Cyclone Marcia: Climate crank wishing suffering on "deniers"

cyclone-marciaGuest essay by Eric Worrall

Australia is suffering a rare “cyclone sandwich” – two gigantic tropical cyclones, Cyclone Marcia (cat 5 – like Katrina) and Cyclone Lam (cat 4) are smashing into the North of Australia at the same time as seen in the NASA/NOAA satellite photo.

Details here

Since my hometown is near the centre of the predicted track of Cyclone Marcia, naturally I am taking an interest in weather updates. I was more than a little shocked when I read the following:

JT, commenting on the Brisbane Times – February 20, 2015, 6:07AM

These type of weather events could happen further south in future and be more intense with global warming…….if anyone has to suffer out of this one I hope it is a climate change denier, if anyone.

Thankfully this level of vicious fanaticism seems to be rare – natural disasters normally bring people together, we instinctively help each other to survive the worst which nature can throw at us.

The fact that such a sentiment could be voiced, in the face of a weather event which may yet cause severe loss of life, in my opinion shows what a toxic philosophy climate alarmism can be. The comment I saw today, is in my opinion no different to the misanthropy which led to the creation of the 10:10 video.

To at least some fanatics, whose lives are consumed by the alarmist message of hatred towards “deniers”, suffering and pain are acceptable, as long as the pain is visited upon the targets of their hatred.

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  1. “if anyone has to suffer…” Well, if it is required that someone suffer, then I understand this perspective. They aren’t insisting that someone suffer. And while their opinion about climate change is loony, this is a perfectly reasonable comment. Get over the false oppression.

  2. Don’t forget this is one of the latest season before a cyclone has crossed the Australian coast. I doubt you will hear alarmists note that. Normally by this time we should have had well over 10 cyclones and about half of them severe, so this has been a rather quiet season so far.

  3. Bit of a stretch to label this one as a hate comment.
    Back on the science and observation tack though:2015 has been very mild in Australia so far. Cyclones aside (we always get a few) there have been no heat waves, lots of sub 35C days and quite a few sub 30C days both on the East, West and South coasts where it’s usual to hear of something by now.
    Yes there was the early November heat wave in Queensland last year, but apart from that nothing to get hysterical about!

    • I don’t see it as a “hate” comment either. I can hear ambivalence in her words. “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s a denier, if anyone.”
      I must be getting old, but lately I just feel sorry for some of these people. They’re just so wildly off the mark.

      • If it’s not a “hate” comment, what is it? A valentines day card? Since when can you wish ill will on everyone who disagrees with you and still claim you’re tolerant and void of hate?

      • “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s a Jew, if anyone.”
        “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s a lesbian, if anyone.”
        “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s atheists, if anyone.”
        “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s a European, if anyone.”
        Get it? How about this one?
        “If anyone has to suffer over this one, I hope it’s someone not like me, if anyone.”

    • ‘2015 has been very mild in Australia so far.’
      Indeed, south east Australia has been experiencing cooler conditions because of the unusual number of east coast lows and this ex-tropical cyclone will add to that.

    • Free speech is “I will defend your right to free speech with my life, even if I disagree.” What is said is that if someone dies I hope it is someone I disagree with. What should have been said is if someone dies I hope it’s Me ? An enemy of free speech?

  4. It’s really no different than the Two Minute Hate and Hate Week in George Orwell’s 1984. BTW Orwell’s vision of the future seems to fit the observations a lot better than those of the warmists.

  5. Wow, that is amazing. I have never seen a set of storms like that. I havn’t seen this in the news yet; which surprises me. I would have thought that the CAGW loving news outlets would be all over this.

      • Hey Eric, I’m stuck in Philadelphia until the end of March, and my boat is moored in the Urangan Marina.
        Any idea what is like down that end of town ??
        I see the wind speed at the airport is only 6 kts.
        I have been getting both barrels of the weather over here too.
        Minus 13 C in Newtown right now. Bloody global warming.

