BREAKING: Carbon Tax bill coming Thursday to Senate

Senators Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer will outline the legislation on Thursday morning. They are even going to let that wacky activist Bill McKibben speak. Sheesh.

Billed as “major” and “comprehensive” legislation, it will have a carbon tax. Here is the statement from Sanders’ office (bold mine):

Sanders, Boxer to Introduce Major Climate Change Legislation

February 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, Feb 12 – Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) will hold a news conference on Thursday, Feb. 14 to announce comprehensive legislation on climate change. Boxer is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Sanders serves on the environment committee and also is a member of the Senate energy committee.

Under the legislation, a fee on carbon pollution emissions would fund historic investments in energy efficiency and sustainable energy technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. The proposal also would provide rebates to consumers to offset any efforts by oil, coal or gas companies to raise prices.

Environment and consumer leaders set to participate include Bill McKibben, founder of; Mike Brune, executive director of Sierra Club; Tara McGuiness, executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund; Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen’s energy director; and David Bradley, National Community Action Foundation executive director.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

Bill McKibben, founder

Mike Brune, Sierra Club executive director

Tara McGuiness, CAP Action Fund executive director

Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen’s Energy Program director

David Bradley, National Community Action Foundation executive director

What: News conference on climate change legislation

When: 11 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 14 

Where:  SD-406, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing room

Source here


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Luther Wu

Having just watched the President’s remarks concerning Climate Change- he is either woefully uninformed and saying things which are untrue, but that are fed to him by advisors, or he does know the truth and is lying to the American people.
There is no other way to look at it.


Gee, the only one missing is Van Jones, who is at least honest enough to admit being a Communist
This is a huge, stinking pile of horse manure shoveled out to every imaginable rent-seeker and enviro-advocacy group. Fight it tooth and nail.

Steph C

Oh dear GOD, America, please don’t follow in Australia’s footsteps.

Michael D Smith

Rent seekers all


Well, welcome to our world (Oz).

The proposal also would provide rebates to consumers to offset any efforts by oil, coal or gas companies to raise prices.

So if those eeeviiilll corporations were to be so dastardly as to actually raise prices when the cost of their main product significantly increases, we’ll be really, really kind, and help you out!
For a while, though, only for a while …

OMG – this will be chucked out, right? The Senate knows – please – that a carbon tax doesn’t work. I thought people are waking up to this foolishness, not still falling for it. Please kick it out.


This won’t pass, note noone in leadership will be there (No Pelosi or Reid or their whips; noone form White House). This is much ado about nothing.

Sun Spot

Oh dear GOD, America, please don’t follow in the EU’s footsteps.


I’d start writing your senators early.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to UN Agenda 21. It has been in the public domain since 1992. These links take you to the source of this plan which leads to serfdom by stealth. Slap your forehead when you join the dots.
PS: Since when has CO2 been a “pollutant”, FFS?


Further note no co-cponsors. This means no one has signed up to vote for it – if a bill has momentum it has 20 or more co-sponsors behind it at rollout. This is DOA.

Ian H

The democrats believe being seen to do something about climate change will please their more vocal supporters. The fact that the bill won’t have any effect at all on the climate and most of those supporters are idiots for thinking that it might doesn’t factor into the political calculus. They’ll support an ineffective bill that will actually hurt most of their constituents because it is politically expedient to be seen to do so.
The republicans will oppose. But actually they know that a scheme of this type for trading worthless pieces of paper along with all the associated scams and rorts and opportunities for the unethical to make billions will greatly please their supporters in the finance and banking industries who are most likely lobbying behind the scenes for this to pass. So they’ll complain a bit for the cameras and then quietly give it the nod.
Or am I being too cynical.


What causes American “progressives” to believe they can take every failed idea in history and make it work?
They are insane.

D.B. Stealey

Obama’s First Lie of his 2nd term.


I thought the Americans were cleverer…

I Hope rand paul has the guts to say no to this.


And what makes the tea party think we can slash our way to prosperity wherein every historical standard shows we need a defense and we need a social safety net to survive.
The answer my friend is not blowing in the wind, it stares you in the face and it is in the middle. Compromise for both sides.


Have a look at some new tech.
Dig up the audience responds on climate change in the speech. Speaks volumes as to how well the carbon tax would go over… just saying, not!

@geologyjim. totally agree, verbatim


Steph C and Sunspot…not a problem. Obama is following the way of Lenin,Stalin,Mao Tse Tung,Agenda 21,etc. The carbon tax is just a sideshow to keep the low information voter ocuupied.

D.B. Stealey

“Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the new wonderful good society which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean more money, more ease, more security, and more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.”
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Donald Wilson

The speech was empty propaganda.
The “Climate Change Legislation”, like the failed 2010 bill, can best be described as the “Permanent Depression Act”.
I am not surprised that Boxer is one of the Senators introducing it.


The once great United States of America will be just a shadow of itself after Obama is finished with it. The sad thing is, there is no viable Republican counter .


The odds of this reaching the President’s desk is approximately zero. The odds of it even reaching the floor in the House of Representatives is infinitesimal.


Deficit Reduction Bill.

If anyone’s seen the movie “Idiocracy” they’d understand what I am thinking now. The people of Europe and America have become so damned ignorant that we’ve elected a president named Obama. He recycles old dis-proven fodder, without having an ounce of understanding about the subject matter… and receives a round of applause from the brain-dead self-absorbed politicians who see more $$ coming from the too few remaining tax payers.
Someone must stop this nonsense… I absolutely cannot believe this is actually still happening.

Let’s hope that optics, not results, are what count here.
What America gets, Canada does, too.


