The Gore effect continues…down under

Al does it again – visits Melbourne during coldest July in 19 years


Hamish Grant writes:

As a staff member at the august academic institute of higher learning that employs some of the greatest alarmists in the business (but I am still proud to say that I work there), Melbourne University has just hosted a visit from Al Gore & the PR spiel says that he would provide “update to his influential 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth”.

I have also just finished watching the 6pm TV Channel 7 news weather report which told me that we are on track for the coldest (both daily max & overnight min) July for 19 years.

Just sayin……

128 thoughts on “The Gore effect continues…down under

  1. We need to take a up a collection to make sure Al Gore makes it to Paris with maybe a few stops before.
    I wonder what the Gore effect does in the Maldives.

      • Climate change, Causes an increase in ambient air temperature over the Ocean and thereby an increase in Pressure of the air on the surface causing a slight decrease in surface height in response to the pressure increase. So Climate Change + localized decreases in ocean surface levels…. Or NOT

    • Ric I was thinking along similar lines. We can conquer Gorebull Warming. All we need to do is keep him visiting hot spots around the world and the globe will cool.

  2. Gore’s words also produce a “Gore Effect.” After Al foretold the demise of Arctic summer sea ice, Alice and I were on the National Geographic Explorer two weeks ago as it fruitlessly attempted to take us to the East Greenland shore through a thick blanket of sea ice; sea ice that Al says should not be there now, or evermore. I’m sure the National Geographic trip planners had full confidence in alarmists’ Arctic sea ice prognostications, but the resultant failure and frustration caused by the very thick sea ice gutted what was supposed to be the highlight of our very expensive trip.

    • That only means one thing: The world policies of reducing CO2 have worked…. Al was correct in saying that there should be no ice there now but…because a lot of people have paid gazillions of dollars to reduce CO2 emissions and Gaia is now happy that she has all this mula to give away she rebuilt the ice sheet…..
      All pigs fed and ready to fly!!

    • Sorry to here that,
      sadly Insurance Companies are now including a”Gore Effect” into their ‘Get Out Clauses’.
      They are now adding, “By The Hand of God or Gore” to their general exceptions.
      Hope you got Compensation.

      • So like Rob McKenna’s status as ‘Rain God’ lead to blackmail payments to keep him away, the Gorical will start using his ‘Ice King’ status to make more money.
        Ref; HHGtoG

  3. If there wasn’t an Al Gore, we would have to make him up, if only for Kafkaesque comic relief!

  4. Does anyone know how much Melbourne University paid for the honor to host the Goracle? And did he fly in on his private jet?

    • At 4000 mile “safe” range that would be, at minimum, a stop in Hawaii, a stop in Guam to refuel. Of course no one takes into account the amount of energy that it takes to get Jet Fuel to Hawaii and Guam, so you need to add that to Al’s carbon account, plus the difficulty in moving diesel to power all the ground vehicles that support an airport.
      At this rate it’s about the same emissions as Toyota Prius driving from New York to San Francisco and back 260 times

    • Paid? Surely you jest, This is just another example of a the failed politician pursing his nutso mantra at his US supporters expense – idiots all…

    • dunno..but how come hes allowed in?
      surely he incites fear and panic and is a threat to my nations security..
      thats a form of terrorism in my book.

  5. This set up is encouraging from an ENSO California Drought busting perspective. I just hope it lasts into at least a November time frame.

    • Probably Aeolus, God of Wind- I have to imagine algor ticks him off, considering all the hot air he emits every time he opens his mouth.

      • Perhaps this is the real truth to the Al Gore Effect. Nature is just trying to compensate for the amount of Hot Air Al Gore will emit during his stay.

    • I think it is clear proof that the Gods exist and still take the traditional attitude to the hubris of mere mortals.

  6. [T]he PR spiel says that he would provide “update to his influential 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth”.

    I wonder if one of the updates will be the admission that the scene of calving glaciers in the title sequence was pinched from the CGI title sequence of “The day After Tomorrow”? And will he address the NINE errors (when he was “economical with the actualite”) pointed out in his film by a British Judge?

