Almost belated birthday wishes to Willis Eschenbach

So much has been going on this week, and today especially,  that I almost forgot that Willis Eschenbach has a very special birthday today. Since Willis contributes a great deal here, I want to give him my thanks and well wishes, and hope that you will also. Advertisements


The DeSmoggers are crashing and burning

Well, the DeSmog Blog “coup” is going down, oh the humanity. There’s a scathing second writeup at The Atlantic by Megan McArdle (as if the first wasn’t enough) that takes the DeSmoggers to task. Note to Hoggan and crew – when you can’t even get a left leaning news outlet to back you up, even…

AAAS – "science is not enough"

Doug Jones writes in with this: WUWT readers may be interested to see what the AAAS is doing with members’ funding. I’m amused that they baldly admit that they want to “influence public perceptions and debate when the science supporting a position is not enough to carry the argument.” What is being said here with…