Example of eight random walks in one dimension starting at 0. The plot shows the current position on the line (vertical axis) versus the time steps (horizontal axis). Image: Wikimedia

One thought on “Random_Walk_example

  1. here we have a ‘self regulating system’ – or a closed system with negative feedback.
    the timeline /x ax/ goes from 0 to 100. anomalies /y ax/ 20 down to -20.
    when we plot the ‘random walk’ with 0 to 100 per cent ‘anomaly’:
    y axis 50 down to -50.
    and extend timeline from 0 to 100 to 1000 to 10.000 to …
    we first get a ‘fascinating pattern’. but the longer the boring* an, averaged, straight horizontal line.
    * depending on resolution, compression of timeline.
    correct me where I’m wrong.
    Thx – Hans

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