Boston to host 2017 US-China Climate Leaders Summit 2017

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that Boston will host the 2017 US-China Climate Leaders Summit. The announcement was made By US Secretary of State John Kerry, while he and Mayor Walsh were attending the 2 day U.S.-China Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit.

Thousands of leaders from across the globe will travel to Boston next summer to discuss climate change.

Boston will host the 2017 US-China Climate Leaders Summit, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced during a two-day climate summit this week in China.

“There is no more pressing, or defining, global challenge than climate change,” said Walsh in a statement. “We know we must be making investments now to create a more sustainable future for the world we share. I look forward to continuing these substantive, challenging conversations in Boston.”

The leaders will discuss and share experiences with building low-carbon, climate-resilient communities.

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I must admit I had never heard of either conference before reading the article above. The 2 day U.S. summit which just finished didn’t make it to the UNFCCC Calendar.

Perhaps there are so many climate conferences for our jetset climate heroes to attend, that only the major conferences make it to the UN list. Or perhaps the US/China conferences are on a different list.

Whatever the explanation, I’m sure the people of Boston appreciate Mayor Walsh’s altruistic dedication to attending and hosting international climate conferences, to help Boston map a path to a low carbon future. Mayor Walsh’s determination to maintain his climate principles, regardless of the cost, is also noteworthy.

For years energy experts have warned that New England would pay a price for wanting to use more and more natural gas for heating buildings and to replace dirty coal-fired power plants for producing electricity, while not making any investments in expanding gas pipelines.

Tuesday came shocking word of just how much that situation will cost in a matter of weeks, as National Grid, Massachusetts’s biggest utility, said it needs to seek a 37 percent rate hike for the six months beginning November 1.

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55 thoughts on “Boston to host 2017 US-China Climate Leaders Summit 2017

  1. His conference that he is wearing is out of style already.
    No amount of hair gell and Apple watch accoutrements can help him now.

      • But let there be no mistake, 2017 will not be “The Year Without A Bummer” in Boston.

      • Yeah. Right.
        Auto – loving the double positives that are negatives, that suggest, at least, that English is still a changing and evolving language.
        That said – Oui. Certainement [or ‘Bien Sur.’?]. – or even – Ja. Naturlich. both could, with phrasing and emphasis, extend the ‘double positive is a negative’ beyond that lingua franca, English. I’m not hot on languages – I’m English – but I think the concept has legs.

  2. Wonderful! Another love fest of alarmists patting themselves and each other on the back for saving the planet from the ravages of climate change. How about they do a couple things for us before it begins:
    1. Explain to us plebeians exactly how the climate is changing that has them so alarmed.
    2. Explain to us why the loudest of them (Gore, Dicaprio, etc. ad nauseum) conduct themselves and their lives like climate change is anything but the greatest threat to our society.

    • Ah, but skype wouldn’t be a media event now, would it? Because without the media mouthpieces trumpeting these “events” there is no spreading of the climate gospel and of feather-preening. There needs to be pagentry, glitz and glamour for the sheeple to climb aboard their bandwagon.

      • By then President Trump will have swept this quaint silliness into the dustbin of history; and these people are going to have to find honest work. Maybe in Venezuela . . .

      • Goldrider…..are you volunteering to go with Trump and stop him from grabbing every tar baby he sees with both hands? If not and he doesn’t instead of victory disaster awaits.

    • Well, as the hypocrites said a few years ago, AGW is too important an issue to be discussed over videoconferencing. Face to face meetings are best for hammering out agreements. Unless you are a business working out an agreement that will affect hundreds of thousands of jobs and/or millions of people and/or their quality of life. Then you should videoconference, because such things do not matter. Who cares about non-elites?
      Did no one think about all the carbon emissions that will result from this conference? All the pollution that will happen IN Boston (and not just the actual people)? Any “savings” generated will have to make up for those extra sins…

  3. Yet another international Emperors’ New Clothes Competition, with all the Emperors unwittingly exposing the small size of their green assets and only displaying their bare lack of credibility or understanding of what they have, or more correctly have not, clothed themselves in! It will be yet another sight not worth seeing or even hearing and only something provided which will further frighten not only the horses but the gullible onlookers throughout the world who continue to pay exorbitant amounts of money they cannot afford to these contestants’ trainers, suppliers and service providers and which prop up such disgusting spectacles!

  4. “who pledge to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions” “Boston has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.”
    Now where are all the windmills and solar panels going, oh wait they’ll just use electricity outside the state and claim a benefit on local emissions.

    • Boston expects to get its clean green energy from Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada.
      No regard as to what this will cost Boston customers for transmission charges.

  5. Hold on! I’ve heard that President Trump has directed the State Department to host it at a Best Western in Cairo Illinois. Now let’s see how many luminaries actually show up.

  6. “Thousands of leaders from across the globe will travel to Boston next summer to discuss climate change.”
    Yes, I’m sure it will be a veritable who’s who of the incompetent,the ignorant, the lying, the greedy and corrupt, all vying to show how much “greener-than-thou” they are, and demonstrating their “firm commitment” to the cause.
    It will be awesome.

  7. Will John Kerry drag James Taylor along with him to sing to the dignitaries? Hearing “You’ve Got a Friend” is always so reassuring when it comes to a global crisis. Or perhaps spread the wealth a little and let Randy Newman sing the Toy Story theme song to them. Think of it… Woody and Buzz saving the world from climate change… that’s sheer meme power.
    John Kerry: You’re mocking me, aren’t you.