    • Could it be Gore’s loss of the presidential election left him so bitter that he switched from a raging liberal to a Marxist and that in turn led him to global warming propaganda?
      Ah, Maybe not, he was probably a Marxist all along. America dodged a bullet in the 2000 election.

      • You got that right. But Obama is a similar bullet with an agenda from the same party source once you get away from individuals and such.

      • From Stevie Wonder to Pres B.O.
        “You Haven’t Done Nothing”
        We are amazed but not amused
        By all the things you say that you’ll do
        Though much concerned but not involved
        With decisions that are made by you
        But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
        Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
        ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
        “You haven’t done nothing”!
        It’s not too cool to be ridiculed
        But you brought this upon yourself
        The world is tired of pacifiers
        We want the truth and nothing else
        And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
        Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
        ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
        “You haven’t done nothing”!

  7. from Al:
    “Mother Nature is now answering the question of do we need to change and the answer is yes,” he said. “There have been massive climate events, some larger than have ever occurred.”
    climate events – what are those? apparently they have been massive and I have missed them all

  8. I sure hope he took a sailboat to Australia. Somehow, I doubt he thinks the rules that apply to others apply to him. I will begin to believe in catastrophic man-made global warming the day that everyone who says it is a problem lives the way they command me to live.

  9. Not just in the Land of Oz. The northern Atlantic along with Greenland and northern europe are also looking inconveniently cool at the moment.

    • Northern hemisphere southern hemisphere, well that’s local weather. Aside from those two places, globally it’s hotter then ever!

  10. I’m beginning to think Al Gore is an alien that doesn’t spend much of his time on Earth. With the very much observed “Gore Effect”, if Al Gore spent much time on the planet we would be well into another ice age.

      • Tough call. Since he’s full of hot air, the prime choice is Venus, but given the Gore effect and the fact he is full of, ahem, you know what, then maybe Uranus?

  11. From the blurb: However, the presentation focused on hope. Mr Gore highlighted the amazing momentum occurring around the world in switching to renewable energy technology and the vast number of new jobs in these industries that had been created, 6.5 million in Germany alone.
    ABSOLUTE GARBAGE – that would mean that about 15% of the working population in Germany is working in renewable energy!
    Anything goes when the message has to be massaged.

    • Old’un –
      is it possibe to post a link to this “blurb” or scan it & post it in the comments here s i cannot find anything online? thanx.

    • So, 15% of the German working population now work to produce energy? Hopefully we can further this wonderful progress, and return to the good old days when 50% of the working population was required to produce food. People were happy then! Who needs all that other stuff like houses and phones and planes and healthcare? (By the way I made up the 50% figure, but as Al represents the zenith of scholarly probity, that’s allowed. Just look at the Dimmock case:

  12. Now he just needs to visit the Paris climate summit later on this year, to confirm a early start to the winter in europe. 😉

  13. Silly, silly Al. In a year where heat records are being smashed all over the place, how could he not have found a place he didn’t have to wear his thermal underwear? I mean he could have stayed at home in the good old US of A and made his point with little effort. Or…. he could have waited a few months for the record heat forecast in Australia to kick in. Silly silly Al.

  14. Quoting from the article:
    “Mr Gore spoke of the ‘danger and opportunity’ presented by the climate crisis. ”
    He has done quite well with the Climate Crisis, perhaps that is the opportunity he spoke of! Of course the danger, for him, would be if there perhaps isn’t a Climate Crisis.

  15. If at some point this cooling climate period is named, I’d like consideration given to naming it “The Al Gore Minimum.” It has so many possible hidden references and secondary meanings that I’ll not go into them here.

  16. Geez. Why does Al keep on visiting Australia in July? Doesn’t he know it’s winter there!
    Ha ha

  17. “…we are on track for the coldest (both daily max & overnight min) July for 19 years.”
    That is until BoM adjusts the temperature record. Then it will become the second warmest July on record. 😉

  18. As I have predicted before, the Gore Effect is going to shut down the Paris conference because the Paris airports are going to be closed due to unseasonable snow. If this comes to pass, please remember it was the Ancient Mariner who said it. If not, well then it can be quietly forgotten like so many doom-laden forecasts mentioned in these pages.

