The Josh-WUWT 2014 Climate Skeptics Calendar is now available

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Zombie comet ISON dies again

We discussed the ISON ISOFF again nature of comet ISON in this WUWT thread, now it looks like ISOFF again. From NASA’s (h/t Fernando): Comet ISON is fading fast as it recedes from the sun. Whatever piece of the comet survived the Thanksgiving flyby of the sun is now dissipating in a cloud of…

Schellnhuber hits the wall of reality: full stop

Pierre Gosselin writes: Europe Climate Policy Blows Engine…”Giant Failure” … Scientists “Failed Tricking Their Way Past Democracy” …”Mood Of Resignation” Good news! This is about one of the most damning pieces on the European climate movement I’ve read all year. An atmosphere of resignation is truly sweeping through Germany’s climate movement. Flagship media are waking…