7 thoughts on “theCOPritual

  1. 8. The private jets land in Zurich-St Moritz and St Barts, Caribbean for a little downtime and postCOP R&R from all those exhaustive nights in Paris 5 star hotels.

  2. The insincerity of the delegates is astounding. If they were serious about results the procedure would be like any normal results oriented org. would institute. first the negotiations then the celebration afterwords. Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned this…..

  3. I did see an interview of the Greenpeace prez griping about the insincerity of COP21 officials, as he drove around Paris in a private chauffeured car, complaining about the mysterious and spooky influence of evil oil companies. Man what a riot. Done by enviro green VICE news. They need to add a laugh track to it.

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