Kyoto – in the past for Canada

More at BBC:

UPI says:

The cost of meeting Canada’s obligations under Kyoto would be $13.6 billion, Kent said.

“That’s $1,600 from every Canadian family — that’s the Kyoto cost to Canadians, that was the legacy of an incompetent liberal government,” the Conservative minister said.

At the Toronto Sun:

Over the weekend, the 195 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change finished a record-breaking, marathon session two days behind schedule in Durban, and charted a course toward a new regime to be finalized by 2015 in an effort to stave off dangerous human interference with the atmosphere.

The framework agreement salvaged the Kyoto Protocol, but it became clear that it would not include Canada’s participation.

Before he returned to Canada, Kent told reporters that the government was justified in its action.

“We want to avoid another Kyoto-like pact at all costs,” said Kent at the summit in South Africa. “Kyoto was not effective and was not good for Canada. The previous government should not have ratified it.”


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An island of sanity in the great white north. 🙂

As a some time critic of Canadian Conservative national politics, I can only applaud the courage,and Honesty of Peter Kent,and our government, to withdraw from this Political patchwork of unelected,self serving scientifically uninformed, global party goers. They, looking for further handouts,from ALL of us, to enrich themselves,is nothing short of despicable. The IPCC,and U.N. does,and will continue to mis-allocate resources to the corrupt, from those really in need,our worlds’ Poor.


Thanks for the post Anthony. Its in all the newspapers here and of course when something like this happens all the AGW believers come out in force condemning Canada. We’re having a lovely day up here and in case folks here worry we are abandoning the most vulnerable fear not.
The Canadian Government is on track to double international assistance, with a planned budget of 5 billion dollars annually by 2010-2011.
Furthermore, we have now met our G8 commitment of doubling aid to Africa-bringing the total to $2.1 billion for this year.


Yay !!!

Richard Day

It’s a great day to be a Canadian!


This is what we voted the Conservatives in for.
Not junk science & UN to tax our economies into the red.
(Gather they didn’t believe the memo from last week saying we would be out?)


A lot of Australians are applying for Canadian visas just about now…


Whatever Canada’s reasons are for pulling out of Koyoto, it wont make one sod of difference to the world climate irrespective of what “the science” says.


Then the remaining Kyoto-freaks are:
EU (UK and Germany only?), Norway, Oz, and NZ. Am I right?


Good for Peter Kent … I’m proud to be Canadian. Now, if we had politicians like him in the province of Ontario, this kind of nonsense wouldn’t happen:

Barbara Skolaut

Go, Canada!


Hurray! Now if only Australia would follow suit.
Never, while this lunatic government remains in power.

Cold Englishman

My first visit to Canada in 1976, Britain had a terrible drought that year – must have been Global Warming, no climate chan………. Loved Canada ever since. Award yourselves a public holiday, you could call it “No to Kyoto Day”, yeah that’ll work.

Robert of Ottawa

It makes me proud 🙂


Good for Canada. Let’s hope that the rest of the Kyoto nations soon follow suet.


Know this is real climate justice.
Go Canada Go

Duncan Binks

Land of the free…..clearly.

Oh, Canada!
At least some North Americans have come to their senses.


The entire nation of Canada has roughly the population of the US state of California (last time I looked, might have changed). The amount of CO2 mitigation provided by the Kyoto protocol would be completely negligible on a global atmospheric scale. It would be completely impossible to even notice the decline. That completely negligible change in atmospheric CO2 would cost Canada $13.6 billion. Canada is making the right decision. They are going to stop paying the UN rent for their atmosphere.
I should like to see more follow their example.

jack morrow

Meanwhile, our government keeps piling it on.

val majkus

at last a Government who puts the interests of its citizens first rather than wanting to strut upon the UN ineffectual stage




Now admittedly it’s dangerous to suggest things like this based on the relative health and success of one government, but pretty much since Harper got a majority government I’ve been thinking the right strategy for the US might be an ‘elephant that roared’ – invade Canada, then capitulate.


Kyoto is just a thing of the past. Children just aren’t going to know what Kyoto is. It was a very rare and unexciting event.


Excellent. The first big brick to tumble out of the wall.

Theo Goodwin

God Bless Canada’s Conservative Government! Throw the Koolaid out the window. Nearly fourteen billion Canadian dollars saved from the Climate Pirates! Hurrah!

I sent an email to Peter Kent last night thanking him for pulling out of Kyoto and for not joining Kyoto 2. I imagine most emails he gets are from Canadians screaming about why we should “join the fight against global warming”. We need to let our government officials know that most working, tax paying Canadian citizens do not believe in the global warming scam.


Stephen Harper said he would do it, clearly and repeatedly for years. Then he got a conservative Majority government from the people of Canada, and the he did what he said he would do. A politician that stuck to his word against all the NGOs, the press and the consensus of the 7 ‘scientists’.
Canada is out of Kyoto.
“Kyoto is essentially a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations.”
“Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.”
“Carbon dioxide which is a naturally occurring gas vital to the life cycles of this planet”
“This may be a lot of fun for a few scientific and environmental elites in Ottawa, but ordinary Canadians from coast to coast will not put up with what this will do to their economy and lifestyle”
“We can debate whether or not… CO₂ does or does not contribute to global warming. I think the jury is out.”
“My party’s position on the Kyoto Protocol is clear and has been for a long time. We will oppose ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and its targets. We will work with the provinces and others to discourage the implementation of those targets. And we will rescind the targets when we have the opportunity to do so”
“As economic policy, the Kyoto Accord is a disaster. As environmental policy it is a fraud”
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.
(The NGOs hate the Canadian government 🙂
PS. The rest of you in the devolving (Kyoto) world, keep banging the rocks together.