So why do they keep picking on carbon? There’s two other atoms in a CO2 molecule, after all. I think everyone should write to your senators and representatives to demand a tax on oxygen production.
Really. Think about it: IRS taxes carbon and oxygen. EPA regulates them. USDA can run incentive programs for farmers to sequester carbon, while penalizing them for the O2 surplus.
…and we can finally watch the fedgov collapse under the weight of its own bureaucracy and get on with our lives.

Owen in Ga

The socialist wing of the democratic party introduces this legislation almost annually. Normally it doesn’t get any press as absolutely NO ONE wants this on their record unless they are from California or have already told their constituents they are a socialist (Sanders has an (I) behind his name not a (D)). It will make for the annual CAGW gab fest in a side meeting room and will never be heard from again. Though the activists may dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back at how they stuck it to the establishment!

The Carbon-Tax opposition should engage in political Jujutsu.
Let the proponents push the legislation right into the spotlight.
“Step right up, Senators! Who will be the next one to co-sign this P. O. S.
Smile for the camera.”


Well, we in Australia can tell you a carbon (sic) tax does not work.
We have a carbon (sic) tax for 8 months now, and have had bushfires & floods, and in the northern hemisphere you have a tropical storms and blizzards.
We were told the tax would stop the climate from changing, but, summer is coming to an end, and autumn is looming, closely followed by winter, and all the weather that will come with the changing of seasons defined as climate.
The war on reality (Quote Obama:”climate change is real,” “the reality of climate change’) is for the delusional & mis-informed.
Though no one here needs to be warned, take a hint from those of us who “are living the experience,” the carbon (sic) tax is climate fraud.

Theo Goodwin

What they announce is a press conference. A press conference means nothing. They are hoping for some support. They will not get it. Boxer is throwing crumbs to the Greens. Sanders is a crumb. Let’s hope that McKibben makes a long, heartfelt speech. Nothing hurts these people more than public exposure.


Agree Bear, carbon is not the issue. It is oxygen, particularly dihydrogen monoxide:

Philip Peake

With all the crap going on, its hard to know which letter to write first.
So I have a solution:
Dear senator,
please go home, and stay there.


Anthony, if I may, this forum could do with a ‘like’ or ‘unlike’, or ‘+1’ facility. There is such a great range of comments here from well-informed contributors.
Is anyone archiving all this stuff for when we kick a$$ and take names?

Sheldon… go away… quote from today’s rerun of the Big Bang Theory.

David Ball

Innuendo in·nu·en·do. noun \ˌin-yə-ˈwen-(ˌ)dō, -yü-ˈen-\. def; where you end up getting it.

Michael Jankowski

LOL, they’re going to compensate consumers if fossil fuel prices go up? Where’s that money going to come from? While at the same time mileage taxes are being considered at the state and federal level because fuel efficient cars are reducing gas tax revenue?


This won’t even pass the Senate much less the House–but I do hope Harry Reed lets it come up for a vote. There are several Democratic senators from conservative states who have to run in 2014. I would like to see how they would vote on this. Their constituents would too…

Ian H

Bear quite reasonably asks: So why do they keep picking on carbon?

Indeed. What is their problem with organic chemistry. I thought they liked organic things.


In a country which relies havily on shalegas it´s crazy to think about windmills, biomass and other Greenpeace dreams.


On one hand you could have a strong economy. On the other, you could have a carbon tax. You won’t have both.

John from the EU

Come on guys do something about it. Start your own propaganda to show them what really is going on. Fight these hoaxers with their own weapons.
If this carbon tax is for real, then be prepared for a longer economic crisis for years to come

Power Engineer

On CSPAN today I saw Bernie Sanders defend the poor people of Vermont (tax the wealthy corporations rather than cut social programs). Tonight he’s going to screw the poor (and all the) people of Vermont with a large tax increase on CO2. Can’t trust these politicians for 15 minutes.

DOA, don’t see it going anywhere. Boxer has been trying to regain momentum for ages and just won’t give up. No way will there be enough votes garnered to be passed in the Senate, let alone the House. A particular pinch point will be “Blue Dog” Dems in coal country states. In a way, not too different from Feinstein’s gun control bill not going anywhere after senators such as Manchin got an earful from their constituents.

James McCauley

I just notified my senators (Sherrod Brown (right, that one – hates reliable carbon and nuclear energy) and Rob Portman (pretty level-headed, but an establishment republican). Portman should vote against Sanders/Feinstein.


Ian H,
You just gave me the perfect come back the next time someone brings up C02 as a pollutant.
“But it’s organic!”

Rhys Jaggar

Get Congress to evaluate proposals against the following:
1. Cost of implementation in terms of contribution to budget deficit.
2. Effect on US economy, focussing on lost jobs before jobs which might be created.
3. Effect on climate of all this activity.
4. Scientific evidence underpinning ‘climate change’.
Clearly point 4 depends on who provides the evidenc, as climate science is not science currently.
I”m sure you can sell the electorate a programme that ‘costs a fortune, destroys jobs, does nothing to affect climate variability and is based on fraudulent science’, can’t you?


“Michael Jankowski says:
February 12, 2013 at 8:55 pm”
If we use Australia as an example, the compensation (Compo) will come from the revenue raised by the tax (At an initial price of AU23$/tonne CO2 rising every year until 2015 when Aus joins with the New Zealand and EU ETS systems *HA HA HA HA HA HA*). The only problem with this, in Aus at least, is the revenue raised fell short to the tune of AU$420mil after compo. Then, one of our more clever MP’s, commited 10% of this revenue to the UN climate fund. Certainly *isn’t* a smart nr lucky country anymore! Any shortfall will come from, as we call it here, the consilidated fund; the taxpayer!

Obama studied Marx and Alynski to great effect, this is too much B. S.