The Lewandowsky participation census, re-booted

Steve McIntyre provides this update: The purpose of this post is to take a census of all skeptics who participated in the Lewandosky survey in 2010.

The Lewandowsky participation question

UPDATE: There are so many respondents (thank you) and since it is clear that about 97% of WUWT readers hadn’t seen/participated in 2010 Lewandowsky survey, that we’ve added a second…

The Daily Lew – Issue 4

LewWorld still has no comment of substance, and in the ‘Skeptical Science’ style, is furiously deleting inconvenient comments that ask questions like “What are you going to do now that…

Friday funny bonus – 'Madlands' wins photoshop disaster spot

Alek O. Komarnitsky writes: Anna Rose’s “Madlands – A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic” got featured on Photoshop Disasters.  (After looking at the cover, it is…

Friday Funny – Guardian publishes a story about Earth 'raising the white flag' due to disappearing ice, then disappears the story

Fortunately, the Internet has a memory.  Here’s some excerpts from the story by Damian Carrington. After reading it, I can see why they disappeared it.