Compared with Canada for many years up to 2005 it’s like waking up and finding oneself in a different – and much better – country. (And we may finally lose the anti-free speech so called “Human Rights” tribunals – or at least their ability to carry out an inquisition against people who don’t toe the politically correct line – into the bargain.) Isn’t democracy wonderful! Your turn will come, Australia.

Yeah, and the economy under the Maple Leaf is doing better than under the Gridiron, too.
What’s the Standard & Poor’s rating on Canadian sovereign debt?

Robert M

Ummm, Excuse me Canada. Can we borrow your guy for a bit. Ours is awful!

Barry Brill

Minister Combet has declared that Australia will not be entering into any commitments for the second Kyoto period.

Frank K.

Pulling out of Kyoto…Producing petroleum from the Alberta oil sands…what’s not to like? Thank you Canada!!


the right strategy for the US might be an ‘elephant that roared’ – invade Canada, then capitulate.

Reminds me of an old Cold War joke.
The Russians invade China.
On the first day 10,000 Chinese surrender.
On the second day 100,000 Chinese surrender.
On the third day 10,000,000 Chinese surrender.
On the fourth day Russia surrenders.

Al Gored

Caution. Suzuki’s head is about the explode.


[What’s the Standard & Poor’s rating on Canadian sovereign debt?]
Country risk rankings (June 2011)
Least risky countries, Score out of 100
Rank Country Overall score
1 Norway 92.44
2 Luxembourg 90.86
3 Switzerland 90.20
4 Denmark 89.07
5 Sweden 88.72
6 Singapore 87.65
7 Finland 87.31
8 Canada 87.24
We are fine, thanks for asking.

Another Gareth

From the BBC article: “Peter Kent said the protocol “does not represent a way forward for Canada” and the country would face crippling fines for failing to meet its targets.”
Who would have the authority to fine a sovereign nation?

Wayne Delbeke

Hopefully this is just the first crack. Canada can meet its relatively small aid obligations to Africa and other third world countries, but just where is a bankrupt Europe going to get its funding from?
Same with Oz until they change their leaders. Sometimes it is good to live in a cold snowy country that needs carbon fuel to survive – be it wood or oil or gas or even bio fuels. It’s all carbon based … just like us and pretty much all other life on this planet.
Wayne, from Faraway, Alberta, Canada.

BC Bill

While I don’t support some initiatives of this government, like them investing vast quantities of tax dollars to “grow” the prison industry, I am really happy to see Canada take a strong stand against AGW insanity. Conservatives strike a blow for rationality.
Now what to do with those 50 million doses of H1N1 vaccine mouldering in the back room? It’s so hard to keep one step ahead of the conmen, but at least we can revel in having the upper hand for a brief time.


…. Sigh… Meanwhile in the Useless Stupid Soviet Republic of Gillard’s Australia…… We are gonna pay 23 perfectly good Aussie dollars for every ton of CO2 that we produce!…. It’s enough to send yer spare.


I might have to go buy a bottle of Crown Royal to celebrate!

Sean Peake

Another Gareth: Where you been Andrew? The International Climate Court of Justice as proposed in point 78 in the draft proposal from Durban (FCCC/AWGLCA/2011/CRP.38)

As a “minority elector” in the Saanich-Gulf Islands (Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s riding) riding of British Columbia, I applaud this move away from the Kyoto nonsense, and can hardly wait for the bemoaning to accelerate. Including the less-than-scientific term “Mother Earth” in Durban will be seen as the last straw for many sitting on the CO2 fence.
Congrats to Peter Kent, Stephen Harper, and, MP Michelle Rempel (Kent’s Parliamentary Secretary).
It is worthwhile noting:
1. Although Ms. May was elected this year, becoming the first Green Party member in North America, popular support for the Green Party in Canada plummeted by a whopping 57% from the 2008 election (6.78%) to the 2011 election (3.91%).
2. Canada’s CO2 emissions, as of 2009, were below our 1997 emissions. Even though we are already cutting back, it won’t make a dent in total worldwide emissions unless China and India “fairly” reduce emissions…ain’t going to happen anytime soon.
Canucks are catching on to this game…what are the rest of you waiting for?


Canada had pretty strict controls on derivative trading. They see what’s coming.


Thank you Canada and Canadians – North Americans coming to their senses at last.

kent Blaker

I had hoped that we would not withdraw from Kyoto. Then at the end of 2012 the UN would try to extract billions in reparations. That would force Canada to take the UN to court. Kyoto would not survive in the courts as it is based of fraud.


Canada rocks!!!

“Who would have the authority to fine a sovereign nation?”
Alas a whole shedload of sovereign nations in Europe have surrendered their sovereignty to an unelected dictatorship in Brussels and have given that unelected body the right to fine them.


Great news for Canada, but see the below on Bloomberg. Does anyone know what this India/China deal entails? But I am glad, I can move to Canada I need be.


Proud to be a Canadian!