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Dear Friends,

It is with great satisfaction that I can announce that Ecotretas has won a Portuguese election for blog of the year 2011, in the category Nature.

The election was organized by a left wing blog, which is even more impressive! A post in Portuguese is available at

The message is getting out!


55 thoughts on “Congratulations to Ecotretas

  1. Well done Ecotretas. The hasn’t been much good news coming out of Portugal recently, so this is a little ray of sunshine and hope.

  2. Ecotretas, bom trabalho.
    Eu amo seu idioma.
    A verdade triunfa.
    Portuguese is one of my favorite languages for the listening.
    Congratulations on your award.

  3. I think its a Brazilian site Metsul etc but great all the news coming out now looks like even MSM is beginning to cave in.

  4. Thanks Anthony for the mention!
    As Phillip Bratby mentions above, things in Portugal have not been good in the recent past. A great part has been associated with the big feed-in tariffs for wind and solar, that have made Portuguese electricity one of the most costly in Europe, despite our low income. This has wrecked our industry and economy… Greens are everywhere, but realism is starting to kick in, as this vote demonstrates.
    While English is the main language on the web, and WUWT is our lighthouse, there are other blogs&sites struggling in other languages. I have compiled a list of sites and blogs that have Skeptical views in non-English countries. I would take this opportunity to ask for more sites for this list; the more we are, the faster the truth will spread!

  5. Já que o EcoTretas não tem os comentários abertos (compreensível face ao radicalismo verbal dos não-cépticos), ficam aqui os meus parabéns 🙂

  6. Ecotretas, your award once again proves the power of one. Individuals can make a difference, just look at Antony Watts and now your good self. Congratulations and may more of us take up the baton and join the good fight.
    Ps. I love languages and am familiar with the sounds of many. One night at a restaurant in our small town in New South Wales I heard a group of four men talking at the next table in a foreign language. I could not pick it. It was not Italian, or Spanish, or Greek. It certainly wasn’t Germanic, Slavic or Hungarian. In the end I approached the men and asked them what language were they speaking: Portugese! They were working on a local highway upgrade. Nice blokes too.

  7. The election was organized by a left wing blog,…

    Expect cancellation next year.
    Well done! The word is getting out.

  8. Have read and enjoyed your comments for a couple of years now. The greens have had their chance in Portugal and Spain. There is no comfort in “I told you so”, but Ecotretas tried to tell them so. Great victory. Perhaps they will listen now.

  9. Well done Ecotretas
    A Frisco “portagee” (his word) befriended me in a scrap in SE Asia a while back and I’ve been rather taken by the breed ever since.

  10. Hip Hip Hurrah – Ecotretas!
    I enjoy reading your comments here.
    You are the Portuguese honest science Man ‘O War!

  11. Congratulations Ecotretas!
    This reminds me of my two visits to Portugal, one in Lisboa and the other in Coimbra… nice cities.
    Toast with Porto wine!!

  12. This comment is way,way off thread but this success demonstrates the original thought that is exemplified in the Portuguese Govt. decision to decriminalise all illicit drugs ten years ago And it WORKS. Congratulations from Downunder!

  13. Congratulations from another fan here at WUWT – I’ve also enjoyed your comments over the past several years. Much gratitude to you and to all who put in the effort and time to defend verity and open dialogue!

  14. Obrigadíssimo Ecotretas and congratulations.
    I love your country and have traveled it extensively (my parents live in the Algarve).
    Love your storks and their nests, your cork trees, the fabulous Maritime Museum in Lisboa, and the list is endless …..

  15. Ecotretas, my little town of Santa Clara, California is proud of you! We have a thriving Portuguese population here. Parabéns! I always enjoy your comments. Visit us if you ever get the chance. The weather here is very much like Portugal. Stop by and I’ll buy you a sangria or ouzo, your choice. Or a Napa Valley wine… or the evil Vodak, whatever you like.☺ And thanks as always for your contributions to WUWT.

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