Comet Lovejoy survives a brush with Sol

From Comet Lovejoy was only discovered a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to melt as it came so close to the sun that the temperatures would hit…

A little security help for my friends

More than a couple of people have asked me about computer security in the last couple of days, especially after the Tallbloke raid incident.

Don't sell your coat!

This guest post is well worth a read – Anthony Guest post by Harold Ambler What follows is an excerpt from my new book Don’t Sell Your Coat, available here: I…

The IPCC gives me a shock

Yesterday I did something that I never expected to get any results on. My lucky number 1029 paid off.

Polar amplification works both ways

Guest post by David Archibald When I started out in climate science in 2005, the prevailing view in the sceptic community was that carbon dioxide-caused global warming was real but…

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