Al Gore's 'Reality Drop' is a bomb – so let's give him a 'hockey stick'

UPDATE: Hockey stick achieved, see below.

Guess what? WUWT readers make up the majority of viewers of this farce video. Mostly curiosity I suppose. Watch the video, then see the numbers below.

Yesterday, Tom Nelson asked this question, and it got me to digging.

It’s now been two weeks: Does anybody know what happened to Al Gore’s “Reality Drop” campaign?

“Reality Drop” Brings Social Gaming (And Facts) To Dispelling Climate Change Misinformation

Looking for an innovative way to dispel myths and spread science about climate change, Gore, Fox and their colleagues at The Climate Reality Project turned to agency Arnold Worldwide. Pete Favat, Arnold Worldwide’s chief creative officer, had attracted Gore’s attention because of his cause-related work for the Truth Campaign, the hugely successful national anti-tobacco program.

The product, “Reality Drop,” relies on sophisticated algorithms to highlight “hot” climate change stories and provide simple rebuttals to the most common climate change myths.

Users win points for sharing facts and eventually climb up the ranks of the game and earn Foursquare-like badges such as “Carbon Crusher,” “Shining Beacon,” and “Order of the Green Circle.”

Initial information on the game will be officially unveiled on November 14th during “24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report,” a 24-hour event broadcast live on the Internet, culminating in a presentation by Gore on November 15th at 7 p.m. EST.

Without any advertising budget, Reality Drop will rely strictly on word-of-mouth to gain traction and influence the climate change discussion. “Success will be measured by the amount of people who are posting and the number of people involved,” says Favat. “People inherently want to be on the right side here.”

Reality Drop (RealityDrop) on Twitter

[Seven total tweets, none since Nov. 15]

Here’s the Twitter page, captured on 11/30/2012, showing all 7 Tweets


Now here comes the fun part, the “stats” section of the Vimeo video page for the propaganda movie at the top shows this:


Wow, 155 views in a week, and trending down, down, down. Some might call that interest “cooling”. When you click on the “Top URL embeds” (highlighted in yellow) you get this fun table showing that WUWT is the main external contributor to views of Al Gore’s ‘Reality Drop’ video. Heh.


What is really interesting is the comparison to the top “loads” leader, which has only 6 views compared to WUWT’s 999. More people from WUWT viewed Al’s video than anywhere else in the world. That’s gotta sting.

So what should we do to help Al get more views?

Well obviously WUWT’ers need to help. Simply click on the video “play” button above, and we’ll give him a hockey stick graph for views. If you have a website/Twitter feed/Facebook page, direct people here and ask them to help. To register a view from WUWT, you simply need to play the video above in the open WUWT browser window. It’s just that easy to give Al a hockey stick of traffic from those he seeks to destroy. I’ll post an update when the success is robust, er, graphically clear.

In the meantime, you might want to take this survey Al has prepared to help gauge the success of his video. I’m sure he’d love to hear your opinion!


UPDATE: We’ve presented a hockeystick, and WUWT is well in the lead. Thanks everybody!



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Tim Walker



Reality Drop? By all means we need to drop reality in favor of myth and magical thinking. It’s so much more fun and self-congratulating. /sarc

Well that brightened my day! Thanks Anthony.

Gail Combs

What fun. The survey shows where all the idiotic “Climate Activism” drivel comes from.
I would be nice to see what the survey results are before they adjust the results.

David A. Evans

If they want to use that water analogy, I raise with…
But we’re in a CO2 drought.

I come from Minnesota. The way I’d give Al the Hockey Stick would lead to a “time out” and a “penalty” for HIGH STICKING… (better than LOW sticking…)

That video is Propaganda extreme !!!

Good one, I get the word out on FB. Ha Ha, Hockey stick Al.


As you suggested, I started to watch the video. However, I was so offended at its blatant falsehoods that I stopped watching after some seconds, and I don’t know if this will prevent a record of my starting the video.
I completed the survey but I don’t think they will like my answers.

Philip Peake

Speaking of reality — more revisionist behavior from Hansen (on his own work):


Reality Drop Out

Stonyground says:
I see the big oil and big coal lie is being trotted out again.
One thing that we can be happy about. The fine efforts of Anthony Watts, Andrew Montford, Steve McIntyre and the rest are important, but all we really have to do is wait the alarmists out. The longer their predictions fail to come true, the less credibility they will have. Their shift from soaring temperatures and rapidly rising sea levels to extreme weather events is highly significant. How stupid do you look when you try to claim that when you were predicting droughts you really meant floods?


“…the COLLECTIVE win is the main objective..” Not about science but agenda desperation to win through demonizing. Intersting how the WUWT crowd is carrying the day!

Mike Bromley the Kurd

“Sophisticated Al Gore Rhythms”….Gawd, did he invent THOSE too?

Where’s my check [cheque]?


I am not a scientist,
I’m a politico.
Gore has won the battle of ideas for us.
All we need to do is to silence the loudest voice.


