Green protests thwarted by cold, rainy weather

Quebec City Climate Protest

Photo from April’s Quebec City Global Warming Protest – Photo credit: © Greenpeace/Robert van Waarden (License Creative Commons “Some Rights Reserved”)

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Daily Caller – Yet another round of green protests seem to be fizzling, as protestors choose to stay warm indoors, protected by the fossil fuel powered conveniences of modern civilisation, rather than braving cold wet conditions outside.

According to the Daily Caller;

Hurricane Joaquin has really put a damper on a number of anti-global warming rallies set for this weekend at several East Coast colleges.

With Joaquin heading north, environmental activists are opting to stay indoors, curl up and read a good book this Friday and Saturday, instead of protesting rallying for more policies to fight global warming. The group Know Tomorrow has planned climate rallies at schools across the country, but cold rain and an oncoming storm likely have many reconsidering.

Several rallies planned at colleges in the Washington, D.C., area have literally no one registered to attend on Facebook or on Know Tomorrow’s website. Rallies at The George Washington University, Howard University and Baltimore’s Morgan State University combined have only two people registered to attend.

In the Boston area, Know Tomorrow’s “Day of Action” with 17 local colleges has been moved from the Boston Common to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel because of the rain and winds, according to Politico.

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From the Boston Herald;


I am teaching Prana Power Yoga™ TODAY at 2pm at a very important event in Boston, and I hope you join me and many others as we come together to KNOW TOMORROW.

To face climate change it’s going to take all of us — a movement in which each and every one of us takes action to motivate our political and business leaders to protect our planet and our society.

TODAY, Bostonians have the opportunity to come together for climate action. KnowTomorrow, a student run organization, is having its local national Day of Action event at the Ritz Carlton on the Boston Common. Join us and enjoy FREE yoga, food and music, while focusing on climate change and the need for all of us to take action

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Moving indoors means fewer embarrassing photos of greens protesting against fossil fuels, dressed in petroleum based plastic cold weather goodness.

No doubt though all this unfortunate activist reliance on plastic, artificial heating, and other products of a high tech, fossil fuel powered civilisation will be a thing of the past, once greens start producing nature friendly cold weather gear from their unicorn wool farm.

130 thoughts on “Green protests thwarted by cold, rainy weather

  1. I am getting way more worried about the Pause and global cooling than I ever was about “global warming” now called Climate Change. We live in a marginal growing area that heavily depends on irrigation and heat units in an average length growing season further restricted by being in a valley. If we lose lets say 75-100 heat units we would lose a lot of ag. and a large industry associated with it that so far provided thousands of jobs and income for many associated industries,. So please Global warming return soon!

    • Plan to grow barley, oats, and rye. Oats can germinate just above melting point of water as does barley. Kale for greens… can grow in light snow… Oh, and learn to love radishes at 25 to 35 days to harvest… Barley and oats are grown in Alaska, so you ought to be able to do it…

      • You used to be able to grow them in Greenland too until climate change covered the fields in ice

      • And buckwheat too? Just read last evening that buckwheat, rye and oats were the crops grown in southwestern Mass. around Westfield, in the 1790’s. Still coming out of the LIA in this region?

      • Cornell University
        Buckwheat: The ideal growing temperature is about 70 F and yields best with cool nights.
        At least some of the old New England town histories do have local crop information.

    • Please stop worrying about climate. You will be long dead before any major changes take place, warming or cooling. Your descendents will adapt just as they have for thousands of years. Unless, of course, you get fulfillment from worry. If that is the case then carry on. It seems a little weird though.

      • Unless we are plunged into another Socialist Hell like post-Revolutionary Russia and all its puppet states, Nazi and Communist Germany, Maoist China, post-WWII N. Korea, and Pol Pot Cambodia. Think of each of those regimes with today’s technology in the hands of despots. That’s the true objective of Warmists.

      • Yeah, it’s not the climate I’m worried about, it’s the people who think they can change the climate by changing us that worries me.

  2. I am sympathetic as I sit here in front of my wood fire listening to the wind whistle outside bringing mixed snow and rain turning to snow overnight. It’s zero and nasty wet outside.

    • Wayne, wouldn’t you just love to see some AWG protestor huddled in a dark cave on your TV right about now.

      • Central Alberta and Yes, Celsius – sorry about that. Only about an inch (2.5 cm) of accumulation, still some flakes coming down but it will be gone by tomorrow afternoon.
        Good day to work inside.

