Hump day hilarity: WUWT's new policy on hate mail – your hate mail will be published

koch-derangement-syndromeThere comes a time when you just have to decide not take the abuse silently anymore, but instead, to laugh at it.

As many of you know, this is the world’s most read website about climate – by both sides. As a result, my email is like a firehose. I get a lot of legitimate email, but I also get a lot of abuse from people that think I’m not allowed to have a different opinion on all things climate; some people think I shouldn’t even be allowed to have a website or a voice. You know who you are, since WUWT is read equally by both sides daily.

Typically though, I just delete hate mail like this. Today, given a few other elements that made me laugh, and since this person is obviously ignorant, misinformed, and filled with hate, I’ve decided to publish it. It’s not like the person wasn’t warned, our WUWT contact page has this statement:

Contacts made under this form (especially hate mail and threats) are considered to be fair game for publishing, just like the “submit story” form.

So, here it is in full, with a small redaction in the email address to prevent automatic spambot harvesting. Thanks to Steve Jones for kicking off this new feature.

Name: Steve Jones

Email: sjones956 “at”

Message: Koch brother shills like you should be ashamed of themselves for spewing such anti-science garbage for the goal of deceiving the public about global warming. Sickening…

Time: May 12, 2015 at 8:35 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:

Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

For the record, I’ve never gotten a dime from the Koch Brothers, and never even had an email, telephone, or face-to-face conversation with them. I doubt they even know of my existence. I find this fascination the left has with the Koch Brothers a revealing window into their psyche.

But, that fact that I’m not now, nor ever have been on the take on in employ of Koch (or anyone else for that matter) doesn’t seem to stop the irrational hatred we see on display. Even supposedly educated people like Dr. Michael Mann falls victim to Koch Derangement Syndrome, such as when I sent him a free Josh calendar at Christmas, paid for by my own credit card:

Mann_twitter_captureRead it here: Too Funny! I send Michael Mann a free WUWT calendar as a Christmas gift, and he goes full conspiracy theory

This isn’t an isolated incident in Dr. Mann’s delusional missives:


I find it all highly amusing, because they can’t envision that I’m able to run WUWT simply on my own merits, without having some sort of daily backing or being in the employ of somebody, somebody with an agenda. They can’t imagine that I’ve been able to succeed by sheer will and persistence, along with the help of guest authors, and millions of readers. No, they can’t imagine that, because for them, it’s the ultimate projection.

So the best medicine for such things is to laugh at them, and that’s what I plan to do. Perhaps I’ll gather up each week’s hate mail and make a weekly feature of it.

As my friend Barry Woods said today, we seem to have reached “peak climate”, hence the increase in irrational wailing:


239 thoughts on “Hump day hilarity: WUWT's new policy on hate mail – your hate mail will be published

      • It’s not jealousy mark, it’s amusement. I’ve always loved a good joke, and I love this website.

      • If you want to understand more about climate change just look at the references above, nothing doctored, nothing changed it is exactly as it is from the science reported by the agencies, NOAA, NSIDC, UAH, etc, etc.
        As for delusions of grandeur, Well, you have to elaborate for me to understand what you mean. If you mean that WUWT has had over 230 million hits and is the second most popular site on WordPress, Anthony has done extremely well. Do you know any other pro-agw site that could compete with this? SkS, RC, now that is what I call a good laugh, they trail this site by miles and miles. In fact, does anybody go there any more ?
        So take your delusions of grandeur and point them at those site for Anthony’s website outperforms all of them put together.

      • @ Lee gable
        So, Lee, ol’ buddy, like, let me just say that those two Pavlovian-reflex, party-line-generator-genic, wit-free bot-comments of yours, above, are just the sort of classic, stuffy, mouth-off, nothing-boogers that I’ve observed to be closely associated with your standard-issue, good-comrade, collectivist, brain-washed, cheka-monitored hive-mind. And, in that regard, Lee, I must sadly advise that your two comments, above, pose, IMHO, an unfortunate, “road-back” mentality to the sincere, good-faith efforts of us “Good-Guy”-lovers-of-individual-freedom-and-ethical-science to find common-ground with and “build bridges” to you dumb-ass, “Hive-Bozo”, Gaia-freak weirdos.
        And I especially like, Lee, that little attempt of yours at phony-baloney, witting-tool hive-psychiatry, in your first comment, above. So, Lee, is your puffed-up, two-bit, shrink-wannabe act, like, you know, inspired by the hive-hero example of Andrei Snezhnevsky, or not?–be honest, Lee.
        And you know, Lee, your above comment (and the one that follows it), reminds me of nothing so much as the creep-out, attention-seeking antics of those socially-incompetent, little-sneak, tattletale, geek-ball, tag-along pests, we all remember so well from our grade-school days, who, in their later, can’t-get-a-date lives, all went on to score some sort of goof-off, ivory-tower, cushy, tenured-parasite trough (or, at least, a hired-gun enabler-gig with some one or another of Al Gore’s make-a-greenwashed-buck, crony-capitalist enterprises), and who, to this very day drive to the airport, on their way to yet another of their interminable, CO2-spew, frequent-flyer, brazen-hypocrite, carbon-piggie eco-confabs (which could easily be held as zero-carbon video-conferences, but won’t be) in weenie-ready, babe-repellant, mummy-pleasing, nerd-chic, electrified dork-mobiles that go “hmmmmmm”. (Of course, I’m talkin’ about a general case, here, Lee, and not about you personally, since we all know you’re, like, a really “cool dude” and everything–I’m just talkin’ about all those other swill-sucking sell-outs you know, that your comments remind me of.)
        And the reason I say all this, Lee, is that your two comments, above, are the blog-comment equivalent of some snot-nosed school-kid gropin’ up a really choice, dripping goober, and wavin’ it around the playground, as it hangs off his forefinger of choice, to show it off to all the girls, during recess, and then popping that “beaut” into into his mouth, in front of everyone, and chewing on it with his momma-boy’s maw wide-open, to the accompaniment of disgusting liquid noises and bad-breath exhalations, and then swallowing the whole masticated-mess in a full-throated, “YUMMMMM!!!”, fry-tone, concluding flourish. You know what I mean, Lee?

        • You sir have my utmost admiration. I have never before read a post that boggled my mind as brilliantly and enjoyably as your post just did. Well done, loved it.

      • Grable, you probably are one of those people who thinks they belong to an intellectual elite that should rule the world under some kind of dictatorship-of-the-proletariat arrangement. You and all of your fellow “climate change” people scare me.

