Lexicon Shift Alert: global warming gets another name change

Back in 2010, I pointed out that White House science adviser John Holdren had made a shift in naming conventions for the twice renamed “global warming”.

The lexicon shift in 2010

It seems that another shift in the lexicon has occurred, again at the White House. Organizing for Action, President Obama’s campaign machine declared Tuesday that there was a new name.

The Washington Times picked up on this shift, and I’ve updated the graphic to reflect the new name.  There’s also a poll to choose/predict the next name after this one.

The doomed planet movement has been losing momentum. Inconvenient scientific findings have confirmed the lack of any significant warming of dear old Earth over the past 16 years. It’s hard to scare people into action when nothing bad is happening. That’s why the White House has changed its vocabulary again — first “global warming” was changed to “climate change” — and now the correct name of the scam is “carbon pollution.” It’s a way to paint carbon dioxide as if it were black soot billowing out of industrial smokestacks. Carbon dioxide is actually what humans exhale, and it’s food for plants.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/aug/13/wearing-out-words/#ixzz2c3XmuaV7

Its seems that since global warming has stalled, and scientists are puzzled by it, plus major players in science are poo-pooing the “climate disruption/extreme weather angle, they had no choice but to make a lexicon shift.

Here is the updated graphic to reflect the lexicon shift. Feel free to share far and wide:


What should the next name be? Take the poll, you can also add your own answer. Be sure to post your new answer in comments. (I’ll add some of the best ones manually)

[NOTE: for some reason the poll won’t display other answers from voters in the voting or the results, so I disabled it – A]

h/t to Small Dead Animals for some of the names


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Irritable Climate Syndrome………

Gareth Phillips

Chronologically compromised climate.


“Irritable Climate Syndrome” is perfect!
It will cover almost anything anywhere, just so long as someone can claim someone might be irritated……
Heck, even a pleasant sunny day can now be included in the hysteria ….


Climate cooling………..perhaps?


Ahhhh. The assumption that climate is in a steady state, ergo any bad weather amounts to an anthropogenic ‘disruption’. Because when we see unoccupied planets such as Mars and Jupiter, we see that climate is indeed in a steady state. Oh wait. It isn’t. It dramatically changes from day to day, year to year. I think I just proved these planets are occupied!

michael hart

Premature carbonation.

JM VanWinkle

Climate Stabilization.


This is terrible though for the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Will it now be called IPCP? It does have a nice ring to it.

Pamela Gray

Scary Movie 2100

Chuck Nolan

pat says:
August 15, 2013 at 10:00 am
Ahhhh. The assumption that climate is in a steady state, ergo any bad weather amounts to an anthropogenic ‘disruption’. Because when we see unoccupied planets such as Mars and Jupiter, we see that climate is indeed in a steady state. Oh wait. It isn’t. It dramatically changes from day to day, year to year. I think I just proved these planets are occupied!
By humans, no less.

Charlie A

Climate Weirding …… Nice and vague, but scary at the same time

I voted “Climate Gait” – as in climate marches on…


Carbonated Climate Colitis with a large side order of Taxes……..

Dr. Wolfgang Zernial

Shure we will get global cooling over the next 20 years


“Anthropogenic Global Cooling,” of course.

For some time now, AGW has stood for
All Gone Wrong
That just about sums it up in two words.

I nearly chose Frankenclimate since “Franken-” is in fashion now (e.g. Frankenfood), but Irritable Climate Syndrome is just so good. It ought carry us to Cooling Climate Syndrome and on to the Cooling Climate Calamity.

I endorse ICS as well (first proposed by Latitude).

Oh, you have got so many good choices there! I almost went with Climate Flacidity in honor of the New York Mayor’s race, but Irritable Climate Syndrome won me over.

Go Home

Climate kerfuffle.


How about Grant Whores Do DC?

