Hump day hilarity – astronauts rule

Josh notes that NASA’s Dr. James Hansen gets a medal in Edinburgh this week, and was flying sky-high, but was brought back down to earth by NASA astronauts that performed an unscheduled EVA into the rarefied atmosphere of “climate change”.

Apparently, being sky high, Dr. Hansen seems to be suffering from some hypoxia. Word has it he was babbling on about  “one small step for Mann…

Time to bring him back down.

39 thoughts on “Hump day hilarity – astronauts rule

  1. Hopefully, this will serve as a wake-up call for millions of people. Somehow, I doubt it will, but hope springs eternal!
    Get NASA back to being the best damned scientific organization in the world! And quit with this ignorant, superstition driven carbonphobia!

  2. Next he’ll be babbling “A Mann’s a Mann for a’ that” (a bard of no regard?)
    considering he was in Edinburgh (didn’t think they had anything approaching
    warming up there….). Whatever were they thinking???
    As always, great cartoon Josh!

  3. Dr Harrison ‘Spock’ Schmitt “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”
    “That’s the tariff Jim for climate fraud”

  4. Gosh, how about a space ship sending him to Venus with our hero astronauts at mission control. You could call it “Mission Acomplished” at least for him anyway.

  5. If Hansen is really worried about carbon footprints, why didn’t he just ask them to mail his award to him? Better yet, why didn’t he ask them to fax him a virtual award, which he could then print out and hang on his office wall rather than travel halfway around the world to pick it up? Is It just me or does it sound counter productive to destroy the planet to pick up an award for saving it?

  6. Bernd Felsche says:
    April 11, 2012 at 7:19 pm
    “That hat’s not going to be much good upon re-entry.”
    I disagree, That hat will make anyone look good during reentry.

  7. Sparks says:
    April 11, 2012 at 5:49 pm
    Josh is not a real artist like da vinci, Just look at all thoes random dots repesenting stars. /JK

    Providing a view of a blue sky from the moon suggests that Josh is not a real climate scientist. But he does seem to be a real artist. Just saying …
    I always like Josh’s work, even if I don’t jump in and say so every time.

  8. To avoid confusion for those not familiar with UK traditions, the following distinction may be useful.
    ▪ The Duke of Edinburgh Award is given to teenagers who have demonstrated the ability to live in a tent for a year living off survival rations and to help the poor.
    ▪ The Edinburgh Medal is given to pensioners who have demonstrated the ability to live in a hotel for a year living off the minibar and to harass the poor.

  9. My preferred cartoon would be of an angry looking Hansen with his ‘tin medal’ (a military term for a worthless or unearned award) glaring at the spacesuited astronaut and saying “I got a medal for what I do. What have you got to show for what you did?” As the catastrophists live in a world where they are ‘heroes’ in their own minds and to each other they no doubt think that those who train for years then go to to Moon are on a doddle and not in their league. They are right, but not how they believe as they are lowly termites in a land of brave giants.

  10. Joe Public says:
    April 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Of course, astronauts are supremely qualified to comment on Climate Change.
    Harrison Schmitt grew up in nearby Silver City.[2] He received a B.S. degree in geology from the California Institute of Technology in 1957 and then spent a year for graduate studying geology at the University of Oslo in Norway.[2][3][4] He received a Ph.D. in geology from Harvard University in 1964, based on his geological field studies in Norway.
    Shhh! Don’t tell anyone it might ruin your attempt at sarcasm. Climate scientist, al gore, still finds it funny though.

  11. As a Scotsman I have to say I am embarrassed by this country giving a medal to this guy. It should be noticed, to their credit, that the Universtiy of Edinburgh is not listed as supporting this jamboree. But the City of Edinburgh Council is listed, which tells you everything.
    A few years ago it was decided that a new tramway system should be built in Edinburgh. The Council thought they could manage this major project themselves and appointed a Councillor to head the project team. He was a well qualified person who had only ever had one job – a social worker! (No kidding!)
    The original plan was to build a network of lines and the total cost was estimated at £300 million ($465m). After several years of delays work is still going on and today the estimated cost is £800 – £1000 milion ($1240- $1550m). And that is only going give them one line, not a network. And not even a complete line as it will stop short of its original destination, which was the main justification in the first place.
    This is the scandal in Scotland just now. The Council people had no project engineering expertise and they have no other scientific expertise. and this is the quality of the people who are giving out medals and spending taxpayers’ money for a lavish ceremony. As this story shows it was gullible people, whose only knowledge about climate comes from reading the newspapers and watching TV, who made the decision to nominate Hansen. The Government agency which also supports this jamboree has to go along with government policy – or they are fired!
    I don’t see that as a great honour! Perhaps the Warmists do.

  12. Joe Public says:
    April 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm
    Of course, astronauts are supremely qualified to comment on Climate Change.
    Argumentum ad verecundiam

  13. Jeff says:
    April 11, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Next he’ll be babbling “A Mann’s a Mann for a’ that” (a bard of no regard?) considering he was in Edinburgh (didn’t think they had anything approaching warming up there….). Whatever were they thinking???
    As always, great cartoon Josh!

    Now that’s funny. The Robert Burns song “A Man’s a Man For A’ That” has become a standard duty tune common to a number of Highland Regiments. Here’s a description from the 10th Calgary Highlanders:

    Defaulters – “A Man’s A Man For A’ That”
    The words to the song “Is there for honest poverty” were another Burns composition, and the song was set to bagpipe music in the mid 19th century. Previously, it had been a marching tune for the fifes and drums. This tune is traditionally played when an accused soldier is brought before a summary trial, court martial or other hearing. By tradition, the accused removes his hat and is escorted in by two soldiers of equal rank – his peers – and is permitted to have a piper play him in. The tune is played to bring to mind Burns’ words – and remind the presiding officer that the soldier is still a man, and should be treated fairly and without prejudice no matter what the accusation against him might be. The tune is played by a solo piper.

    I would gladly pipe him in to a court martial!

  14. If he’s on the moon, shouldn’t his eyes be popping out of his sockets? I mean, that’s what happened to Arnold Schwarzenneger in Total Recall. Just sayin’

  15. I’ll probably incite a load of angry responses for what I’m about to say, but everyone should be allowed to give their opinion about a picture:
    Am I the only one who finds Josh’s cartoons a bit….

  16. BTW
    I’m about to board a plane for a foreign country, so you won’t hear from me again for at least 6 days – i’m not a ‘drive-by’ troll

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