      • You misspelled Michael Mann’s name there.
        Or did you mean some other Klimate Klown?

      • @mike, May 14, 2015 at 1:36 am
        Dammit, Mike! I needed a hyphen a moment ago, and found that you had used them all.

    • Interesting that Mann chose to add #CourtJester, that he presumably intended as an insult. The court jester, despite acting the fool was often a very sharp witted and his role was to criticise members of court and even the monarch through his clowning around.
      The jester, through his image of being a fool, could speak the truth in a way none of the sycophants of the court would dare.
      The court of the IPCC is in dire need of a court jester.

      • @mike, that might become the first time a court jester might die laughing at his employer!

      • Although, in Game of Thrones there’s a particularly graphic scene of one getting his tongue cut out…

      • Careful or Mann will start redefining the term “court jester”. He will show us how everyone has always been wrong about what it meant and he will have a graph to prove it.

      • I beleive Dr Mann may be working on a paper that proves an increase in court jesters was responsoble for the Medieval Warm Period and he has the tree ring data to prove it. /sarc (or is it?)

      • Mike
        May 13, 2015 at 9:09 pm
        Interesting that Mann chose to add #CourtJester, that he presumably intended as an insult. The court jester, despite acting the fool was often a very sharp witted and his role was to criticise members of court and even the monarch through his clowning around.
        The jester, through his image of being a fool, could speak the truth in a way none of the sycophants of the court would dare.
        The court of the IPCC is in dire need of a court jester.

        There’s a song for that…
        I’m Anthony, Anthony!
        My fame before me rings!
        King of Jesters
        and Jester of Kings!

    • I’d never heard of the Koch brothers until some of my fellow students decided that I was on their pay roll after I’d mentioned that there has been no warming for 18 years.

  1. Please do….it encouraging to see the level of ignorance that supports the alarmists…truth wins in the long run

    • Science is the search for truth. That is why the catastrophists can not be called scientists. A PHD does not a scientist make.

      • Catastrophists used to search for truth. Now that they have found it, the search is over, and anyone who doubts it is a poopie-butt. Actual science is soooo twentieth century. Now that the truth is out there, all we have to do is obey our masters and repeat our truth/dogma everywhere we can. That way we can ascend to Mann-made heaven where it is never gonna get warm, but stay cold all the time. Sort of like endless winter where we can surf down mountains of ice.

  2. That would be the best thing you could do to expose the joke that the warmist are. Often, they are like trolls, they delight in other people answers to them, they like to see how many answers they get. I am sure that in their circle the answer back number is a badge of honor.

  3. One problem with responding to off-the-cuff hate mail like this is respond well requires taking 10x to 100x the time the original post took. Maybe if you had a little form with check off boxes and links to the full explanation for each item.
    One for Koch money, one for Big Oil money (you promised me 10%!), two or three for the 97% consensus claims, several for each of the Michael Mann “exonerations”….

    • Modify/add to as desired:
      Thank you for the entertaining email, you have been selected to be featured in our Hall of Lame. Your message contained the following:
      [X] Personal insults
      [X] Accusations of impropriety
      [X] Incoherent ranting
      [X] Unintelligible gibberish
      [X] Psychological projection
      [X] Display of innumeracy
      [X] Political posturing
      [X] Eco-superiority social positioning
      [X] Impenetrable groupthink
      [X] Competitive pedantry

      • [X] Mentioning “Big Oil”
        [X] Mentioning Koch brothers
        [X] Mentioning 97%
        [X] Mentioning melting polar regions
        [X] Mentioning melting glaciers
        [X] Using the phrase “anti-science”
        [X] Using the word “denier”
        [X] Demanding we “think of the children”
        [X] Demanding we “think of the developing world”
        [X] Demanding we “educate ourselves”

      • “Hall of Lame” – ha ha! Love it! 🙂
        Thanks for starting my morning with a good chuckle!

      • Eco-superiority social positioning
        I call that eco-piety. People suffering this can often be seen driving a Toyota Pius.

      • The polar bears have survived much warmer periods and
        Children learn to live in the world they are born into

    • The thing is to expose and ridicule such hate mail without giving it too much time. Otherwise the hate-mailer becomes a successful troll. Possibly just posting such stuff to a new reference page would do the trick. Having one’s name attached to vacuous ranting ultimately would be an embarrassment. Of course then there would be a shift to anonymous hate mail!
      Occasionally writers in the broader press will do an occasional story on hate mail. Having the finer specimens on display would make that process easier.

      • Publishing the email address of the hate-mailer is an interesting move as they might find some hate-mail of their own in the inbox. I have often thought that there should be a penalty for spreading vitriol and this seems appropriate.

  4. I’m still waiting for my first check from the Koch brothers.
    While I’ve been told that “things go better with Koch,” I’ve been open to consideration to selling out to government funding, but so far I’m still “free ranging” it.

    • Ah Neo, that reminds me of a time, many years ago, when I was a guest of a German company called Koch that was involved in the pre-fab business.
      I kept laughing and eventually had to explain that it was the name: Firma Koch, that had got me smiling.
      For Germans they had a great sense of humour. Fortunately, they laughed too. It could have been a real cock up otherwise.

      • “Koch” in Germany is no. 12 on the list of the most common family names. No. 1 is Müller(Miller), followed by Schmidt, Schneider, Fischer (Smith, Tailor, Fisher)…

    • You would think the Koch brothers would have some extra money lying around, after all they do “live rent free” in all the minds of the demented.
      As for Steve Jones, he is just following the lead of Sen Harry Reid. The Washington Free Beacon put together a very long string sound clip of Harry’s speech’s on the Senate Floor calling them out by name.
      134 Times Harry Reid’s Railed Against the Koch Brothers | SuperCuts #50

    • Despite pleas for funding, I’m still waiting for that Koch Bros. money… not seen any yet…
      I am 100% available for climate related or computer work. Reasonable rates. So far I’ve made about $100 per year…. so reasonable is not very expensive! Heck, even minimum wage would be a couple of orders of magnitude improvement.
      (My last paying gig was 18 months for a fortune 200 co. doing disaster recovery planning P.M. work, nothing climate related brings in money for me. Oh Well. It does make it funny when folks shout Oil Money or Koch…)

  5. fighting global warming one calendar at a time
    (that cover pic is really hard to look at – probably supposed to be)
    keep it up

  6. Thank you for all you do Anthony. You will go down in history with others for slaying the CAGW dragon. You rock!

  7. I notice you wrote that you never gotten a dime from the Koch brothers. Is this some sort sort of Nixonian denial. Perhaps you have gotten quarters?? Maybe one Koch brother wrote you the check as a gift? How about a Koch neice or nephew? My other questions to you is if the Koch brothers are giving money away how do I get some? /sarc

    • I am a K0CH Brothers Organization (K0BO) recruiter. If you are interested in working for us please mail us a stamped self addressed envelope, a deposit slip for your bank account, two passport photographs and a hair sample. The investigation takes three months, if you meet our requirements you will have to swear the super secret oath and undergo a series of training sessions which cost £1776 (loans are available if you can’t afford it). After your final exam you get your own blog, $17000 per month and remote secretarial services 24 hours per day from our service center in Bangalore, India. You will be proud to belong to our secret network, which so far numbers over 332 million members in 155 nations.