    • AM old soul,
      Agree – but suggest that others – with the same fixation – may have got there, on these pages, before you.
      But still agree and appreciate!
      Auto – with no ticket to glacial Paris after late November!

  19. “coldest (both daily max & overnight min) July for 19 years”
    I don’t have much faith in Channel 7. And there was no snow. The full record for the month so far is here. Average min 6,8, max 13.3. Longterm averages are min 6.0 max 13.5. Looks pretty average to me. We had a few cold days, as usual.

    • “Nick Stokes
      July 29, 2015 at 2:01 pm
      I don’t have much faith in Channel 7.”
      Add to that channel 9, 10, ABC and SBS. They all place emphasis on above average temperatures and play down when it’s cold. But as you say, they look pretty average (for WINTER!) all the while Australia and CO2 levels are moving north.

  20. Pity the weather will not co-operate with Al Gore considering the help he is receiving from GISS (as well As NOAA). Paul Homewood has been looking at GISS anomalies as well now and has found a lot of warming lately introduced by GISS that should back up Mr Gore in his relentless GW campaigning.
    Reminds me of what Goddard/Heller has been pointing out repeatedly to no avail.

  21. If it is so cold Down Under , why has the Antarctic lost 1million sq km of ice this last 2 weeks compared to last year?

    • Melbourne is almost 2000 miles from Antarctica. Why do you expect the weather to be the same?

      • Bob , I did not really , but just wanted to draw some attention to what appears to be a shift in the trend in Antarctic ice seasonal variation. Since the current cold in Australia is also seasonally abnormal it seems a bit coincidental , but opposite in effect. Of course Australia is not the only continent adjacent to Antarctica , I wonder what is happening to temperatures in Patagonia, South Argentina, Falklands , South Georgia , Capetown? Hopefully some current info out there .

      • Found some temperatures for today , thanks to Weather Underground , for various locations, listed as High, Low (in Celsius), and geographical location:
        Punta Arenas , Chile, 4, -3 53.00S 70.85W
        Stanley, Falklands 6, 3 51.83S 58.45W
        Buenos Aires, Argentina 19, 18 34.58S 58.45W
        Rio Gallegos. Argentina 7, -3 51.63S 69.28W
        Cape Town, South Africa 13, 7 33.96S 18.6W
        Perth, Australia 20, 13 31.89S 115.94E
        Adelaide, Australia 14, 2 34.94S 138.51E
        Melbourne, Australia 12, 5 37.85S 144.96E
        Hobart, Australia 15, 3 42.95S 147.46E
        Christchurch, NZ 10, 0 43.85S 172.55E
        Don’t know how they compare to the longterm averages , except that , according to Nick Stokes above the Melbourne temp is about a degree lower. I just wondered whether the anecdotal comments about low temperatures in eastern australia were reflected elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere and whether there was a connection with a significant amount of recent Antarctic ice loss causing a “blob ” of cold water creating a stream of cold air . (Oh bother , should have noted the wind direction at each location ).

  22. Don’t get too excited…the coldest July in 19 years is a mistake… at least it will be six months from now after they make their temperature adjustments. Can’t have cold right now…. the “official” stats say 2015 is on track for the HOTTEST ever on record.

  23. Al was in Aus for a few photo shots with politicians.
    Pollies fromthe warmist left obliged with grins like Cheshire cats.
    Al also wore a Cheshire cat grin – I think it’s stuck on.
    Still, if I was making that much money by peddling utter bullsh*t, I would also be grinning.

  24. Maybe we’ve got Gore all wrong about being a hypocrite for jetting around globe and all that.
    Where ever he shows up does seem to be combating “Global Warming”. One location at a time.
    (Maybe he should look into having himself cloned so we can forget all this carbon “pollution” nonsense?)

  25. Same goes for the rest of Victoria, South Australia, ACT, NSW, Queensland and also the UK, I believe. I’m sure “adjustments” to the near surface records will say it’s been the hottest “evah” though

  26. Author Tove Jannson had a fictional creature called the Groke, which would suck the heat, light, and life out of everything it touched as it journeyed the landscape. Probably a metaphor for winter.
    It was actually a quite solitary, even lonely, creature that was not evil in its intentions. But it brought misery and caused all to flee at its approach.