The CO2 levels may be up, but not as much as the irony.

highflight56433 = 14 deg F = 15 deg F
Wikipedia can’t seem to figure out what a standard day temp is. Interesting, the US and ICAO Standard is what is used to calculate atmosphere dependent activities, e.g. aviation.
Pssl – Standard day ambient pressure at sea level, 2116.22 lb/ft 2
Tssl – Standard day temperature at sea level, 288.15 °K (15 °C), 518.67 °R (59 °F)
rssl – Standard day density at sea level, 0.023769 slugs/ft3
Looks like wikipedia is showing a 1 deg F cooling since the 1950’s, that way anything warmer is CAGW???

Q: How would you describe this site to someone who has never heard of it?
A: a nest of anti-human climate alarmists, with a defiant socialist overtones seeking to stifle legitimate scientific debate through social manipulation via astroturffing and shilling internet blog sites.
This is actually a good idea, all people would have to do is download a list if their preferred talking-point answers, compile a list of refuting answers , we could then just do a Google search of their shill answers already sorted by the Google ranking algorithms, no pun intended, and post where the refutations will do the most good.


Holy crap, that video is childish. I feel a bit sorry for them, and their mantra messaging.

How much did taxpayers pay for _this_ fiasco…:-(

Jenn Oates

I had fun with the survey. 🙂

john robertson

They need oil funded think tanks to confuse them? I think they are doing just fine on their own. These zealots have been confused from day one. Can’t wait for the day they wake up to what fools they are and immediately blame their leaders for their own gullibility.
That part of our nature is predictable as dawn.
I wondered if WUWT was most of AL Bores traffic, I clicked over a few times from WUWT TV but left quickly each time. The projection of their neuroses, by these clown is appalling, help may be impossible.


Looking for an innovative way to dispel myths and spread science about climate change, Gore, Fox and their colleagues at The Climate Reality Project turned to agency Arnold Worldwide.

Good idea! Let’s start with Gore’s blockbuster – ‘Inconvenient Truth’.

An Inconvenient Truth, was yesterday criticised by a high court judge who highlighted what he said were “nine scientific errors” in the film.

If Gore believes so much in man-made global warming then why is his investment outfit getting out of green investments?


“relies on sophisticated algorithms to”
When someone describes themselves or their work to others as sophisticated, it conveys the opposite message. The people who’ve most impressed me in life have usually described themselves humbly.

Laurie Bowen

Interesting . . . Theodore Roosevelt IV
Secretary of the Board
Managing Director, Barclays Capital
“Taken together, these two PPAs provide Cape Wind with the critical mass to continue securing project financing,” said Theodore Roosevelt IV, Cape Wind’s Financial Advisor and Managing Director of Barclays””
then I saw . . Hurricane Sandy tests solar, wind.
. . . ok, ok!!! Well . . . at least to me.

R. Shearer

Coming from Gore, in truth it should be “Drop Reality – Spread BS, Destroy Democracy, Rake in Green.”


I watched the whole video. Can I have my two minutes back?
I took the survey but I doubt they will like my answers.
One interesting note on the survey, questions 3 and 4 are the same question. To paraphrase, Did the video make you want to use the site (yes/no) I answered no.
If not why? My response: It made me want to avoid the site like the plague.

Roy UK

I watched, and completed their online survey.
I wonder, if I sign up to this then it would enable me to spot posts originating from the site. Then I could tell everyone on the blog that the person who posted the “copy and paste” is gaming the system. I am sure I would not have an impact alone, but with a few people looking out for this behaviour on the respective blogs they visit you never know…
Just a thought.

David Chapman

I agree with liz671. I am 80 and my dearest wish is to live long enough to see the AGW hypophysis (if the idea can be dignified by that term) shown to be the rubbish it is. I think my wish may be granted. David Chapman.

LOL, 55 Twitter followers. That’s the right way to transform 4 billion world’s skeptics to alarmists, especially because most of the 55 followers are probably WUWT readers! 😉

James Allison

Hahaha. Go Big Al. He is drowning in his own propaganda.


You guys are being really unfair , don’t you know St Gore is finding his beach property a little small and so needs a bigger place and do you know how much a new Lear jet cost so that St Gore can travel to important green events in the comfort an style he deserves .


Reality Drop Bombed.
Big time!
(Every year I think the arguments these people come up with can’t possibly get worse, and then I have to think again.)


Ha ha I gave him some feedback but not what Albore was hoping for….
He should pay per click to WUWT since he would be doing even worse without this helpful publicity……

John Blake

This is ridiculous. Gore & Co. aside, no fair-minded observer could stand such patronizing drivel for a moment. “Charge for the guns!” he said– oh, yeah?


I really enjoyed the video (Thanks VP Gore)
I think that I learned enough science from it to consider taking up a career as a climatologist.
The survey was fun too. I particularly liked answering the same question twice. This feature is sadly absent in most online surveys.