      • Dammit, Fernandoleanme! Haven’t you been told not to out us? Still, I expect your only in a junior position on a lousy 17000 a month. I’ll bet you don’t even have your shopping delivered by helicopter yet- a black one, natch!

  8. But there’s a simple explanation: psychological projection. The “professional” ice-worshippers (as I dub those guys) are too incompetent to get a dime by working in a real job; their propaganda is supported by billions, if not trillions, of tax dollars and funds from countless lefty organizations.

  9. Anthony, no amount of money could buy you. With your integrity, hard work, and fine communication abilities, you are priceless.
    Envy is an ugly thing, huh?
    Chin up, dear warrior for truth! If you weren’t a threat, they wouldn’t bother.

    • Envy is not only ugly, it can never be sated. The glutton may eat, the slothful can act, etc., but nothing can quench envy or the envious, You can rule the world and still envy. And, never forget Lucifer.

      • Classically, Lucifer was associated with the planet Venus. So, the odds are that the original term in some way was a descriptive attribute of the goddess.

      • RoHa:

        Lucifer is the bearer of light.

        So is a match. But you have to strike it first.

      • @ inMAGICn
        No-one – not even John Milton – has ever read anything more that the first 26 lines of Paradise Lost (most of us never get beyond “Sing,Heavenly Muse” in line 6) and yet many think the whole story, including Lucifer being driven out of Heaven by cannon – is in the Bible. But hardly anyone has ever read that thing either.
        @ Harry Passfield.
        Yes. While you’ve got lucifer to light your fag, then smile, boys, that’s the style.

  10. Don’t think you ought to post the email addresses, unless you have a method of validating them as having been legitimately sent. Faking an email, or just typing in someone else’s email address when posting abuse, would lead to you wrongly attributing the abuse to someone. Since that, in turn, becomes searchable, it could lead to very unfortunate outcomes (e.g. affecting someone innocent party’s employment).

    • Good point. However it was an email (rather than a post) any decent mail filter, including gmail, yahoo mail, etc., will check to see if the domain has been spoofed.

      • Uh, no. First, gmail, yahoo, live, etc.. are not “filters”. As Stephen Frost wrote, with a bit of knowledge, it’s simple to spoof any email address. Oh, yeah, you can manually check the “Authentication-Results:” in the full header and compare, but none of the major email servers will do this for you. So, the conclusion, is DO NOT post “From” email addresses without explicit permission. You are just asking for trouble.

  11. Good idea. But the formatting needs work. Segregate, perhaps in two columns. Any answer right below. And then allow general comments.

  12. “You know you’re over the target when you start taking flak.”
    Hate mail is a badge of honor.

  13. I am a (C)AGW sceptic – My English and Research skills can be proven, SO please someone offer to pay me…The first 1,000 words will be free..

    • I am also a devoted believer in the diabolical perils of man made CO2 – my research and English skills are well known amongst international peers, and for YOU my fellow planet saving warmist, the first 500 words and one photoshopped image for an article of your choosing will be free…

      • Happy Mr. J for the second offer to be as your confidential ghost writer _ I mean to say, imagine since you are receiving a massive salary that just a few percent of it will get all the compelling “proof of CAGW” you could wish for, allowing you to spend quality time with your faculty mates and all the cute (if a little unkempt) green eyed chicks at the local watering holes…

    • “Something is happening but you don’t know what it is. Do you Mr Jones?”:
      Bob Dylan
      I think the tune is called:
      “Ballad Of A Thin Man”

  14. Typical of the rubbish the eco facists spew here in Seattle, with the Shell Oil platform and support coming for a temporary berthing to prepare for Arctic summer exploration. That’s all they have left now, their failed “settled science” fully exposed – just rancid, hateful filled babble. The media exposes them for the fools that they are.

  15. Separate from all the various scientific issues, what CAGWers like Mann fundamentally seem not to get is what rejection is. At the basest level people reject them because they are just not up to snuff (not remotely).
    quite a few years ago I looked at a book Mann wrote and was shocked to see it was crap. Not only had I never been to WUWT, I had never read a sentence of skeptic material.
    Mann, for starters, needs to look in a mirror, and admit he needs to be a better scientist. Blaming other people for mocking him, for not believing him, “oh they must be paid otherwise why would they” seems almost high-school-like.

    • Very true, Andres. I’ve learned a tremendous amount by just reading the articles and comments. The climate alarmist contingent hates Anthony because he provides a forum where the truth gets sifted from all the misinformation raining down on us 24/7/365.
      Just telling the truth has become a revolutionary activity.

      • That’s exactly right dbs. I always advise people when sharing a link to WUWT to read all the comments too – or at least to sift through for those with scientific information and ‘real life experience’ in them.
        Informed debate is the most powerful tool there is; the truth can never emerge from a censored forum.

  16. Anthony, perhaps you’ll have to make a submit page for us to submit the craziest AGW comments we find AGW True Believers posting in various places, and then put a bunch of the “best” (e.g., craziest/nastiest) of those together. Some of those are truly mind boggling.

  17. By coincidence I just fired off a comment on an article quoting a Papal Spokesperson that decried the capitalist motives of groups personified by Heartland that were funded by the Kochs. (I hope you were not offended, Anthony, that he did not mention you.) I suggested we discuss facts and science and not motives and reminded them that although the brothers gave Heartland thousands (and not for global warming) and Soros, Steyer, and the US government funded alarmists with mega millions, this is all irrelevant with respect to the data and science.

    • One of the first things I did after seeing the depressing election news this morning was check to see which of my Facebook friends ‘like’ the pages of the Conservatives or David Cameron, and unfriend them. (Thankfully, none of my friends ‘like’ the UKIP page.)