    • Vuk
      They won’t warm the harbour first – let alone use boiling water – and cream. You need to get tea right . . . .
      Auto [a coffee drinker]

  8. Thousands of leaders authoritarian-parasites-living-in-luxury-off-the-taxpayers-labor from across the globe will travel to Boston next summer to discuss climate change.

    Minor typo in the original article. Fixed.

  9. Mmm! – all that free lobster and champagne!
    37 percent rate hike for the six months beginning November 1.
    “Fools and their money…..”

    • Yeah, and what’s the point in singling out China as one of the “leaders”?
      China isn’t going to do anything about their CO2 creation until at least 2030, if ever.
      What a Climate deal the Chinese got! Eveyone else goes bankrupt trying to live off windmills and solar plants, and China skates by with whatever generating equipment it wants to build.

  10. as National Grid, Massachusetts’s biggest utility, said it needs to seek a 37 percent rate hike for the six months beginning November 1.
    Do they really mean that after six months the price will come down?
    Or is it that the rate hike is just 37% for those six months and then on May 1 it will rise again?

  11. Boston Charts Course for Greenhouse Gas Reductions of 25% by 2020
    April 22, 2010

    Following a year-long public process, Boston’s Climate Action Leadership Committee today presented Mayor Thomas M. Menino with a set of wide-ranging recommendations aimed at significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the risks of climate change in Boston. The consensus report titled Sparking the Climate Revolution calls for reducing Boston’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and incorporating the potential effects of climate change in all planning and review of public and private projects.
    [ … ]
    The report highlights that climate action will bring significant economic benefits to Boston. Climate mitigation — reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, behavior change, and lower vehicle use — will produce net savings of over $2 billion dollars by 2020 through lower annual energy bills, in addition to the benefits of lower pollution including better health, lower medical bills, and less crowded streets. Demand for energy and climate-related services will also create thousands of jobs. Climate adaptation – preparing for the effects of climate change – will ensure that Boston’s economic and social infrastructure remains strong well into the future.
    Is this meeting one of the “economic benefits to Boston”?

    • Does the city spell out just HOW they plan to reduce ‘green house’ gas emissions?

      • Well, I just reread and noticed that the summit name refers to “Low Carbon Cities”. I suppose they will lower their carbon by getting rid of “surplus” population.
        I am kidding, but I would not be surprised if there is some nutcase out there seriously making that suggestion.

  12. Boston considers itself to be the be-all and end-all of the state of MA. It considers itself to be this great social, cultural, and financial center of such great benefit to the surrounding areas, that us rubes simply could not survive without it. The truth is that Boston is the home of a corrupt, inept, and endlessly greedy government. The only use most of us have for the place is that it is the home (sort of) of Logan International Airport.
    They want to lower their “carbon emissions”? Fine. Level the whole place and pave it over. That will give them their “low-carbon” future.
    Then Logan Airport will have plenty of room for expansion. After all, Logan is the only reason huge numbers of us go anywhere near the place.

  13. The last agreement with China was so successful that China in order to save the planet will continue to emit CO2 at rates as per usual till 2030. This was lauded as a great success. Maybe this conference they could extend this for an extra 20 years or so . That would be acknowledged as building on that success.

  14. I won’t buy tickets for the event until I learn that Trump didn’t make it to the oval office! Actually, I’ve been saying he is going to be president since last fall (and have been promoting him here). I should have bet on it. It is something to see the media trying to misrepresent him at every turn -the liberal politicians, academics and media pundits. Lost on all of them is the elephant in the room: if Trump isn’t fit to be president but the American people choose him to be, then who are all these others serving? The hubris is wonderful.

    • Gary
      2016 will be a contest between the never-Trumps, and the never-Clintons.
      Who is more despised?
      I echo PJ O’Rourke – how did a nation of 300,000,000 or more people, plus sundry domestic animals, wind up with this terrific [terrifying??] choice.
      And – yeah – the UK hasn’t done so well either – Jeremy, son of the Manor, what’s his name, brother of Piers – or the fat-faced one seemingly in bed with he Euro elites.
      [And before Jeremy, the Ed case bacon-sandwich mauler.]
      No – Dim Lebs do not cut it. Nor do local affiliations – the Free Croydon Empire, or the Scot Prats.
      France may wind up with Le Pen’s daughter. And Eurexit prontissimo!
      Italy with a clown.
      And who is to say that Brussels and the Euro are innocent?

  15. I have to admit, every time WUWT uses it, I love seeing that picture of a jet where the leading edge of the wing is apparently built through the engine intake. It symbolizes the kind of world the greens would design for us.

  16. If Trump becomes President, how long would John Kerry last in any government position?

  17. Currently I’m on hols, in Beijing. I can see a lot of far more pressing problems than “Climate Change”. I’m hoping that the current thunderstorm washes some of the smog from the air for tomorrow & looking at the amount of building going on, with vast numbers of virtually or completely unoccupied tower blocks already up, I’d say there’s the mother & father of housing bubbles building up here!

  18. Some of us here in Boston who are in the Tea Party Movement (yes, we are here) are considering a reply to this circus perhaps even a counter summit. We’ve got a year to plan and are dreaming of getting a Steyn or Watts or a Monckton to come and rain on the party (Prof. Lindzen, of course is already here). If anybody reading this is interested in contributing please go to or message me on Facebook at Edward W. Wagner in Boston.

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