John Kerry, climate scepticism, and the mystery of Cthulhu

Everybody loves a good scare story, especially around Halloween, right? But what about when the scare story becomes a fixation for some people?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

US Secretary of State John Kerry has been at it again, warning that, despite the absence of any warming for 18 years, and the utter failure of climate models to show predictive skill, we had better act on the recommendations of alarmists.

According to Kerry, the window for facing the challenge was “closing quickly”. Kerry warned of dire consequences if climate change sceptics were wrong about the future and nothing is done.

Mr Kerry said the window for facing the challenge was “closing quickly” and warned of dire consequences if climate change sceptics were wrong about the future and nothing is done.

“If they’re wrong, catastrophe,” Mr Kerry said in Boston after visiting a wind-technology testing centre with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

But what about the risk Cthulhu will rise from the ocean and destroy the world?


Cthulhu, for those of you who are less geeky than myself, is a fictional monster created by the 1920s horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. In his iconic horror story “The Call of Cthulhu”, Cthulhu rises briefly from the ocean depths, and sends out his ancient call. Across the world, psychically “sensitive” people respond by having horrible nightmares, fabulous visions, or going insane. Thankfully though, for reasons unknown, Cthulhu sinks again beneath the waves.

In the words of Lovecraft,

“Cthulhu still lives, too, I suppose, again in that chasm of stone which has shielded him since the sun was young. His accursed city is sunken once more, for the Vigilant sailed over the spot after the April storm; but his ministers on earth still bellow and prance and slay around idol-capped monoliths in lonely places. He must have been trapped by the sinking whilst within his black abyss, or else the world would by now be screaming with fright and frenzy. Who knows the end? What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. A time will come – but I must not and cannot think! Let me pray that, if I do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.”

But is this really fiction? H.P. Lovecraft always denied Cthulhu existed during his lifetime, but you would expect that kind of denial, wouldn’t you, when dealing with eldritch reality threatening horror which could scarcely be contemplated without skirting the fringes of insanity.

Serious scientific effort has been throw at analysing Lovecraft’s descriptions of events, and has discovered disturbing parallels between the prose of the horror writer, and mathematically describable cosmic geometries.

So the question we must ask ourselves – despite the total lack of evidence, can we be sure that our self abuse will not cause Cthulhu to rise once again from the deeps – perhaps disturbed by deep ocean heating and ocean acidification, to wreak his awful reign upon mankind? What if we’re wrong – can we take that chance?

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  1. I have mentioned here before that we should not be mucking about in Antarctica.
    Shoggoths, you know.

      • nielszoo – The blob was from the north pole. The 1958 version is one of my favorite movies for a laugh. They should make a sequel to both movies like they did with “Alien versus Predator”… “The Blob Versus the Thing”.

      • Heh.. too much CO2 in our greenhouses might cause another “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.. or something in Kerry’s imagination 😉

      • The Thing from Another World (1951) was a great, corny B movie starring James Arness (of Gunsmoke fame) and was located in the Arctic. The Thing (2011), which I have not seen, was located in the Antarctic.

    • So maybe the atmospheric heat disappeared into the Other Dimension along with the Elder Gods and John Kerry is a Shoggoth left behind. I’m just sayin’ ….

  2. Cthulhu for President! Why vote for the lesser evil?
    “That is not dead which only sleeping lies…and with strange aeons even death may die.” Sounds like Lovecraft knew that Global Warming heat was hiding in the deep oceans…

    • That’s easy for you to say! 😉
      But I guess we all ‘wait, dreaming’. I just hope we’re not all dead when the dream comes true – and we get to see those that brought us to this sad pass are brought to account in a Climate Change Nuremberg. Let’s face it, the Third World demands nothing less for the way they are being sacrificed to the great God AGW.

      • The first witness for the prosecution in the CC Nuremberg should be our own Supreme Court for its finding that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. That one finding enabled a world of hurt for the poor and disadvantaged around the world.

      • iSchadow: The SCOTUS is a failed institution; it no longer serves to monitor compliance with the Constitutions distribution of powers (and express limitations on federal power); it is purely political. I seem to recall that Mr Justice Douglas once said his test to be “Do you want a program or not?”