      • The weather is quiet right now, the wind just picked up a little, sunny sky with clouds. I’d make sure my insurance is up to date. There is a chance your boat will be fine, but the prediction is a severe storm surge and high winds, so there is a substantial risk of damage to boats in the marina.

      • Thanks Eric, All paid up.
        I’ve been watching the Gympie Radar as well.
        Chris in Newtown, PA.

  6. The media coverage of this is disgusting. They are literally wishing it to be [worse] than it is. I am sitting here watching news coverage, just before I head off to do some volunteer work, and it appears to be just a wet and windy day.

    • That has always been the case. Thus the term “If it bleeds, it leads.”
      24/7 news coverage from multiple outlets only increases the need to hype events. And weather events have always been high on the list of what makes news outlets all gooey inside.

  7. Just checked bomb site. Cyclone Marcia cat 5 situated of coastline. When the tide goes out this will be the que for it to cross onto land upon where it will come down to say cat 3. Bom will show update for a day.
    Cyclone Yasi same script.

    • Exactly, BOM categories are scripted, they play a cynical Orwellian game of double think.
      As a result I always check Navy/NRL first to contrast with BOM’s claims and projections as I know from experience that if BOM is presented with opportunity to ruthlessly amp a cyclone’s predicted intensity out of all proportion to reality, it will not hesitate to do so and create a scripted wag-the-dog load of baloney fed to media, that is neither science observations nor development and track model based.
      And unfortunately what I now see occurring is that instead of Navy/NRL simply running its models and presenting it’s data in the way it used to (which is what made them so credible), they now instead adjust their presentations to mirror the BOM’s claims and classifications of ‘observed’ (i.e. not observed at all) intensity.
      They should stop following BOM and just run their models as these will always be vastly superior to anything BOM ever does.

  8. You have to admire their efficiency. Look how fast the damage control team arrived:
    DrTorch: “They aren’t insisting that someone suffer.”
    wickedwenchfan: “Bit of a stretch to label this one as a hate comment.”

  9. It’s been a late start and so far a very poor wet season.
    Last weekend the area around Cairns was promised up to 500mm of rain (call it 20″ in last century’s units) from the system which developed into Cyclone Marcia, but only received about a quarter of that. I suspect the results this weekend might mirror that performance.
    Still, you can’t blame the warmists for hoping. Most of us hope that there will be power disruptions somewhere soon because of the problems caused by mandated renewable power inputs. We all respectively hope though that it isn’t us forced to suffer.

    • Gnome, to most Australians, the Far North is outside their distance comprehension … they’ll believe anything that the media tells them.

    • In 1954 category 3 Hurricane Carol made landfall in Connecticut. 11 days later, category 3 Hurricane Edna made landfall about 100 miles east. You won’t hear about that either.

  10. It shows that “climate alarmism” is NOT about the science, but about personal agendas

    • GDK – Welcome to one of my geology heroes! 40 years on I still have some of your text books and articles!
      John Gorter, PhD Geology University of New South Wales

  11. “To at least some fanatics, whose lives are consumed by the alarmist message of hatred towards “deniers”, suffering and pain are acceptable, as long as the pain is visited upon the targets of their hatred.”
    The alarmists who are true believers rather than scam artists do hate “deniers” since we seem to them to be trying to destroy the entire world. From their deluded viewpoint, how could they not hate us?
    But the fact is CO2 does not heat the planet but rather has a net effect of cooling if the net effect is not zero. The planet’s weather machine is nothing like the Jim Hansen fantasy we have been listening to for these long decades now.

  12. “if anyone has to suffer out of this one I hope it is a climate change denier, if anyone.”
    In an odd way they have a point. Think of it this way. If you took say 100 alarmists and put them in the path of a natural event like this, they’d be panicking like headless chickens, probably doing nothing but tweeting and twatting until the thing was on them and there was nothing they could do. They would in short be like animals caught in the headlights.
    But take 100 sceptics. And given our practical & altruistic nature, not only would we be sorting out ourselves, but we would be thinking about how to help other people. We’d get through something which would kill alarmists.
    So if anyone is to suffer, by far the most capable group to cope and come out unscathed are us sceptics.

