Spurious Varvology

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As Anthony discussed here at WUWT, we have yet another effort to re-animate the long-dead “hockeystick” of Michael Mann. This time, it’s Recent temperature extremes at high northern latitudes unprecedented in the past 600 years, by Martin P. Tingley and Peter Huybers (paywalled), hereinafter TH2013. Here’s their claim from the…


Weekend Open Thread

Travel today. So by request, here is a Weekend Open Thread on Thatcher, who did much to kick off the CO2 global warming saga but later on became a sceptic and regretted her actions.  My favorite quote (supposedly attributed to her) from Thatcher is about consensus:

Global Warming Over Land Is Real: CU-Boulder, NOAA Study

Image Credit: Compo et al., 2013 From the Huffington Post: The thermometers got it right. The Earth is warming, another study is reporting. Climate scientists recognize that changes in weather observation stations’ immediate surroundings — such as neighboring trees being replaced by heat-absorbing concrete — can eventually throw data from such stations into question. But…