Quote of the Week: Dr. Will Happer's blowback to Greenpeace during ambush at Senate hearing today

In case you missed it, earlier today, co-founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore said today that he’s calling in the FBI on Greenpeace for what he perceives as RICO/racketeering violations in their lame attempt to get Dr. Happer “on the take”.

Dr. Happer also said to the Greenpeace “reporter” who ambushed him in the hearing room, Jesse Coleman:

“You son of a bitch, I haven’t taken a dime.”

Russell Cook notes in  the YouTube video comments section:

After 20+ years of failing to come up with evidence that skeptic climate scientists are paid to lie by industry people, nothing telegraphs that failure better than fabricating the evidence out of thin air right now.


Watch the video:

Dr. Moore said earlier in his FBI press release that:

I shall also be asking the Bureau to investigate Greenpeace’s sources of funding. It is now an enemy of the State, an enemy of humanity and, indeed, an enemy of all species on Earth.

Given their money, their tactics, and their methods, I’m inclined to agree.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Moore for exposing Greenpeace’s illegal activity to silence people. Taking a stand is already a win.

    • “Greenpeace now exposed itself as a fossil fuel industry lackey.”
      The whole radiophobic movement is.

      • Well I haven’t yet been able to view the video (I’m at work; well my computer is.)
        But I have to smile at your assessment that Sen. Cruz’s ” colleagues ” left him to twist in the wind.
        I have always regarded Sen. Ted Cruz, as being one of the US senators who has no colleagues.
        The rest of the GOP senators are largely RINOs; Sen. Inhofe excepted.
        And ‘ left ‘ would certainly be the only direction those RINOs would take.
        So I take it you feel that the discussion was quite bipartisan.
        We have the very best government that money can buy, and those with their hands out for more taxpayer money, make sure that their marionettes stay bought.
        And that includes the leech parasites on both sides of the money spigot.
        But I’m going to have to watch the video; because I would have bet that Prof Will Happer simply could not decode what the text message “SOB” even stands for.
        He surprised me ! Good for you Prof Happer, I would have used less laudatory words myself.

      • Meh. RateMyProfessors is not a random survey. They also allow students to rate how sexy their professors are. You can also go in with a false e-mail and rate yourself or your friends.

    • Nossir. ICYMI, Mark Steyn and Dr Curry showed what happens when you turn the tables on the inquisitors. Senator Markey looked none too comfortable when he was hit with a bunch of tough science-based questions, and needed to use a lifeline to Dr Titley.
      This will be a standard for other skeptic witnesses to follow in future hearings. The Democrats are clearly vulnerable when it comes to answering questions.

      • Multiple choice chemistry exams? You can’t be serious! Is he trying to perpetuate scientific ignorance?

      • @Doug
        Do not laugh. When I was at Stevens, Prof. Steinmann’s Chem finals were 4 hours of gruesome toil. All multiple choice. You still had to work out the problems, but the good professor helpfully included answers that were a factor of 10 or 100 too high and too low, or involved dividing when you should have multiplied, or taking the incorrect root, etc. Every choice but the right one was a trap designed to make you think you’d nailed it. It was alleged that if you could get a zero on the final he’d give you an “A” for the course. I’d have missed it by 2 points.

      • So what is a “multiple choice” chemistry exam ? Which of the following 92 elements combines with Oxygen to produce water ??
        Only once in my life, other than drivers licence tests, did I ever take a multiple choice test (not an exam).
        I guess the premise is that you are given maybe five answers to a question, and have to choose one. ALL five answers are required to be EQUALLY plausible to someone who knows NOTHING about the subject.
        So statistically, you can score 20% in total ignorance. The problem is, that it is not possible to construct five equally plausible answers for selection by a candidate who has a limited, but inadequate knowledge of the subject. Most options can be eliminated with quite weak knowledge of the subject.
        The one test I did take with multiple choice questions, was some sort of IQ test.
        For some reason, the name Stanford seems to be associated with that test; dunno why.
        All I remember about the test was that there were several bullshit questions that had multiple correct answers.
        These were typically of the generic type (pictorial) where it is stated, that a certain transformation turned object (a) into object (A). Then apply that transformation to object (b) and pick which of (B,C,D,E.F) results.
        Well the dummies that set that test were blissfully unaware that there were multiple possible different transformations, that turned (a) into (A), but would give different results for object (b).
        For example, a square with a dot in the top left corner, can be turned into a square with a dot in the top right corner; first by rotating 90 degrees to the right in the plane, (z axis) or secondly by a 180 degree rotation about a centered y axis.
        You get two different results for a square with a dot centered on the left hand edge of the square.
        Multiple choice exams for a university degree exam, would be the result of a totally lazy professor.

