Salon writer Paul Rosenberg on why "deniers" are winning

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Salon writer Paul Rosenberg has created a gem of an article in which he claims, that the right direction in which to accept climate risks is “180 degrees away from where so-called “common sense” would take you.”

Climate change accelerating, dirt blamed

from Northern Arizona University Study finds accelerated soil carbon loss, increasing the rate of climate change Research published in Science today found that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause soil microbes to produce more carbon dioxide, accelerating climate change.

Full Moon on Lewandowsky

Climate Psychologist with the Right Stuff Stephan Lewandosky et al (including John Cook and Mike Marriott) published a paper called Recursive Fury, now retracted, psychoanalyzing climate skeptics’ opinions and categorizing them in psycho-babble terminology, such as: (PV) Persecution Victimization (NI) Nefarious Intention (NS) Nihilistic Skepticism …among others. Now, Lew’s apologists will tell you he wasn’t…

Picking Cherry Blossoms

Letter to the Editor (orginally published in the Washington post, also submitted to WUWT) For the second year in a row, we’ve had peak cherry blossoms later than the average date of March 31. In 2013, they were nine days late; this year they were 10 days late. That’s not a big surprise; after all, the…