Hump Day Hilarity – Game Show Climate

Political cartoonist Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle sees what you and I do – that any weather event can be pinned on climate change.

The warm weather on the eastern half of the USA this winter has prompted  many climate alarmists blame it on global warming/climate change/climate disruption even though in 1955, a similarly warm and record breaking warm winter occurred well before CO2 was out of the “safe” zone as some call it. This map illustrates:


h/t to Steve Goddard

McKee of course sees right through the hype of blaming any weather event on climate change with this cartoon…


What is funny is that there was some climate scientists who actually did a paper and a wheel of climate as a PR prop

see this


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Juan Slayton

Wheel, Steve, it’s wheel
[fixed – Thank you ~Mod]

Juan Slayton

or Anthony….

Well, well, well.


That was the story of “The Three Wells”
Happy New Year to all..

Ed Macaulay

So what do you want to do with 3 holes in the ground.

It was a pun on the spelling mistake – too oblique?


That’s a very deep subject.

I wonder if Climate can be calibrated by the water level, or is that only the rain?

Janice The American Elder

“and a heel of climate” . . . which I would suppose could be Dr. Mann?

Dodgy Geezer

Would Michael Mann be a ‘heel of climate’? (para 4)

¿ingrown toenail?


Hi Anthony, hope you have a great new year! Don’t won’t to nitpick but their is a spelling mistake on 4th line down, ‘climate chnage’, just saying.

Jeff Alberts

There’s also this “there was some climate scientists”, or maybe AW has spent some time in West Virginia 😉

Hey, hey, hey! Let’s watch the gratuitous slams of other states. Anthony’s travails with typos and grammar in this article have as much to do with WV as “extreme weather” has to do with CO2.
(BS Geology, West Virginia University class of 1979)

Samuel C. Cogar

“Yepper”, youse is right, James S.
Me thinks Jeff A is one of those persons that literally believes everything he hears on TV about us WV Hillbillies and likes to repeat and/or criticize them in a silly attempt to infer or imply he possesses a far superior educational expertise.
I use verbiage in my posted commentary that I think is best understood by my reading audience and am not the least bit interested in trying to impress an English Major who thinks “proofreading” is the greatest thing since “sliced bread” was invented.
(AB Physical and Biological Science, Glenville State College class of 1962)

John F. Hultquist

won’t? their?
Place the fancy phone down, lift your hands above your head, and back away slowly.


Hi Craig
Not to nitpick but their should be there


Lol, I’ve done it as well! Ok everybody, line me up😜


their you go


didn’t won’t to get out of bed this morning?

Wear wood yew lye cus two “line you up”?

Hot under the collar

Oh deer the speling standerds our realy droping hear, we dont wont bad spelers and theyre elk here.
As for the Well, I’m sure Anthony will be looking into it. : )

Hot under the collar

Many a true word is spoken in jest!
The wheel of climate change cartoon is funnier by far than these spelling puns because it’s deadly accurate.


Eye thawlt yew do’d eht awn porpoise.

Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away there was no cargo cult climate psuedo-science.
Here today there is.


But if you close your mind and click your heels together 3 times and say:
“There’s no place like the caring arms of Big Brother.” then all will be well.
Also, enjoy the koolaid and the Emperor’s magnificent clothes.


not a comment on you John (above), just a follow-on to your thoughts on how today’s climate scientists (many of them, not all) sold their ethical souls for a grant.


Did you mean to say “all will be wheel”? *couldn’t help it*

joelobryan on December 30, 2015 at 8:45 pm
– – – – – – –
Yes, it is so in fairy tales and in space opera so should be true in pseudo-science land of CAGW.


And that’s why the re-branding as “climate change,” which can mean ANYTHING, since “global warming” obviously was a poor long-term meme.

Speaking of Hump Day Hilarity
Hump Joke Time!
What do you call a three hump camel?

Answer: pregnant

Dang it! I wanted to use the word tridromedary !




Answer: another Bill Clinton “score”.


A Hefellump?

Dahlquist on December 30, 2015 at 10:48 pm
– – – – – –
and woozles
oh bother

Brian H

Grammar disaster! was … scientists … etc.


Pedants unite 🙂

Wont that tangle the flags?


Pendants unite.
[Yes. Because when pendants untie, they fall off the string. .mod]

Jeff Alberts

Dyslexics untie!

That would be falg for you then, as in ‘do you have a flag?’


Did you hear about the dyslexic insomniac agnostic?
He lay awake at night wondering if their was a dog.


1955, that would be sixty years ago.


Yep, coincident with the peak of the ~60 year cycle.

Crispin in Waterloo

One year per degree. That’s gotta mean something – can’t possibly be just a coincidence. Does that convert to Celsius?


It was my husband’s birthday that heated up the planet fatally. 🙂


The link to the MIT roulette wheel via WUWT seems broken. Could be my browser, but here’s a direct link that works for me:
[fixed – thank you ~Moderator]

Mike McMillan

Took me a second to notice the augmentation. Dat’s the mos’ ridiculous t’ing I evah sawr. The guys standing around it are the second mos’ ridiculous.

Bill Murphy

Where’s Karl?


Too funny! And thanks for the 50’s temperature map.


Sure, the east was warm. But, the west was cold. Not much mention of that. And, the last two winters were brutal in the midwest and east.



I hope Mr McKee’s reading this, because he could do a similar cartoon for Hillary’s Wheel of Wedge Issues, with the additional bonus that they’re wedge-shaped. War on women, climate change, gun control and whatever else she doesn’t actually give a sh!t about along as stupid people vote for her.