    • I wonder whether Kerry’s avid environmentalist wife eggs him on?
      He is going beyond the call of duty as the United States Secretary of State. He should have been made head of the EPA.

      • I have long felt that Kerry’s only talent is his ability to marry incredibly rich women. He’s done it twice, the last time hitting the multi-billion dollar jackpot.

    • I guess he thought that the big ship Navy would be a safe place during a jungle war, not knowing that the Navy had little river boats, too. Once he got to Vietnam, it didn’t take him long to write himself up for three Purple Hearts and a ticket home.
      Shaving cuts didn’t count for Purple Hearts in the Air Force, and anyway, I had a Norelco.

      • A relative of mine who was a cook on a Navy ship offshore of north Vietnam in the late 60s got a purple heart when a can of beans fell out of an overhead shelf in rough weather, requiring several stitches to his head, when they happened to be engaging in tactical operations.

      • He sounds like Frank Burns. (Think M*A*S*H). I’m Canadian but Kerry sounds like a danger to everyone.

      • Cheryl
        October 16, 2014 at 2:06 am
        Please don’t mention MASH in any serious comment about anything, save to demonstrate how the popular media like TV and the movies try to paint a funny face on a nasty war.

  3. I’d hate to be Kerry and have to live by the precautionary principle the way he and others who preach Chicken Little’s “The sky is falling!” They’d have to be careful walking outside…a piano might fall from the sky, you know.

      • On the brighter side, he’d punch through the bottom of the safe, then the door would fall open and he’d be able to step out… dissheveled, but still alive.

    • That would be a problem, if, and ONLY IF, there was any accountability in the system, which there isn’t.
      These idiots like Kerry can put crap like this out over and over, and the sheeple will gobble it up.
      Ooga in, chucka out.

      • Kerry has no elective future and everybody but he knows it. This makes him the perfect sacrifice when the politicians face the fury to come. He is the expendable Pointman for this administrations policies on the control of energy.

  4. We should be very worried as Obama has mobilized both Kerry and the pentagon to battle this “crisis”. Forget about Ebola “climate change is real!”.

  5. Kerry knows HIS time is running out, and once this administration ends, so does his political career. He’s fishing for a job with some large NGO, so he can continue to live off other people’s money.

  6. It’s worse. Kerry also says:
    “The worst that could happen to us is we create a whole lot of new jobs, we kick our economies into gear, we have healthier people, healthier children because we have cleaner air, we live up to our environmental responsibility, we become truly energy independent, and our security is stronger and greater and sustainable as a result. That’s the worst that happens to us.”
    He thinks his green policies will work out great even if the climate stays the same, or becomes cooler.
    He just doesn’t understand that expensive energy and energy shortages will kill vast numbers of people.
    Fortunately, the people are rightfully much more concerned about Ebola right now to pay much attention to a buffoon like Kerry.

  7. So Kerry is no longer doing his Abe Lincoln one-man show? I see he ditched the stovepipe hat. Since we no longer have any slaves that need to be freed, Kerry is desperate for some personal act that will give his meaningless life real meaning. Climate change today, perhaps Ebola tomorrow.

    • He thought he would be the one to solve the problems between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The Palestinians wanted the Israelis dead, and the latter in typical intransigent fashion would not go along.

    • According to wiki …
      “Lovecraft transcribed the pronunciation of Cthulhu as Khlûl′-hloo and said that “the first syllable [of Khlûl′-hloo is] pronounced gutturally and very thickly. The u is about like that in full; and the first syllable is not unlike klul in sound, hence the h represents the guttural thickness.”[2] S. T. Joshi points out, however, that Lovecraft gave several differing pronunciations on different occasions.[3] According to Lovecraft, this is merely the closest that the human vocal apparatus can come to reproducing the syllables of an alien language.[4]
      Long after Lovecraft’s death, the spelling pronunciation /kəˈθuːluː/ kə-thoo-loo became common, and the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu endorsed it.”

    • ‘How do you pronounce “Cthulhu”?’
      Well, it’s spelled “Cthulhu”, but it’s actually pronounced “Throatwarbler Mangrove”.

