Lomborg: Renewables are stuck, although green hopes keep rising

Guest essay by Bjørn Lomborg Globally, renewables have been *declining* for the last two centuries, and have remained stuck at about 13% for the past 40 years. People expect them to rise dramatically to 30% by 2035 — the honest answer is that they’re likely to rise a meagre 1.5 percentage points to 14.5% Advertisements


Current Crop of Computer Models “Close to Useless”

From the Institute for Energy Research: … It is this second class of models, the economic/climate hybrids called Integrated Assessment Models, that Pindyck discusses. Pindyck’s paper is titled, “Climate Change Policy: What Do the Models Tell Us?” Here is his shocking answer, contained in the abstract: 

Claim: CO2 ended the last ice age

From Oregon State University Study explains early warming of West Antarctica at end of last ice age CORVALLIS, Ore. – West Antarctica began emerging from the last ice age about 22,000 years ago – well before other regions of Antarctica and the rest of the world, according to a team of scientists who analyzed a…

More low climate sensitivity

This paper A lower and more constrained estimate of climate sensitivity using updated observations and detailed radiative forcing time series from Skeie et al is now in open peer review at Earth System Dynamics. They say an ECS of 1.84 See Figure E2 from the paper.

The early chill in the Arctic continues

Temperature above 80 degrees north drops below freezing early, and continues to drop. Many people have been watching the remarkable early drop in air temperature at the DMI plot here: This drop looks to be about two weeks early. As this next analysis of sea surface temperature shows, much of the area is below freezing.…