening now, that has been sold to the world.
    CO2=Pollution? The most amazing pile of dung perpetrated on the world ever.
    6CO2 + 6H2O +Sunlight energy ——> C6H12O6 + 6O2
    Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
    H2O = water
    Light energy is required
    C6H12O6 = glucose
    O2 = oxygen
    Doing a substitution:
    Pollution + water +Sunlight energy ——> Food + oxygen
    Seems like we are living in some sort of alternate universe, where up has been defined as down and down is up.
    If black lives really did matter(they very much do to me) they would be embracing law enforcement, assisting them to be better trained(wear body cams/less profiling) so that they can protect the real victims………the thousands of mostly innocent blacks slaughtered in the inner cities by the violent blacks.
    Since violent crimes committed by young black men is 5 times higher than whites, do you think that this might possibly, maybe just be part of the problem?
    Failed liberal policies in the inner cities, with low education, high unemployment and an increasingly less productive population, more dependent on the government(welfare/food stamps/free health care) is the root cause……..not the isolated bad white cop that shoots an unarmed/innocent black guy.
    Just like one movement goes after the beneficial gas, CO2, we have another movement going after the good guys, the cops who are committed to making our inner cities safer for all law abiding citizens, with inner city blacks benefiting the most.

  42. I haven’t the patience to read all the previous comments — but has anyone pointed out yet that the wildly suspect reports of “climate policies are having a devastating effect on native Africans” actually take place in Guatemala (which last I heard had not migrated to Africa from Central America)…and that the reports are from sources that can only be described as “crazed activists” and really relate to the questions of property ownership under high uncertainty in a country where “rule of law” is really “rule of gold” (he who has the gold rules). If one is going to comment on current affairs issues, one has to try at least to get basic geography right. Using “crazed activists” issued propaganda to counter “crazed activists'” propaganda is not logically sound — both sources are equally nearly totally unreliable .

  43. The big news here is not what the speech says about the environment or even the global economy. The news is that BLM’s sponsor, George Soros, is no longer even trying to hide the fact that the movement’s public figures are his pawns.
    There is a legitimate movement to reduce the use of excessive force by police (at least in the US — I dare say that UK and European police forces do so a lot less). Sites like CopBlock and PINAC are the heart of that movement, and I agree with it. But it is not a race-related problem, and BLM is an unjustified attempt to hijack that movement.
    Indeed the only reason that race is still an issue in the United States is that professional race-baiters don’t want to lose their relevance. And Soros has become one of them. (His Ruckus Society planned the demonstrations in Ferguson and Baltimore and trained their participants. I would be surprised if the same doesn’t turn out to be true in the UK.) He belongs in jail for purposely instigating mob violence.

    • The issue of excessive force by police is an issue that is nearly 100% made up.
      There are only a handful of instances where the issue is clear cut every year. That is in a country of 350 million with hundreds of billions of interactions between police and citizens every year. Out of these, maybe a handful of times the cops over react.
      Could it be better? Yes. But then again, perfection is not an option.

      • Hear, hear! Go read what Heather Mac Donald has written about the myth of black persecution by police. As with AGW, it’s all narrative created by cunning manipulators and promulgated by useful idiots.

  44. As far as their racial politics and tactics go, a large part of the black population has adopted a criminal mindset — you are empowered when people fear you.
    Well, blacks have done a good job of making people fear them — the face of crime and murder in American is black.
    Hard to get a job when the color of your skin strikes fear into the hearts of potential employers.
    I stand by what i have just said.
    Eugene WR Gallun
    PS — Remember the Jesse Jackson quote? “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps….then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

  45. Never mind racism. ClimateChange™ is killing our moose! Because it’s Way Too Hot for them (scroll down about half way). This wildlife biologist is an idiot two ways; one, he has obviously drunk the climate koolade, and two; he conveniently skips over the fact of a moose hunt which takes place every year.

  46. Well, being called racist for everything from speaking English to eating peanut butter and jelly has pretty much trivialized the entire struggle.
    It’s like a seven-degrees of Kevin Bacon game – I can get to racist in… seven steps. Except it’s really more ‘first step.’
    Imagine – harnessing all that guilt for a crisis that hasn’t even happened and only exists in the predictions of exploitive alarmists.
    Never mind that the policies pushed by environmentalists have duplicated the Holocaust several times over.
    Mostly in third world countries populated by brown folk.

  47. You say
    ‘climate policies are having a devastating effect on native Africans,’ as a link.
    However that link leads to a story about Guatemala. Bad news for the poor farmers of Guatemala but not congruent with your story.
    ‘Black Lives Matter’ isn’t about Central American villagers .

  48. “Black Lives Matter” is Obama’s little sock puppet. When he transitions to private citizen, expect a LOT more of this intellectually corrupt Allilnskyite theater.

  49. I love, love, love City Airport. What a gem. Saved me arse once when there was a strike. Used it to route to The Continent thence a non-stop back to SFO.

  50. Climate Change is racist? Just the money.
    In other news, a group of people claiming to be descended from 272 slaves that were sold by Georgetown University in the 1830s wants $1 billion to setup a foundation. Interestingly, they say this isn’t reparations money and the actual mission of the foundation is a mystery.
    How about this for a mission: advocate for massive reparations payments?
    Just call me psychic.

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