      Sigh. Real progressives don’t use the braindead multibillion time-thieve called Facebook for liking and not liking stuff.

  18. Nice!
    Harvesting in a different form. I am certain this will alter the levels of incoming mail of this sort.
    Book’em Dano!

  19. Well, while I admire your spirit, Anthony, let me be the one to decry the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves. Here is Anthony Watts, holding forth a viewpoint on climate change with attendant supporting research, and soliciting additional factual information, pro or con, from others. A subset of those who disagree with his stance feel compelled to launch libelous ad hominem attacks besmirching his character.
    This is dreadful, and terribly disappointing. Civil discourse among people of good conscience should never stoop so low. It seems his opponents’ reasons range from simple misinformation and ignorance all the way to base avarice.
    My hope, as I continue to read WUWT daily, is that all who post here take note of this malicious behavior, and couch their own commentary such that they take the high road.
    This climate change foolishness will burn itself out in the years to come. We here all know that, and those who currently support the agenda de jour know it as well. Comments on the internet, however, are forever. I, myself, don’t want to be ashamed of what I leave behind.
    Others who contemplate sending insulting juvenile drivel via electronic means may want to take note.
    Keep up the good work, Mr. Watts. Another donation is on the way.

    • Good points, all. I note your comment that “Civil discourse among people of good conscience should never stoop so low.”
      you are correct; but then, we are not dealing with “people of good conscience”.

      • Rather no conscience at all. I once consulted for a food company that was irked by the negative Yelp reviews they got, and found that we could get them to retract their negative comments and post 5 star reviews for a mere free dinner. That was years ago, and now restaurants report that it is common for diners to negotiate free food in return for a favorable review, using the threat of a bad one if we don’t play along

  20. You know, I’ve always been confused about the Koch Brothers. I had never heard of them until a radical environmentalist friend of mine accused me of being their mindless minion. My crime? I gave him a pocket Constitution as a little gift.
    So they are each worth roughly $50 billion. So what? Two-bit shyster Bernie Madoff ran a scam valued at about $65 billion. And he’s just a simpleton who actually got caught. What about the criminal mafia running the FED and Treasury? Those thugs doled out $22 trillion to their fellow tribalists under the guise of ‘saving the world from total financial meltdown. Talk about the syndrom of von Munchhausen by proxy! And what about the network protecting them at every level — the commodity exchanges, the investment banks, the SEC, the judiciary?
    The Koch Brothers? Give. Me. A. Break.

  21. I try to make a daily visit to Romm’s “Think Progress” (euphemism of the day) just to check out the cuckoo’s nest. Their commenters are sinking ever deeper into frank lunacy, not only with Koch delusion but also the wild claims of science being on their side. “Stupid” is their favorite response to anyone providing counter argument to the Romm dogma. Actually. it’s quite sad.

    • I was certain after Climategate that Warmist claims would become increasingly bizarre, inaccurate, and insane. There was no place for their malarkey to go otherwise. No good arguments means they must rely totally on lies, ad hominems, red herrings, strawmen, and non-sequiturs.

  22. This whole Global Warming debate reminds me of the Cold Fusion debacle. When the chemists Fleischmann–Pons claimed room temperature fusion everyone got excited. When physicists asked about neutron production in their experiments, the excitement just plain died. When I started studying the Global Warming problem I thought there is nothing to it. WOW! When you see deniers’ personalities being attacked, rather than scientific arguments being presented, you know something is wrong, drastically wrong.
    The problem will eventually sort itself out, but at what cost? Fossil fuels will never ever go away! Nuclear energy is a must to maintain our present standard of living. My choice is thorium reactors. Alternative fuels are nice but will never produce enough.
    HUMANITY – Just suck it up and deal with it. Climate is here to stay, good bad or indifferent.
    OH, thank you Mr. Watts for being a thorn in the warmist’s sides.

    • Ralph– The empirical evidence and physics now show CAGW hypothetical projections to be off by as much as an order of magnitude….
      We’ve experienced roughly 0.8C of global warming since the end of the Little Ice Age and no global warming trend for almost 20 years, despite 30% of all manmade CO2 emissions since 1750 being emitted over just the last 20 years or so…
      Already CAGW hypothetical model projections are off by about 2 standard deviations and in 5~7 years, the discrepancies will likely exceed 3 SDs, for a quarter of a century, which should be sufficient to end the CAGW hypothesis for good.
      All CAGW’s other dire projections of: severe weather incidence/intensity, ocean pH, polar ice caps, crop yields, etc. are also hilariously off and becoming more inaccurate with each passing year.
      You’re correct about thorium, however. China now plans to have a working large-scale MSR design ready in about 8 years, which will have incredible economic and societal benefits.
      Fossil fuels will be replaced by cheaper more abundant alternative energy sources when it makes economic sense to do so. Governments are TERRIBLE at picking winners and losers. Just let the free-market decide the timing.

    • Ralph, you are absolutely right. There is a distinct similarity between global warming “science” and the cold fusion “debacle”. Both are influenced by the vested interests of establishment science. Global warming is perpetuated by the needs of “climate scientists” to obtain funding. Cold fusion was killed off by those in the hot fusion fraternity who saw their billions of grants disappearing.
      Suggest you have a look at:
      The phenomenon demonstrated by Fleischmann and Pons is real. It is a different sort of nuclear reaction, as yet not understood, which does not generate the neutrons you mention in any great quantity. Those neutrons illustrate another similarity: theory being used to override observation – how often do we see that in climate science?

    • It reminds me more of the Low Fat debacle, which is why I am not sanguine about CAGWs demise. After the long term Framingham study (and others) showed that low fat diets absolutely increase death rate from heart disease and collaterally cause diabetes, the cabal of the government, foundations, and the food industry maintain the fatal prescription of low fat diets. Being right is not enough, on its own, to stop the madness. There are trillions yet to be made, vast power yet to be seized, and such a behemoth is not easily stopped.

    • Pointman doesn’t like it when you point out that the Right has its own anti-science faction. The people who dislike the mention of 2AG and its receptors. Or the use of its plant analogs in medicine.

  23. You are doing a public service by publishing these emails, my friend. Who else can they lash out at that would give them such a forum? Free therapy courtesy of the Koch brothers.

  24. Frankly speaking, this is a GREAT IDEA so please continue to do so.
    I blog on the ‘Connected Community’ website of the Geological Society of America. Here are two items that posters have said in response to my posts:
    1). This poster must be on the payroll of the Koch brothers.”
    2). When posting a link to a video by Svensmark, the comment was made I was doing “science by U-tube.”
    Perhaps with each weekly summary of your hate-emails, can you provide a place to post ours?