        • george e. smith: “Multiple choice exams for a university degree exam, would be the result of a totally lazy professor.”
          Or the product of the modern education “all shall have prizes” mindset.

      • I have always thought multiple choice exams as relatively easy to pass. The one exception was Organic Chemistry. When all of the answers look almost exactly alike, figuring out the correct response is no longer a matter of eliminating the most unlikely answers.
        Unless you are one of those individuals who it just clicks with, the way to get through Organic Chem is brute force memorization.

      • george e. smith wrote:
        > For some reason, the name Stanford seems to be associated with that test; dunno why.
        The Stanford Binet IQ test is one of the most commonly used tests.
        I don’t believe it’s associated with Stanford Univ., but I really have no idea. Not worth checking.

      • To go further down the rabbit hole of multiple choice questions on exams, not all such exams are equal. More than a half century ago, some biology tests at University of Illinois at Navy Pier in Chicago used them.Perhaps 100 or so questions, most with five choices. Zero to five were correct. The score was right minus wrong.

      • Multiple choice exams – Today, I helped proctor an exam made up of 58 multiple choice questions. The last student finished 3 hours after he started. The exam covered topics covered in one week’s worth of material, with a few review questions from previous weeks. The students are midway through a 14 month training program at the end of which they will be licensed to operate a specific nuclear reactor.
        “The site-specific examination for reactor operators (10 CFR 55.41) consists of 75 multiple-choice written questions and an NRC-administered operating test (10 CFR 55.45) that includes a plant walk-through and a performance demonstration on the facility licensee’s power plant simulator.” http://www.nrc.gov/reactors/operator-licensing/licensing-process.html
        Writing effective multiple choice questions is not easy.
        Supplemental Guidance for Writing Effective Multiple Choice Questions: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1328/ML13281A409.pdf

    • Eli Rabett on December 8, 2015 at 5:40 pm
      FWIW the hearing did not go well for Sen. Cruz, as his colleagues left him to twist in the wind and the Democrats took control.

      If that was Democrats taking control, then the Democrats have delusions of adequate control.

    • Why do you constantly and shamelessly state falsehoods? Don’t you have an ounce of conscience? Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror without wincing, wabbet?

    • Rabett is either (due to no fault of his own) unable to differentiate between a square and a circle, or is pathologically dishonest.

      • Well topologically there is no difference between a square and a circle.
        Both of them are described by exactly the same equation: x^n + y^n = r^n
        Just different values of the parameter (n).

    • @ Eli Rabett. You, sir, are merely projecting. It was YOUR bunch of nefarious scoundrels that looked like idiots. And you? You obviously won’t tell the truth.

    • Like Eli said, the rest of the Rs on the committee, Rubio, Moran, Sullivan and Gardner did not provide Cruz any support and Daines came only to do his EPA is awful bit. That meant that the Ds controlled the time and they hardly asked any questions of Curry, Steyn,Happer and Christy. This does attest to the universal regard that Cruz is held in.
      The funniest part was Nelson good friended Cruz.

  2. Wow. Talk about a set up.
    In a hearing on witness tampering and the subversion of justice,
    this would make damaging material.

  3. Ha! I like how that obnoxious little Greenpeace twerp ran like a scared rabbit when the elderly Dr. Moore stood up to him!

  4. Professor Happer is an attractive target for Greenpeace – a brilliant mind and unquestioned integrity – and thus the Greenpeace effort was doomed to fail. What it shows is the rank stupidity of their choice of target.
    The two are on different planes, Greenpeace is mired in the muck and Happer soaring with the angels!

    • That’s pretty well put. Happer has in spades all of the qualities a good environmentalist should have – sublime intelligence, integrity, honesty and indefatigable courage. Greanpeace just managed to highlight these features of the man perhaps better than anyone else could have.

  5. Can you provide a little more context please for folks who are not watching this leftist conspiracy daily? For example, what was Mark Steyn’s involvement in this video? Explainin’ ain’t losin’ …contrary to some pro politician’s beliefs.

