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Crispin in Waterloo but really in Dushanbe
December 3, 2015 4:21 am

Thanks Arron for your research into this matter. It shows that there is certainly no consensus about global warming in the minds of the public. Having read literally hundreds of articles on the subject my conclusions are: the climate has always been changing; people are trying to raise alarm over quite ordinary weather events, seeking to blame human behaviours and influences as their cause; there is no truly scientific, validated manner in which to separate weather events that are not exceptional in recorded history from a ‘human influenced’ weather event.
Models projecting global temperatures have manifestly failed to produce results close to observed temperatures over the past 25 year period. The possibility that other members or the public are aware of this cannot be ignored in such a survey. The survey questions implicitly assume that anyone who has researched the facts of the matter in depth, is a ‘denier’ of facts not in existence. An alarming claim repeated in the New Work Times is not a ‘fact’. The motivations of beneficiaries of proposed changes in public policy should be examined critically to ensure the public interest is served.
Creating a fund to assist the under-developed nations is a noble goal. I am all for it. Basing it on whimsical stories about ‘climate damage’ is both unnecessary and in fact, morally tainted for it requires a lot of people to present a lot of stretched truths as facts. Misrepresenting reality is not a path to progress or development.