    • George – they’re taking it personally – that is a good sign, science is impersonal …

  25. Light-hearted laughter (silly-stupid comments); witty,ironic responses (when the comment invites being turned back on the author); ridiculing laughter (to cleanse the soul of filth) — all are fair game. Use your judgment, Anthony. “The most-read science blog” gives you not only leeway, but an invitation to express all your enjoyable inventiveness.

  26. Hey, love that top image. Scroll it up and down and watch it spin like a climate alarmista.
    Can someone send AW a bag of salt, so he can keep rubbing it into their wounds 🙂

  27. Leftwingers cannot abide free speech. And it’s getting worse. Obama has just announced his intention to force people with diverse thoughts to align their thoughts with his thoughts.
    If you want to escape his wrath, I guess you need to hang a swastika flag outside your window?
    Sieg Heil.

      • Oh, come on! I’m no supporter of Cameron, but that’s just plain daft. As he said yesterday, we’ve been too tolerant for too long. It’s liberalism that has given Britain its current ills. As much as it pains me to say it, you can’t just say whatever you like (and believe me, that was hard for me to say!). Never mind the pathetic people who are just looking to be offended, and I am a ardent supporter of Katie Hopkins for saying it as it is (I love the woman), and I even think you should be able to draw Mohammed cartoons. But to preach hate is just a step too far. There are some speeches that just should not be allowed. George Galloway, with his rabid ramblings, comes too close at times. How can one hate the Jews (or rather Israel)?

      • I am not a Labour supporter. I do not live in Britain, and I do not vote in British elections. I do wonder who will decide which speech will be permitted, and which won’t. Will it be people who cannot distinguish between hatred of Jews and criticism of Israeli war crimes? People who cannot stand criticism of the Man-Made Global Warming story? Who will be the government censors?

      • Chris – poor RoHa is just another disgruntled Labour supporter who **still** hasn’t gotten over the devastating loss the lefties experienced in the recent election…

  28. Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    Michael Mann, to his ironic misfortune, is quite possibly the greatest billboard and marketing machine of the very enemy he taunts and hides from. Taunts run through schoolyard use of bully-boy social media, hidden (running) from intellectual and reasoned debate.
    Before pressing send on the keyboard, has ‘Dr’ Mann ever queries to himself “would Albert send hate and smear out like this or….?” I think perhaps not. Ever.
    Dear Mike, “What others say and do is a projection of their own reality…” Ruiz

  29. Many thanks Anthony and to all who post on your site for keeping us informed. As stated earlier you are over the target and they don’t like it one bit.
    Take care. RobinW

  30. Anthony, there may be a reason why many Progressive Socialist “Warmist” think you receive funds from the Koch brothers. Media Matters, a far left socialist web site got started with George Soro’s money when Clinton’s “blue dress” come to life. Now, anytime anybody gets under their skin they blame the Koch Brothers
    Its like blaming Co2 for chicken pox with them.

  31. If it makes you feel better, publish it, but only rarely. After all, it’s drivel, and not the kind of content that has me coming back here.

    • Well said pochas. I fully agree. It’s not the kind of stuff I come here for either. But more to the point, don’t feed these pathetic trolls. They love the attention and they’ll just write more often.

  32. Of couse they think that about you Anthony. Everything lefty does is subsidized from every ridiculous govt program to leftist radio to move So naturally they can’t even conceive of something self sustaining which of course is ironic since sustainability is such a leftist buzzword.

  33. Anthony.
    Global Warming enthusiasts cannot stand to be laughed at, they are impervious to everything but laughter. Not being taken seriously is their Achilles Heel.

  34. So if Charles Koch gifts hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Heartland Institute- which has an express purpose to create misinformation about AGW, and then the Heartland Institute pays you, is that accepting money from the Koch Brothers?

    [my, what an ignoramus you are. Read this essay: note this part:

    The Heartland Institute has received just $25,000 from a single organization, a charitable foundation, affiliated with “the Koch brothers” during the past 15 years. Our annual budget is approximately $7 million. Even that small gift was earmarked for our work on health care reform, not global warming. Why does Sachs mention “the Koch brothers” unless his intention is to smear an independent organization by falsely implying a much larger or somehow improper level of support from some singularly unpopular billionaires?

    No wonder you hide behind a fake name and fake email. -mod]

    • The mod already showed you that made stuff is not the same as facts. Asserting Heartland Institutes has the express purpose of creating misinformation is also not a fact. You could say they are a bunch of dumb-asses which would be your opinion. Distinguishing facts from fiction from opinion is not always easy but a virtue worth developing.
      The reasoning is also faulty. If one takes money out of their bank and buys an iPhone made in china, does that mean iPhone buyers and their bank support communism? In other words simply finding ties with various degrees of separation and disconnected purposes is not basis to come up with any old conclusion that comes to mind.

    • The day I’ll be concerned about ANYTHING the Koch brothers do is the day when I hear that people with fake names and e-mail addresses, like Mr. Husky, are concerned about what people like George Soros and Tom Steyer do…

  35. I have enjoyed the company of people who worked for the Koch brothers at a level where they met them on a regular basis. They are well informed, intelligent individuals so I am sure that they are aware of WUWT. It is unfortunate that the environmentalist witch-hunt would prevent them from supporting a good cause like your website.

  36. A lie may go around the world before the truth gets its boots on, but the truth will get there eventually.

    • The question is how much damage does the lie do on its trip around the world.
      Political campaigns know this, and really do not mind being caught in a lie, (if caught rephrased as mis-spoke, mis-understood, out of context, staffer gets fired, not relevant, etc) because the purpose of a lie is to do damage and create weakness. If the lie goes away after awhile, fine, no problem, job is done.
      The term climate denier is designed to tie people who do not support AGW alarmism to people who deny science. On YouTube there are many videos including from respected sources like Dr. Eugenie Scott, tying people who find insufficient evidence for alarmism to fundamental creationists. As ridiculous and non-factual or better put, blatantly dishonest that view is, the damage is done and takes a lot of effort to overcome.
      In politics lies work more often than not.

  37. Let’s have some fun here with one of Phil Jones distant relations shall we? Although I’ve donated previously and will again I’ve just tossed in $1USD on behalf of Steve Jones ruminations and request the rest of you Koch Brothers do likewise. Let’s see what one dollar votes we come up with to really pee Steve Yahoo off and continue his downward spiral into the vortex of warmenist conspiracy theories.

