Hump Day Hilarity – Josh on 'The Pause' coming of age

Josh writes:

Today is the official birthday of the pause. James Delingpole says so and he is, as we know, always right – especially when he is quoting BishopHill.

What will the Pause do next? Get a job? Go on a gap year? Maybe go to college and rack up some proper student debt. Who knows, but it’s worth celebrating the good news that the planet’s temperatures are not accelerating to thermageddon.

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52 thoughts on “Hump Day Hilarity – Josh on 'The Pause' coming of age

  1. Still has an identity crisis. Feels like most people don’t know who he really is. Feels like he’s going nowhere.

      • Thankfully, coming from a wealthy family, his history will be white washed and adjusted to make him seem more competent.

    • The poor pause is like a neglected child. Most of the time the climate consensus committee pretends the poor kid doesn’t exist. Then when they finally acknowledge his existence from it’s only to say that he isn’t important and he will soon be forgotten. There really needs to be a foundation for neglected science.

  2. Middle child syndrom again: born after the Nuclear Winter older brother and before the y2k little sister. No wonder ‘he’ feels so lost…..

  3. As with most 18 year olds he is being rebellious and not doing what his parents (climate researchers) say.

  4. Yep, you can get a car.
    You can get it by paying for it with the money you earn by being useful to somebody.
    (FAO green lobbyists.)

  5. No, you can’t have a car…we can’t afford the insurance. BUT, if you are SCOTTISH you can vote to destroy your future, and your economy for the sake of your LEFTIST agenda. Please do. Then when you finance your agenda with your OIL (North Sea), we can laugh at the dichotomy of your actions versus words!

    • Correctomundo, Max. Scotland and the UK both dodged a bullet on that one.
      ‘Tribalism’ is just another way of saying: “Divide and conquer”. It comes from somewhere… and it ain’t the US of A.

    • I was disappointed that Scotland went so far as to have a VOTE on the issue. I always imagined Scots as behaving like Adam Smith and Scrooge McDuck.

      • But a vote quite often settles the issue and provides a measure of clarity.
        The US had a similar situation and instead of acknowledging the vote, ~640,000 American soldiers died.
        I would have preferred a vote.

    • Theresa May will be banned by future governments for being a disruptive extremist. As well as extremely unpleasant to look at or listen too.

  6. Just to rephrase: no child alive today, none of the millions of kids who have been indoctrinated all of their lives at school with global warming hysteria, have ever lived in a world where the globe has been warming.

    • Well, three years in these parts, but that might release even more CO2.
      A good thing, could keep the Pause from getting colder.
      Although a Cold One sounds rather good right now.

  7. Come 2022, no “millennial” will have experienced Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW). Of course, since over 4.5 billion years there never has been such a thing, no-one else has either– we’re looking at you, Hansen, Jones, Mann, McKibben, Trenberth, not to mention Paul Ehrlich, John (“Seething Maggots”) Holdren, Keith Farnish, Kentti Linkola, Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber.
    As Earth’s 70-year Grand Solar Minimum proceeds on schedule, quite possibly preceding reversion to a periodic Pleistocene Ice Time, what will Warmist deviants do then, poor things?

    • They will jump ship, and turn into global cooling alarmists- that’s what ‘Sir’ Crispin Tickell did- wrote an alarmist book about global cooling then a decade later had an important role in convincing Thatcher about global warming

    • To be fair, Anthropogenic Global Warming, catastrophic or otherwise, does need the presence of at least one human.
      And we haven’t been around 4.5 billion years, so unless there is some kind of quantum tunnelling into the past we can’t actually be held responsible for wiping out e.g. the 90% to 96% of all species that shuffled off their mortal coils in the Permian–Triassic extinction event …even in theory.

  8. Gads,
    When you said “hilarity” and “Josh” I was sure you had something from the WH press secretary…no kidding.

  9. If you are younger than 36yo and older than 44yo then less than half your life has experienced Global Warming.
    It’s time to panic children.

    • I feel really cold now. The gentle veil of hypothermia descends, like Donkey in Schreck I can’t feel my toes…(“Hey! I don’t have any toes!”) and the polar bears are closing in. But I don’t panic, I have my little gospel book of climate models, they will see me throu…..

  10. I saw the pause walking into a bar, giving rise to lowering the bar. It gave me chills, hot flashes and pause for thought.

  11. That can’t be true, the pravda of boston ( the boston globe) reported yesturday on it’s font page,
    That boston will become like Venice, with a 7 foot sea rise by 2100!

    • Boston started out like Venice, with a narrow point holding onto the land by the slimmest of one tiny one-lane dirt road down the neck. The rest of Boston is man-made by filling the Bay.

  12. I raised two boys and one girl. Both boys had the smelliest feet EVA! While the girl was…let’s not go there. Anyway what is it about 18 year old boys and their &%$#@ feet???????

    • M’Lady, rejoice in the fact that you ARE a “lady” …
      Boys? Teen-Age boys?
      Well, at some point in life, they need to get handed over to a (competent and knowledgeable) drill sergeant or chief petty officer (depending on whether or not they float) and get the pink kicked out of them while they get their hands (and feet) very, very dirty whilst earning a wage.
      Somewhere in the middle of that dirt and hardship and smelly toes, they turn into something you can trust your girls to.

    • My 60+ year-old feet don’t smell to bad these days. A lot better than when they were 18. Then again, perhaps changing my socks daily instead of once a week helps….

  13. The good news is that the Pause is now old enough to vote in November Elections.
    I wonder how log it will be before we hear that the Pause was caused by “Global Warming” or that the Pause is “Proof” of Global Warming.

    • Kids need to oppose their parents, right? (Or is it “oppause”?) So young Pause will probably vote against the present president’s party.
      You can’t have a Pause without having a Cause (that’s a nice slogan for the Greens?), for the pause. Therefore, any pause in global warming must ultimately stem from global warming, and that’s why global warming is the cause of its own pause. (Try saying that very quickly after a few beers.). Without global warming, there would not have BEEN any pause!

  14. Oh the pause is already proof of global warming. Its ‘unpredendented global weather’ just like they warned you about.

  15. If only Josh’s cartoon could be shown to everyone in the world. Millions would be dumbfounded and incredulous. Millions would google “the pause” and see for the first time what has been kept from them.
    If only . . .

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