Gore, Hansen, Trenberth to make Antarctic PR expedition

From the you’ve got to be effin kidding me department comes news of the epic journey to Antarctica. What do they hope to prove? I don’t know, it seems like nothing but a publicity stunt, especially since the sea ice trend in Antarctica is up in the last 30 years:

Source: University of Illinois Cryosphere Today

I predict what will come of it will be much like this joke of a new report by Scott Pelley of CBS News who went to Antarctica at the peak of the southern summer to capture images of melting ice. Here’s the transcript. Antarctic summer is opposite that of the northern hemisphere and runs roughly from October through February.

Gore, Hansen, and Trenberth and more than 100 fellow travelers will depart from Argentina late next week and arrive in late summer in Antarctica, just in time to witness melting ice, put it on video, wail about the tragedy, and ask for money to combat climate change. Basically, they are going to lie with seasonal visual aids..

Scientists, celebrities to cruise with Gore to Antarctica

Lauren Morello, E&E reporter

E&E News

Former Vice President Al Gore is taking his fight against climate change to Antarctica next week as part of a cruise organized by his Climate Reality Project. Gore and more than 100 fellow travelers will depart from Argentina late next week. Scientists, including climatologists James Hansen of NASA and Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will give talks during the journey.Other attendees include Bangladesh’s minister of environment and forests, Hasan Mahmud, and British billionaire Richard Branson, who blogged about the trip last month.”Today is the 100th anniversary of Roald Amundsen and his team’s successful trip to the South Pole. Next month I’m going to Antarctica with [my family] to celebrate that trip and also Capt Robert Scott (who was a relative of ours) incredible voyage there,” Branson wrote on Dec. 14. “Sadly as you know he perished on the way home. We’re going on a boat organised by Al Gore to learn as much as we can from scientists and experts about where we are in the worrying cycle of Global Warming.” The Antarctic voyage is part of a larger campaign to focus attention on the threat climate change poses to the world’s ice sheets and glaciers — a subject Gore highlighted in his 2007 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and at a 2009 conference he convened with Norway’s foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Støre.

“This winter we will be talking about Antarctica as part of our ‘Living on Thin Ice’ campaign which will focus on how people around the globe are being impacted by the melting of the world’s ice,” Climate Reality Project spokesman Eric Young said. “As part of that effort, we are journeying to Antarctica with our chairman, Vice President Gore, and leading scientists and thinkers to see firsthand how the climate crisis is unfolding.”

Antarctica is not the only stop for Gore’s campaign, Young said, which has convened events in Ecuador, the Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn and is planning trips to Nepal and the Alps.


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Chris B

You guys are quick!

R. Shearer

You think they might jet pool to Argentina?

Get ready for another Climate FAIL and the Al Gore effect.

Who is paying for this? What kind of carbon footprint will they be leaving behind…. Oh an yes we can but hope the weather turns dastardly cold……… pleaseeeeeeeeee

Waitaminnit… A boat trip organized by Gore… taking Hansen and Trenberth… to view declining Antarctic ice… and to celebrate the Scott expedition (-blink- well, maybe they’ll emulate that little adventure completely).. with stops in Nepal and the Alps (by boat?)…
A quick look (which is about all I can stand) at Gore’s blog doesn’t seem to mention this. Are you sure this isn’t satire?

Chris B

Gore effect + Antarctica = Climate Disaster

Maybe they’ll end up at this antarctic base which would fit well their their co2 doomsday rapture thing:


Lew Skannen

Would it be wrong to suggest that Francesco Schettino captains the vessel?

Interstellar Bill

Poetic Justice envisages the Gore Effect bringing a record-cold storm that strands their hapless ship for all of 2012, after which a slender but frostbitten crew are rescued by a nuclear icebreaker, their harrowing ordeal causing them to recant the error of the Warmista ways.


I assume they’ll also be there to observe the decline in penguins (supposed) and of course all of those poor great whites going hungry…

Jenn Oates

Are people really not aware enough to know when it’s winter up here it’s summer down there? Please tell me that people won’t fall for it. Please.