  27. read all tweets by loading more…talk about gullible:
    28 July: ScienceMatters: Uni of Melbourne: Al Gore case for hope at the University of Melbourne
    Former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore delivered a presentation on the impacts of and solutions to the climate crisis at the University of Melbourne on Monday 27 July. Here’s a glimpse of some of what was being said during the event…
    Neela Haryani: Insanely excited to hear Al Gore speak @unimelb today! We’re seated. The anticipation is building…
    Science at Melbourne: It’s hard to convey the simple yet scary information being displayed here, but the warnings are clear…
    Neela Haryani: @algore gets excited: “this (clean energy) is the biggest business opportunity in the entire history of the world!” …
    ***Related Link: Al Gore in Melbourne(Ian Thomas Ackerman
    incredible pic with the adoring panel:
    Dr. Matthew Rimmer: Climate Hope: Al Gore at the Wheeler Centre

      • This one’s a beauty:
        We now have MORE extremely hot days than cold days overall;
        100 times more prevalent than 30 years ago #algoreunimelb
        Science at Melbourne @SciMelb 3:20 PM – 27 Jul 2015
        So if there used to be one such day per year, we now have 100 extremely hot days per year ?
        Validates this aphorism:
        “He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense”
        — John McCarthy, 1995

  28. What’s the bet that since it is July, Gore thought it was summer down under? After all if it is summer in the US of A it must be summer everywhere … right?

  29. more proof Ol’ Gore still has a devoted following Down Under:
    27 July: Hootville Communications – Communications for good; not evil
    posted by Brett
    Brett was rewarded for his contribution to the 2014 Al Gore’s Climate Reality Training Corps with a seat at a below-the-radar gig by the former US Vice President last Sunday afternoon.
    Along with 150 or so rain-streaked true believers Brett sat and listened to a man who is no stranger to the stage…
    Content aside, here are Brett’s takeaways for public speakers as inspired by Al Gore
    Notes – it is extremely impressive when a speaker speaks without them.
    Structure – a simple structure always helps. Mr Gore used three rhetorical questions which he proceeded to answer.
    Humour – especially of the self-deprecating kind works a treat. The bigger the deal you are the more this works. FYI – Al Gore is very funny.
    Broad references impress an audience and connect with different people within that audience. Mr Gore was educated at Harvard. Perhaps that’s why he made comfortable reference to Sisyphus, the old Testament, philosophers, political pundits, his own books, recent articles on the Guardian’s website and his own interactions with people around the globe. He quoted philosophers, scientists, local heroes and people who have been dead a very long time.
    Shout outs. Mr Gore referred to several people within the room that he knew. This not only makes those people feel good, it makes him look comfortable and ‘present’.
    Displays of humanity work a treat. References to his own waistline, his thwarted political aspirations and his own state of mind made him very human and relatable – for a former US VP who sits on the board of Apple, is the son of US Senator, visits Antarctica with Richard Branson and elicits a quasi-religious fervour among his followers…etc
    Conclusion: Of course everything Mr Gore does everything gets a warm reception less lights would not. That said, he would not be in the position he’s in today if he could not bring authenticity, passion and knowledge to every audience.
    who is Brett?
    Brett de Hoedt’s Hootville Communications is different to other PR and communications agencies. (We would say that, wouldn’t we.) We believe that we’re good at what we do but we don’t presume to be the answer to all your prayers…
    We’ve worked across the country on issues including mental illness, youth homelessness, euthanasia, child sponsorship, conservation, hepatitis prevention, disability employment and Indigenous reconciliation…
    We’ve worked with Salvation Army, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Australian Conservation Foundation, Yooralla, Mental Illness Fellowship Australia, Heart Foundation, Cancer Councils, Gould League, unions, local governments and dozens more. See more non-profit clients we’ve helped…
    Before founding Hootville and declaring himself “Mayor” Brett de Hoedt worked as a print journalist, talk radio host and publicist with media organisations including Truth, New Idea, Channel 7, radio 3AK, The Sunday Age, The Melbourne & Sydney Weeklies and ABC local radio Perth. He has also made video documentaries, reviewed restaurants and written game show questions.
    As a broadcaster he interviewed most major players in politics, business and entertainment. He understands what the media wants and what it takes to gain coverage. In 2014 he was invited to address 520 campaigners from 21 countries at Al Gore’s Climate Reality training event. Brett discussed the event and environmental campaigning on ABC-TV. (6 MIN-PLUS VIDEO)

