Not quite Friday (but feels like it) funny

Josh is moved by the revelations of the lack of Himalayan glacier melt in the last 10 years to do some voodoo cartooning.

25 thoughts on “Not quite Friday (but feels like it) funny

  1. Apologies for going so far off topic,but if you`re in the uk ITV1 has a programme starting at 7:30.
    `The cost of going green`
    I`m hoping for something other than Monbiots viewpoint….but i wouldn`t bet a cheese sandwich on it.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. I’d be surprised if Pachauri didn’t have an Anthony Watts doll.
    Anthony, any strange pin prick sensations lately ?

  3. Bob Hope had a great line on Zombies:

    I guess today, he might say, “You mean Global Warming Believers” 🙂

  4. Ol’ Patchy is gettin’ railroaded!
    (the good news is that he’s a railroad engineer, so he’ll know what to do when his train runs out of steam)

  5. What a moron everyone knows for the doll to work you have to use pins. If only they had used pins the embarrassment of being wrong could have been avoided.

  6. Nisse says:
    February 9, 2012 at 12:11 pm
    Before you go and choke on the joke: What says the data?
    uhmm, ….. it says, the Himalayas have lost 4 Gt/yr of water, +/-20 Gt/yr…….. in other words, they’re not really losing anything…..

  7. A quote from The Guardian,
    “The scientists are careful to point out that lower-altitude glaciers in the Asian mountain ranges – sometimes dubbed the “third pole” – are definitely melting. Satellite images and reports confirm this. But over the study period from 2003-10 enough ice was added to the peaks to compensate.”
    When aren’t glaciers moving and melting? Ice forms in high altitudes and falls slowly to lower altitudes where it melts. A net change of 0 means the flux is stable. Everything is always bad!

  8. Bob Diaz, good one, but I saw that punchline coming from a mile away….
    Will Rodgers said;
    “I’m not a member of an organized political party, I’m a Democrat……….”
    Cheers, Kevin.

  9. But I am looking for other sources than Spiegel or Guardian. Those people are no scientist (quite the opposite many times). There should be same data tables and graphs with maps of measuring stations so that one can get a view. This will of course not give the whole picture I guess but something to put the foot on.

  10. The Nature paper ( also includes a couple of other points.
    – The rate of melt of the arctic ice caps is much less than previously measured.
    – There is no mention of any acceleration in the rate of ice melt.
    There extreme view (that Bob Ward and John Cook of Skeptical Science like to quote) is Velicogna 2009 Geo Res Letters.
    It seems that if you base your data on a narrow time frame, or some local observations (the Himalayan Glacier prediction), you will obtain alarmist conclusions. Look at the wider, longer-term context and you get a more moderate conclusion.

  11. Thank you for mentioning the paper. But for crying out loud: the results of the study ALSO showed that most glaciers ARE clearly melting. But that was perhaps no news to most of us. So lets cling onto the Himalayas, shall we. Yes, feels cooler already (please dont melt, please don melt, please dont melt…dang)

  12. Nisse says:
    “…the results of the study ALSO showed that most glaciers ARE clearly melting.”
    That’s what happens when the planet naturally emerges from one of the coldest periods of the Holocene. Glaciers melt, imagine that!

  13. Yes I can imagine glaciers melting. But many are imagening that they are not, despite citing (without knowing?) a paper that clearly shows melting is the case. There is a potential risk that we encourage this melting. No one denies that co2 warms the planet but suddenly some extra man made co2 does not…due to…magic?

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