  13. I lived in Townsville in 1971. Cyclone Althea smashed into Townsville just on Christmas. There were three deaths and damage costs around A$50M (1971 dollars). It was a terrifying event to go through.
    In 1971 there was no “global warming” or “climate change” scare this was just weather in the cyclone season. In fact at that time global cooling had been predicted along with the human population bomb with global food shortages predicted by 2000. There were no warmists or so called “deniers” to suffer from this storm. Everyone in Townsville felt it’s effects.
    Cyclones in the top end of Australia are nothing new.

    • population bomb with global food shortages predicted by 2000.
      It’s on my shelf. Try massive, inevitable worldwide famine by 1985.

    • Darwin was completely destroyed by the Japanese in 1942, then again in 1972 by a cyclone … on Christmas Day no less! Fantastic place. Nowadays, they have levels of cyclone warning, and at each level things are supposed to happen, such as securing all free-floating objects in your back yard and resorting to hurricane safe buildings.
      Fantastic place.
      And I can assure you that flying into Darwin when there are storms is fantastic too. Lightning par excellance.

    • Hey I was there too! I was 12. It was my first cyclone. We just did what we had to, filling the bathtub stocking up etc. I remember the water supply cutting off, and here we were surrounded by floods. Our house had a broken window but the old people’s place across the road was flattened. We had cyclone bolts. They didn’t.
      It was extremely noisy as I recall.

  14. Looks like Cyclone Lam has already come ashore as a Cat 1 storm, and Cyclone Marcia will come ashore soon as a cat 3 storm. Lets hope that the damage and injuries are minimal. I think both storms are being over hyped… I hope….

    • Certainly was overhyped. Cyclone never was a Cat 5! Politics plays the forecasting during cyclones in Qld. I remember the last super storm predictions…….Fizza.

  15. A religions fanatic calls on god to rain fire down on the unbelievers for their ‘sins ‘ , some things never change.

  16. A little while ago I stumbled across a statement made by David Appell, a well known climate alarmist troll. He was observing that the El Nino that was forming last year was unlikely to be a big one, hence (I paraphrase) ‘don’t get out the party hats just yet.”
    Clearly the “logic” behind a statement like that is: (1) El Nino causes warming, (2) global warming will therefore be back in force, (3) global warming will cause catastrophes, (4) time to celebrate because my predictions of doom for humanity were right all along.
    His worst nightmare would be for the non-believers to be right.

    • Hey Will, shout out from an old sgu fellow AGW skeptic.
      Sure does seem like the alarmist mindset is wishing for disaster. And wishing ill on anyone who doesn’t buy the end-of-the-world rhetoric. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
      ♫♪ FX ♪♫

  17. I don’t feel slighted by this. He’s simply wishing upon those that disagree with what he FEELS is right…that only they suffer. This is not at all dissimilar to the way realistic people wish upon the greens the hellish, oppressive existence their policies would cause (lack of a regular power supply, massive loss of technology and the technological base, a completely wrecked economy, etc)

    • Nice try.
      Some of us wish the greens would set an example, by living the “natural” lifestyles they seem to want to inflict on the rest of us, instead of being total hypocrites about what they claim to believe – clothing themselves in plastics and other high tech products of a modern fossil fuel economy, and jetting off to exotic holiday spots attending climate conferences.
      That is not the same as wishing destruction upon someone.

    • what i realist wish are: underfloor heated streets in wintertime; rare elements brought in megatonnes from the asteroid belts – not that rare elements, of course, too.
      starting terraforming mars;
      but first of all: REstart civilatory + technogical enfolding according 21. century!
      to big a vision on a planet hosting 7 bill. inhabitants gifted with reason and a heritage of min. 10.000 years of that kind of development.
      Regards – Hans

  18. Made me stop and think….now, how would a skeptic counter this?
    …what kind of curse, or what would a skeptic wish on a non-denier??

