These are the sort of people we are up against

While Steve McIntyre writes in detail about the sorts of gyrations that went on behind the scenes with Ove Hugh-Goldberg and John Cook, trying to prevent having to reveal Cooks’ rating data on his “97% consensus” paper by requests from Dr. Richard Tol, I stumbled across something so hateful, so juvenile, so bereft of moral character, that I couldn’t just let it be, and believe me I thought long and hard about whether to bring this up. I decided that certain forms of abuse just can’t go unchallenged.

It’s one thing to say things about me because I hold contrary ideas about global warming, that’s fair game. But I have to say that combining that criticism of my views on global warming with taunts over my hearing problem, is just so over-the-top and beyond decency, that it deserves a notice here.

Meet Dr. Russell Seitz of Harvard University. Dr. Seitz runs a parody blog, a rip-off of WUWT, titled vvattsupwiththat.

Dr. Russell Seitz
In an essay that apparently lays bare his true moral character, Dr. Seitz decided to make fun of my life-long hearing problem, by parodying this post of mine Hearing restoration with gene therapy – I knew this day would come with this one saved as a PDF, here: THE DEAF OF GLOBAL WARMING

He describes me as a “serial hearing aid abuser”.

I simply have no words that can convey how repulsive this is to me. I’m sure anyone who knows how people suffer from the issues of hearing loss, both emotionally and socially, can relate.

The only explanation I can think of for this sort of behavior is that Dr. Seitz must be unable to grapple with his own moral demons, because no rational person, and certainly no professional academic, would publicly taunt a person for a handicap that they suffer with daily. I feel sorry for him.

I’m not enabling comments for this post, because I’m really not interested in discussing it further.

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