Open Thread

I don’t normally do mid week open threads, but I’ve not found much of interest to write about tonight, and story submissions have been a dry hole lately.

What 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere looks like

The results are in, and it looks like this.

@billmckibben fire season hype extinguished with inconvenient data

The problem with emotional people like Bill McKibben, is that they seldom delve beyond headlines and live in a world of imaginary constructs that fit their expectation. In this case,…

Solar cycle update – sun's magnetic activity still in a slump

Despite some small upticks on sunspot and 10.7cm radio activity, the magentic activity of the sun is still bumping along the bottom. A slight uptick was seen in sunspot count.…

If you're not contrite, you must be Gleick

Heh, it seems it touched a  sensitive spot. Tom Nelson pretty much nails this one. In response to a tweet made today by self admitted document thief Peter Gleick where…

Quote of the Week – dogmatic 'mannerisms' of science

Judith Curry is featuring a report by Emil Røyrvik of Norwegian organization SINTEF, which has taken a semi critical look at the “climate wars”. Dr. Curry highlighted this passage: 

A Brief Introduction to the Detection of Climate and Weather Transitions using Hurst Rescaling

Guest essay by Sam Outcalt Introduction: The object of this document is to present a brief and concise introduction to Hurst ReScaling. More detail is presented in a paper by…

SkepticalScience Still Misunderstands or Misrepresents the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

The author of the recent SkepticalScience post Distinguishing Between Short-Term Variability and Long-Term Trends, Dana Nuccitelli, still misunderstands or misrepresents El Niño and La Niña processes. Either way, he’s missed…

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