  38. I like this – especially publishing IP addresses. This isn’t some stupid TV show – there’s no dark web. These people can’t hide. It would be added fun to build a Google map with push pins that map these idiots in real time.

  39. I read how the Koch Bros have an “unholy alliance” with Monsanto to stop passage of GMO labeling laws. A bit of research shows this to be an outright lie, repeated ad nauseam on tens of thousands of loony-left web pages. The ONLY connection is that both Monsanto and Koch subsidiary Georgia-Pacific belong to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, whose 275 other members include Heinz (Berkshire Hathaway), Tree Top, Sun Maid, Ralston, Ocean Spray, General Electric, and Microsoft,
    Suggest reading The Truly Daffy Demonization of the Brothers Koch by Jack Cashill, then compare the Koch’s contributions to society with Tom Steyer’s..
    As Richard Muller will attest, there is no shame in accepting grant money from a Koch charitable foundation.

  40. I enjoyed the idiocy displayed by Mr. Jones and of course Dr. Mann is always entertaining. As to the Koch Bros. comments, I decided to respond in the only meaningful way possible, I flung funds.
    This sounds like a wonderful weekly entry.

  41. Leftists have always found scapegoats to blame for their failures rather than learning the ultimate lesson that command and control economies/science/societies/governments don’t work; at least not well, anyway…
    The petrochemical process patents held by the Koch Brothers have helped save the global economy $trillions over the decades, and for these contributions to society, they are demonized.
    The relatively minuscule amount of donations the Koch Brothers give to Libertarian causes is a drop in the ocean compared to the massive propaganda machines of leftists: governments, public schools, universities, NGOs, George Soros, political parties, bureaucrats, govt agencies, MSM, Hollywood, newspapers, books, UN, magazine public/private-sector unions, ad nauseam.
    The inevitable disconfirmation of the CAGW hypothesis will hopefully enlighten more people that command and control societies/economies/science/governments don’t work. Free markets, free people, freedom of ideas, free speech and limited governments are what will prevent scandals like CAGW from occurring in the future.
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”~ George Santayana

    • You can add the scary Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to that list. Their billions are increasingly bypassing elected Governments in order to push their ‘liberal’ agenda: supra-national government via the UN and a raft of leftist policies, inc forced immunisation and dubious contraception for the Third World, and mandated action on CAGW
      Ref: Nutso Fasst’s post (two above) – in case anyone wondered why Microsoft should be admitted as a member of the US Grocery Manufacturers Association: Gates is a major shareholder in GMO /pesticide manufacturer Monsanto, which has been attempting for many years to corner the world food supply. And if TPP is agreed they will succeed.
      Gates also furthers his agenda by persuading Govts to adopt his Common Core educational curriculum, which is nothing but a vehicle for left-liberal propaganda
      The Koch brothers are but minnows in the pool of agenda-driven funding, compared with the billions expended by Gates in pursuit of his leftist agenda

  42. Perhaps put the posts on a separate tab. I had the misfortune to work ar a non-union job where backstabbing was an art form. I found the best defense for an unhinged email was to forward it to my boss with a cc to the sender. The subject was “Forwarded without comment”. By the way, my union was really different from the UAW or th SEIU, or the Teamsters.

  43. Useful idiots , as Stalin described them , should be rewarded with some exposure . Praise them into the grave like a father accelarating the image of the unwanted lover of his daughter .

  44. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for the well placed sniper shots. Once a week would be just lovely…but don’t hesitate, in between, to take time out to publish a real gem….Craig

  45. Michael Mann, like most of the so-called “human beings,” uses himself as a measuring stick when he sizes up other people. That’s why he is so sure that Mr. Watts is being financed by some shady ideological outfit — because that’s exactly how Michael Mann gets his support.
    I, on the other hand, tend to overestimate other people most of the time.
    I modestly wonder why.

    • It’s the same syndrome as prosecutors always suspecting everyone of doing something wrong. When you deal with pigs all day, everyone resembles a pig.

  46. Take care with this new policy or this mob will have Lew, with able assistants Cook and Oreskes, quickly on the job for very, very thorough analysis (5 mins!), create a fanciful psychological paradigm and publish another BS paper.
    This could become an infinite iteration as you will publish their work and Lew then does more analysis and publishing and so on.
    Only sad part is the reality of how much research funding is being wasted on idiocy.
    Two insightful comments stay in mind:
    Joe Bastardi commenting that Dr M Mann should learn how to read a weather map
    and (sorry I can’t recall the commenter)
    alarmist climatologists either have an agenda or are imbeciles.
    Just about sums up my thoughts on the whole game. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  47. There are a lot of Steve Jones out there, largely sad little people desperately looking for a cause to justify their existence. In this case, it is ‘Save the World’ syndrome – “look at me, I am special, I am trying to save the world from global warming.”
    Religious cults and extremist groups prey on their type if they have half a chance.

  48. Victor Davis Hanson’s Private Papers does somewhat the same thing under the heading ‘Angry Readers’. He skewers them.

    • Mike
      I didn’t know about the Angry Readers section, I’ll have to check it out.
      By the way, for any reading this who don’t know Victor Davis Hanson, check out his website. I personally think he does the best analysis of our current/past political/cultural problems. Truly a gem!

  49. I wonder why the same people who accuse every disbeliever in their AGW cult of being funded by the fuel industry have no guilt in extorting money from people like myself who believe that climate scientists should be tested on the accuracy of their predictions on a five year average and dismissed if they fail to meet the grade. A fair test is they should have the same percentage accuracy as the percentage who claim the science is right.
    We do not believe but are actually forced under threat of imprisonment to fund these charlatans through taxation we are unwilling but forced to pay.
    Sorry Steve Jones but you and your kind are not only morons but a blackmailers and since you rely on threats to extort the money for your cult also are vile crooks unless you can prove the pattern of temperature before any adjustments matches reality.

  50. Whoopee! I can get my hate mail published at last. I don’t actually hate anyone right now, but as soon as I do, I know exactly where to send some rude remarks.

  51. Hate is a terrible thing. I am glad to say I don’t hate anything or anyone (except child-killers).

  52. a revealing window into their psyche.
    Céline, the admired and hated French author, once said to one of his insulters (and he had quite a few): “You must have dug well at the bottom of yourself to find such horrors to say.”

  53. Personal and Social Correlates of the ‘Closed Mind’ among 16 Year Old Adolescents in England
    Leslie J. Francisa
    The data demonstrate that higher dogmatism scores are associated with lower IQ scores, lower social class backgrounds, higher neuroticism scores, higher lie scale scores and being male.

