Deoxgenation due to climate change is already detectable in some parts of the ocean. New research from NCAR finds that it will likely become widespread between 2030 and 2040. Other parts of the ocean, shown in gray, will not have detectable loss of oxygen due to climate change even by 2100.
CREDIT Matthew Long, NCAR.

Science as agitprop: “Climate Change Is Strangling Our Oceans”

By Larry Kummer of the Fabius Maximus website Summary:  The public policy debate about climate science shows the dysfunctional nature of the US media. It’s one reason why making effective public policy has become difficult or impossible. Here’s another example of how propaganda has contaminated the news reporting of this vital subject, looking at stories…

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Moving Out

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The last crew member arrived today, and we moved onto the boat. It’s great except for the mosquitoes … and unfortunately, Zika virus is alleged to be here in Fiji. As a result, I’ve been increasing the quarterly profits of the insect repellant company … Mostly, today was gathering bits…