  3. you know it says something about people, when they care passionately about the Climate but fear the Weather.
    Maybe they have Wizard of Ozz syndrome and fear they will melt if exposed to the rain.
    Here in the city i have met citizens convinced we can control the real world environment because we control the environment inside our dwellings.This is all they know, so this is how the world must work.
    Seems public education is a true oxymoron.

      • Well we can’t have competition between individuals. It would dim the self esteem of those who aren’t up to putting in the hard work . We prefer a more task sharing team spirit, where every team member qualifies for the same grade, regardless of who actually does the work.
        That way everybody succeeds and feels good about themselves.
        g << G

      • These young people behind Know Tomorrow have grown up with a different definition of Learning guiding K-12 and higher ed. The official definition is now changing values, attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors. A false belief, like CAGW, that motivates and drives desired behaviors IS Learning under this new definition, It is not accidental in the least and the new Next Generation Science Standards will make this far worse as incorrect Virtual Reality images will allow these false perceptions of how the world does and can work to be thoroughly internalized at an unconscious level. I am not speculating. I read all the relevant reports and appendices others ignore to NGSS.
        We are deliberately cultivating Know-Nothings to be reliable Agents of Change.
        Know-Nothings for Know Tomorrow could be the slogan.

      • I read a survey a few years ago where they ranked US students against students of other countries.
        The only place where the US students came out in first, was in self esteem, and by a sizable margin.

      • Yes, when an un-vetted potus is embodied with these attributes, we do indeed get change; here in the U.S. as well as around the world.

  4. Hopefully while the potential protesters are passing their time, they will be reading the adventures of Prof Shukla and his colleagues comparing it with how Prof Wigwam was chased and condemned for plagiarism of some boiler plate quotation or Willie Soon accused and punished for some minor issues. Prof Shukla and his colleagues are excellent role models for young and future leaders that bastion of knowledge and learning called universities are trying their best to protect.

  5. The cold rain in the eastern USA was not caused by Joaquin, which would have brought conditions warmer than the mid-Atlantic and Northeast USA are experiencing if Joaquin would have come ashore. Instead, the cold rain was caused by a nor’easter unrelated to Joaquin.

    • This nor’easter which has been blowing here in eastern Virginia for about a week now. Typical fall storm. If the greenies are going to let normal seasonal weather keep them indoors they won’t get out much, specially as winter will be arriving soon. My neighbors who have a crabbing and seafood business OTOH don’t have the luxury of not going to work – in an open boat in 25kt winds.
      Joaquin I note this saturday morning is still churning just NE of the Bahamas and having no effect whatsoever on US weather; nor will it have.

      • Joaquin is doing its part to further cool the Atlantic for a nice Dickensonian winter in Great Britain this year.

    • We often have some extremely damaging nor’easters in October. In my recent memory, the Halloween storm that wiped out several bridges in Maine and one that flooded a Revolutionary War reenactment in Chelmsford MA and triggered road washouts and flooding in SE New Hampshire come to mind.

    • How about some photos of protestors huddled around 20 opened 2 litre bottles of fizzy lemonade because they believe the evil gas that escapes will warm them up to unprecedented levels?

  6. All I can say, is when the cooling strikes…Lord, let it be swift & deep, especially for the northeast US. Freeze ’em so fast they don’t have time to get out and drive up real estate prices elsewhere.

  7. “TODAY, Bostonians have the opportunity to come together for climate action. KnowTomorrow, a student run organization, is having its local national Day of Action event at the Ritz Carlton on the Boston Common. Join us and enjoy FREE yoga, food and music, while focusing on climate change and the need for all of us to take action”
    Then all the green politicians can say, “You did Prana Power Yoga at the Ritz, and we listened!
    “We flew to Paris Ritz, and positioned ourselves quite well with foreign interests!”
    Paris Ritz

    • Zeke, do you know if the Ritz Carlton room was paid for by the Know Tomorrow group or were they pressured into a freebe?

      • @JamesFrancisco I think there are some very wealthy and well-connected families in Massachusetts whose children attend these Universities. Between Know Tomorrow, the Ritz and the parents, they came up with a solution to the problem of the cold, rainy weather.
        That would be my speculation.

    • This is actually a VERY small segment of U.S. society–David Brooks nailed ’em when he coined the phrase “BoBo’s” for “Bohemian Bourgeoisie.” They’re the trendy, juice-bar, yoga-pants, greener-than-thou Occupiers of their parents’ trust funds and spend most of their time riding stationary bicycles in pursuit of a tighter ass than everyone else’s.
      However, it appears based on this report that even THEY can ignore the crap on FB!