  30. no wonder Bjorn Lomborg is not welcome in the CAGW-infested world that is Australian academia!
    28 July: The Conversation: Al Gore looks to states, not Canberra, on Australian climate visit
    by Cathy Alexander, Research Fellow, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at University of Melbourne
    Disclosure statement:
    Cathy Alexander works for the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, which helped arrange Al Gore’s visit to Melbourne.
    Gore, a Nobel laureate who gave his trademark slideshow to 1,000 staff and students at the University of Melbourne on Monday, talked about states that are “moving” on climate change: California, Washington and Oregon in the United States, and Canada’s British Columbia.
    “I have a feeling that some parts of Australia are thinking of moving,” he added in his breezy Tennessee accent. “I’m stoked about that.”…
    Later he told the university event, organised by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, that those state governments “understand this crisis and the nature of the opportunity” (such as renewable energy)…
    This time around, Gore didn’t target federal politicians – he could hardly show his slide of a Hawaiian wind farm surrounded by flowers to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who finds them “ugly”. (Gore did have a quick lunch with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.)…
    Climate change has been caught in a federal-state see-saw which has left little policy intact.
    That’s why Gore’s list of frontrunner states doesn’t include any Australian examples.
    That’s also perhaps why no premiers met Gore on Monday. They face a tough choice – are they really ready to ramp up climate ambition, and cope with the risks of a hostile media campaign and a possible voter backlash?
    Climate policy has helped see off three Australian prime ministers and two opposition leaders since 2007. The temptation to back away quietly is real…
    So it was perhaps the state premiers, and not the Melbourne University students present, that Gore had in mind when he called for “moral courage” on climate change, as he stood in front of a huge slide of the planet.
    read the bios:
    Uni of Melbourne: Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute: Our People (includes Tim Flannery)
    bio examples: Dr Samuel Alexander is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and a lecturer with the Office for Environmental Programs. He teaches a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Paradigm: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ into the Masters of Environment. His most recent book is an edited collection called Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future (2014). He is also author of Entropia: Life beyond Industrial Civilisation (2013) and editor of Voluntary Simplicity: The Poetic Alternative to Consumer Culture (2009). His research interests include the limits to growth, post-growth and degrowth economics, sustainable consumption, the social implications of climate change and peak oil, and transition strategies…
    Cathy Alexander has a background as an environmental journalist, and left the media to take-up a paid position with MSSI in August 2014.
    Cathy was a journalist for eight years. She began covering environmental issues when working for Australian Associated Press in the Press Gallery in Parliament House, Canberra, in 2007. She won the European Union / Qantas journalist’s award in 2009 and spent five weeks reporting on climate and environmental issues from Europe, including reporting from the UNFCCC Copenhagen summit.
    Cathy squeezed in a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne’s Office for Environmental Programs in 2011-2012, where she focussed on environmental policy, economics and law. Her most recent media job was as deputy editor of the news and opinion website Crikey, where she continued to write on environmental issues….etc
    Recent Publications includes: Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse …
    have no idea if the two Alexanders are related.

  31. In 2009 I attended a week long course on Mathematica at Melbourne Uni. It was February, just before Black Saturday. I finished on Friday afternoon, went back to my home in country Victoria and spent Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday morning on a CFA tanker. But that’s another story.
    What I wanted to say was that after class I often attended at the John Curtin, a pub in Lygon Street just off the Melbourne Uni. campus.
    The barman was a nice young student. One afternoon I cautiously raised the topic of global warming. (It was about 43 degrees Celsius outside. The trains weren’t running because the track were warping.)
    Several of the students gave the usual doom-and-gloom world view, including the intellectually original act of pointing out the window and saying ‘See?’.
    The young barman said little. I finally asked him “What do you think?”
    He replied “I in my final year in Geology. It’s all happened before. All the global warming nuts are in the environmental studies department”
    I decided there was hope for the university system after all.

