What Powers The Electricity?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There is a generator-by-generator analysis of the US power supply for 2012, called “eGrid”, available here as an Excel file. I’ve aggregated the data by fuel type. Discuss. Best of a lovely February night to all, Orion refulgent in ebon sky, Castor and Pollux looking on … w. Advertisements

Diagram from Page 4 of the Lux Report "Coal Computing: How Companies Misunderstand Their Dirty Data Centers"

Claim: Trendy Green Corporates "underestimating" Coal Usage

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A new report from Lux Research has suggested that Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, and other big name tech businesses, corporations which make substantial claims about the “sustainability” of their business models, have significantly underestimated how much their data centres depend on coal generated electricity. Lux state “Each year, the…

Cute abandoned kitten, author Nicolas Suzor from Brisbane, Australia, source Wikimedia

Reduce CO2, or More Homeless Kittens

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to the New South Wales Cat Protection Society, climate induced warmer weather is causing cats to have more unwanted kittens. Longer breeding seasons, more kittens: are cats reacting to climate change? When Kristina Vesk started working at the Cat Protection Society of NSW in 2006, she rarely saw kittens…