  54. Anthony Watts, you have incredibly thick skin to be able to take all the abuse they toss at you. If anyone looked up those who, in the annals of science, are epic in their commitment and determination to keep at it for so long withstanding so much abuse you’d be prominently in that Parthenon. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

    • I meant “you’d be prominently in that pantheon”, but Parthenon works too. Thanks again for everything you do.

  55. Hey Anthony, which day of the week you putting up the flamers emails? Just lets me organise my popcorn making days better.

  56. I have long considered that people who get excited about really big things like,
    imminent nuclear war.
    the destruction of the Earth by man made climate change.
    Do so because this specialist knowledge makes them feel more important than the general populace.
    “Oh my god! we are all going to die unless you do as I say “

    • zemlik: “…this specialist knowledge makes them feel more important than the general populace.”
      This part of your comment triggered a memory of a poem I read years ago and that I have always remembered. I’ve always equated this poem to the fact that no one in life is really important. We are all mortals and we all have faults and too many think too much of themselves. In the end, nothing really matter.
      The poem
      The old grey hearse goes rolling by,
      You don’t know whether to laugh or cry,
      For you know someday it will get you too,
      And the hearses next load may consist of you.
      They take you out and they lower you down,
      While men with shovels stand all around,
      They throw in dirt and they throw in rocks,
      And they don’t give a damn if they break the box.
      And your eyes fall out and your teeth fall in,
      And the worms crawl over your mouth and chin,
      They invite their friends and their friends friends too,
      And you look like hell when they are through with you.
      Author: Anonymous

      • I should have added: Keep everything in perspective. You are not as important a person or as knowledgable a person as you may think.

  57. Name: Steve Jones
    [. . .]
    Message: Koch brother shills like you should be ashamed of themselves for spewing such anti-science garbage for the goal of deceiving the public about global warming. Sickening…

    Steve Jones,
    Come and engage in some civil debate.
    You can find the objective science orientation you need by interaction here.

  58. For the record, I’ve never gotten a dime from the Koch Brothers, and never even had an email, telephone, or face-to-face conversation with them.

    no need to apologize, there is nothing wrong with the Koch family nor their money. They donate some of it for charity, and some people would be worse off if the Koch bros. wouldn’t. Even the omniscient waste dump aka Wikipedia has something to say:
    We need some more Kochs, I think.

  59. The longer that the farce of CAGW continues, with its ever failing predictions the more shrill and the more desperate its proponents will be, to ensure the trough is continually filled with OUR money for them to poke their snouts in.
    They have already demonstrated their incompetence, ignorance, greed and intolerance, obviously they think now is the time to demonstrate hate and a total lack of humour.
    Anthony I admire your patience for putting up with their venom and making their irrelevant utterances public, is a brilliant idea. Hopefully more and more people will then come to the same conclusion that the majority of readers of your website have already come to; AGW is based on belief as opposed to science.

  60. Now that CO2 is under suspect as overestimating temperatures, messing up the warmests models, a new level of paranoia seems to have developed.

  61. Most independent commentators would suggest that accepting money from the government for research purposes potentially creates more demands, more sinister obligations for a lot longer than a grant from an individual. The government’s tentacles are longer with greater suction.

  62. Go for it, Mr. Watts.
    “You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.”
    I don’t know how you’ve restrained yourself as long as you have. Carping cowards like Steve Jones deserve public shaming.

  63. Peak climate, yes that is a good term, very descriptive. VIVA LA WUWT !! Keep up the good work Anthony, we cheer you on.

  64. Take a hint from C.S: Lewis: “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked.”
    When you hold an ideologue and his ideas up to ridicule, there is scant defense that suffices. Public humiliation is a powerful punishment, and it leaves a permanent scar on an overinflated ego.
    The spirit of Will Rogers will bless you…

  65. Yes if possible please continue to publish the hate mail. It is beneficial to be reminded of the ignorance, arrogance and irrational beliefs that fuels the climate change movement.
    I still can’t believe Global Warming was changed to “Climate Change” and widely accepted. It would be like calling war “Population Change”. Just think, instead of slogans like “Stop the War in the Middle East”, we could have slogans like “Stop the Population Change in the Middle East”. Might as well rename vacations to “Location Change”. Let’s take a wonderful location change in the tropics dear! The term “Climate Change” must be the single most stupid thing our culture has come up.
    Meanwhile the hate tweet from the hero in his own mind Michael E. Mann (another most stupid cultural artifact) made me think of this illustration.

    • Ironically, Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change/ and now, it appears – “Climate Disruption” – are all, and always have been, tightly woven with Population Change – at least as a goal in the 3rd world. The other main goal is ever-increasing governmental control in the developed countries. Anyway, that’s the way I see it after my own study. Doesn’t matter what this movement morphs into next, the main goals always remain the same no matter what the current terminology happens to be.

  66. Steve Jones may write you hate mail, but he’s a really accomplished guy. He was founder and guitarist for the Sex Pistols, then won the US Open Golf Championship back in 1996 before becoming host of the X Factor.
    It’s a shame he turned to the dark side.

  67. You expect us to believe the koch brothers havent bought you off? They were able to bribe mother nature herself to hide the warming the models undeniably prove we got that the measurements cant find. She wont lie for them forever though!

  68. “Perhaps I’ll gather up each week’s hate mail and make a weekly feature of it.”
    Sure; why stop at one? A selection of the juiciest should be fun.
    “Steve Jones” (probably not his real name) is typical of the lame vitriol you get if you post a skeptical comment on any “climate change” article in the press. Too bad they can’t be more inventive.
    /Mr Lynn

  69. I was hoping that the climate zealots would have picked up their marbles and gone home by now, but I suppose it’s going to take a few more brutal winters and cool summers before that happens. In the meantime I’m personally finding the whole argument to be tedious and boring, same stuff over and over again for two decades now. Thank goodness there are still people around like Anthony, who are willing to hang in there and present the facts. Eventually truth always wins.

  70. We have and I hope for the foreseeable will continue to engage in even debate. However, sir on this occasion I defer to the more infinite wisdom of my 97 year old grandfather. To quote: There comes a time boy when an old fashion ass whipping is called for. Love You Grandpa!

  71. Aha!!! — the truth comes out. All the anger in this hate mail is causing global warming (at least the small amount that is actually occurring).

