Site of Mann-Steyn legal showdown catches fire

Mark Steyn writes about this bit of an omen for the upcoming heated legal battle: In other news, the DC Superior Court building – scene of the forthcoming Mann vs Steyn trial – caught fire today. Fortunately, I have a watertight alibi. Advertisements


Going coastal: what exactly is 'Coastal Resilience' anyway?

New buzzword explained in context of climate alarm Guest essay by Kirtland Griffin The Nature Conservancy defines it as, “Coastal resilience is the ability of coastal communities to respond to and recover from stressors.” The “stressors” are, of course, sea level rise caused by man and more frequent and stronger storms also caused by man. The…

Flowing Water on Mars Appears Likely But Hard to Prove

From Georgia Tech: Studies examine puzzling summertime streaks Martian experts have known since 2011 that mysterious, possibly water-related streaks appear and disappear on the planet’s surface. Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D. candidate Lujendra Ojha discovered them while an undergraduate at the University of Arizona.(picture follows)

Solar Energy Storage – A Gift from Gaia

Guest essay by Viv Forbes There is a massive problem with photo-voltaic solar power. Modern cities and industries require power 24/7 but solar panels can only deliver significant energy from 9am to 3pm on a clear day – a maximum of 25% of the time. Even within this time, energy production peaks at midday and…

We don't know clouds

Too many variables like clouds to model future climate with precision Guest essay by Rolf Westgard A new United Nations report suggests an imminent danger from global warming. It states that without drastic action we may have “to develop the ability to suck greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and store them underground”. Minnesota already…