Long awaited "Climate Hustle" movie may finally be able to be seen

After a missed opportunity to show this film in broad distribution while the 2015 Paris climate conference was in full swing and climate interest high, it seems the film “Climate Hustle” might actually get a showing, if for only one night. For months we’ve been told “coming soon”, with a Fall 2015 release and it seems the wait just kept getting longer and longer. I have not been able to see the film, so I can’t comment on whether it’s good or bad. All I can say is that it’s way past overdue. Here’s the latest PR:


CFACT Inks Deal with SpectiCast to Bring Skeptical “Climate Hustle” Film to Theaters Nationwide May 2, for a One-Night Event

(March 21, 2016) CFACT and CDR Communications, in partnership with Event Cinema provider SpectiCast, are pleased to announce the release of “Climate Hustle,” a one-night engagement in theaters nationwide on May 2, 2016 that debunks the myths and hype about man-made global warming in an informative and entertaining style. The film will be shown in over 500 theaters in an estimated 200 markets nationwide. Additional details, including a very special bonus event featuring a newsworthy name, will be released very soon.

On the heels of Earth Day (April 22nd) and the opening of the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change at the United Nations, the “Climate Hustle” May 2 event examines the question of whether there is a genuine scientific consensus about alleged man-made global warming. With more than 30 scientists and experts featured, the film reveals the history of climate scares, examines the science on both sides of the debate and digs into the politics and media hype surrounding the issue. It has been called “brutal and extremely funny” by National Review and “dynamite” by Breitbart News.

“Climate Hustle” is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano. A former communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Morano is publisher of CFACT’s ClimateDepot.com, one of the world’s top sources for scientific information skeptical of climate alarm.

“‘Climate Hustle’ is an extremely timely film, especially given the relevant political discussion surrounding global warming,” said Mark Rupp, Co-founder and President of SpectiCast Entertainment. “We feel it is important to share all viewpoints on the climate change issue and ‘Climate Hustle’ provides a perspective not generally shared with the public at large in an informative and engaging way.”

David Rothbard, Executive Producer of the film and President of CFACT, said “The issue of global warming is certainly a ‘hot’ topic and what better way to educate the public than through a film that presents a much-needed perspective based on hard science with a humorous tone.” Added Chris Rogers, Director of “Climate Hustle” and President of CDR Communications, “In the midst of this year’s election, it is of the utmost importance that voters hear both sides of this much-hyped issue, in order to make more educated decisions about climate and energy policies that will affect generations to come.”

“Climate Hustle” will be shown as a one-night event on May 2, 2016 in 500 theaters nationwide. For locations and tickets (available soon) and more information visit www.ClimateHustle.com.

40 thoughts on “Long awaited "Climate Hustle" movie may finally be able to be seen

  1. Everybody – please restrain yourselves.
    Nobody make a play on the title and post a YouTube video of “The Hustle” by Van McCoy from 1975.
    Please, nobody do that.

    • So far, nobody has posted the video. I thought for sure someone would have a slightly warped sense of humor.
      It was a long time ago, but what a Blast From The Past.
      Think Of The Children.
      Kids just are not going to know what a good Hustle is.

    • Amazon would do everything they can to bury this, it would be better to get it on Netflix, in the documentary category. There are 36 million Netflix subscribers and many of them are non-traditional TV viewers, (these are not the people who made Desperate Housewives a smash hit).

      • Same here. I was really eager to see this, back in December. Now it’s just meh…I might watch it when its available on YouTube.

  2. The success of this movie will be directly correlated with a general sense of security, happiness, and achievement. As is the success of science, generally, that does not support redistributive change in its absence.

    • I think the success, or lack thereof, of this or any other movie may well be directly related to whether or not people get to actually watch it.
      Critical acclaim runs a distant second to viewership in terms of both money earned and public awareness.
      Hard to imagine a movie that few have seen being much of a success by any measure.

  3. I hope the film is good and successful but requiring a sign-up with email address just to discover where it will play gets things off on the wrong foot for all the what-should-be-obvious reasons.

    • I agree. There’s a lot of things that have “gotten off on the wrong foot” with this film. Hopefully they’ll get this fixed, because few people want to risk getting spam just to find out where it is going to be shown.

      • I have a separate “spam” email address just for this sort of thing, but what i find irksome is the idea of having to jump through any sort of hoops for the privilege of spending my money for a ticket.

    • It’s what happens when professional media skin people after other professionals skin them with the originsl scam. Now the same hacks who couldn’t win with the laws of thermodynamics on their side want you to psy, pay, pay, to eatch them pretend to disagree.

  4. To have any impact, Climate Hustle would have to be shown on major TV networks, starting with FOX. Showing it in theaters or selling it on DVD will only attract the already-convinced climate skeptics.
    While the Warmists have gained all the levers of powers to control the political, decision-making, agenda, Skeptics are left alone to play by themselves in their sandbox.

