WUWT year in review – 2012

WordPress.com  generated this report for me automatically for viewing on my dashboard – I’m sharing it because you the readers deserve credit.


Crunchy numbers

8 million people saw The Hobbit on its opening weekend. This blog was viewed about 36,000,000 times in 2012. If every person who saw The Hobbit visited this blog, it would take 5 years for them all to read it.

In 2012, there were 1,929 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 8,297 posts.

The busiest day of the year was January 31st with 229,775 views. The most popular post that day was Bitter cold records broken in Alaska – all time coldest record nearly broken, but Murphy’s Law intervenes.

Attractions in 2012

These are the posts that got the most views in 2012.

How did they find you?

The top referring sites in 2012 were:

  1. facebook.com
  2. climateaudit.org
  3. drudgereport.com
  4. Google Reader
  5. twitter.com

Who were they?

Your most commented on post in 2012 was A Matter of Some Gravity

These were your 5 most active commenters:

  • Gail Combs 2909 comments
  • Leif Svalgaard 1916 comments
  • DirkH 1756 comments
  • richardscourtney 1434 comments
  • Brian H 1280 comments




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Thank you for what you and the moderators do.
This blog is a free for all wealth of information.

Richard Sharpe

Congrats on 36M. Maybe 50M in 2013?

Here’s to many more years!
(This is coming up Norway because that’s where I am. :))


I echo Camburn’s thanks – and add my appreciation.
This is what I though open science was meant to be.
Smiles, etc. for the New Year!

My admiration of your industry, integrity and faithful service is great. You entirely deserve to be followed.

John West

What’s up with those people in Chad, South Sudan, and Turkmenistan?


It makes me feel proud to be even part of a number, I used to think I was just an imaginary number.

Congats Anthony! As an occasional poster, much respect to the top posters as well…
I have a craft beer blog that I wished grabbed 0.1% of that total in views… 😉 Just to see if I can get a bump I included it as my name link…hope you don’t mind ;0)


Happy New Years guys…(i just added to your stats.. 🙂 )

Gunga Din

Congratulations and thanks to you and “The Mod Squad”.
I don’t remember what led me to this site but I’m sure it was either SEPP or Junkscience.
The last time I spent time commenting anywhere was on the old AOL’s “Pet Care Forums” under the topic of “Animal Rights/Animal Welfare”. That was back in …., well, I don’t remember but most people didn’t have a cable modem.

WUWT is one of the World’s fortresses against the tide of misinformation and is making inroads into that tide. Congratulations on the best year’s work ever and strength to your arm.


Congratulations Anthony,
This blog has made a huge impact! The world would be the lesser without it.
You and your team have coordinated a great thing here.
Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and productive new year.


Those folks in Spitsbergen are just a bunch of chatter boxes, aren’t they?


Expect some modified stats from Schh you know who showing they got 42K. Due solely to the increased CO2 they inject into their offices.


Happy New Year all! 🙂

Ian L. McQueen

Continuing thanks for your hard work.


Well done Anthony!
Keep it up, and may you and all your colleagues have a Happy New year, you deserve it.

Anthony, I do not comment as a matter of course, but this is truly an extraordinary accomplishment and one of the few sites that I read religiously, if I may be permitted a secular irreverence to the true believers of all the alarmist clap-trap. My great thanks!


joo1066 says:
December 30, 2012 at 1:19 pm
If the IPCC and warmists get their way – you WILL be just a number! – and an over-taxpaying number at that!
well done Anthony et al – and I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year (something I’m sure we could all do with, unless you are funded by ‘Big Green’, LOL)

Patrick Hrushowy

Wow, …that’s amazing and not totally surprising. Where else is there to go for clear climate information when the TEAM has the MSM media swallowing everything they can produce with nary a critical eye. By the way, do those statistics reveal for you the number of individual visitors who visit your site? I mean individuals such as myself. Can you tell that?

Patrick Hrushowy

These statistics also reveal that it pays to post links to this site on Facebook.


Best wishes from Norway!

James of Arding

I think WordPress should display their geographical distribution map as a per capita statistic – this would better represent the level of interest. There are many folks I know in Australia that visit WUWT regularly. I often recommend it to those who express interest in the topic and am sure it has expanded many minds.
WUWT-TV was one of the highlights of the year for me and I hope that it can happen again. I salute your energy and commitment Anthony and friends!


I hope you are able to translate these figures into some dollars Anthony. You deserve recompense for the time you spend informing us all.

George McFly

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work Anthony

Well done Anthony and special thanks also to the moderators.

C.M. Carmichael

Terrific work by all at WUWT, thank you. You are doing the work and journalism that the Hacks in the MSM are allergic to.

Steph C

Great work Anthony, love your blog and check in every day.
Keep up the great work

Mike Bromley the Canucklehead

With numbers like that, the Al Gore Rhythm must be getting very syncopated. All others just get ‘green’, with envy…while stumbling around.