Brian R

I think they got the word order in their name backwards. Should be Drop Reality.


Done the survey but think they will like these answers
8. How would you describe this site to someone who has never heard of it?
The web version of what happens after you feed a dog a very hot curry
10. When you used the site, what were the biggest barriers between you and a painless user experience?
Eyes and too much intelligence

What is that evil new type of software out there for generating and controlling bogus online personas: “Persona management software” – that’s it isn’t it. It took me presisely 1:21 seconds to figure out that is EXACTLY


My, my, the more things change the more they stay the same. Substitute the “capitalist” with the “socialist” and what have you got? – The same glove on the other hand. I guess we are now the “revolutionaries”. Long live the revolution. (Apologies if it’s a bit long or OT)
“This capitalist framework leads corporate media to misrepresent reality and create a completely alternate ideology that is inverted from the reality it supposedly represents. This capitalist ideology ‘is the expression of dominant class interests’ (Fuchs 2009: 390). Corporate media do not re-present information that is in the best interest of the masses. Rather, those ‘who lack the means of mental production’ (Marx & Engels MECW: 59) are subject to the ‘ideas of the ruling class’ (Marx & Engels MECW: 59). These forms of domination are ‘naturalized by the media and are portrayed as being unchangeable’ (Fuchs 2009: 391). In explaining his theory of hegemony, Gramsci argued that the masses agree to this domination by ‘refusing to resist, by hoping to gain advantages by supporting domination, or by not seeing through the presented lies so that, as a result, they consent to their own oppression’ (Fuchs 2009: 391).
Independent media – particularly online media – have the possibility to subvert the corporate interests of capitalistic media (McChesney 2007). An alternative press, as conceptualized by Marx, serves as a ‘public watchdog, the tireless denouncer of those in power’ (Marx & Engels MEW: 231). However, such an investigative and antagonistic alternative media are only possible outside the parameters of profiteering. Egalitarian relationships, both within-media and between-media users, can unite individuals through common cause. Individuals and groups can ‘centralise the numerous local struggles, all of the same character, into one national struggle’ (Marx & Engels MECW: 493). The decentralized network of information exchange through the Internet poses a unique opportunity to circumvent mainstream, capitalistic media and realize the theory of a democratic, participatory medium, first put forth by Marx and Engles 150 years ago.”


Did the survey. Hockey stick on the way.

Roy UK

3,142 total plays to date. Today there are 92 views. Just click on the stats underneath the video on the Vimeo site.

Bob Diaz

Given that “big oil” is spending big money to flood comment streams on forums; how come I never get paid to post here? So who do the rest of you go to to get this big money??? (Classic line, pretend it’s big oil money that questions flawed science.)

Anthony, have you noticed that the taxpayer funded NASA channel is pushing AGW in their kid’s programming? It’s slipped in occasionally during their various “lesson” sessions.
If you can’t get the adults – go for the kids.


There’s something even more curious about those stats. They got 11,600 hits from some site called but… only 6 loads. Six? 11,600 people clicked through to the site, but only SIX watched the video? SIX?
So…. I tried to visit the site, and got this message:
“The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the Web site, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list.”
Seriously? I’m on their blacklist? They know who I am? Right.
So, off to a different computer on a completely different ISP. Same message. Wow.
Anyone in a betting mood? Here’s my bet. There is no “black list” there is only a white list for specific computers that are allowed on the site. No way there’s thousands of them, that would be impractical. More likely there are only a few of them, and they are running bots. is a dummy site which has only one purpose. It exists for bots to hit it and from there link to the Reality Drop site, driving up that site’s traffic numbers. Whoever did the initial testing probably clicked the video link just to make sure the whole food chain was working right. The bots don’t do that part, so…. no more views of the video.


10. When you used the site, what were the biggest barriers between you and a painless user experience?
The content.

What is that evil new type of software out there for generating and controlling bogus online personae? – “Persona management software” – that’s it isn’t it? It took me precisely 1:21 seconds into the video to figure out that is EXACTLY what Reality Drop actually is: social management software designed to transform the participant into a ‘bot’ designed to “flood online comment streams” with information that they aggregate, filter, and supply to the participant. Evil.
Maybe Algore’s problem is that people are smart enough to figure this out and don’t appreciate being made into tools – even if they DO happen to support his position. Either that or Reality Drop is the dumbest ‘game’ idea ever invented. Who really wants to be a “carbon crusher” or be an initiate into the “order of the green circle”? an eight year old???

Gene Selkov

I see a general pattern here. “Truth” has become a dirty word. Almost every weekend I have to answer the door to a couple characters (different each time) who attempt to hand me their church’s pamphlets and insist I must know “the truth”. I tell them I’ll buy everything except truth.
So when I see somebody “spread truth” right in the opening, I know I can’t be bothered to look further. Isn’t that neat?

Operation Hockey Stick is underway!