The WUWT Hot Sheet for Thursday August 1st, 2013

Joe Romm’s Center for American Progress, Sierra Club, others received money from foreign dark money Sea Change Foundation A major left-wing foundation has received tens of millions of dollars from a shadowy Bermudan company with ties to wealthy American hedge fund managers and distributed those funds to prominent liberal nonprofit groups. A sizable portion of…


Claim: 2°C temperature increase will make people angry

From Princeton University (with help from Berkeley) Cool heads likely won’t prevail in a hotter, wetter world Should climate change trigger the upsurge in heat and rainfall that scientists predict, people may face a threat just as perilous and volatile as extreme weather — each other. Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley…

Mann on mathematics, alcohol, and 'proof'

‘Proof? We don’t need no steenkin proof’* *With apologies to Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Rich Trzupek writes: In a post over at Peter Guest’s blog, Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann is quoted making one of the most remarkable statements that I’ve ever heard coming out of a supposed scientist’s mouth: