Hump Day Hilarity – warming at a snails pace

Josh writes:

A post by Richard Betts on how the 2 degree limit is like a speed limit just begged for a cartoon! So I did one: On BH now


As Richard Betts notes here “I see the ‘2 degree limit’ as rather like a speed limit on a road”. And which is also quite an apt metaphor for the pause in global temperatures – slower than a not very extinct snail.


Cartoons by Josh

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    • Interesting your linked article talks about Camille Parmesan, being depressed about having to explain climate change after having found a “huge climate signal,” when Jim Steele has shown here at WUWT that virtually all of her supposed signals are rooted in careless population analyses, here, for example, and here and here.
      All of them are here. Camille Parmesan, to my knowledge, has never shown up here to contest, dispute, or correct Jim Steele’s analyses. She’d undoubtedly be politely received. I’ve no doubt whatever that Anthony would be very ready and willing, even eager, to host any essay she might choose to submit.

      • I suspect that all kinds of unqualified people are doing all kinds of things they are unqualified for, due to powerful computers and sophisticated software ubiquity. It’s easier to feign competence from behind an electrified fooling machine.

    • “Parmesan has a pretty serious stake in the field. In 2007, she shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore for her work as a lead author of the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”
      Haven’t we been over this before with a guy named Mann?

      • Yep. A blurb from the university where she works also falsely awards her a Nobel. These people just thrive on an overinflated c.v.
        “Plymouth University and the National Marine Aquarium held a unique event to celebrate the arrival in Plymouth of Professor Camille Parmesan, a Nobel prize-winning scientist and the newly-appointed National Marine Aquarium Chair in Public Understanding of Oceans and Human Health within the University’s Marine Institute.”

    • Roy,
      I just posted a comment about Camille Parmesan’s claim that she won a Nobel prize at the link you gave. Just 3 straightforward, factual sentences, and I linked back to this article.
      Guess what? Grist deleted it! Now I am even happier that WUWT has kicked Grist’s butt for the past three years in the Weblog Awards.
      These people can’t seem to care that censorship costs them site traffic. Or they do understand it, but they have petty moderators who censor comments that don’t toe the Party line.
      Feel free to mention Ms Parmesan there. But don’t be surprised if they censor you, too [you have to refresh the page to see if your comment is still there].

      • aaaawwwww . . I just left the website to the Grist article on ‘Tips and Notes’ – should have known it would have been talked about already . . . ! What a HILARIOUS article. I left a common about how Jim Steele feels about Camille Parmesan on Dr. Curry’s website.

  1. /imagination on
    The imagination is tempted by Josh’s work. Is that the proverbial road to catastrophe that they think they are on? If they think so then they are perhaps in for a surprise. Imagine just over that hill is the diner called ‘The Last Stop Before the End of The Holocene”. It is the end of ‘hot’ but it cool.
    imagination off/

  2. What, no indignant comments from global temperature “pause/hiatus” deniers!
    Come on hotwhopper, surely you deny the pause?

  3. In New Zealand we have a TELCO called 2Degrees that has 97% coverage. Strange how theses particular numbers continue to pop up.
    The universe may need to SELECT FLOOR(RAND(∞)*(∞)+1);
    There is a weird correlation forming….

  4. The gear stick on a 2CV is quite hockey stick shaped. Maybe they just need to fiddle with that a bit.

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