  8. “Know Tomorrow?”
    So here is another instance of classic climate science where the future is certain, only the past ever changes.
    The latter thanks to the continuous data gymnastics of the gatekeepers of GISS and the other land based temperature statistics.
    And let’s not forget, Hurricane Joaquin is just another case of incontrovertible proof of global warming/climate change/imminent Thermageddon.
    Nevertheless, I still feel sorry for the intense gullibility of these ‘save the planet’ ecolooons. If protest marches are still like they were in my youth, they are a great place to pick up/meet members of the opposite sex.

  9. seems it was pretty cold in Alaska in September:
    1 Oct: KTUU: September weather breaks multiple records in Anchorage, Fairbanks
    by Tracy Sinclare, Weekend Meteorologist
    Two major snow storms in Fairbanks combined to make last month the city’s second snowiest September in the past 102 years of record keeping. September 2015 recorded 20.9 inches of snow. Only September 1992 has experienced more snow, with 24.4 inches falling that year…

    • My fave part of that…
      ‘Overall, the year has had a definite warm tilt. September is the first month in 2015 to have below average temperatures. In fact, the last time Anchorage had an average monthly temperature below normal was December 2013.,

    • Really Nick, clutching at straws much? The MCG, a ~90,000 seat footy stadium, with millions of tonnes or steel and concrete, left exposed to sun for days get’s hot, a bit like an airport? In any case, there has been substantial work carried out over the years at the MCG, so put any bets on what is actually measuring that temperature this w/e and in the past are different. Apples and oranges again Nick. I suggest you stick to footy, scientific objectivity seems beyond you.

  10. Edmonton,AB,Canada……10:50 MST,,,,,50 klick winds and snow….-1C. Where’s my globull Warming?

  11. It will always be the perfect temp in Greentopia. Or you could just snuggle with a polar bear to keep warm.

    • I sponsored a Polar Bear via the WWF.
      The Polar Bear is now 24 years old and has recently emigrated to Germany.
      He/it is currently completing a Post Doctorate in International Relations. at the University of Hamburg.
      People are far too cynical. If we believe in change, then it can happen!!

      • What an inspiring story! Dionne Warwick had good people like you in mind when she sang, “Reach out and touch, a polar bears hand, Lets make this world a cooler place, If we can”.

  12. GREEN JOB CREATION!!!! The green movement will soon, like the unions, be hiring the homeless to do their picketing for them.
    Eugene WR Gallun

    • Sorry to spoil your day, but they already do in Australia. Check out the photos from the pickets. They’re all the same jobless crazies. They just move from protest to protest.

  13. Were straight people welcomed, or was it an LGBTA only event?
    By the way, “A” stands for alien. It’s the new “Homo Sapiens GMO” species the Green movement is creating in the lab. It’s to be short, light, nocturnal, vegetarian and have a big head.

  14. Looks like a Redcoat event from the photo. If only we could revive Gen. Andrew Jackson and move them to Mississippi. to march in the snow.

  15. Meanwhile here in Cheshire the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness has definitely arrived , with the promise of another bright sunny , if cold, day and not a breath of wind.
    What did I say ? Not a breath of wind ? Lets check on Gridwatch .
    Oh dear , metered wind power 0.3GW . less than 1% of UK requirements . Thank goodness for the 2GW being sold to us from the 42GW currently being supplied from the nuclear power plants of France.
    Just 15 years left to push that 0.3GW of wind power up to the 25GW required by the Climate change Act .
    Will we make it?

    • I checked Gridwatch. Wind is down to 0.25GW. 0.75% of the current use.
      A bargain. Anyway, at least we can convert US forests into pellets and burn them in Drax.
      Smack its bottom and call it renewable energy,
      Lipstick on a pig.

      • Trouble is we are losing the 3.4 GW we get from Longannet and Ferrybridge as the combination of escalating taxes on burning coal and the preference given to renewables when available have made them into loss making enterprises.

      • By next Spring, Green policies will have ensured that there will be some 10s of thousands fewer Brits, breathing their dreaded CO2 into the air.

