Weather station 'X'

A mystery for you. This weekend (weather permitting) Willis and I will be visiting the location of this weather station in the USA. Can you guess where it is? I can assure you it is not the schoolhouse at Bodega nor is it Alfred Hitchcock’s summer house.

Analysis: What the World Needs Now is a Lot Less Poverty

What is “the biggest single barrier to improving societal resilience to the vagaries of climate.”? In a News & Analysis item recently published in Science, Kintisch (2014) discusses the most recent IPCC report, noting it “is meant to be a practical guide to action,” especially in regard to what the report identifies as eight major…

An oldie but goodie from Josh – still valid today

Given what has transpired in the last couple of weeks with ‘John Cook’s 97% consensus’  and the revelations about his data, and the University of Queensland invoking the Streisand effect with their ridiculous threat letter, it seems this cartoon still applies, perhaps now more so than ever.

Global warming might make less biting, itching, scratching

From the University of Montreal , something that might actually be a good thing if true. If warmer temperatures make mostly male insects, then this might also apply to mosquitoes, and only the females bite. OK, it’s a bit of a stretch, but no more so than the press release. Temperature influences gender of offspring…