  5. Reason;I think Morano and persons making film needs to make a buck out of this. Its perfectly normal/OK

  6. Dinesh D’Souza has made good impact with the theater releases of his political documentary/commentary movies. Getting a theater release gives you at least the potential to reach a wide general audience, and generate some buzz in the process. If it works, it is a real Power Play for you. Possibly, this is what CFACT is trying to pull off.
    If Amazon DVD is all you have, all you get are the believers, and nobody else will even hear of you.

  7. Let me guess that this is mostly marketing scheme to get proper review coverage. Also minimal theatrical distribution might be necessary to qualify for certain awards such as the Academy Awards. It’s also possible that the distribution scheme includes “four walling” where the producer actually rents the theater and then pockets the profits. Some may remember “Sunn Classic Pictures” that did this more than 3 decades ago with documentaries on topics like the search for Noah’s ark.

    • So why don’t they just tell us why they are doing things this way? I had hoped it would be a counter to Gore’s “smash hit”. Those that should fund this are spending their money trying to determine the political candidates in the US. A one-day wonder will not be seen by very many folks. The limited distribution means I will never see it in a town of 50,000 in Canada.

  8. I should have also mentioned the tiered distribution system where films are released for a while theatrically before moving to pay TV, having benefited from the glow of the theatrical release, followed by physical media, then maybe Netflix and cable/broadcast. That sort of thing.

  9. Just when you thought the hyperbole could get no worse … now comes a new proclamation: “Worst zoogenic climate impacts in 66 millllllllllllion yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!” (… with that time frame we cannot use the word anthropogenic … ).

  10. Is this the “Zeitgeist” of Climate Change? If so, you might get Steven Tyler behind it!

  11. I look forward to viewing the cHustle; s/b entertaining … Speaking of Hustle … anyone know why N1ck St0kes was banned from WUWT?

  12. As soon as he caves in and says ”the sky’s a magic heater, but -” he’s done. LoL.
    People think they’re immune to being outed by several phases of matter and energy but Mother nature and her snitches, the laws of thermodynamics in atmospheric & general chemistry- and in thermodynamics in every field, can not lie.
    If they could, we could all become lawyers, and live forever.
    Chuck Taylor

  13. So another self proclaiming skeptic needs to get paid to serve up yet more alarm, about alarm!
    Yeah well – when you pretty much buy the entire crooked story and pull up your horses right at the “end of all time and civilization” people understand what’s happening. More cons be people who don’t work
    And little more appetite for yet more media manipulation.

  14. Can social media exposure compensate for the deficiency in marketing?
    Exposure is everything, no?

  15. The time to release this film was before the Paris Climate meeting. It is way too late now. It maybe OK to coincide the release with the US Presidential Election debates but useless for the rest of the World. A missed opportunity.

  16. It likely won’t be shown in my area, so I hope you let us all know when we can rent/buy a copy? Please? I look forward to seeing how you have condensed the many years of botched science into something that the gullibles will understand. They have probably never heard of Pavlov – or Gruber – or Orwell, for that matter.

  17. Yeah we can all see how anxious the faux skeptics’ movement is to further science. As long as alarmism profits yield some proper return, they’re worried about science.
    Is Morano a scientist, or has he ever worked where he measured something?
    Is anybody in the so called ”skeptics” movement – the populist one – a scientist who doesn’t believe in the scam?
    No. They all believed it and were fine with science being shut down while they profited as ”heroes on a hill.”
    In fact they were wack-a-moles, doing the work of driving real science out of science so they could then feebly declare ”wait the world might not end is all we’re saying”
    when they weren’t really qualified to say anything: they should have let the scientists who told everyone it was all wrong, do the driving, and the media figures, do the navigating.
    Instead the media ran science out of science: and now no scientists anywhere will risk their reputations among the assassins of science, who ripped rigor and proper thermodynamic principles right out of the play.
    That’s for another place in time, we have to get some legitimacy by endorsing this.
    Well – they endorsed and now there’s no turning back. They have to keep saying ”the basic science is sound”
    quietly trying to shine as heroes on white horses
    and assassinate any public recollection how the science got driven out of science. Populist media.

  18. I can’t imagine many people going to the theatre to watch this in the UK and I can’t see it being screened in schools like the Inconvenient Truth – you would have to be a brave teacher to get away with that! Unless it comes out over here on something like Netflix, then it will only appeal to the already converted.

  19. What the heck is going on with the distribution? I am flummoxed.
    Would have gladly ordered a DVD for $30 or less, will never drive 160 miles to and from the nearest metropolis ‘vanity theater’ to hob nob with Climate Bohemians. Is the in-theater showing before DVD release an Oscars thing? It cannot be a money thing, it will lose money in theaters, non-fiction invariably plays to emptys unless Michael Moore’s ugly fat face is on the screen..What other things are there?

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