  72. The only thing the Climate Liars (Warmists) have left is bullying, vitriol and hysterics because their ‘science’ is in shambles. I expect they will behave even worse then they do now before their scam eventually ends. These people are mentally unhinged.
    Anthony you are the best. Thank you for all you do.

  73. Anthony,
    I am sure that you do have the support of the Koch brothers, at least in spirit. We could call it diet Koch, or Koch zero as there is no sugar (money) attached. Better than the Cool-Aid the warmistas are drinking!
    Jim G1

  74. Last night I watched the first few minutes of the PBS Nova episode on ocean acidification. I believe this was partially sponsored by the David H Koch foundation.

  75. good idea.
    some advice if willing, don’t post the ip addresses.
    all you need to deal with is someone from EU filing personally identifying data complaint.

  76. I’ve pointed out to alarmists many times how their own words are their own worst enemies. Absolutely, let’s hold a mirror to what they spew. Show the world just how crazy nutbar these activists can be. How completely off the chain their delusions are. And I’ve found out that even when you show them how they hurt their own cause, they cannot help but to amp it up yet another notch. It really is entertaining to watch, but at the same time, it is sad how crazy and over the top these people can become. Kinda like a car crash that you can’t help but slow down and look at. Cringe-worthiness at its best.

  77. Koch Brothers are the Left’s Emmanuel Goldstein. It’s all the Two Minutes Hate with them.

  78. Kudos Anthony! The fact that you are the target of irrational hatred proves that you have done great things!

  79. I’ve been waiting a long time for my money from such groups as the Koch Brothers and from Israel for all the time I have spoken on the various issues regarding them. I am frustrated to not have earned a single cent from these groups.

  80. Robert of Ottawa May 14, 2015 at 6:03 am
    I chuckled out loud at your introduction of the “Toyota Pius”.
    And a question: why is there a “Reply” selection after some postings and not after others? I wanted to reply immediately after ‘Robert’s posting but could not.

    • It depends on the depth of the chain (replies to replies to replies can’t be replied to).

  81. Good post Anthony.
    It will be interesting to see if Mr. “Jones” has the balls to respond and follow up with some hard facts instead of just throwing t*rds into the fan.

  82. The funny thing about many of these experts on Koch brother funding ties is that they don’t even know how to pronounce Koch.

      • The pronounciation in scottish dialect of ‘Loch’ as in ‘Loch Lomond’ for example comes close to ‘K.och’. The german ‘ch’ is hard to pronounce for non-native speakers. Btw. forget the dot, it’s just there to avoid being mod-ded.

  83. Debating any subject with a leftists is like trying to teach calculus to a cat.
    Climate is not unique.
    They have no idea that anything they believe in and feel strongly about could possibly be wrong, so anyone who even attempts to discuss any of their beliefs quickly comes under the usual leftist character attacks.
    Leftists judge people by what they say — if it agrees with them, nothing else matters — that’s why the Clinton Slush Fund Charity doesn’t matter — as long as the Clintons say the right things in their (expensive) speeches, fellow leftists don’t care about their Slush Fund or their bizarre marriage.
    It must be really embarrassing to be a leftist, and support an inferior economic system (socialism), that results in slow economic growth and chronic high unemployment .. which they ignore … because they are too busy promoting BIG GOVERNMENT by scaring people with false boogeymen such as “climate change”

  84. BTW new posts have stopped appearing on Steven Goddard’s “Real Science” site for a couple of months now. Anyone know WUWT?

    • It is not true. He was going to switch off wordpress and do his own hosting because of the twitter episode, and was running a parallel site for a while. He is still active on wordpress. Be selective; some of his stuff is incorrectly derived.

    • ristvan
      You’re right, thanks – I was looking at the wrong, not yet active site.

  85. My brother thinks its just fine to insinuate that Anthony is a Koch brothers lacky. He thinks we’ll all be busy running around that meme while he himself takes over the world. I’m loathe to disagree with him, on the off chance he succeeds

  86. You know what else would be a cool weekly feature? Ask Anthony (Watts): In which an ‘alarmist’ asks Anthony Watts any sort of AGW/CC question, and he answers it.

  87. Maybe call it the “nugget of nonsense section”
    P.s love the site-from London.

  88. I would also like to see your top 5 haters of the week and then have a chance to vote on who gets first prize.

  89. Sounds good in theory, but it will probably just create a new “game”.
    Send the most nasty e-mail/twit you can think of, and it gets play at WUWT.
    As tempting as it is, just ignore the flies.

  90. “They” can’t imagine this site can be ran on your own merits and your own skills because such a task is completely, utterly beyond their capabilities, so it must be beyond yours also.

  91. Another brilliant move from WUWT. The WUWT Blog is brilliant to read and now hilariously amusing work from the enemy is added to it. It is all so enjoyable. Well done, Anthony.

  92. Anthony:
    I was going to count all the responses you got to this blog post; but too many to count. I am on your site twice a day to view what is happening in AGW. This site has educated me to the extent that no warmest dare challenge me and my “climate realist” knowledge. I refuse to be bullied when it comes to Global Warming, Climate Change…or what ever title they give it next month.
    When the earth’s atmosphere starts to cool more than it has in the last 18 years (although CO2 continues to rise)…there will be some very embarrassed scientists who have allowed their science to become biased to the extent that they are no longer respected in the scientific field. Michael Mann I hope you are reading this!
    I, for one, do not want to read some warmest ranting in hate mail. I get enough of that myself, and I have more important things to do, and they are really insignificant in my life. Let them rant!
    Keep doing what your are doing Anthony. You and all the others at NIPCC should be rewarded when this whole mess is finally expose as just another United Nations failed effort, to create the New World Order.
    Dick Piland
    Niwot, CO

  93. Anthony,
    Allow me to Second Mr. Piland’s statements. I rarely engage in the old internet standby of troll and debate, with the exception of this topic. I find the illogic and falsehoods propagated in the name of science to be downright insulting. Thank you for what you do. This page is an excellent source of knowledge, research and humor. I don’t really care if the atmosphere is or is not warming, but the downright shallowness and dishonesty of the work done in this field disgusts me. You shine a light on this and that makes all the difference. Thank you.
    If you need a little help mocking these trolls or just want to give us all some entertainment, just post a weekly hate mail topic. I think it would be hilarious.

  94. Indeed, while it is sickening verbage, publishing bursts of it may well be worthwhile to show more people.
    But don’t let it get in the way of research.

  95. Mr. Anthony Watts,
    a stable platform, a forum of free speech You’re hosting.
    Watch climatism defaitisms with half an eye:
    Same as it ever was. Thanks -Hans

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