Eustace Cranch

The Climatyville Horror

Climate Anschluss, when the OFA hordes will join the S(k)S battalions and annex Canada (ostensibly, to stop Keystone XL)


Oh no it has to be Climate Jihad because whatever they call it we are all gonna die if we do not submit to the AGW religion. Case closed!

What new Ice age?? I don’t believe it. I am paid by the government.

Public Health Issue – the bland rebrand suggested by Time magazine on 8/8/13: http://healthland.time.com/2013/08/08/rebranding-climate-change-as-a-public-health-issue/#ixzz2bPKhuqyL

Reg Nelson

CCC — Catastrophic Climate Corruption

Mike Bromley the Kurd

No matter what you call it, if you can’t settle on a freaking name, you obviously can’t have much of a theory to hang it on. “Dang, that’s not working….let’s see now…”


Anthropogenic sh!t science


I voted for ‘Other’ – Climate Instability Crisis.
I can see it on the evening news now… “The weather today is different from yesterday! We had thunderstorms yesterday and all of a sudden, IT’S SUNNY and WARM!!! It’s worse than we thought! What more PROOF of Climate Instability do you need? We must act now!”
I liked the humor in the poll, but I took a shot at where they really might go with a new term.

Chris @NJSnowFan

Real Name in a Deniers world like mine is Natural Climate Variations.
To real to use in Obama world.
The may like this one

Bruce Cobb

Climate Cancer. Since they peddle fear, why not go for the gold?

David L. Hagen

The greatest challenge for civilization:
How can we care for the poor as we do ourselves?
2nd challenge:
Can we generate enough global warming to avoid the impending glaciation?

James Strom

If this standstill goes on much longer than the current 17 years (or whatever) there must come a point where it is a problem not merely for the warmers but also for the lukewarmers, which probably includes me. This climate is indeed a menace.

Destructive Earth Annihilating Temperature Emergency


I went for Climate Dysfunction. Might get a rise out of Bob Dole.

Screwed up….
Destructive Earth Annihilating Temperature Hellification

Ian W

The important point that MUST NOT be lost is that the claimed climate symptoms are based on the falsified hypothesis that carbon dioxide retains heat in the atmosphere to such a degree that it increases the rate of the hydrologic cycle and this in turn acts as a runaway positive feedback.
Changing the words for the hypothesis does not alter the fact that it is falsified. It should also not be a game that scientists play. Like consensus, marketing and focus groups to choose effective names for a hypothesis, are NOT the scientific method. Surely, this statement should be repeated “the names are unscientific attempts to hide the falsification of the hypothesis”, and followed with the question – “what has changed in your hypothesis on the effect of increased atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide?” As ALL the actions being taken are to reduce anthropogenic output of carbon dioxide, it is evident that there is no change in the hypothesis – just yet another marketing led political exercise to obfuscate the hypothesis’ failure as indicated by the cessation of warming in the last fifteen years.


I vote for ICS irritable climate syndrom


The real answer, which I added at the bottom is ……..
“Carbon Cooling”
Search your feelings my young apprentice ……… you know it to be true …… Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh,

Jon in TX

Well, I picked Climate Gone Wild, but I also liked Irritable Climate Syndrome and Weather, but now with taxes. One of my co-workers suggested Climatastrophe.


Had to go with Peak Weather, as it captures the fear mongering over both the non-static nature of nature and the economics of energy. Got to admit, though, that Weather, but now with Taxes was pretty high on my personal humor scale.


A mannly rise?


The next name is HillaryClimate, no space.

Stephen Pruett

Normal and natural climate fluctuation

I was doubting between “The Sixth Sensitivity” or “the Father Karras no-return Temperature”… but when I decided on the first, it was disabled. So I voted for “Irritable Climate Syndrome”. Very funny, and also sad ultimately.

“Climate Jihad” doesn’t describe what his happening to the climate.
But it perfectly describes the religious zeal of those want to forbid inexpensive energy.

Bloke down the pub

George Formby had it right. It’s turned out nice again!


“It is worse than we thought “weather
“The unprcedented warming that never came” weather