WUWT-TV's answer to Al Gore's 'Dirty Weather Report' is ON THE AIR

Welcome, for the next 24 hours, WUWT will be bringing you the counterpoint to Al Gore’s claim that “dirty energy=dirty weather” which you can watch over here.

To watch WUWT-TV live see below:

[ustreamlive 12560352 w=480 h=302]

You can watch live in the window above by pressing the PLAY icon, or you can click the link to USTREAM directly:  USTREAM direct link

Some notes:

1. I cannot remove the advertising, the cost to do this channel without it, given the potential number of viewer hours that could occur (along with overages) was too big of a financial risk for me. Please make do. perhaps we’ll get there for the next time, donations accepted.

2. In a few days, the source video clips will be posted on YouTube.

3. During live interviews, we will take selected questions submitted in comments below.

4. Please share this link to this post widely, on blogs, on facebook, with friends. Help get our view count up.

5. Press release on the event is here.

6. Schedule follows.

WUWT-TV Schedule November 14th & 15th

ALL TIMES BELOW are Pacific Standard Time but MAY CHANGE DURING THE LIVE BROADCAST if Presenters go short/long or we have technical difficulties.

To convert these times to your time zone, click to open this time zone converter tool.

For a mapped time zone (thx ‘aquix’) see: http://www.timezonecheck.com/

Recordings will be made available a few days after the broadcast.


Senator James Inhofe (recorded intro) 5:00 PST Nov 14 Intro – whats next?
Dr. Pat Michaels (live) 5:10 PST Nov 14 Lukewarmers, Hotheads & Flatliners
Bob Tisdale (video) 6PM PST Nov 14 Sea Surface Temperatures/ENSO
Chris Horner (live) 7PM PST Nov 14 Political angle, FOIA
Dr. Ryan Maue (live) 8PM PST Nov 14 Hurricanes
Steve Mosher & Tom Fuller (live) 9PM PST Nov 14 Climategate
Dr. David Evans (live) 10PM PST Nov 14 The Skeptics Case
Burt Rutan (recorded) 11PM PST Nov 14 Engineer’s perspective
Pete Garcia (movie intro, recorded) 12AM PST Nov 15 Feature movie
The Boy who Cried Warming (movie)
The Boy who Cried Warming (movie)
John Coleman, KUSI-TV (intro, recorded) 1:30AM PST Nov 15
John Coleman Special Pt1 (recorded) TV special on AGW Pt1
John Coleman Special Pt2 (recorded) 2:30AM PST Nov 15 TV special on AGW Pt2
Dr. Sebastian Lüning (recorded) 3:30AM PST Nov15 The Sun as Climate Driver
Mike Smith, CCM (recorded) 4:30AM PST Nov15 Extreme Weather events
Marc Morano (recorded) 5:00AM PST Nov15 The Politics of Alarmism
Dr. Ross McKittrick (recorded) 6AM PST Nov15 Energy. Pollution, Economics
Dr. Richard Lindzen (live) 7AM PST Nov15 Bait and Switch Aspects of the Global Warming Issue
Christopher Monckton (live) 8AM PST Nov15 Climate Sensitivity
Andrew Montford (live) 9AM PST Nov15 The Hockey Stick/28Gate
Dr. Roy Spencer (live) 10AM PST Nov15 What Causes Climate Change?
Steve McIntyre (live) 11AM PST Nov15 The Climate Year in Review: a new focus on extremes
Dr. Tim Ball (live) 12PM PST Nov15 Warming – A deception?
Joe Bastardi (live) 1PM PST Nov15 Forecasting extremes
Joe D’Aleo (live) 1:30PM PST Nov15 Extreme weather & Sandy
John Kehr (live) 2PM PST Nov15 The Inconvenient Skeptic
Harold Ambler (live) 3PM PST Nov15 Ignoring Weather History
Maurizo Morabito (live) 3:30PM PST Nov15 BBC’s Twenty Eight Gate
Donna Laframboise (live) 4PM PST Nov15 The IPCC – Unreliable & Untrustworthy
Anthony Watts & Evan Jones (live) 5PM PST Nov15 Update on the surfacestations project and Watts et al paper.

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Looking good!


Great job Anthony.


A good start but the audio cuts in and out, clipping, etc.

Wow. That’s a great line up.

Grey Lensman

Great way to wake up and enjoy breakfast. Alerted my team.

Feeds works. Only I noticed is a flickering blue bar at the bottom

Eric Barnes

Awesome Anthony! Looking good!

Graham Green

What a fantastic selection of speakers!
Unlike the BBC 28.