  19. Without a doubt some green/left politician will come out and say, in the right sentence, that this event is consistent with AGW. Bob Brown said the coal industry had blood on their hands in the aftermath of cyclone Yasi in 2011 – the “man-made CO2 is behind every weather event” superstition is sadly well-entrenched here in Australia. The MSM are desperate to find anything which can keep the ‘extreme weather’ narrative going, lest the public realise that there’s nothing unusual going on. In October/November last year the BOM predicted a sweltering summer for most of the continent, in particular for the south eastern part. They couldn’t have been more wrong. This is the most unremarkable Tasmanian summer I’ve seen for a very long time, and one of the mildest.

  20. Cyclone Wanda which effected Brisbane in a large way was Christmas 1973. It was a few hundred kilometres further south than Cyclone Marcia of 2015.
    Boy, did we burn some coal in 1973. No wonder we had such a southerly cyclone.

  21. “Thankfully this level of vicious fanaticism seems to be rare…”
    Apparently you haven’t seen Anthony’s inbox, I’ve heard it gets rather extreme.
    You write these provocative posts, and Anthony’s crew handles the blowback.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  22. So, how many solar panels need to be installed in Queensland before cyclones like Marcia are stopped?
    The answer is found here, 15 seconds into this video:
    January 22, 2015: The Queensland Leader of the Opposition Annastacia Palaszczuk (now Qld premier) has spoken of her desire to triple the number of Queenslanders with solar

    • oh thats bright
      and they would be THE best thing to get ripped OFF a roof and take the rest of it with them in a cyclone.
      apart from the detail that grid linked solar gets cut off in any power outs
      while stand alone does NOT.
      and everyones paying for the lucky few who can afford panels and get to claim rebates.

  23. I worked as a field geologist around Mackay/Rockhampton for several decades and my diary notes for the year 1970 include the rainfall figures for Dalrymple Heights on January 18th plus January 19th of 25.80 inches (655mm) then January 20th of 12.09 inches (307mm). That’ a 3-day total of 37.89 inches (963mmm) and well before this AGW/’climate change’ notion was invented.

  24. Well that kind of didn’t meet the early hype of 250km/hr winds … right now wind speeds adjacent the eye ~94km/hr. We’ve got a bit of rain here in Brisbane, little wind as such.

  25. I have been tracking Marcia on the BOM’s radar and observations. At 9:16am local time the eye at Samuel Hill weather station was 8km away with a sustained wind speed of 87km/hr and gusts up to 133km/hr; at 9:36am local time with the eye approximately 5km away sustained wind speeds were 95km/hr with gusts up to 170km/hr, At 10:00am local time the eye was 4km away with sustained wind speeds of 89km/hr with gusts up to 163km/hr. At present the cyclone is passing over mostly uninhabited country though very slowly. There is a lot of rain, about 230mm in the last 18 hours.

  26. Stay safe. Florida took 5 direct hits in two years. We got three of them. Fort Lauderdale was bullseyed by Katrina moving west at then Cat 2 before she spun up and hit New Orleans as a cat3/4, and dirty sided by Wilma at Cat 3. Quite a mess for quite a while. Took two years to fully repair the grounds of our complex. Built to withstand Cat 5 150mph after Andrew, yet still took significant damage. After Wilma, we had up to six inches of sand, seaweed, and detritus on our ocean facing balcony about 100 meters inland from the Atlantic. On the 12th floor. Weather, not climate.

    • Even a cat 1 storm, well positioned at high tide etc. could flood New Orleans again. Katrina could have been worse if it had come ashore 50 to 100 mile west of where it did. Initially New Orleans thought that it had dodged the bullet. New Orleans is below sea level because of Man, not because of nature. The damage incurred by hurricanes/cyclones is a crap shoot, depending on the exact landfall and at high tide or low tide (or spring tide as with Sandy in NJ & NY).