Is this one of those times where we wish the Al Gore effect makes this a one way trip?
Ok, I am not really serious on that (it was supposed to be a really bad joke…)
But really, knowing Al Gore’s luck with his own effect…it really must be possible?


“Lew Skannen says:
January 22, 2012 at 7:37 pm
Would it be wrong to suggest that Francesco Schettino captains the vessel?”
Yeah considering.
There’s already been that rescue for the Russian Fishing boat being trapped in the ice down there.
Then there was also another rescue for a Korean Fishing boat that also caught fire aswell.
So the odds are looking fairly healthy for a Gore Effect Antarctic shipwreck!

You just know they will report that by not sighting any Polar bears,
it will be more proof of global warming.

Reporter Lauren Morello must be rather young. She’s obviously on the same ideological side as Gore and Hansen, but doesn’t realize how beautifully appropriate her phrase “fellow traveler” is!

This actually makes me laugh. It is becoming apparent that to be a Vice President of the US, you have to be a caricature of some type: imbecile (Quayle), imbecilic zealot (Gore), warmongering demon (Cheney), bumbling dolt (Biden). Now, I don’t believe that Quayle was that stupid, Cheney was sent from the underworld, or that Biden is that much of a dolt (bumbling a bit, yes). But Gore just continues to come through with actions that back up his caricature. It’s like watching Jim Baker (preacher) spiral into PR oblivion.

Are Hansen and Trenberth using vacation time to take this trip? Are they paying for the value of the trip?


I think I know just the captain for a cruise such as this, he’s a bit of a celebrity and is recently unemployed! But unlike his esteemed passengers he abandons a sinking ship.

michael hart

The SS Global Warming sailed serenely on. I sense a James Cameron movie coming.
Seriously though, this must be the first time in history that rats have been observed jumping ONTO a sinking ship…

michael hart

…and global warming has already wiped-out the penguins at the North pole.

Alan Robertson

“We’re going on a boat organised by Al Gore”
It’s summertime down there, so maybe they won’t need to travel in a Russian or Chinese icebreaker, however apropos for comrade Gore.
It’s a cinch they won’t make the trip on the Oden, which you may remember was recalled by the Swedish government due to the large increase in sea ice affecting northern navigation.

Sean Peake

Gore, Hansen and Trenberth: Ladies and gentlemen, your Washington Generals starting lineup


“We’re going on a boat organised by Al Gore to learn as much as we can from scientists and experts about where we are in the worrying cycle of Global Warming.”
Unexpected candor from the profiteers of doom, admitting that they are tracking the cycle of worry that they have whipped up with their “global warming” meme.
I can save you the carbon spewing trip to penguin land, Branson. Here is where we sit in the in the “global warming” worrying cycle:
From the peak of the “global warming” worry, which occurred in about 2007-2008, the worry has been trending strongly downward. Issue fatigue kicked off the fall, which was rapidly accelerated by the recognition that “Hope and Change” was more about the preying on the former than the providing the latter, along with a series of unfortunate extreme cold weather events coincident with a number of “global warming” PR confabs. Then came Climategate and frozen Cancun, and worry dove even faster.
Cyclically, the worry got a minor bump up around the summer of 2010, but that year ended with blizzards in Europe, Snowzillain in NY and a white Christmas in Atlanta. Since then, there have been many promises that global temperatures and economies would be trending up, but both are flat to declining. That puts worry over “global warming” off the bottom of the chart. People have real problems to worry about now. They cant afford to worry about imaginary problems, and they understand that the draconian energy and tax policies you guys are pushing as solutions to that imaginary problem will only make their real problems worse.
So don’t figure on the worrying cycle of “global warming” heading back up anytime soon. It is on the same trajectory as global temperatures, and both are sitting at their lowest point in more than decade.

Lady in Red

Too funny. I sent the link to a global warming, ice cap melting friend to follow.
Frankly, he’s too smart for this. ….Lady in Red

Mock all you like, but when that boat is stranded and crushed, Al Gore will prove himself another Shackleton.

1 forest 1

Perfect time for an inconveniently placed Iceberg ;0)

Al Gored

I just hope they don’t leave Gore alone with any penguins. I don’t think they can run fast enough to escape that sex poodle.

