Another electric car company bites the dust

From Slashdot: After years of beautiful concept cars, envy-inspiring demos, and missed production targets starting in 2008, high-efficiency car startup Aptera is liquidating its assets. A pointed excerpt from Wired’s account: Advertisements


Coal – confirmed by NASA as getting cleaner

Oh Dear, It’s another Joe Romm head exploder. The improvement is verified by satellite data and the results are peer reviewed. Yet the EPA still insists on closing coal plants nationwide. NASA Satellite Confirms Sharp Decline in Pollution from U.S. Coal Power Plants A team of scientists have used the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on…

The Dark Future of Solar Electricity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The “Annual Energy Outlook” for 2011 is just out from the US Energy Information Administration. The section called “Levelized Cost of New Generation Resources” looks at what are called the “levelized” costs of electric power from a variety of sources. Their study includes “renewable” sources like solar, although I’ve never…