      • Big if now, with the front-runner, Trump in the process of self-destructing. His biggest enemy is his own big mouth.

      • Well Bruce; if that is self destructing; I would commend to you the tale of ” The Sorcerer’s Apprentice “.
        Each explosion seems to result in many more little Trump cards.
        And when Trump simply voices an idea that is already engraved in US Law of long standing, (and which the MSM is totally ignorant of); he just makes his detractors just that much more foolish looking.
        I actually once applied for a USA immigration visa (green card version), and one of the questions I was asked was whether I belonged to any organization that wanted to overthrow the USA (Constitutional) Government.
        That would see be the core tenet of the mohammedans. Their instruction book is completely incompatible with the US Constitution. So they would ALL have to lie on that question. (and that too is in their instruction book.)

    • jim2, I explained the reason for the difference in NINO3.4 data in a reply to you on the ENSO update thread. If you had read the post and my reply to you, you would have understood that you’re looking at two different sea surface temperature datasets, both from NOAA.
      Second, why are you now raising this off-topic on this thread?
      Third, why do you assume there was some type of hack at WUWT? Did you bother to look at the link to the source data and see that my data presentation was correct? Additionally, you obviously didn’t bother to click on the graphs and find they were posted at my website. All you’ve managed to do by belaboring this is expose your failure to read the post and the posts linked to it.

  6. Greenpeace is what it is. A band of watermelons willing to say and do whatever it takes. They revel in that.
    It’s unlikely that the boy confronting Dr. Happier has to good brain cells firing much less understands the testimony.
    Give as good as you get and then some. Go there.

    • People frequently accuse others of what they are themselves doing. Several (to say the least) scientists have been producing climate alarm puff pieces on time and on budget. Paid shills who want to drag others into their murk. It is not that it happens, it is the sheer scale of it that amazes.

  7. It was very thoughtful of them to video their false allegations.
    Bullets in both feet at the same time!

    • Nothing like making one’s own damning video evidence of one’s own criminal behavior .
      Tampering with a Federal witness IN the friggin’ Senate hearing room?
      Good one, you morons.

  8. Can we know the name of the guy making the false accusation and when is he being arrested along with his GreenPeace sponsors for trying to corrupt a hearing?

    • He introduces himself as “Jesse Coleman, Greenpeace.”
      The end of the video refers to “polluterwatch.org.”
      http://polluterwatch.org/princeton-climate-denier-william-happer-loses-his-cool-when-confronted-about-fossil-fuel-funding says in part:

      Submitted by Jesse Coleman on Tue, 12/08/2015 – 15:51
      William Happer is a physicist and professor at Princeton University. A Greenpeace investigation revealed that he was secretly taking money from the fossil fuel industry, including coal company Peabody Energy, for his work denying climate change. Read about the investigation here.
      The incident occurred in the Senate building directly before a hearing called by Senator Ted Cruz.

      So to answer your questions, yes, we can know his name and verify the proper spelling. I doubt he will be arrested as the hearing had not started.
      Everyone – Please do a little more research before you comment here. In this case, I didn’t have to “Let me Google that for you” – all the links were right there.

  9. That smarmy POS, so smug. It looked like he was trying to provoke Dr. Happer into taking a swing at him. Which I think he richly deserved.

    • I am sure he will head back to his “safe zone” on some echo chamber that fronts as an institution of higher learning

    • Yes over at Bishop Hill their resident ‘troll’ has been venting his spleen. I sent the ‘bish’ this to remind the troll that he is not convincing anyone.The troll is a well known ‘spokesperson for Greenpeace in the UK

    • Yes over at Bishop Hill their resident ‘troll’ has been venting his spleen. I sent the ‘bish’ this to remind the troll that he is not convincing anyone.The troll is a well known ‘spokesperson for Greenpeace in the UK

  10. Perhaps now would be a good time to repay Will for a lunch last year. A good time to show some respect and offer a hand.

  11. A brave, powerful move by Dr. Moore. However, this is only “the tip of the iceberg”. We need a top notch researcher to find the millions of our tax dollars being awarded to the global warming/climate change promotional organizations that then take extensive efforts to the discrediting of honorable skeptics.

  12. Wow! I hope that Son of a Bitch from Greenpeace gets [trimmed] a Budweiser Beer Truck.
    On another plane of existence we could have “rendered” and “sequestered” him!

