Open Thread

I don’t normally do mid week open threads, but I’ve not found much of interest to write about tonight, and story submissions have been a dry hole lately. Advertisements


If you're not contrite, you must be Gleick

Heh, it seems it touched a  sensitive spot. Tom Nelson pretty much nails this one. In response to a tweet made today by self admitted document thief Peter Gleick where he promotes this story: I made this response which Tom Nelson picked up on.

A Brief Introduction to the Detection of Climate and Weather Transitions using Hurst Rescaling

Guest essay by Sam Outcalt Introduction: The object of this document is to present a brief and concise introduction to Hurst ReScaling. More detail is presented in a paper by Outcalt (1997), which is posted on the WUWT Website ( ). A extensive reference list in this paper can be consulted so references…

SkepticalScience Still Misunderstands or Misrepresents the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

The author of the recent SkepticalScience post Distinguishing Between Short-Term Variability and Long-Term Trends, Dana Nuccitelli, still misunderstands or misrepresents El Niño and La Niña processes. Either way, he’s missed something. The instrument temperature record indicates that La Niñas and El Niños serve as a natural recharge-discharge oscillator, with La Niñas acting as the recharge…