I need help with a graph search

In the last week, I came across a graph on a climate skeptic website that showed the earth’s average temperature in F, the known variation of temperature on earth, and the rise of temperature over the last 100 years depicted all in 1 graph. The small rise in surface temperature was depicted as a thin band spanning the graph in the context of the broader temperature variation.

This was not an anomaly graph, but one depicting average global air temperature, around 58F. It seems to have been recently produced.

I meant to bookmark it, but now cannot find it. If anyone knows where it was published, kindly leave a comment. Thanks – Anthony

UPDATE: located, thanks for the help.

13 thoughts on “I need help with a graph search

  1. Depending on your browser, it should be someplace in your history. If you have a vague idea of what the site name was, you can search it. Of course, if you clean up your history you will have lost it.

  2. As a geochemist I’m not sure how such an analysis is even possible. Have scientists forgotten the concept of significant figures? And how the heck does one calculate an “average?” Who is it that says that it is as accurate a number as the global average telephone number?

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