  13. Am I now inspired by Dr. Happer to call out the warming biased press as sons (and daughters) of bitches?
    No, I am not inspired to do that. But I am inspired to call them out as journalism’s prostitutes. Prostituted journalists of both the male and female kind.

  14. Dr. Happer says, “You son of a bitch! I haven’t taken a dime!”
    Now that is poetry to my ears! Dr. Happer you are da man!
    Eugene WR Gallun

    • Having exchanged a couple of delightful (for me) e-mails with Professor Happer (about atmospheric physics); what I would have thought he might say to Jesse Coleman (izzat a guy or a gal), was something more along the lines of:
      My Dear Mr(s) Coleman; when you go home tonight, I do hope that your mother runs out from under the verandah, and bites you on your arse. !!
      Or something in a similar vein.

  15. All of the recent behavior is the tantrum produced by alarmists realizing they’re about to be humiliated by COP21 ending without anything.
    The amp up is also preparing to blitz blame skeptics.

    • Steve Oregon commented: “…All of the recent behavior is the tantrum produced by alarmists realizing they’re about to be humiliated by COP21 ending without anything…. ”
      Except that hasn’t stopped them before. Expect an even more perverse…. if that’s possible…. run up to the next “Climate Summit”. Unless I’m wrong, there’s been more countries dropping out of the AGW circus than joining it since it began. Correct? Also, no one, even goody two shoes UK has met their last “promises” to save the world except for the smart few who pledged what they already accomplished, have they?

  16. Did these murderous clowns even WATCH the video they posted? (I say murderous because of all the people who’ve died from malaria or gone blind from vitamin A deficiency thanks to post-Moore Greenpeace.)

  17. Greenpeace exposes sceptics hired to cast doubt on climate science
    Guardian 7 hours ago
    Over the course of their investigation, Greenpeace posed as the representative of a Middle Eastern oil and gas company and an Indonesian coal company. In the guise of a Beirut-based business consultant they asked William Happer , the Cyrus Fogg Brackett professor of physics at Princeton University, to write a report touting the benefits of rising carbon emissions, according to email exchanges between the professor and the fake company.
    So Greenpeace acknowledges that it believes in dogma: there are many benefits of higher CO2, but they’re not compatible with the religion. Are they that stupid? They can’t disappear all of the published science to accuse Dr Happer of bias.

  18. It’s difficult to imagine how delusional this activist is. A nobody (probably un-educated) accusing a renowned and respected physicist like Dr Happer of being ‘on the take’ simply because Dr Happer has the guts to stand up to their pseudo-science!

    • probably another trustafarian ,living a so called activist lifestyle off the back of daddys money made in the big bad capitalist way.

  19. Is it true that Kenji is demanding a retraction of this unwarranted slur on his family? He reportedly objects to the guilt by association with jackals.

  20. I’m sure it won’t be long until the Alarmists start resorting to violence. They are getting pretty desperate.

    • Indeed. They are loud because they are angry, and they are angry because they are losing.
      Violence is the next step.
      BTW, Greg Renouf is tracking the often very close links between anarchists and environmentalists in Canada:

  21. The watermelons refuse to identify when the earth’s past climate was ideal. It’s getting slightly warmer. I like it. I call the change Climate Milding. The mean global temp last year was 14.7 C. San Diego is 17.7. People love San Diego climate: it has been called the best climate in the world. The current global mean temp is below optimal.

  22. I just sent Professor Happer a note advising him not to touch anyone from Greenpeace.
    It looked to me as though Coleman was goading Happer into attacking him, making things look like how the godless Westboro Baptist Church tries to be assaulted (i.e. “unwanted” touching). A lot of their operation money comes from suing people for assault, suing police departments for lack of protection, etc.
    I passed on these URLs describing some of the tactics:

    • I read this guy’s analysis…very interesting and compelling. You might be right about Greenpeace’s motives. You touch one of their people and they will have a field day with it…probably help raise LOTS of money.

  23. I wrote a cheque a number of years ago through my oil and gas exploration company to the Alberta based Pembina Institute, an Alberta Greenpeace/Sierra Club affiliate that protests everything fossil fuel related. They had no problem cashing the cheque. Ironic, eh?

  24. If that was the plan, then the Greenpeace guy definitely failed the courage test. Dr. Happer clearly asked the guy to step closer… GreenGuy wanted to keep his teeth.