  8. With all the things he should worry about, Kerry decides to focus on CAGW (and, one supposes, the tooth fairy).
    At some level, I suppose his quote “…“If they’re wrong, catastrophe…” is technically accurate. However, there are millions of other things with much higher probabilities for ending up as catastrophes. For example: sudden discovery of rampageing woolly mammoths.
    We don’t expect leaders to understand atmospheric physics, but we do expect them to have decent s**t-detectors to filter out the trivial and absurd. Kerry, as in so many other areas, fails this test.

    • This is very predictable. Much like another famous politician who uttered the phrase on nationwide TV:”It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is…”…
      For Kerry, and many others on the TEAM, he just chooses to define catastrophe differently…like “Catastrophe: anything that happens that I don’t like.”

    • It’s even simplier than that. AGW is a made-up crises. Ebola, the Palestinian question, ISIS, Russia, etc. are very real, very difficult problems. Kerry (and Obama) is a small man and capable only of concentrating on small or made-up problems. He, and his boss, are merely working at their level of competence.

    • Perhaps Kerry should concern himself with the the climate change that would be brought about by Terran sneaking an atomic bomb into Tel Aviv and the Israeli response of nuking every Muslim city with a name?

  9. Michael Palmer asks: How do you pronounce “Cthulhu”?
    Wikipedia to the rescue (too bad it is worthless on controversial issues, e.g., “Global Warming”):
    Lovecraft transcribed the pronunciation of Cthulhu as Khlûl′-hloo and said that “the first syllable [of Khlûl′-hloo is] pronounced gutturally and very thickly. The u is about like that in full; and the first syllable is not unlike klul in sound, hence the h represents the guttural thickness.” S. T. Joshi points out, however, that Lovecraft gave several differing pronunciations on different occasions. According to Lovecraft, this is merely the closest that the human vocal apparatus can come to reproducing the syllables of an alien language.
    Long after Lovecraft’s death, the spelling pronunciation /kəˈθuːluː/ kə-THOO-loo became common, and the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu endorsed it.
    Thanks for the perfect metaphor, Eric Worrall!

  10. For Mrs. Heinz-Kerry’s little boy’s association with politics, it should be Leviathan rather than Cthulhu. Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil Thomas Hobbes, 1651

  11. I suspect H.P.L.’s Cthulhu (1920s ?) can be compared to the trouble in Russia in 1917 and, like then, people without moral principles are involved.
    The leaders of the world’s democracies have neglected serious issues. For example, hemorrhagic fevers (~~Ebola) have been known for a long time. Why do we now face the need to find a vaccine in as short a time as months? Instead of being populated by climate fools the US Administration should be filled with realists/pragmatists that might have foreseen and prevented this medical issue, and also, prevented a part of the world from being subjected to a rabble with beliefs of a fringe group from Late Antiquity.
    They say that the winning side in a vote deserve what they get. I did not vote for these fools.

    • Why no vaccine. It comes down to money. The problem is because diseases like Ebola were largely confined to impoverished countries who couldn’t afford medical care for most of the infected let alone millions if not billions for research. And the drug companies are not going to do the research if no ones paying. After all they’re in business not charity. And the charities are usually more concerned with using what funds they have to help those dying now. All that aside one big roadblock to vaccine research is Ebola itself. It is a deadly and contagious disease. And since it was confined to the third world researchers would be forced to either bring victims to them (something the CDC frowns on). Or going to them which would necessitate building and equipping a lab. All of which would drive up the cost. So it comes down to money that the third world was unable to pay and the first world was unwilling to. Lets just hope we didn’t leave it until too late

  12. “What if you are wrong” is a powerful religious incentive weakened only by the fact of so many people saying it for so many things: What if you are wrong about your spouse, your hometown, your college, your nation, your church, your work, your ethics, your health.
    What if you ignore that twinge you felt this morning. What if you ignore that heartburn, maybe it was really a heart attack. What if you ignore that sneeze, that wheeze, that flu. Maybe it’s Ebola, maybe it’s Hanta. What if you have too much sugar, what if you don’t have enough.
    What if you ignore the Russians; what if you don’t.
    Global warming. It’s in there somewhere.

    • Michael 2
      “Global warming. It’s in there somewhere.”
      And it’s probably to blame for them all, right down to the colour of your coat, how Arsenal will do next match, and kiddies liking sweets [= candy].
      //Sarc – although not too disguised, I think.