… as long as …..

Crispin in Waterloo

Auto-correct is a birch.

Auto-correct is a birch.

And that wooden be a fur piece to go …


Shouldn’t that be a “fir peace”?


I thought the ‘Hump Day Hilarity‘ would have been the story which has been spread all the MSM today that the ‘North Pole’ would excede +40F ……. only to find out that the original author of the article got his ‘North Poles’ mixed up.
Turns out it was North Pole, ALASKA, 1700 miles away from ‘the’ North Pole.

John F. Hultquist

The Time has broadcast nonsense:, but seems to have also integrity to admit it: This article originally misidentified a temperature reading as belonging to the North Pole.
Komonews on the other hand at this point still states (in Fahrenheit I presume):
While there are no instruments right at the North Pole (just some buoys that float around inside the Arctic Circle), computer projections show temperatures were to be in the mid 30s around the pole, a bit warmer than the 30 degrees Seattle had Wednesday morning.
Currently DMI reports the temperature to be about -20 °C: It seems the arctic weather front is currently moving southwards to Russia:

Bruce C., citation?
The story was not a hoax, or wrong about anything except for one temperature reading….North Pole Alaska was 42 F, but the REAL North Pole actually reached 34 F very briefly.

All of 14.5 million square kilometers (5.5 million square miles) or some part of it?
Either way, where exactly, when, how and by whom was it measured?


I wasnt there. Read the article.


Sooooooo..a Husky walked by a temperature gauge and lifted his leg for a little relief ????

Jaakko Kateenkorva

Marcus. Are you revealing us something about Mr Mann’s measurements?


Jaakko……ummmmm, yes….lol

Gunga Din

Close enough for Climate Science.


Anthony… It’s only December 30th and you’re writing like a 3 sheets to the wind drunk. If this is the case with you it sure would be a hoot to see what’s up your sleeve for tomorrow evening. I’ll be waiting fer it.

I can only imagine that Brian H’s head would explode…


Oh no! I don’t see any mention of earthquakes, or tsunamis, on the Wheel of Climate Change.

Lance of BC

Just looked at the wuwt that post on MIT wheel from 2009 and found a post (or two) from me, that was six f-ng years ago……
I really do have no life! Hehe!
Happy new year dEnIeRs !


Yeah, Lance, I posted then, too. I captioned the MIT photo: “Okay, guys. Stop laughing. Look serious, now. He’s going to take the picture.”
I still wonder if it was just an elaborate joke by Prinn…

Lance of BC

(sorry maybe a double post)
Just read the link to the MIT’s wheel of “misfortune” from 2009 and found a post from me…………..6 f-ng years ago.
I really do have no life! hehe!
Happy new year DeNiErS!


I have no life either.
I’m just sitting about waiting for the next major glaciation.
Like the robot boy in A.I.
I’m hoping for a Younger Dryas the second.
But expecting that the next glaciation will proceed at a pace best described as – erm – glacial.
Every morning I rush outside to check for an ice sheet covering my home.
So far – nothing.

Lance of BC


I wonder what effect the latest in a kind of winter storms hitting the UK ( Which cannot be connected to climate change as it may have happened at some point in the past) will have on the Arctic? Heck of a temperature rise. I wonder if we will see any impact?


Most of Alaska during all the previous Ice Ages was ice-free and many mammals who grazed on land plants moved restlessly about and humans walked over from Asia to hunt them and then moved down into the rest of the hemisphere…all during an Ice Age.
So a warm Alaska is not a harbinger of warmer weather but more likely a warning that another Ice Age will happen beginning in Hudson Bay.


Meanwhile, in Colorado;
A cold day at Antero Reservoir: 51 below in Colorado – › Top_News › 2015/12/22


When I was a kid at school, I happened to have a multicolour BIC pen with “CERN” printed on the side.
We used to amuse ourselves by showing it to other science nerds and saying,
“Look at this CERN pen – it’s not just any old CERN pen – it’s the one that they actually use…”
Anyway, as bored school kids we derived quite a lot of fun from being silly about the pen.
I would like to similarly point out that the roulette wheel prop shown in the link – it’s not just a model.
That wheel is THE MODEL. It’s the one that they actually use!!!
O.K. maybe not – but it might as well be…

John W. Garrett

Did the New Year’s Eve (1955) temperature map originally appear elsewhere?
If so, where?


It’s properly accredited.

John W. Garrett

I’m not worried about the attribution or credit.
I’d like to locate the original image so I can link to it.


It’s here: Scroll down.


I love the ‘Greenhouse Gamble’ wheel from 09 that has a tiny little sliver for anything under 3C of warming. Looks like the science has passed them by. Do you think any of them regret making such a visually perfect example of their lack of understanding?

Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:

It has all happened before.

terrific cartoon…be nice if the syndicates would pick it up.

Jaakko Kateenkorva

Hyperbole hit the fan yesterday. Not least because of the North Pole Melting! headline in the Climate Change Wheel of Fortune Zeitung scaring the living daylight out of my mother-in-law. The temperature peaked 15K below the freezing point yesterday and now is heading back on track. Meaning the North Pole of course. I rejoice gaining one more skeptic in the family. Happy new year everyone.


That shows just “calculated “Daily mean temperatures for the Arctic area north of the 80th northern parallel”, and has nothing to do with a short-term temperature at the North Pole. Better done homework next time:)