A trifecta of uncertainty: study finds global precipitation is increasing, decreasing, & not changing

This story from the Hockey Schtick is a verification of an analysis on WUWT from Bob Tisdale: No Consensus among Three Global Precipitation Datasets According to a paper published today in Atmospheric Science Letters, global precipitation has either decreased, increased, or not changed over the past 30 years, depending upon which of 3 global datasets are…


Mapping the hottest day of the year in the USA

From NOAA/NCDC, something interesting: a new map showing when to expect hottest days of the year and where. The long thin line on the west coast is interesting because that is where the bulk of the population of each state lives and one might think that has something to do with it, but it is…

A Grain Of Salt – Part One: Respect

Guest essay by Caleb Shaw One sign of healthy skepticism is that you take things with a grain of salt, but there is a problem inherent in having this attitude, namely “disrespect.” We are suppose to respect our elders and teachers, and I can’t say my skepticism has always led to such respect.