Anthony, I’m sure that those of us who are watching are not concerned about lighting, technical issues with Skype, ect. As a broadcast professional, I realize you have quality standards that exceed the requirements of the content. No need to apologize for any glitches throughout the broadcast! I’m enjoying the experience fully aware of what you are working with. Well done!

Eric Anderson

Anthony, thanks for putting this together.
However, it keeps cutting in and out and dropping bits. I’m on a pretty fast cable modem and don’t have any problems with other streaming (YouTube, Netflix, etc.), so I’m guessing it is a bandwith issue on the front end? Anyway, I don’t know if there is anything that can be done, just wanted to make you aware FYI.

Blue bar at the bottom is gone but you have a weird shimmy-shaking now.

Gunga Din

As I feared. It breaks up on me. I took a peak at Algores thing and it acts the same way. It must the hammer and chisel used in my system at this end.
Look forward to the YouTube clips. I can pause them until the buffer catches up if need be.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks to you and all of your guest for what you’re doing.

The word’s getting out, too.
Tamino’s latest posting mentions CRP’s 24-hour charade (“…Al Gore’s Climate Reality site is kicking off another 24 Hours of Reality broadcast today at [time redacted, let them find it themselves]. I strongly recommend not only that you watch it, but that you get some friends to watch it with you…”
Problem is, the first few comments refer to WUWT’s alternate programming.
I’m sure that while there may be a few posters trying to revive Al Gore’s attempt to portray reality, the majority of the discussion will center on the WUWT broadcast.
You know they’ve tasked someone to watch – so you might give a shout-out to Open Mind.
In the meantime, sit back and watch heads explode.

Gunga Din

PS I didn’t see Kenji on the schedule. I hope he’ll be in a YouTube clip. I was looking forward to hearing him speak.
REPLY: He was on video, but looked to be snoozing… -ModE

R. de Haan

Great TV show. Lot’s of trolls posting at the social stream though. This should be regarded as a compliment.

Gunga Din

Another PS, would it help with the cost (the Ads) if I left it playing even though it breaks up to much for me to follow?

I think Bob Tisdale’s presentation is finally getting me to understand how ENSO works.
Would be nice to have a similar look at some cooling interval of the oceans, though, to show how it cools (i.e. does it also do it in jumps where La Nina / El Nino have non-offsetting cooling). It would be the symmetry that would lock down the argument. Probably don’t have the data for it though… (doubt they were collecting the needed data back in the first half of the last century…)

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

Anthony, you should have negotiated a payment from UStream, for stress testing their system with such a high volume of traffic.
When did you last see a server catch fire?

Gunga Din

Another observation, the actual live people seem to come through better than the “live” video clips. FYI

Reg. Blank

I’ve got the WUWT ustream feed and the Gorefest ustream side by side here. Unfortuately for the Gore team, the ustream player shows the current number of viewers, and the total count of views.
At about 02:05 GMT (6:05 PM PST I think) I noticed the total Gore views tick past 300k views, with something like 9000 current viewers. As I start typing this (at about 02:50 GMT) the views has gone past 500k views, with a current viewership of 11200 viewers. The WUWT stream has smaller figures, but the total views figure is not climbing at all to the same extent.
I suspect one of three things is happening.
1) ustream is having major technical problems where the users are having to reload on the Gore stream to try to get it to work–whereas the WUWT feed seems OK.
2) The Gorefest is actually getting hundreds of thousands of individual viewers but they are getting bored really quickly and stop watching.
3) I don’t like to say this since Al Gore’s and his team are all decent upstanding honourable people, but it seems possible to me that there’s some automated “hit fiddling” going on to boost the viewing figures. Perhaps it is not them doing it, but those nasty deniers trying to discredit the Climate Reality Project by generating obviously bogus viewing counts. Anyway, I’m sure they will not take the opportunity to claim 6+ million view(er)s after 24 hours of this… activity.
Anyway, this anomaly has prompted me to run a script that takes a screenshot every 30 seconds with both browser windows side by side which will therefore capture an image of these viewing statistics. This was started at 02:18 GMT so it misses the bit at the start. I’ll extract the data from these images later. It will be interesting to see the viewing figures over time.
Now it is 03:14 GMT and the “reality” viewing figures are 12100 current viewers with 610k total views.

Bloomin’ satellite internet connection too slow at this time of the evening in rural New Zealand, so I’ll have to wait for the youtube versions.
Meanwhile, best wishes to you and the whole team, Anthony


I would ask his take on how the U.N. Agenda 21 plays into what we see today with with respect energy policy ?

Reg. Blank

Oh well, I had to reload the Gore stream a few minutes after my last comment because the current viewer count seemed to freeze. The viewing stats no longer appear on that stream. There are still stats on a reload of the WUWT stream.
I suspect something got turned off.
No matter, I have an hour of screenshots with counters.