  32. Everyone should be careful about highlighting the Gore Effect. It just encourages the greens to promote a crash government effort to clone him in order to control global warming.

  33. Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter
    Yeah, a storm is threatening
    My very life today
    If I don’t get some shelter
    Lord, I’m gonna fade away.
    why not giv’im shelter – reroute to Kiriabati. He’s really
    longing for.

  34. this writer is no teenager!
    27 July: LinkedIn: Postcard from Melbourne. Time with @AlGore talking @climatereality
    by Andrew Woodward
    Twelve months ago in Melbourne, I was inspired by Al Gore. On Sunday in Melbourne, I was again inspired by Al Gore.
    In June 2014, I joined 500 others for training to become a Climate Reality Leader…
    The leaders, myself included, have been trained up to take Al’s message forward. It is a simple message – we have to save the planet from climate change through a clean energy future. The training arms leaders with facts and Keynote slides to spread the word to communities, politicians and business groups, indeed anyone who will listen, by what’s known as acts of leadership. I have pledged to become a voice in the marketing, advertising, communications and corporate affairs industries on climate change. While I have done some acts of leadership on a voluntary basis, it is my intention to make it a full time career from here on in. I have been researching and planning my business over the last 12 months and it will launch soon…
    His first function was with his Climate Reality Leaders in a heritage building in one of those “little” streets of Melbourne. The invitation went out two weeks ago and I say about 200 were there on Sunday. They had come from all over Australia to hear their leader…
    The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), the host of the Climate Reality Project in Australia, staged the event. It was an intimate gathering. Al spoke for 45 minutes, updating the crowd on global developments to arrest climate change..
    The facts and opinions contained in Al’s address were one thing. The gravity, passion and emotion of his address were another. He presents humbly, with humor, and self deprecation. It is like he is having a one-on-one conversation with everyone in the room. My son thought he was “funny”. I thought, wow, this guy is simply awesome, not just for an entertaining speech but for the substance of what he is doing and the fact that he can still get totally would up about it after a life on the road championing the cause. I was as star struck as everyone else. He really is a ‘rock star’…
    The ACF organised three people to come to the stage and tell him about what they had done since training in Melbourne a year ago. One of the story tellers was from the Labor Environment Action Network who spoke of what that group had done to get her party on side to address change through policy (which was unveiled to widespread acclaim just a few days before). Another spoke of her work in the faith community which culminated in a meeting with the Pope prior to the recent release of the encyclical. Another spoke of his work in the community. The three stories were packed with emotion. They were inspiring. They touched everyone in the room. The stories had a common denominator – we’re doing this for the planet, inspired by Al Gore. He was visibly emotional as he got up to respond to the stories and thank the speakers. He declared what he had just heard as one of the greatest gifts he had ever received. It was genuine…
    LinkedIn: Andrew Woodward
    More recently, Andrew started Climate Communication, a specialist agency to help marketing, advertising, communications and corporate affairs leaders do their job in ***the age of climate change.
    Andrew holds a Master of Business and Technology and is currently studying for a Master of Environmental Management (UNSW). He is also a Climate Reality Leader as a part of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project…

  35. I thought Gore referred to it as climate crisis these days. He has blamed every major weather event in the past 20 years on Global Warming. Pity the planet has not warmed in that time. Why is he in a little outpost like Australia? Perhaps most have discarded his message.

  36. Someone should write a book about folks like Gore. They could call it “The True Weathermakers”.

  37. How great that the alarmist in chief could himself solve “global warming ” simply by scheduling a speaking engagement.

  38. Let’s hope this Gore-effect will hit in Europe in December of this year as well! I guess you all know what will be “celebrated” in Paris then!
    Chris Frey, Germany

  39. This latest global warming irony reminds me of of 2009, when John Kerry was running around warning of global warming, citing a study that claimed that the Arctic would be ice free by 2013. Oops!
    EXCERPT: “The truth is that the threat we face is not an abstract concern for the future. It is already upon us and its effects are being felt worldwide, right now. Scientists project that the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013. Not in 2050, but four years from now.”
    – John Kerry, US Secretary of State, August 31, 2009

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