    • Hmmm, Nicely written. Starting with a quote from Keats you somehow manage to maintain it — not poetically but intellectually and humorously. It is hard to break down a piece of good writing and figure out why it “flows”. What you wrote left me with a smile. From “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” to nuclear power and the climate change act in less than a hundred words.
      Eugene WR Gallun

  16. Don’t they know by now that they have to make sure that Al Gore is not in the area when they have one of those shindigs? 😉

    • Everybody knows that the Gore has overstepped his Carbon Hoofprint.
      And now his mere appearance sucks heat out of mortal souls.
      I am currently developing a Gore-o-meter which will detect his presence within 200 kilometers.
      It registers a sharp drop in air temperature and a rise in the particulate levels of total bullcrap.

  17. A bit OT, but I want to compile a list
    CO2 India !
    CO2 Holland
    CO2 Germany (continuing to grow their lignite burning)
    CO2 Japan (43 new coal fired plants planned or being built)
    CO2 Turkey….
    CO2 China (massive increase for at least another 15 years ,, with Obama approval, of course)
    CO2 Indonesia (just over taken Australia in coal production in 2013)
    and many, many, many others.
    Come on America, UK, Australia.. start pulling your weight.. or be left behind (economically, anyway)
    Anyone wants to add to the list.. go for it. 🙂

  18. Standing in the snow 5 weeks into Autum protesting about Global Warming, are these people brain dead?

  19. Now just who would want to stay cooped-up in their Dorm room all weekend when they can go “partying” at the Ritz Carlton with everything being paid for by “green” donors and government Grants?

  20. These types of climate events are nothing more than cult-like indoctrination and ideological reinforcement of the troops. In addition to the chance to socialize with like-minded climate bots, they get an afternoon of free music, “power yoga” (whatever the heck that is), and snacks.

  21. ‘Protesting at the Ritz’
    Have you seen the well to do
    Greens up and down the Avenue
    On those famous thoroughfares
    With their noses in the air
    Raincoats, mittens, pulled up collars
    Shivering cold but with lots of dollars
    Spending every dime
    For a bang up protesting time
    Now, if you’re green
    And don’t know the NGO on which to lean
    Then you go where warmth and fashion sits
    Puttin’ on the Ritz
    Different types who wear a heavy coat
    Rain pants, boots, scarves round the throat
    When the weather’s for the shits
    Head out to the Ritz
    Tryin’ hard to be a climate trooper Specially hard when the weather’s a pooper
    Come, let’s mix where DiCaprio sits
    Private jets, yachts and mansions
    In their mitts
    Puttin’ on the Ritz

  22. TODAY, Bostonians have the opportunity to come together for climate action…and the need for all of us to take action

    Are these people idiots – what action? Getting together to plan another day of action? Having a day of not charging their cell phones or watching cable television?
    My recommendation is getting together and discussing the story of “Chicken little” or “The boy who cried wolf”. Or if they are convinced of the end times getting together to discuss the Biblical “Book of Revelation”. Plenty of woe and punishment for humanities transgressions there. Might even be a few verses that could be interpreted as climate change related.

    • Having a day of not charging their cell phones or watching cable television?
      But how will the protesters tell each other which ones of them showed up in the local cable news blurb? How will they network?
      We’ve got to make posters, we’ve got to make signs
      But to do so, it seems that we need some supplies.
      I need posterboard, I can’t make it myself.
      But it’s 10-cents a sheet at the store, it’s on sale,
      An example of economy of scale.
      (It’s so evil!)
      — Remy

    • evanmjones — fair weather friends — got to laugh — somewhere down the line I am going to steal that —
      Eugene WR Gallun

  23. Do jpg images go automatically into the sin bin now? Sorry mods.
    [No, but who really knows with WordPress? ~mod.]

  24. The last four days or so our sky here 100 miles north of NYC has been typical grey winter clouds accompanied by a cold rain and howling winter like winds. I am putting up extra wood again this year….. Not directly related to this post but I am really getting angry that so much MSM articles keep using the phrase carbon pollution or reduction of carbon in their stories. CO2 has been sidelined by just Carbon. Ridiculous.

  25. unicorns: the most profitable business ideas of Norman settlers in greenland was the sale of non-African ‘ivory’ on the Norwegian mainland.
    How do I explain the possession and sale of ‘1’ walrus tooth, a whale rib – ‘1 whale rib’.
    I just want to push up the Retail Prices:
    1 horn. Unicorn.
    the emergence of fairy tales from advertisement: unicorns.
    The green believers make a living on.

    • Unic Horn.
      carefull not to spit all over my cell phone keys coughing, laughing.
      Autumn cold.
      Best Regards – Hans

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