    • Be amazed by the fear of error and of continuing error. Few of us make truly substantive errors, else we wouldn’t be here. Better a good error, a learning opportunity, than the bad question. Experience is a good teacher. A bad experience is a better teacher.

  13. Same old, same ols, could have been written yesterday.
    Why the World’# Climate is Changing.
    Our climate is becoming milder.
    There are exceptions, of course, but
    generally speaking extremes of cold
    in winter no longer occur as they did
    in years gone by.
    Nor does this apply only to our own
    country. It is the same all over the
    Iceland is no longer what its name
    implies—the land of ice. During the
    winter of 1920-21 there was neither
    snow nor frost there, and for many
    previous winters there has been very
    The ice on the Neva River in Russia
    breaks up three weeks earlier than it
    did a generation ago. The Alpine glaciers
    are everywhere retreating, so
    that cultivation is now possible in valleys
    which, within the memory of
    people still alive, were icebound all
    the year round.
    In Caanda, year by year the area
    under wheat is being extended northward,
    sure sign that the weather there
    is becoming milder. The Governor of
    the Falkland Islands reported recently
    that the climate there is not nearly so
    severe as it was seventy, or eighty
    years ago.
    Similar instances could be quoted almost
    indefinitely, and the combined evidence
    from so many different sources
    is irresistible. Everywhere, all over
    the globe, the winters aTe becoming
    lees rigorous.
    In a book entitled “Warmer Winters
    and the Earth’s Tilt,” Major R. A. Marriott
    sets forth his thory as to the reason
    for this world-wide phenomenon.
    Briefly put, his contention is that the
    earth is gradually changing its position
    so as to bring the poles more directly
    under the sun’s rays, with the result
    that the ice-caps stored there during;
    past ages are gradually diminishing in
    size. ‘ j
    We are, in fact, at the tail end of the j
    last great Ice Age, which was at its j
    maximum about 15,000 years ago, when ;
    the greater part of Europe was shroud-1
    ed under an ice-cap a mile or more!
    thick. j
    This was the period when the earth
    was tilted in such a way; that the heat j
    of the sun was concentrated on the
    tropical and sub-tropical regions of the
    globe, the poles getting hardly any.
    The process is now being reversed.
    | So in a time which may not be very far
    I nff, large areas near the North Pole
    will be rendered productive for the requirements
    of mankind and-capable of
    supporting a large population”

  14. I saw this story running on Drudge Report early this morning. As I was skimming John Kerry’s prognostications of impending doom, I was frankly embarrassed that my country is represented by this fool on the international stage. My subconscious started ‘playing’ Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne, as accompaniment to Kerry’s insanity. These lyrics, in particular, seem to apply to Mr. Kerry:
    I’ve listened to preachers
    I’ve listened to fools
    I’ve watched all the dropouts
    Who make their own rules
    One person conditioned to rule and control
    The media sells it and you live the role
    Mental wounds still screaming
    Driving me insane
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

  15. John Kerry manifests the severest form of a mental illness called Chronic Progressivism.
    Progressivism is mostly assuredly a degenerative mental disease. Mostly it is a disease of childhood, reflective of immaturity that usually is cured by experience and neurological development. Fortunately many grow out it, like losing a peanut allergy or an asthma attack that only happens once in adolescence never to occur again in adulthood. Sadly though, too many like John Kerry never grow up and develop maturity. They instead grow into a physical adulthood but manifest the severe pathologic consequences of Chronic Progressivism.
    Symptoms of Chronic Progressivism:
    – habitual lying, even when the lie is obvious.
    – feeling of superiority, i.e. knowing what is best for others.
    – altered reality, unable to see the world as it is, not as one wishes it
    – insatiable desire to spend other people’s money, and then uncontrollably rebuking them with lies (see above) when they resist.
    – bedwetting.
    Undoubtedly, Kerry likely has all the symptoms.