    • My comment was in response to, and should have been attached to Dr. Roy’s comment at 5:03am.

    • I think that if this had gone on another minute, Mark would have lifted the little twerp up by his ears and thrown him back down the hole he popped up from, something the twerp’s mother should have done long ago. As an expert in musicals Steyn is tougher than he looks.

  25. Funny, the alarmists accuse skeptical scientists of “having links to Big Oil”.
    But, when Lord Oxburgh steps in to provide an whitewashing “independent review” of the climategate revelations, all the alarmist clones are satisfied that it’s case dismissed, nothing to see here.
    Suddenly they cherish the views of Lord Oxburgh.
    Well, nobody can sensible accuse Lord Oxburgh of “having links to Big Green”.
    Because HE IS BIG GREEN!!!
    I could have made the same observation about our friend Mr Gore. But just look at the head of the “independent” review that “cleared” the climategate crew:
    “Oxburgh has paid directorships of two renewable energy companies, and is a paid advisor to Climate Change Capital, the Low Carbon Initiative, Evo-Electric, Fujitsu, and an environmental advisor to Deutsche Bank. Last month we revealed that Oxburgh had failed to declare his directorship of GLOBE, an international network of legislators with ties to the Club of Rome.”
    BUT APPARENTLY – THAT’S ALL FINE. And we are to accept that the climategate villains were thus exonerated of all misdemeanors.
    Because, we must assume that in the topsy turvy world of the eco-fascists – being paid giant amounts of cash money for your role in bleeding the regular energy consumer of enforced and unnecessary tariffs/taxes for over-priced bullshit – that’s all well and good. The work of angels, indeed.
    I picked on Lord Oxburgh – but we could list many other examples:

  26. Is it possible that Prof. Happer could get a restraining order on Mr Coleman and Greenpeace? Would it hold across State lines?

  27. Greenpus are the lowest of the low, the-ends-justify-the-means cadre of eco-fascists. Somehow I doubt they’ll be investigated though, at least not under the Obama regime.

  28. Sorry to belabour the point.
    The Alarmed Ones, professional planet savers and self appointed do-gooders are beyond parody.
    A sane rational person could not write fictitious characters as FUBARed as these creatures are in reality.
    The Emperors New Clothes, describes human behaviour, unchanged in centuries.
    Now as we mature, we mostly come to realize that we can’t cure stupid.
    But you can’t allow stupid to steer in shoal waters.
    Greenpeace is a bureaucracy, has been a useful tool for extorting taxpayer moneys for years.
    They believe they are untouchable and protected.
    Of course they are above the law, they are special, in their own eyes.
    Professional protesters are pretty special too, never having had to produce anything useful to their fellow man, they are career politicians, who fear the “peoples choice”.

  29. Don’t forget Greenpeace’s campaign’s attempt to invalidate the Oregon Petition:
    Only one false name has ever appeared on the petition. It was put there by Ozone Action (now Greenpeace USA) and removed immediately thereafter.
    Art Robison

  30. I am impressed by Happer and Moore. Look how they faced the Greenpeace’s tactic of entrapping Happer with intent to discredit him and thereby attempt to neutralize his devastating skeptical critique of the CAGW hypothesis.
    Happer and Moore wonderfully went into IAO** mode.
    ** IAO = Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
    Note: thanks to that line by character Sgt. Gunny Highway, it was the first I heard of that old US Marine saying.

  31. Watching the video, I was disgusted by the warmist politician’s shouting down of Dr Curry exercising her right of reply. Because she was cutting him to pieces, and of the two, only she has the expertise. As for that greenpeace interloper, words fail me. Though they did not fail Prof Happer, while the greenpeace invitee was a no-show.. Just shows ya. Bye bye Bunny, just keep digging that hole through to. China, where a stewpot awaits. Same in Texas….

  32. Admiral Titley, flattered without shame by Markey (D-MA) comparing him to Galileo, as if Titley were a brave honest man speaking truth to power, did a Gruber.

  33. The coal industry is faced with extinction based on phoney science. If a scientist is hired by the coal industry to defend its existence, the scientist is automatically guilty of corrupting science for pay. Meanwhile, the majority of ‘climate scientists’ take the easy route. They are well paid with tax deductible donations from communist billionaires who profit from crony capitalist ‘green’ energy and by ‘progressive’ government politicians who have quid pro quo agreements with said billionaires.

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