  27. Quote from Tim Flannery 2007 regarding southern Australia…
    “That’s because the soil is warmer because of global warming and the plants are under more stress and therefore using more moisture. So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems,….”
    Quote from Dorothea MacKellar age 19 1908
    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of droughts and flooding rains
    Tim should have paid attention…
    Brisbane rainfall past 24 hours 116mm
    As for Sydney
    According to BOM..
    “Rainfall was well above average across the Sydney basin during January 2015. Sydney Observatory Hill recorded 171.4 mm, 70% above the historical average and the wettest January since 2001, with some sites in northern Sydney experiencing their wettest January in at least twenty years”
    Sydney dams doing ok as well…

  28. On Marcia & Lam, over at Jo Nova:
    Ken Stewart at 9:41 local:
    “Samuel Hill is only a couple of km from eyewall and 87 to 130kmh. Not Cat 5!”
    Unmentionable at 10:32, 10:46 local:
    Large data dumps from Samuel Hill & Williamson:
    “max sustained is about consistent with a weak Category-2 (Aust region)”
    ” … They are taking us all for mugs … ”
    (Unmentionable has also covered TC Lam – look for “wag the dog”.)
    Hmmm – had a feeling this might be a beat-up. Next time I’ll check, eg
    BoM second line menu bar, choose State, then drill down, eg region, then station …
    “issued every 30 minutes, with the page automatically refreshed every 10 minutes”
    Generally seems to update within about 5 minutes, but won’t necessarily refresh automatically in your browser.
    Some stations seem to throw in times in addition to hour/half hour.

    • “max sustained is about consistent with a weak Category-2 (Aust region)”

      After looking closer at the categories for both wind measures it became clear it was a strong Cat-2 and almost borderline 3 when it came ashore at 9:50 AM. It lost 20 km off the top almost straight away after that. Not a cat-3, certainly nowhere near the Cat-5 Wag the Dog TV hype addiction.
      “I can’t get no … satisfaction … I tried, and, I tried … but I can’t go no … no no no … hey hey hey … that’s what I say …” – BOM house band

  29. JT is a catastrophic climate change, back handed bigot. He is unlikely to be prepared for the normal extremes that mother nature throws at us every season, every year.
    As for climate change realists, we tend to be prepared for changes in seasonal weather, based on prior experience. A late season storm is anticipated and embraced for the natural wonder it is!

  30. Cyclone Marcia’s strength snuck up on the “experts” at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
    Perhaps they have an imbalance in the duties for their staff.
    Too many of them are in the back room homogenising data.

    • I think it was the “experts” at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that snuck up on Cyclone Marcia.
      Turned something a bit rough into a major catastrophy.

      Worst values:
                        speed       gusts (km/hr)
      Samuel Hill 	  95 	        170
      Yepoon 		  120 	        148
      Rockhampton 	  76 	        113

      [Inserted html text formatting “pre” and “/pre” for the table. .mod]

  31. Here are the floods in 2011, when they were running all of the dams too high.
    Wivenhoe Dam was flooded and homes downstream were washed out.
    This article says that 60 roads are closed.
    “Seqwater does not expect to release water from Wivenhoe Dam, but there is a slight possibility it will have to if rainfall reaches the maximum 500mm that has been predicted.” – See more at:
    You all stay dry.

  32. Well, this CAGW denier would rather be copping Marcia than Mahina in 1899, with its phenomenal storm surge. And I’m sure glad the family had just driven through Bulahdelah before Australia’s greatest tornado…on New Year’s day 1970. As for the Hunter Floods, almost sixty years ago to the day, when an inland sea the size of England and Wales formed west of Sydney…whew.
    If you are shocked by cyclones, storms, floods and other irregularities during Eastern and Northern Australia’s warm season you are either being coy or you would be shocked by a Porky Pig cartoon.