  16. Perfect metaphor Eric.
    And the Older Gods wait.
    Liberalism is a progressive disease.
    Self delusion seems to snowball into total delusion.
    What better than worship of chaos for persons who surrender their responsibilities to chose for themselves?
    Freewill is wonderful…. except with such comes responsibility.
    However the omens all have lined up and spoken, we cannot cure stupidity.
    We will not long survive allowing the stupid to rule.
    The designers of the US Republic knew this, democracy devolves to mob rule, mobs stampede easily and ultimately attack themselves.Only an informed public stands behind the republic, without this the state falls into kleptocracy. Voting ever increased shares of other peoples wealth to those who hold the levers of power.
    Under todays conditions, what does “public interest” mean?
    The interests of the Elected? Those the elected owe? The interests of the public employees?..
    There seems to be few agents speaking for the interests of the taxpayer or the greater nation.
    Perhaps it would prolong the great experiment, if those taking from the public purse are denied the right to vote upon the creation and disposal of the same?
    After all do ticks vote upon the diet of the moose?

  17. Isn’t fascinating the alarmists never ask the question of themselves? What if (and it looks like they are) alarmists are wrong? All of the destroyed economies, the millions not able to get affordable power, are we just supposed to shrug it off? Oops sorry about your generational poverty and squalor we were busy doubling down on our stupidity.

  18. All financed with millions his lefty wife inherited from her deceased husband. Senator Heinz (R). He was the Heinz of Heinz 57 foods. and a conservative Republican.

  19. Considering the AGW theory demands that we outlaw nearly all effective methods used for feeding ourselves, heating and cooling our homes, most methods of transportation – with all the appropriate side issues such as the elimination of pesticides and other forms of disease prevention – all to reach that 90% reduction of human population goal – I would suggest the real threat of behavior-induced extinction IS AGW theory.

  20. “Cthulhu rises briefly from the ocean depths, and sends out his ancient call. Across the world, psychically “sensitive” people respond by having horrible nightmares, fabulous visions, or going insane.”
    Reminds me of one of the better British Sci-Fi movies “Five Million [Years] to Earth” (also called “Quatermass and the Pit”).
    “a mysterious object buried in the ground at the site of an extension to the London Underground. Also uncovered nearby are the remains of early human ancestors more than five million years old. Realizing that the object is in fact an ancient Martian spacecraft, Quatermass deduces that the aliens have influenced human evolution and the development of human intelligence. The spacecraft has an intelligence of its own and once uncovered begins to exert a malign influence, resurrecting Martian memories and instincts buried deep within the human psyche. Mayhem breaks out on the streets of London as the alien force grows in strength.”

    • Also from that movie :
      Professor Bernard Quatermass: The will to survive is an odd phenomenon. Roney, if we found out our own world was doomed, say by climatic changes, what would we do about it?
      Dr. Mathew Roney: Nothing, just go on squabbling like usual.
      Professor Bernard Quatermass: Yes, but if we weren’t men?

    • I think there might have been a Dr. Who episode with the same theme. I can’t remember if the bad guys were Cybermen or Daleks.

    • Even better, “The Scarlet Capsule” where the mysterious word M I N A D O R was hissed at the spectators when the capsule was opened. All hail to Professor Ned Quatermass, who assisted in deciphering (or not) it! All was revealed when the capsule was exploded.

  21. Uh oh, looks like my You tube of Calls for Cthulhu Episode I went into moderation.
    Well anyway, I always tell our friends on the left that I have it on good authority that it is very likely that the bogey man has taken up residence in their attic and the best way to get rid of him is to burn the house down. And then I ask them why they didn’t immediately trot off to get a can of gas and some matches? Dunno, they never seem to appreciate my humor.

  22. From the Kerry article:
    “Life as you know it on Earth ends. Seven degrees increase Fahrenheit [4 degrees Celsius] and we can’t sustain crops, water, life under those circumstances.”
    Mr. Kerry warned that climate change already was taking a toll, noting that this past August was the hottest in the planet’s recorded history.
    He (Kerry) said food shortages in places such as Central America were occurring because of the worst droughts in decades and he warned that rising sea levels could wreak havoc to low-lying cities and communities.
    Maybe he should study this global drought graph:
    I think that Kerry should be taken out behind the wood shed and made to repeat this until he remembers it:
    “There has been no global warming for over 18 years”
    Also made to repeat this:
    “Sea level rise is projected to be less than 7 inches per century, and is in fact decelerating”
    Also made to repeat this:
    “Grow corn for food, not fuel”

  23. John Ronald Reuel Kerry, creating fantasy everywhere he goes. What if the Ring deniers are wrong? Then… well.. nevermind… I guess the Lovecraft reference is better. But Kerry and the true deniers are still lost within their fantasies. What shall they dream up next?