“Leif Svalgaard 1916 comments”
The old Santa Svalgaard and the two supporting elves ?
Year has not been at all bad
with four graphs that drove LS mad.
Happy New year to all !

Tom J

Thank you very, very much for this blog and everything you’ve done. I know the following statement is an overused expression, but what the heck: words, alone, cannot express. And, indeed, they can’t. The United States was/is the ultimate creation and experiment of ‘The Age of Enlightenment.’ The Founders were pamphleteers and they spread that philosophy through the press. I believe your blog is a ‘new media’ example of that legacy. One of the founders (I believe it was Franklin) stated that what they had given, in the form of the US Constitution was a republic – “if you can keep it.” Maybe, with blogs like this and others, we can. Happy New Year. Best wishes for many more.

Excellent work, well done & looking forward to another great year in 2013.


Impressive, wonder if any of the FB links I made are part of the referral stats! In general, I think my “friends” ignore them, when they don’t heap abuse on me (e.g. “convoluted nonsense” – oh wait, sorry, that particular one was in response to a JoNova link about the 79 bn for establishment, a few mn for skeptics)
I’ve been coming here on my own for some 4 years, curious now where I was first referred from. Along with top referring sites, I’d be interested in how many of us came directly in 2012, as I did.
I don’t understand the Where did they Come From, I don’t find any info there yet from comments I get the impression people see something. I’d be interested how many others from Switzerland (one anyway, since his commenting name is Kurt in Switzerland!).


Congrats Anthony and moderators.It takes Big Hearts to correct Big Gov’t and Big Green. Extra thanks to the moderators.


Another milestone! Well down Anthony and moderators! WUWT is still the go-to site.

Ben D

For all the firepower the AGW team throw at the WUWT team, they continue to lose because truth trumps deception.


I am wondering the 1,000,000 comment will register into WattsUpWithThat?
Now just over 950,000 concepts, complaints, corrections, conversations, criticisms, and comments; but just one conclusion: carbon dioxide is not now, never has been, and never will be, a threat to the world.

Mark and two Cats

I made a donation today in celebration of the excellent webstats, and in honour of WUWT championing the truth. Thank you Anthony!!!
“8 million people saw The Hobbit on its opening weekend.”
If this were Middle Earth, Anthony would be Gandalf 🙂


congrats anthony & co… and happy new year to all.
WUWT has taught me more about respecting the scientific method than all my schooling and self-education to date.
every visit to the website is a learning experience.


Thanks so much for your efforts. I am sure many like myself click onto this site daily. It required reading against the continual onslaught of politically and agenda driven “science”. Indeed, an Island of sanity.
Best regards


you’ll still have to work Tsjaad, Anthony !
happy New Year to all of you here …

Julian in Wales

WUWT.com is a game changer. This is not only because of its vast readership, but also because of the general intelligence of the posts, sensible light touch of the moderators and knowledgeable comments of your readership.
I am optimistic that the leaking of the draft copy of AR5, which has allowed you people to get a preview of the erroneous science behind the alarmist claims the IPCC are set on promoting, will become a watershed. Your struggle is a simple one; to get honesty into the public debate about global warming. You will prevail.

I’m curious who the top-20 commenters were.


Thanks Anthony, it’s always a pleasure to visit and I wish you & all of those who contribute to WUWT a very happy New Year!

Jimmy Haigh

The best site on the web!
All the best for 2013.

Claude Harvey

Congratulations to you and the moderators for a job exceedingly well done. The result has been a rare demonstration of “truth-telling” being rewarded and of excellence attracting its own kind.

Gail Combs

Anthony, this site is addictive.
Thanks to everyone for the great education in science.


WUWT – one of my first visits every day and, if there is time, I return, sometimes more than once. Exceptional. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the bounty of this blog. Fine science. Crafty and witty posts. Wonderful commenters — even those I consider Grinches (excluding trolls) and I will wait for their hearts to grow, too. Most impressive is the integrity, Anthony. Thank you for stellar leadership in that sphere.
One request I have made a number of times (along with swift justice for those who change historical data and alter the raw stuff) is for new institutions. Forget the old “socialist” media; bloggers like Anthony are changing the terms of all discussion and debate — openness, honesty (to the best of one’s ability), commitment to the scientific method, and intelligent reporting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I will send my continued “subscription” early in the New Year. (Should I call it a “renewal”?) A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family, Anthony, and to your faithful associates on WattsUpWithThat.
REPLY: regarding your request, remember OAS – Anthony


“These were your 5 most active commenters:
Gail Combs 2909 comments
Leif Svalgaard 1916 comments
DirkH 1756 comments

Dang, now they’ll try to find me.

duncan binks

Marvellous. The truth will out.