Campbell Swift

Perhaps Al Gore can stay there and keep on ‘reporting’ until he actually finds some facts

Mike the convict

Maybe he has gone to look for drowning polar bears? Oh hang on they don’t live in the Antartic. I know a bloke working down at Casey and the last thing he needs is a visit from Al, unless he is bringing more beer.

And, you can bet they’ll pick some place in West Antarctica (which has been trending warmer).
Also, if you check the source, they had this to say:
“…Antarctica is not the only stop for Gore’s campaign, Young said, which has convened events in Ecuador, the Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn and is planning trips to Nepal and the Alps…”
To discuss climate change?

Rick Bradford

“Gore, Hansen, Trenberth to make Antarctic PR expedition”
The book of this expedition has already been written, under the title “Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog).”, by a gentleman called Jerome K Jerome.


But I thought it was Antarctica everywhere Gore went.
Isn’t this trip a bit redundant?
And are Hansen and Trenberth just going along to witness the debacle, or to add to the effect?


I realize these comments are jokes, but they are uncalled for IMHO. It’s one thing to look down upon someone for having/promoting stupid ideas, but it’s sick to wish death upon someone for their ideas. Charge and try him for fraud, sure, but don’t forget he’s a fellow human (I think).

Bill H

what is it about stupidity that these three haven’t figured out yet?
no trees to cut down….lots more ice…. and three stooges… all we need now is to add Mann into the mix…. instant hockey team…

Bill H

[SNIP: OK, enough of wishing disaster on the warmists. It’s stopped being funny several comments ago. -REP]

anna v

We need some light relief. Hansen should chain himself to an iceberg.


It may be summer down there but stuff happens:

Gary Hladik

“Former Vice President Al Gore is taking his fight against climate change to Antarctica next week…”
Er, what’s he gonna do? Persuade the ice not to melt? Sell carbon credits to penquins? Install freezers?

Larry in Texas

It would be quite funny if they got stuck there as a result of a sudden blizzard for about six to eight additional weeks. That would be interesting, those guys being cooped up with each other in the scientific huts.

Ben U.

This is truly incredible. Gore, Hansen, Trenberth, the Gore Effect, Blair’s Law (the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force), all destined to meet at Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness in Antarctica, Gore lurching like Frankenstein’s monster in the chaste icy waste and raving about how civilization must change its carbon ways or else when the stars are right, Gaia will rise and all mankind will tremble! and wagging his green squid cap for emphasis, while the Gore Effect calls down super-freezing like in The Day After Tomorrow. This is beyond The Onion, will Josh or Elmer be able to do it justice?

Philip Bradley

In 2005 an Antarctic cruise ship struck ice and sank.
I recall another Antarctic cruise ship struck ice and was seriously damaged a couple of years ago.

Christopher Hanley

“…I’m going to Antarctica with [my family] to celebrate that trip and also Capt Robert Scott (who was a relative of ours)…” Branson.
I hadn’t realised he was so well connected — Capt. Scott I mean.

Mac the Knife

Trip motto: “We’ll go to the ends of the earth to perpetuate this fraud and protect our paychecks!”

Oh, so they are going down for the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Cape Denison camp. And of course they will compare ice conditions then to ice now.

J. Felton

Gore ” There are no polar bears here!They must be drowning!”
Trernberth: ” it’s worse then we thought!”


Antarctica has been way colder than normal for weeks now – always all blue in the daily anomaly chart:
The poor penguins are missing a whole summer because of the Gore effect!


South of Cape Horn is not a good place to go. It is not responsible to bring children and people that do not need to be there. Rescue personnel and equipment are exposed to real danger for no good reason. Rescue may not always be timely or possible even in the summer. The Chilean navy and PANC are tired of this. The Chilean Air Force lost one of their planes with all on board last September attempting to land on Juan Fernandez. The weather in that part of the world is unpredictable and violent. On the bright side, maybe Big Al will lose some weight chumming the fish.

Lance of BC

Talk about a ship of fools.

I think that it’s a great idea. January through February is the best time of year for skinny dipping, and for communing with cute and cuddly Leopard Seals in the waters off Antarctica.

John F. Hultquist

No one else has said it, so I will . . .
This is a “jumping the shark” moment.