You guys don’t attend many web seminars and live science presentations, do you? Technical difficulties always keep us humble, as we search out the mysteries and laws of the universe. (:

The Presenters and the content of the Talks is first-rate. The advertising is very annoying but I understand that it part of the underpinning. This is a presentation rich in facts, depth and perspective unlike the Clown-Show on the great Gore-a-thon.

Thanks, Anthony!!!!

Grey Lensman

Ultimately its not the science but the politics. This Chriss Horners presentation is absolutely spot on and needs much wider coverage


Trying to view Judith Curry’s site, WordPress indicates the blog has been suspended for violation of terms of service\.
Anyone know WUWT?

Big thumbs up Anthony et al! RE the ‘did you know’ on forests growing next to glaciers: I’ve seen forests growing ON glaciers in Alaska! Strange but true! Glad to see I won’t have to get up early to see Lord Monckton tomorrow.


watching tv and learning…and thinking…how novel!
give me content over style any day.
difficulties commenting as well, but not to worry.


This is an outstanding event. Congratulations Anthony.
There are few small tech issues, but who cares?

Sometimes audio can have breakup on Skype if folks talk fast and shift syllables fast. Slowing down and spending more time on each syllable lets it encode each one. Not as effective as killing the video, but it can help with minor ‘break up’ problems.

Reg. Blank

Just noticed the Gore team have switched to a “total views” only count (coming up to 1 million), leaving out the current viewers count. So I’ll start collecting screenshots again for the stats.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)

@ GaryM,
Judith Curry’s site’s recent Google cache version looks good. Last story posted was an hour ago (10:06 PM EST), “Policy, rhetoric and public bewilderment”. Features only a long Mark Thompson quote on the main page “teaser”.
Googling the beginning of the quote with the name turned up one other usage, where it’s given in the comments of a recent Bishop Hill piece featuring a lecture at Oxford given by Mark Thompson, former head of the BBC, with Thompson getting skewered in the BH comments.
Side question: Is there a “official” Bishop Hill blog to be used for linking, the other site is just a (temporary?) mirror?
http://bishophill.squarespace.com/blog/2012/11/12/mark-thompson-on-the-gwpf.html (original site)
Maybe Thompson didn’t like the attention, and put in a claim of copyright violation or some such nonsense.

great shots of the Member of Concerned Scienists!!!

Keith Minto

Audio/video fine here in Canberra on my 2Mb/sec ethernet connection using FF.
No buffering or breakups.


Thanks, Anthony and all! Y’all reek credibility and class. I gotta say, though, that I expected Kenji to look more concerned.

I’m getting a bad echo.


Don’t lick your privates, Kenji. If we wanted to see someone do that we’d be over at al’s place.
BTW, It’s 117 degrees in ST. Louis.

As soon as I posted that the echo stopped.


Anthony, this show rocks!
Ryan Maue was superb!


Darn. I can’t watch this on my iPhone.

Grey Lensman

Sorry Moshe and Fuller, you sound like good guys caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I can sense your problem, ethics and truth. How do you defend, for example lying to ensure the truth gets out, such actions, only to find the ends do not justify the means.
You are close to admitting to yourselves, that you have been had.

Mosher is saying no one would argue his temperature graph isn’t close to what really happens. Well, I would argue it. The temperature record is so “cooked” we have no idea what is correct. Furthermore, the temperature now is not significantly different from the ’30s. As I kid I listened closely to ‘old folks’ about what they experienced. They lived through hotter times than I did, and it’s not noticeably warmer now than then.
There’s a 60 year cycle, and there was a cold LIA, but the idea that NOW is warming compared to the history of prior centuries is just wrong. From the Roman Optimum to the other Medieval Warm period, this time is not warmer.

Fuller , “The debate is about sensitivity.”
The debate is also about what measured change (temperature, sea ice, etc) changes can be attributed to what causes. Until we do that we are in position to empirically determine the effects of CO2.

In my haste I missed ‘not’.
Until we do that we are not in a position

Basically, look at this graph of the Holocene:
And then say that rapid warming (or cooling) is abnormal at all, and that the past has not been warm.

Excellent! Enjoyed watching.


now that i know a certain oddity is repeating every half hour or so, which i presume means anthony is not aware of it, i’d like to know if anyone else gets an ad for blackmores vitamins, which is ear-splittingly loud and screeching, like heavy metal music, which seems extremely out of place for a vitamins ad.
it is soooooooooooo loud and grating, i am sure some viewers would find it disturbing, as it comes without warning and volume needs to be switched to almost zero til it finishes, and then turn up the volume to continue with the presentation.

The Skeptical Science “crusher crew” is trying to spam the social stream,