  24. No doubt this Cthulhu monster was derived from the Greek Chthonic gods – the gods of the Greek Underworld.

  25. The level of control over people’s lives, natural resources and finances advocated by Kerry and his ilk is an indication of sociopathy. Not saying he is one, but he is certainly under the influence of one, as is the entire current administration. Only one condition is necessary for sociopaths to succeed: Failing to recognize them.

  26. I think Kerry should pay more attention to Muslim head-cutters, he reassures them that the guy is an idiot, not serious and they will win.

  27. Kerry warned of dire consequences if climate change sceptics were wrong about the future and nothing is done.
    Kerry can’t stop ISIS at Baghdad. He can’t stop Iran’s nuclear program. So instead he wants to stop Climate Changes. News flash, Climate Change ended 18 years ago.
    18 years and counting Kerry has been beating a dead horse, telling it to get up and gallop away before something bad happens. Well something bad is happening and it has nothing to do with climate.
    50 million climate refugees by 2010 the UN told us. Well that is long since come and gone. the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013. – John Kerry, US Secretary of State. 2013 has come and gone as well.
    the dire consequences is that when nothing bad happens with Climate, everyone will see what a load of hog wash the whole thing has been. supposed grown men running around playing at chicken little, while the real problems are left to fester until the patient dies.

  28. “He (Kerry) said food shortages in places such as Central America were occurring because of the worst droughts in decades….”
    The use of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to control the millions of pathogens and pests (which also would like to devour our crops, and are quite capable of doing so) are the reason we have enough food to eat. The heartless environmentalists are now making real progress in banning all of them, even the fungicides!
    Threatening the food we grow with scientific-sounding “prophecies,” while at the same time destroying agricultural methods through regulations behind the scenes, is exactly the same thing as “grooming the victim.” This is done to prepare victims to accept that a most malicious crime done to them is really their own fault.
    Please, organic growers only provide 1% of the food in the US.. Claiming loudly that something as difficult, expensive, and unreliable as organic growing will simply work for all of agriculture is impetuous and reckless, and the product of a truly presumptuous mind. The greatest generation asked farmers how much copper they would need to keep potato production up in any emergency. Their very own children are now trotting the globe, outlawing life-saving, farm-saving fungicides and herbicides from being used at home – or in struggling countries. And now this treacherous man claims that any crop failures will be the fault of people who use electricity and personal transportation.

    • Well the up side to that is if He’s busy demolishing Earth to make way for a hyperspatial express route , He’ll be far too busy for poetry recitals

  29. Excellent analogy! Cthulhu is perhaps the most famous of Lovecraft’s wild visions, but far from the only one. One of my favorite stories is “The Color out of Space,” which begins “West of Arkham the hills rise wild,” which is a typically evocative beginning; HPL was, in his limited sphere, a fine author. I just wish Obama’s and Kerry’s spheres were more limited.

  30. Every Government on the planet is working to stop Global Warming however they can, just who is Kerry referring to?
    There are no sceptical Governments.

  31. Real great, Eric Worrall:
    reflecting the trashy novel world of the green believers on the reality of technicians, of statistics, physics.
    No ‘deep psychology’ needed – nevertheless a grand picture + great insight.
    Makes one smile.
    Thx – Hans

  32. / not on this thread /
    I mistrust the vulgar need for chaos theorie.
    Ev’rything in the world is
    – stabil
    – labil
    – indifferent.
    Stability’s predictabel, indifference less.
    Lability’s the way to catastrophs.
    Chaos theorie pretends ‘You can calculate’
    who ever real calculated, helped by chaos theory.
    Asking – Hans

  33. qoute from the article:
    “despite the total lack of evidence, can we be sure that our self abuse will not cause Cthulhu to rise once again from the deeps – perhaps disturbed by deep ocean heating and ocean acidification, to wreak his awful reign upon mankind? What if we’re wrong – can we take that chance?”
    well to state it a fun way: i think that Antarctica are the cold orcs and urukhais are beating the Cthulhu back to the depths of the ocean under the all seeing “eye” of Sauron, the ending of the Little ice age…

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