NSIDC's oops moment – uncoordinated changes make for an interesting 24 hours

Many of you are probably aware of some strange goings on over at The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) with their Arctic Sea ice graph, specifically, this one here: You see, up until Tuesday morning, it looked like this: Advertisements


Carbon capture and storage – "We still don't know when CCS technologies will be technically proven at full scale"

From the UK Energy Research Centre Carbon capture and storage — new research from UKERC shows tough road ahead to realize potential Research highlights key challenges for the government’s new CCS strategy Government plans to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to reduce carbon emissions received a cautious welcome today. A new report concluded…

Here is a chilling story of how the best engineering and design can go horribly wrong in the face of test after test. Wayne Hale relays this story about how Space Shuttle Discovery was nearly lost after a complete redesign and safety overhaul. Highly recommended – Anthony

Ice capades – Some Himalayan Glaciers Growing, study suggests a negative sea level rise adjustment

I wonder if Rajenda Pachauri will call this “voodoo science“? A previous study by the UC Santa Barbara found that the Karakoram glaciers are mostly stagnating, possibly due to debris, the author said then that: “There is no ‘stereotypical’ Himalayan glacier,” said Bookhagen. “This is in clear contrast to the IPCC reports that lumps all Himalayan…

Achoo! Killer AGW pollen attacks

On the plus side, they mention in the press release that CO2 boosts plant growth. A look at tomorrow’s climate: Pollen levels are rising across Europe Bild: istockphoto 16.04.2012, Press releases From Reykjavik to Thessaloniki, pollen levels are on the increase. A team of researchers headed by Prof. Annette Menzel at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen reports…