  33. check all of the 27 pics of the DEVASTATION at the start of this (they load fast), then check the pic further down the page of the intact awnings on the GIDDY GOAT cafe!
    talk about hype.
    ABC: Tropical Cyclone Marcia: Central Queensland towns devastated as storm tracks across state
    Updated 20 Feb 2015, 5:29pm
    Two staff members of the Yeppoon Hotel had to be rescued from an elevator when power was cut.
    Fay Brewer and Vikki Smith were stuck for about half an hour before several men used a car jack to wedge open the doors.
    Yeppoon resident Peter Lowe felt the top storey of his house shake as cyclone Marcia approached.
    He bunkered down with his wife and two daughters playing monopoly…

    • At least the kids got a day off school and went swimming. Don’t know what they’re going to do about the gravel and pebbles on the foot path, I hope they’ve taped off the area and put down some witches hats, could easily pivot an ankle.

  34. … and one wonders why the public pay little regard to these “scientists” and go out for a surf at Yeppoon at the height of the storm. Cry wolf too often and nobody listens anymore.

  35. Eric, have not read all the comments above but Marcia was not a gigantic cyclone, just a small one a bit further south than the normal cyclones on the north east coast of Queensland and a bit sad for the owners damaged some poorly designed and built houses. However, stronger a more severe cyclones have occurred in the past and even further south eg the Mooloolah event which hit the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in 1893. While all the fuss was on about Marcia, the completely separate rain depression on the South East Coast from the Tweed in NSW upto the Sunshine Coast was overlooked. This dumped lots of rain (upto 300mm from 9AM to 3PM at Caboolture Qld) on top of previous heavy falls the previous day causing local flooding (cars under water to their roof etc). It has been raining all day and now weather people expect upto 300mm tomorrow on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast from the remnants of Marcia combining with the rain depression.
    The Bureau of Met (BOM) are useless at forecasting. All they can think of is the models based on increasing levels of that awful (but necessary for plant live) gas CO2 which causes droughts, floods, snow, melting ice, more rain, higher temperatures, freezing conditions, blizzards etc

  36. To at least some fanatics, whose lives are consumed by the alarmist message of hatred towards “deniers”, suffering and pain are acceptable, as long as the pain is visited upon the targets of their hatred.

    Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I know it’s wrong, but every time I hear about a developing severe winter storm, I cannot suppress the wicked hope it drops 2 meters of snow on Washington DC. My aim has been poor this year, and residents of Boston have suffered grievously. There must be something wrong with my weather voodoo doll.

  37. It is a comment of casual hatred, “If anyone suffers, might as well be….” and blithe stupidity.
    A couple of clues for the poster.
    Many people are suffering every minute of everyday across the earth. No need to casually wish more suffering on anyone, there is plenty already.
    Storms do not differentiate between alarmists and skeptics. If a weather event causes suffering for one, then both suffer. Unless of course alarmists are expecting to be moved to “climate-safe-houses” across the globe.

  38. Why don’t we accept the fact that an alarmist’s first reaction to ANY bad weather is a friendly “damn the deniers”.
    Always ready.

  39. The proper response is “Give me the credit for the reduction in cyclone numbers.”
    See, most of them are ignorant of the facts.
    Saying “What a terrible person you are” doesn’t work for them, or for onlookers when they see this sort of thing as justice. They (wrongly) blame us for causing cyclones. So their comments feel like ‘biter bit’, or ‘turnabout is fair play’, or Karma.
    Much better to get the facts out there.

  40. It only shows how much of a religion has climate change become for him. It is normal for religious believers to wish for punishment upon sinners.

  41. I was told in my local newspaper that there were winds of 285km/h that hit Yappoon. It seems like most of the media took the line from the BOM without looking at the facts. Based on what I have seen on here and jonova, the winds never even made it past 210, which are bad enough, but not bad enough for the media.

    • It matters not! The media misinformation, as usual in Aus, has done its job in promoting alarmism. Facts? Who needs facts?

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